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want to tell them, baby?” Nico asked Alexis.

started chuckling and faced the crowd. “We’re having a baby.”

round of cheers was loud, everyone shouting their congratulations.

we’re having a baby,” Tawny was the one to speak, and Dakota pulled his old
lady in close, kissing her on top of the head.

shit, two babies joining the Grizzly ranks.

stood and walked over to them,
clapped Dakota and Nico on the back, and gave Tawny and Alexis a hug.
“Congratulations to you guys. That’s fantastic news.”
was happy for them, but he still felt in his own world, that darkness in him
still festering, despite the good news and happy vibes moving around the room.

moved back so the other Patches,
sweet-butts, and prospects could come show their respect. He went back over to
the table he’d been at and stared at Dakota and Nico with their females.

motherfucker,” Gabriel said and pulled the chair out from across
. Gabe took a seat and grinned. “Pretty fucking crazy
shit, huh?” Gabriel asked, referring to the pregnancy announcement.

but I’m happy for them.”

nodded. “You already drunk?”

nearly enough.”

looked over Gabe’s shoulder to see
Mason and
coming toward them.

heading out.”

nodded and stood, but had to place
a hand on the table to steady himself. Damn, he hadn’t thought he was so bad
that he couldn’t even keep his balance. Good, he was getting to where he needed
to be for the night.

care, and it was really good meeting you,
Damn, was
voice that slurred?

was really nice to meet everyone.”

smiled, or at least he thought he
did. His face was pretty damn numb. “You’re family now, so don’t be a

smiled again, and Mason wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close in a
purely proprietary way.
didn’t miss the way
Mason inhaled deeply from
hair. Yeah, the
Grizzly had it bad for his female. But good, Mason deserved to be happy. Mason
clapped Gabe on the shoulder with his other hand, and the two spoke for a
second before Mason and
said their goodbyes and
the other male and his old lady left the clubhouse.

the next half hour Gabe and
bullshitted, and
got even drunker. One of the sweet-butts walked by them, and when Gabe tried to
reach out for her to pull her onto his lap, it was clear the Brother was too
drunk for hand-eye coordination because he grabbed the air about ten inches in
front of him.

watched as the sweet-butt swayed
over to where the prospect, his human buddy, and the other club whore were
standing. The human was still talking loudly, clearly drunker than shit by the
fact he had beer all over his shirt and arm, and was trying to grab the female.
The longer
watched the more he got annoyed. His
anger grew when he watched the human grab the club whore by the hair and pull
her toward him hard enough she winced. She tried to pull back from him, and
even from the distance
saw the way the human
tightened his hold on her hair.

and the other Patches might fuck
these females, not use them for anything more than that, but that’s how the
women that hung out here liked it. That also didn’t mean they abused them or
disrespected them more than what the sweet-butts wanted, and yeah, some of them
wanted that, craved it. This punk ass human sure as hell wasn’t about to come
into their club, their territory, and mess with club property.

a sweet-butt was club property.

swallowed one more shot and then
stood. His bear was there, angry, annoyed. He didn’t know why he was so pissed,
because the roughhousing with the sweet-butt wasn’t even the half of where it
came from.

, where the fuck are you going?” Gabe called out, but
was focused on this fucking punk ass human.

called out, his voice slurred, his vision kind
of blurry, but his focus trained right on the human.

sweet-butt turned and saw
coming forward. “It’s
okay. Everything is good.” She stuttered out, and the scent of her fear was
strong. Maybe the human didn’t know better, or was too drunk to realize he was
being a bastard, but it didn’t matter because he’d realize his mistake soon

stopped a foot from them and
looked at the Grizzly shifter prospect. “You better get the fuck out of my
club. We don’t treat females like that.” He looked at the sweet-butt. “Not
unless they want it.”

Grizzly prospect should have put a stop to the roughness toward the sweet-butt.
knew damn well he could smell her emotions,
could see and sense she was afraid, but instead of being a man and stepping up
the little bitch was drinking his beer.

said leave the fucking club, and you stand there and stare at me like you don’t
fucking understand what I’m saying.”
phrase it like a question.

, man, I was going to step in.”

shook his head. “You’re still
here. Leave unless you want me to beat your ass, too.”

