Goddess of Legend (Demi-God Daughters) (18 page)

He wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her tenderly.
In every way that he possibly could, he wanted to show her just how much he loved her.

“Oh Hades,” she whispered against his lips.

“My perfect Cameryn.”

“Perfect I am not, but despite everything you only see the absolute best in me. I never imagined I could feel so loved,” Cameryn said caressing his face.

“Loving you is easy.”

“Then love me,” Cameryn said pulling him down on top of her.

When her tongue traced his lips, Hades groaned with desire. He had no idea how he was going to resist her.

Chapter Twenty-


Apollo knew that Persephone’s plan was foolhardy. Zeus was not the idiot Persephone thought he was. But he’d made a promise to his promiscuous half-sister, and he was going to keep it. Besides what did he care about some mortal if her own mother hated her? At least that’s what he’d told himself before he’d gone to listen to his Oracle. Her words had changed everything. He was dumbfounded. While his Python Priestesses had been for show to mortals for eons, the Oracle was the real thing, a mortal with the gift of prophecy. Her words haunted him.

And there shall come a daughter born of goddess and man

With control of life and death in her hand

By her hand an immortal can be slain

Or trapped forever in a torrent of pain

Only by the Twelve Olympians who must unite to stop her reign

Can the gods be saved

Daughter of the Spring Maiden, destined Goddess of the Underworld

The Godslayer comes to rule the world

The words rang in his ears again. The prophecy he’d heard was true
, and as the God of Prophecy it was his duty to tell Zeus. Apollo had never feared for his life. As a god he’d had no reason to. The prophecy changed everything. He had to go see Zeus. His dear sister Persephone had wanted her only offspring destroyed. She was about to get her wish. He was certain that the words the Oracle had spoken were about his unfortunate niece. Cameryn Kane had just received a death sentence.


Cameryn walked down the hall looking for Hades. By the time she’d woken up, she’d been in bed alone. Part of her had been looking forward to lounging around in bed together for a while, but obviously Hades had other ideas. She understood that he was trying to take their relationship slow since they’d reunited. But she was tired of waiting. She’d already made up her mind. She was ready for eternity with Hades. Patience may have been one of Hades’
s virtues, but it wasn’t one of hers. She and Hades had waited long enough to consummate their love. She wasn’t going to wait any longer.

s black silk robe brushed against her skin as she moved. It felt amazing.
But Hades’s hands on me will feel even more amazing.
She opened the door to his study.
I should’ve known.
He was hard at work on another painting. She stamped her foot in irritation.

“So you get out of bed with me to come in here and paint?” Cameryn
said, closing the door behind her.

“I didn’t think you’d be up yet,” Hades said turning around to face her.

There was a wide smile on his face.

“And yet here I am,” Cameryn said taking a few steps closer.

“Forgive me
, love, but I was inspired by your beauty while you were lying in my arms. I just wanted to capture the moment.”

“What say we make our own moment right here?” Cameryn asked as she reached for the tie to her robe.

She undid the tie and pushed the robe from her shoulders. She stood before him naked and unashamed. She couldn’t help but smile when his mouth fell open in shock. She felt desire blossoming in her belly as his gaze raked over her from head to feet.

, you … there are no words,” Hades said nearly breathless with desire.

“Then let’s not wait anymore. I love you so much.”

“And I love you more than you could ever imagine.”

“Then take me. Make me yours,” Cameryn whispered before her lips met his.

She kissed him longingly. Her tongue touched his, tasting him. He moaned against her mouth. Cameryn groaned when she felt his hands cupping her breasts. Her nipples hardened into hard points beneath his hands. She could feel his hardness pressing

against her. She rubbed herself against him eagerly. Her breasts felt so tender in his hands. When his lips left hers, trailing down her throat pressing kisses, her breathing became erratic. Cameryn was caught off guard when he materialized them onto his bed. She fell back against the black satin sheets and pulled Hades’
s now naked body down on top of her. Her legs wrapped around him, pressing her aching core against his hard manhood. She grew wetter with each brush of their naked bodies against one another. Her hands held onto the wide berth of his shoulders as he kissed her passionately, driving his tongue into her mouth over and over again.

