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Chapter Thirty-Five


The Olympian Council was whole once again. With three positions vacant following the ill-advised attempt to kill Cameryn, new members had to be chosen to replace Zeus, Apollo, and Dionysus. Many minor gods and goddesses had presented themselves at Olympus, hopeful of securing a coveted seat of power. Cameryn and Hades hadn’t wanted to attend, but Hera and Demeter had insisted. Surprisingly both Cameryn and Hades had been offered seats on the Council. Both had declined. Cameryn had no desire to deal with the other Olympians. Besides, she knew the seat had only been offered to her out of fear.

Hades was a different matter. He was one of the original six gods. He deserved a seat on the Council. At first he’d argued against it, but eventually Cameryn had convinced him to take his rightful place on the Olympian Council. The reclusive Hestia had also had her place restored. Athena and Artemis hadn’t been particularly pleased
, but they’d kept their mouths shut. Their days in the majority were over. The last addition to the Council was a new one, Hercules, the God of Heroes himself. Now that had inspired some arguing among the gods, especially from Ares. Zeus’s favoritism towards his half-mortal son had always grated on Ares to no end.

Cameryn thought Hercules was a fitting addition. He was the greatest hero the world had ever known. There was no one better to understand humanity and their needs. She’d found herself gazing at him a moment too long before she felt her husband’s eyes
on her. Jealousy had been evident in his eyes. She’d touched her belly and smiled assuring him that she had no designs on the very married Hercules. But it had been fun to see Hades jealous.

Cameryn was slowly adjusting to her new duties as Goddess of the Underworld
, that is, when she wasn’t trying to spend every waking moment with her handsome husband. But she had managed to make time to visit her grandmother and Hera and Aphrodite on Olympus. Her life felt full for the first time, and so did her round belly. She felt like a pregnant elephant. The children in her womb were so active she constantly had to calm them down. She was looking forward to their arrival more and more every day.

“Granddaughter? Are you listening?”

“Sorry, Grandmother. My mind just wandered thinking about how happy I am. I never dreamed my life would be like this.”

, you could have if you’d listened to me and stopped playing hard to get,” Aphrodite said appearing.

, we can’t all be so free with our love.”

Cameryn and Demeter laughed. Aphrodite was always the life of their little

, you are truly one of a kind,” Demeter said.

“I concur. Oww,” Cameryn said grabbing her side.

“What is it?” Demeter asked with concern.

“The twins. Pain,” Cameryn gritted out.
She stood slowly and felt a rush of wetness down her leg. “Oh shit.”

“Your water just broke. You’re in labor,” Demeter said grabbing her hand.

“I need my husband,” Cameryn gasped between spasms of pain.

, get Eilitheya. Bring her to the Underworld. You know our labor is short, so go quickly,” Demeter said.

Aphrodite disappeared. Cameryn held hard to her grandmother’s hand as labor hit her with full force. Their quick transport back to the Underworld nearly mad
e her collapse. They appeared in the Throne Room where Hades was judging souls.

“Hades,” Cameryn whimpered.

He was off his throne in an instant, dismissing the souls. He scooped her up in his arms.

“She’s in labor. Eilitheya is on her way,” Demeter
told him.

Hades nodded and took off towards the direction of their bedroom.

“Are you all right, love?”

“No. Your children are ripping my insides out.”

Hades looked to Demeter for support. She gave him a reassuring smile.

“She’ll be fine. Women have experienced childbirth since the dawn of time.”

Hades nodded as he entered their bedroom. Demeter pulled back the covers, and Hades laid Cameryn down gently. He sat beside his wife holding her hand. There was fear and concern in his eyes.

“And here I thought one of the perks of being a goddess was no pain in childbirth.”

“Unfortunately not, but trust me it is not as bad as a mortal’s,” Demeter said pulling up a chair beside the bed.

“I’m here. I’m here. Stop worrying.”

Cameryn looked to the foot of the bed. Aphrodite was standing next to a woman who greatly favored Hera. This had to be her daughter Eilitheya, the Goddess of Childbirth.

“Thank you for coming,” Hades said.

“No worries. Now let’s see what we have here.”

Eilitheya lifted the covers before pushing up Cameryn’s dress and removing her underwear. Cameryn was in too much pain to care about modesty. A few moments later, Eilitheya lowered the sheet halfway.

“How long has she been in labor?”

“Maybe ten minutes. What’s wrong?” Aphrodite asked fearfully.

“Nothing, you ninny. The babies are ready to come out. Cameryn, you’re dilated. Start pushing. I will alleviate your pain as much as I can.”

Eilitheya put her hand on Cameryn’s stomach. Cameryn felt a soothing feeling hit her body. Some of her pain vanished. She looked at her husband. He smiled in encouragement.

“Come on, my warrior queen. You can do this.”

She nodded, tightening her grip on his hand before pushing with all her might. She ignored the pain and kept pushing. She could feel movement in her belly.

“Good. I can see the head. Keep pushing.”

Cameryn gritted her teeth and kept pushing. After ten more pushes she heard a baby’s wail.

“You have a daughter,” Eilitheya said quickly cleaning up the baby before handing it to Demeter.

“A little girl,” Cameryn whispered.

“Yes, my love. Now we’ve got one more to go,” Hades said wiping her forehead.

“Hurry up
, Cameryn. I want to see the other one,” Aphrodite said excitedly as she stood next to Demeter cooing over the baby.

Despite her pain, Cameryn smiled and started pushing again. It was a bit easier this time as she knew what to expect. She pushed harder using the last of her strength. Finally she heard another strong cry.

“It’s another girl.”

“Two girls. Hades better get his shotgun,” Demeter
said as she came over to place the first baby in Cameryn’s arms.

Eilitheya came forward with the second baby. Cameryn held both of her children in her arms. She was overcome with love and emotion. Tears sprang in her eyes.

“Oh Hades, they’re so beautiful. They look just like you.”

“No. They look like their beautiful mother.”

“No. One looks like Hades. One looks like Cameryn. Now what are you going to name them?” Aphrodite asked.

Cameryn and Hades stared at their first child. Her hair was jet black, but her eyes were silver. Her skin was olive like her father’s.

“How about Melinoe Demeter?” Cameryn asked her husband.

“I like it,” he said gazing at his firstborn with adoration.

Cameryn looked at her second daughter with love. She, too, had black hair, but her eyes were black. Her skin was mocha like Cameryn’s.

“How about Macaria Aphrodite?”

“Yes. Yes and yes,” Aphrodite said clapping her hands excitedly.

“I agree with Aphrodite,” Hades said laughing easily.

“I’m so honored,” Demeter said fighting back tears.

“Let’s give them some time alone,” Eilitheya said as she attempted to usher Demeter and Aphrodite from the room.

“We’ll be back,” Aphrodite promised as she was lead from the room.

Cameryn kissed the foreheads of both her daughters.

“They are so perfect. Just like their mother.”

“No. Perfect like their father. I love you so much. I never dreamed that anyone could love me the way you do. You fought for my love
, and you didn’t give up. I’m going to spend the rest of eternity giving you all the love and happiness you deserve,” Cameryn said as tears rolled down her cheek.

Hades wiped her tears and smiled.

“I never knew love until you, but it was worth the wait because now we have eternity.”

Hades leaned down and kissed her with all the love in his heart. Their love was like eternity. It would never end.







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BOOK: Goddess of Legend (Demi-God Daughters)
2.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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