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Forever Bound

BOOK: Forever Bound
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Forever Bound

Copyright (c) 2011 by Stacey Kennedy

ISBN: 978-1-61333-054-8

Cover art by Dara England

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Forever Bound


Stacey Kennedy

A 1 Night Stand Story


For Sara Brookes, whose muse rubbed off on mine and inspired me to write this story. Without her knowledge, none of this would have possible. And for Rebecca Royce, who gave me a nudge to write for this line

Chapter One

Josie Harper’s nerves were rattled. She’d never expected to have to hire someone to see her fantasies met. Sometimes, though, life doesn’t turn out how one expects it.

There had been plenty of boyfriends, lovers, and even friends with benefits in her life. None, though, could satisfy her. Not only in life, but sexually. Something had always been missing, something she needed to find. Those were the reasons she flew from Dallas to Las Vegas and why she stood in the elevator at the Castillo Resort and Hotel. The night may drain her savings account, one she’d added to over the twenty-five years of her life, but it didn’t matter. Not anymore. Sick of feeling unhappy, tired of not experiencing fulfillment, she’d been left with no other choice.

The question needed to be answered,
Is BDSM meant for me?

She’d looked into her options for her self-discovery experiment, and had come across all sorts of avenues. Should she join a club with others who lived the BDSM lifestyle? She’d run across personal ads in the local newspaper and even classes offering to teach novices. But Madame Eve’s 1NightStand solution offered the most privacy.

Josie’s interests…well, she hadn’t quite figured them out yet. The idea of being dominated appealed to her. Images of being bound to a table while being spanked created heat between her thighs. But were these just fantasies or did she want to
the lifestyle?

Josie’d spent a good part of a day filling out a questionnaire given to her by 1NightStand detailing what she wanted, and even needed, from the experience. Had informed the woman of things she’d do and not do so the Dom would understand her limits.

Days after she’d faxed the questionnaire back, Josie received an email from Madame Eve confirming she’d made a match for her. The illusive Madame Eve found her a man to lead her into undiscovered territory?

It appeared she had. Was she ready to do this now? Push all her reservations aside and have the naughty sex which only lived in her dreams? Doubt nagged her. What else could be expected? The situation was new to her and not what anyone would call
. She’d come for a reason though. She couldn’t let unease make her act stupidly.

She pushed away the fear and straightened her shoulders. The email stated for her to go to the fourth floor, room
. They’d have complete privacy since the floor would be free of guests, and the room soundproofed, but a telephone would be available in case she became uneasy and needed a safety net.

As the elevator came to a stop, she stood for so long she wondered if she’d lost her nerve.
None of that
. Stepping through the open doors, she blew out a long, deep breath to gather herself.

Each step felt like a lifetime. What type of man would Gavin be? Handsome? Powerful? Butterflies whipped through her stomach at the images playing in her mind.

Reaching the last door on the right, she stopped and drew in a sharp breath. She’d come for a reason and no matter how much hesitation she felt, she forced herself to open the door.

The scene before her was not at all what she’d expected to find. Yes, she wanted ropes, but this hadn’t been what she meant—two waist-high steel poles with a rope strung between them, stretched from one side of the bare room to the other. She wondered what would take place there, with its walls painted a crimson red and candles scattered throughout on black satin covered tables.

The only other items in the room, a large rope resting on the hardwood floor, along with a smaller one, and one hanging from the ceiling with a loop clamp on it. As much as she tried to come up with a reason for all this, her thoughts just couldn’t wrap around it. She’d thought of flogging, leather, chains, bondage. Never just ropes in a stark room. For the life of her, she didn’t understand what she faced. Just as her mind threatened to run away with her, the door handle jiggled behind her, and she turned as it opened. A man, smooth and confident, entered the room.

Madame Eve had picked her perfect match indeed, everything her dreams were made of and more. Tanned and shirtless, with hard lines of muscles, dressed in a pair of dark jeans, he looked delicious. His outfit not at all what she’d expected, leather pants would have been more appropriate. Not saying his attire displeased her—he looked spectacular.

Dark hair covered his forehead in a wispy way, and deep chocolate eyes spoke of the pleasure awaiting her. Her heart thumped in her chest. The hesitation she experienced earlier, fled. His poise, the subtle way he held himself, comforted her.

Tonight, he’d be her Dom and she craved to submit.


Gavin longed for the perfect submissive. A woman worthy of the gift he could give her. He went to the clubs in the Las Vegas area, assisted other Doms in learning how to handle their subs, but it hadn’t gotten him anywhere close to finding his own fulfillment. When he’d heard of Madame Eve’s 1NightStand, he’d jumped on it. He didn’t believe she would find him his happily ever after. Curiosity made him act.

It’d been two years since he’d last had a submissive and he couldn’t see that changing any time soon. Not to say the women he’d met hadn’t been exquisite in their own right. The connection, the roar to own someone else but have them captivating enough for him to hold their wants over his own, didn’t exist. In truth, he hadn’t met anyone deserving of it. Most failed to meet his expectations. He’d been a demanding Dom and had yet to meet a woman he could push as far as he wanted.