She caught his tongue and sucked on it greedily. She could feel him grow longer and harder against her body. She moaned in ecstasy when his lips closed around the peak of her breast
, suckling it. Her body arched, sending her breast deeper into the warm cavern of his mouth. She gritted her teeth when she felt his hand slip between her legs. As he suckled her, he thrust his finger in and out of her hot sheath. Cameryn writhed against his hand wanting more.

“Oh Hades,” she moaned when she felt his tongue licking the undersides of her breasts.

“Your passion excites me,” he whispered against her skin before sliding down her body.

His tongue teased her bellybutton
, and she could feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Her pulse started beating faster when he blew softly between her legs. Her thighs opened in anticipation. The first lick of Hades’s tongue on her clit made her arch of the bed completely.
It feels so good.
He took his time running his tongue up and down her clit over and over. Cameryn clutched the sheets as he loved her over and over again. When he sucked her turgid bud into his mouth, her body erupted in pleasure. She couldn’t stop the scream that tore from her throat as she cried out his name.


Hades smiled up at her before sucking her harder and scraping his teeth over her clit. Cameryn knew she was going to come again. He grabbed her legs, throwing them over his shoulders and opening her up to him even wider. His thumb thrust in and out of her while his mouth feasted on her clit. Cameryn couldn’t help herself as her body rocked against his teasing mouth. She could feel it building. There wasn’t too much more she could take. And then she exploded. Another earth-shattering, toe-curling orgasm that sent tears rushing down her cheeks. As his tongue ran up and down her slit, she pulled at his hair urging him up.

“Now. Please. I need you now,” she

Hades gave her slit one last lingering lick before he positioned himself at her wet entrance.

“I love you, Cameryn,” he said looking into her eyes with love.

“I love you. I want you. I need you,” Cameryn gasped out, urging him inside her hot entrance.

She kissed him greedily when she felt the head of his penis slip inside her. Her kisses became more passionate and erratic when he kept sliding inside her further and further. She felt so full. Completely filled to the brim. She rocked against him in excitement.

“I’m trying so hard to be gentle
, but I can see you’re not going to let me, are you, Cameryn? Is this what you want?” Hades asked as he completely withdrew and slammed back inside her hard.

“Yes!” Cameryn yelled.

“Then whatever my goddess wants, my goddess gets,” he whispered in her ear.

He grabbed her hips and positioned her legs over his shoulders before thrusting into her over and over again with no mercy. Cameryn screamed and writhed in pleasure as he plundered her depths, striking every delicious pleasure spot inside her. When she tried to move, he held her in place with a firm grip. As he surged into her, the force of his thrust made her breasts bounce and shake. She felt so decadent being screwed senseless in his arms. She could already feel herself approaching ecstasy again and she grabbed onto his upper arms trying to force him inside her even deeper. She had all of him and was still greedy for more. When Hades pinched her nipple, rapture hit.

Her body spasmed around Hades, clinching him inside her. Waves of delirious pleasure emanated from her vagina. Above her, Hades groaned in pleasure, and the room

started to shake. She could feel his hot seed shooting inside of her as the room continued to shake. When Hades collapsed on top of her, Cameryn wrapped her arms and legs around him clutching him tightly. Hades’
s breath came out in ragged gasps against her ear. Her own body continued to quiver. They lay together silent. When Hades finally rolled to his side, pulling her to him, Cameryn gave into the tears that had been threatening to fall.

“What’s wrong
, baby? Did I hurt you?” Hades asked with grave concern on his face.

“No. Of course not.”

“Then what is it, my love?”

“It was just so passionate and overwhelming. I felt like our souls touched. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life.”

“Neither have I. Why do you think the room was shaking? I lost complete control.”

“That was one hell of a reaction,” Cameryn said smiling as he brushed her tears away.

“You have no idea what you do to me.”

Cameryn gasped when she felt him hard and ready against her thigh.
“I’m starting to imagine,” she said grabbing him in her hands and stroking his magnificent length up and down.

Beside her he groaned.

“Cameryn, sweetheart…”

“I want you again. I need you again,” she said straddling him.

Before he could respond she lowered herself onto his impressive length and began to ride him. His hands fondled her breasts as she lowered herself up and down. He couldn’t believe she was taking all of him again so soon.

“Ride me
, baby,” he encouraged her while tweaking her nipple.