Grizzly shifter looked uncomfortable.


left, and
turned his focus onto the human that
still held the female. “Let her go and leave the club. You’re not welcome here

human let go of the female, but he stood there and brought his beer to his
mouth, drinking it as he looked at
. “The sluts
like this shit. I was invited here, and I
leaving until Mark tells me to leave.”

the prospect, the one that
had just kicked the
fuck out.

rolled his head around on his
neck, cracked his knuckles, and felt the rush of the fight coming forward move
through his veins. This was exactly what he needed, and he was going to make
sure he took it out on this piece of shit.



Two weeks later


closed her eyes, loved the wind
that rushed through her hair, loved the sun beating down on her, warming her,
making sweat bead along her brow, and felt a smile creep up along her lips. She
was on the back of Mason’s bike, going far faster than they probably legally
should, but she didn’t care. She loved this, loved that she felt free, that
nothing held her down, held her back. And she especially loved that Mason was
the one she had her arms wrapped around, that he was the one that revved the
engine and took the corners tightly, having her heart jump in her throat for a
second before calming.

were heading back to town after taking a ride through Steel Corner and River
Run. He showed her where the Brothers of Menace MC were, told her that the
clubs were tight, watched out for each other. One day she’d meet them, get to
know all these bikers that lived by their own rules and told anyone that
disagreed to go fuck themselves.

turned his head slightly, his focus still on the road, but his mouth closer to
her. “Where to now, baby?” Mason said loudly, trying to be heard over the
rumble of the engine.

could think of a lot of “nice” things they could be doing, things that had them
curled up together watching a movie, or maybe going to the club and drinking.
But what she really wanted to do was be with Mason in the most basic of senses.
Yeah, she’d become this horny little thing when it concerned this Grizzly
shifter. The feeling of this powerful, massive bike beneath her, rumbling and
vibrating the sensitive area between her thighs, had her turned on, her pussy
wet, needing Mason to fill her. She was aroused, and she wasn’t ashamed to
admit it was from a combination of the vibrations from the motorcycle, the
scent of Mason, and the fact she knew he wouldn’t deny her.

forward slightly she ran the tip of her tongue along the shell of his ear. She
could feel his big body shaking, heard the deep growl that came from him over
the sound of the Harley.

me to your place.”

made another deep noise, and then he was taking the next turn and headed to his
place. He slowed even though they were still on the back roads, and feeling
adventurous, feeling like she wanted to take that extra step and be free, she
braced her feet firmly down, held onto Mason’s shoulder, and rose slightly.

the fuck are you doing?” Mason asked. He turned and looked at her over his
shoulder for a second, his eyes wide before he realized what she did and
started chuckling.

course she’d never done anything so wild or dangerous before, but hell, she
couldn’t lie and say that being with Mason didn’t make her want to be a little
more reckless.

standing, holding onto Mason’s broad shoulders, and closing her eyes,
let the feeling of really being free, of nothing
stabilizing her, holding her down rush through her. She didn’t miss how Mason
slowed down, probably more than she would have liked, but he was looking out
for her safety, and she loved him more for that. Her fingers twitched, and if
she’d been an even more courageous person she would have let go of his
shoulders and spread her arms out wide, but this was enough of a rush for her.

sitting back down, wrapping her arms around his waist, and resting her cheek on
his back,
enjoyed the rest of the ride back
to his house.

there, she climbed off the bike and they headed to his front door.
knew what to expect from Mason’s home: a dirty
bachelor pad. Of course she didn’t care, because his dirty clothes on the
floor, beer cans on the table, and a bathroom that probably would require a
hazmat suit just to enter, didn’t make up the fiercely protective man that she

when he opened the door, stepped aside to let her in, and she walked into the
living room, she was a little shocked to see his place was … clean.

cleaned up?” she asked and looked at him, knowing her shock was clear on her

no. I had one of those pay by the hour maids come by.” He ran a hand over his
neck. “Took her a long fucking time, too.”

had her chuckling.

figured if I was going to have my old lady here I needed to clean the place

looks good, Mason, and it smells like lemon in here.” She smiled when he

a man. My place shouldn’t smell like lemons.” He moved closer to her, and she
grinned, felt her heart rate pick up, and moved a step back. Closing the door
she braced her back against it. He stopped right in front of her, stared down
at her for a moment, and everything faded away until it was just the two of

did you want to come here, baby?” he asked, but she knew he was well aware why
she’d wanted to come to his house.

was closer than my place.” She swallowed, her arousal so intense it had this
flush stealing over her.