It left him unsatisfied.

Madame Eve emailed to say she had a perfect match for him and gave him enough insight on Josie to give him an idea of how he should set up the scene. He wondered if Madame Eve had indeed filled her obligation, if Josie might be a perfect match for him, though he doubted it. Nevertheless, he indulged in the experience.

Standing before Josie, shock made him stop. In all his time as a Dom to new people who wanted to learn about the lifestyle, none of them looked like her.

Long, dirty blonde hair surrounded a gorgeous face. Her blue eyes, wide with innocence, stared at him. He questioned if he’d entered the right room. The woman looked like a girl next door, not the typical type he encountered. With flushed cheeks as though embarrassed, her pouty mouth held a nervous smile.

Truth was Madame Eve had given him an extensive knowledge of Josie’s limits. Hearing the woman wanted to be bound by ropes hadn’t surprised him, yet seeing Josie, timid and trembling, did. He arched an eyebrow. “Josie?”

She nodded shyly. “You’re Gavin, right?”

Excitement coursed through him at her acknowledgment. To most, it’d be her perfect-ten figure to bring forth arousal. Not for Gavin. For him, the sweet note about her, her gentleness showing the need to please is what held his interest. It wouldn’t have shocked him to hear she was a straight
student in college and lived by the book in every regard. Always said the right thing, did the right thing, and behaved as the general public would want her to.

However, he witnessed the barrier she held up. The front she erected around herself to always please the ones around her. To be what others thought she should be. All of these things enthralled him. She wanted to please, but also wanted to release the untamed beast inside her.

Honor touched his soul to be granted the right to assist her. Locking the door behind him, he dropped the bag slung over his shoulder and approached her. As he drew closer, her breathing deepened and the blush on her cheeks grew.

He’d set up the scene earlier that evening, keeping in mind she’d never experienced BSDM before. The scene before them would introduce her to the lifestyle on her own terms. Yes, he would have a part in the experience, but he would seek no pleasure for himself.

Not to say he wouldn’t find it pleasurable. Watching Josie would give him the satisfaction he longed for. But he’d do so from the sidelines. Enjoy watching her discover the part of her soul she was eager to find.

Chapter Two

Josie couldn’t breathe. Unable to move. What would happen now? A stranger was going to do God knew what with her, and as much as she should be frightened, she had no fear. Arousal touched every part of her body.

His dark eyes held a note she’d never seen in a man before. More than confidence—he exuded arrogance.

“My rules are simple.” His voice rumbled through the room and her breathing hitched. “From here on out, you will answer me with yes or no.”

She nodded, soon realizing she’d defied him, so followed up by saying, “Yes.” To her surprise she shifted on her feet and felt wetness in her panties. Could she be aroused already?
Apparently so

“For tonight we will use the safeword,
.” He went on, “At any point if you cannot handle what I give to you, use the word and I will stop.”


He stepped away from her, his intense gaze on hers, and she felt his stare to the bottom of her toes. Heat rushed through her before it concentrated between her thighs.


The simple word should have made her uncomfortable. However, it didn’t, not with his molten gaze on her, and the power held there. She’d come there for a reason. The lifestyle made her wet whenever she thought of it. All of which had to mean something, and she needed to discover why it turned her on so much.

With force, she pushed away any and all shyness, and removed her clothing until she stood in front of him, nude, her hands trembling a little.

He approached her again, stopped mere inches away and ran his finger over each of her breasts. “Stunning.”

A little shiver rattled her and her breath whooshed out as the finger trailed over her taut nipple. His touch stayed a moment before he removed it and left her on display.

He strode over to the single rope on the floor, picked it up and came back toward her. Doubling the rope, he stepped in behind her and wrapped it around her neck so it dangled down to her legs. “This is about testing your limits. Awakening a part of yourself you never knew existed.” He came to stand in front of her and tied the ends so the knot rested just above her breasts. “These bindings offer a way to free yourself. The ability to move is stolen from you, which heightens your other senses.”

Josie’s body burned. The heavy rope on her skin aroused her beyond measure. She hadn’t known what he planned to do, but now with the nylon ties on her…nothing had ever felt so perfect.

“I’m going to push you.” He made another knot resting just below her breasts. Then, he took the rope and wrapped it around her back where he tied a third knot. “You will be brought to a place where you are going to want to use your safeword, but restrain yourself. You’re able to handle more than you think.”

He brought the rope back to the front where he wrapped it first underneath her breasts, then above them.

She trembled. His touch so delicate and not at all what she expected from a Dom. Every deliberate wrap around her torso, and his undeniable skill, kicked her arousal up a notch.

As he wrapped it a final time under her breasts, he moved behind her again. There, he tied another knot between her shoulder blades. Bending, he took the other, smaller piece of twine and reached around to bind her wrists together.

By the time he’d finished, Josie’s upper torso had been decorated by the rope. The inability to untie herself should have frightened her, considering it left her vulnerable to a man she knew nothing about. Yet, his soft touch, the tightness of the strands hugging her body, left her calm. Safe.

BOOK: Forever Bound
9.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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