Cameryn increased her pace, galloping against him frantically as another orgasm hovered on the brink.
Clearly sensing her distress, Hades grabbed her clit and twisted hard. Cameryn’s world shattered, and she collapsed against him, unable to hold her own weight. She cried out in delight when his hand tightened on her hips, and he found his own release. She lay atop him breathing heavily. Her heart felt like it was about to beat out of her chest.
By the gods, will it always be this way?

“We’re going to kill each other,” Cameryn wheezed out.

“Gods can’t die.”

“I’m not a god yet.”

“But you will be soon, and then we’ll have all eternity to make love.”

“Are you sure you can handle an eternity with me?”

“I’ve never been surer of anything,” Hades said before kissing her tender and slow.

She melted against him, returning his kiss with love.

“Ah hmm. Please excuse me for interrupting, but it’s imperative I speak with both of you,” a male voice said from behind Cameryn.

She screamed as Hades rolled her beside him, shielding her.

“Hermes, it’s obvious you have a death wish,” Hades said in a tone so menacing, Cameryn felt the hairs on her arms stand up. Malevolent energy was radiating from Hades in waves. Cameryn didn’t know why Hermes was here, but Hades was about to go postal. Maybe gods really could die.

Chapter Twenty


Hades felt rage well up inside of him. Electricity crackled around him.
How dare he show up here?
Hades exploded from the bed in barely the blink of an eye. Grabbing Hermes by the neck, he slammed him into the wall with enough force to leave an imprint.
I’m going to kill him.
He choked Hermes with all his strength as the young god struggled against him.

“You would dare to enter my realm? You would dare to enter my bedchamber while I am with my queen? You are going to suffer!”

Hades punched Hermes in the face sending him three feet through the wall. He felt heady with anger when he saw blood running down the messenger god’s face. When he made a move to attack Hermes again, Cameryn screamed.

, stop!”

Hades stopped midstride and turned back towards the bed. Cameryn was standing next to it, wrapped in the black silk sheet, staring at him like he was a monster. Seeing the look on her face helped the red haze recede from his mind. He walked over to her and was completely taken aback when she slapped him hard across the face.

“What is wrong with you?” Cameryn yelled.

Hades grabbed his jaw rubbing it.

“I’m sorry, my love. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“I’m the one you should be apologizing to,” Hermes wheezed as he slowly extracted himself from the wall.

“After everything you’ve done, an apology is the one thing you will never get from me,” Hades growled.

“Hades, he must be here for a reason
, so why don’t you cover up and then we can listen to what he has to say. If you don’t like what he has to say then you can beat him up and take me back to bed,” Cameryn said rubbing his jaw.

“Sometimes your wisdom amazes me,” Hades said pulling Cameryn into his arms for a passionate kiss, before quickly clothing himself in a pair of black boxers.

Still holding Cameryn close to his body, he turned his attention back to Hermes who was wiping the blood from his nose.

“Why are you here Hermes? From what Hades has told me you are definitely not one of his favorite people,” Cameryn said

“You are correct my lady. I can’t undo the hurt that I have done to him in the past,
but I can try my best to make amends now,” Hermes said with earnestness.

“Well get on with it. There are other things we’d much rather be doing,” Hades said giving Cameryn a suggestive look.

“Don’t I know? I think all of Olympus knows with the way you two were carrying on. I could feel the earthquake before I even entered the Underworld.”

Cameryn buried her face against Hades’
s shoulder. Hades smiled at her shyness. Hermes’s words secretly thrilled him. Hades turned his attention back to Hermes. As he stared at his nephew he couldn’t help the rage that welled up inside him. The image of Hermes and Dionysus sleeping with Persephone was seared into his brain. Though he no longer loved Persephone, the betrayal he felt still ran deep eons later.

“The reason I’m here is to warn both of you.”

“Warn us about what?” Cameryn asked.

“I’m the messenger god. I see a lot. I hear a lot. The one person I keep hearing about is Cameryn Kane.”

“And your point?” Hades asked irritably.

“When anyone’s name is on the gods’ lips it’s usually not a good thing. And with Persephone’s well
-known hate towards you, I think Cameryn might be in danger.”

“What kind of danger
, Hermes? Give me specifics.”

“I don’t know from whom
, Hades. My guess is Persephone, but I don’t have any solid evidence. I’ve just heard Cameryn’s name mentioned a lot, and I wanted to give you the heads up. It’s common knowledge that you love her, and after everything you’ve already endured, I felt I needed to warn you just in case it was more than me being paranoid.”

“Thank you for warning us
, Hermes.”

“You’re welcome
, my lady. I’ll leave you two alone now,” Hermes said before disappearing.

“He has a lot of nerve coming here with his fake warning. He probably just came here to ogle you,” Hades said with a flash of anger.

“H, I understand your dislike of him, but shouldn’t we at least consider what he said? After all, he did come here knowing how you’d react.”

“There’s no way to be certain that he was even telling the truth. Hermes has always been a trickster.”

“That may be true, but I was watching him while he spoke. He seemed full of remorse about what he’d done to you,” Cameryn said caressing Hades’s cheek.

“Even if I did believe that, he didn’t tell us anything. For all we know everyone could have just been talking about how amazingly beautiful you are.”

“I doubt that. But regardless of whether or not Hermes’s words were true, I know I don’t have anything to worry about because you will always protect me, right?”

“With all that I have. No one, god or mortal, will ever harm you. You are the queen of my heart, and I would do anything to keep you safe.”

“I love it when you say things to me like that,” Cameryn said rising on her tiptoes to kiss him.

Hades returned her kiss with lust. His hands cupped her face holding her still as he conveyed the deep raging passion he felt for her. Her hands dropped the sheet she was holding and grabbed him by the shoulders pulling him close. Hades quickly dematerialized the boxers he was wearing as they fell onto the bed. He moved on top of her, rubbing himself against her wet passage. She was creamy for him again. He swirled the head of his manhood in the hot wetness coming from her body. Cameryn squirmed against him eagerly. She was ready, and he was going to take her again.


Apollo walked the halls of Olympus, he knew where to find Zeus. He entered the Room of Destiny and found Zeus staring at thousands upon thousands of tiny mirrors that swirled around the room. Each mirror flashed different images.

“Watching the mortals again
, Father?” Apollo asked coming to stand next to Zeus.

“For the short time that they exist, they lead truly fascinating lives,” Zeus said, eyes glued to the small glass mirror in front of him.

Apollo stared and smirked. Trust Zeus to be spying in on someone’s most intimate moments.

, it’s imperative that I speak with you.”

Zeus reluctantly turned his attention to Apollo
. “What is it, son? It must be important to pry you away from your many female admirers.”

“The Oracle has spoken a prophecy.”

“What kind of prophecy?”

“A prophecy that concerns the gods.”

Zeus raised an eyebrow. “Go on.”

And there shall come a daughter born of goddess and man

With control of life and death in her hand

By her hand an immortal can be slain

Or trapped forever in a torrent of pain

Only by the Twelve Olympians who must unite to stop her reign

Can the gods be saved

Daughter of the Spring Maiden, destined Goddess of the Underworld

The Godslayer comes to rule the world

Apollo waited for Zeus’
s reaction. His father’s response completely threw him off guard.

“Is this a joke
, son?”

Apollo frowned in anger.
“Of course not. I came to you because we are in danger. I would never joke about our lives!”

“You’re serious? The Oracle’s words are true?” Zeus asked as apprehension dawned on him.

“Yes, they are. Do you realize who the prophecy speaks of?”

“Daughter of the Spring Maiden, Destined Goddess of the Underworld
… my granddaughter Cameryn,” Zeus said face blanching.

“Yes. The prophecy speaks of Cameryn. Though I do not like it, I realize what must be done.”

“As do I, my son. Regardless of my own personal feelings I must protect the gods. As king it is my duty.”

“It will not be easy to convince everyone to stand against her.”

, it will not, but it must be done. This will destroy my brother, especially now that he’s found happiness.”

“I do not envy you confronting Uncle Hades. Good luck
, Father,” Apollo said before disappearing.

Zeus shook his head sadly. Poor Hades. Denied love again. His heart ached for his brother, but there was nothing he could do.
He didn’t want to believe the words of Apollo’s Oracle. After all, they were gods. Nothing could kill them. But he couldn’t afford to leave anything to chance. If Cameryn truly had the power to destroy gods, then she had to be stopped before she discovered it. It seemed Persephone was about to get her wish to have her daughter out of the way. Zeus was going to destroy his granddaughter. Cameryn’s days were numbered.

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