grinned, but it wasn’t filled with amusement. “You want to watch TV or
something?” he asked with a deepness in his voice that had her thighs clenching
together of their own accord. He lifted a brow, and she knew he was teasing
with her even though he didn’t sound like it. Mason wanted her to tell him why
she wanted to come here.

know why,” she said softly.

want you to tell me,
.” He looked down at her

wanted to come here because I want you to fuck me.”

groan left him right before he slammed his hands on the door beside her head
and claimed her mouth with his.
He took one of his hands and cupped her waist,
curling his fingers into her flesh and pulling her forward so she could feel
exactly how hard his dick was. With his other hand he covered one side of her
face, and brushed the pad of his thumb right beside her mouth, right beside the
part that he was fucking with his lips and tongue.
leaned forward even more, trying to get as close to him as she could. The
feeling of his mouth on hers, of his sweet, warm breath mixing with her own,
had wetness spilling from her pussy and soaking her panties.

He tunneled his fingers into her hair,
tightened his hold on the strands until the pain mixed with her already
climbing pleasure, and tilted his head to the side even more to devour her.

“You have no idea how fucking hot it is to
hear you say you want me to fuck you,” he said against her mouth. He backed off
just an inch, but his mouth was still so close to her.

“Are you going to keep talking or
me, Mason?” She emphasized the word
that drove him crazy with arousal.

She closed her eyes and breathed out, her
heart thundering in her ears. Lifting her hands and tunneling her fingers
through his short hair, she stared into his eyes, feeling all of her emotions
rise up and meet with her arousal.

He was such a big man, so tall and muscular,
and making her feel like this little, petite woman next to him. She loved that
he could pick her up in his arms and just hold her, just carry her weight as if
it were nothing. The feeling of his hardness pressed against her softness had this
desire filling her to the point she’d suffocate from it.

“You feel how hard I am for you?” he said
against her mouth.

She nodded, her throat tight.

“God, baby, I want you so damn badly.” His
voice was so harsh with his need for her. She heard it, felt it as if it were
her own. “Christ, I want you so fucking badly.” And then he had his mouth on
hers again and his tongue speared between her lips. Mason placed his hands on
her shoulders, smoothed his fingers over her arms, and gripped her waist with
both hands again, holding her right up against his hard dick.

The deep rumbles that left him had her inner
muscles clenching almost painfully. He opened his mouth wider and deepened the
kiss, then moved his hands to the edge of her shirt and started to slowly lift
it up.

“That’s it, baby,” he said when she lifted her
arms for him. “God, you’re so damn perfect.” He sounded frantic with his need.
He was grinding his erection into her, pressing his hips forward and then back,
over and over again. A gasp left her as she let her head fall back against the
door, the sound a loud
in her

When he took a step back after several seconds
of just kissing her, all she could do was brace her hands on the door behind
her and breathe in and out. His head was downcast and his gaze was trained
right on her. With her shirt off, and her bra the only thing hiding her chest,
she felt her nipples pebble under his gaze.

For several seconds all they did was stand
there, and then
licked her lips and walked up
to him. She stopped a few inches for him, took off her bra, tossed it aside,
and went to work on her pants and panties. His gaze went up and down her body.

“Fuck.” He ran a hand over his mouth and
stared at her breasts. “I want to fucking devour you.”

“Then get naked and do it.”

And then they were kissing again. He licked
her lips, sucked her tongue into his mouth, and ground his erection into her
bare belly again. Her breasts were against his t-shirt and cut, the nipples
hard, almost painful.

They deepened the kiss, and she wrapped her
arms around his neck, pulling him closer, not even caring that they were right
in front of the door.

“Take me right here, Mason, right on the
floor.” It would be frantic, rushed … dirty, but in a good way. He had her
pressed against the wall again, his mouth still on hers.

“You want me to fuck you on the ground like
some kind of animal?” he said against her mouth, his voice telling her he
wanted that, too.

“Yes,” she breathed out.

Her pussy was so wet, and her clit throbbed.
It felt so good.
felt so good
pressed against her. He broke the kiss and started dragging his lips up and
down her throat, sucking at the base of her neck.

She breathed out his name, because that was as
far as her voice would travel, as much as she could actually say right now.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you,” Mason
pressed his dick into her belly especially forcefully. A gasp left her at the
contact and intensity. God, she wanted this so bad, wanted to be
for him.

“I want you over me, pressing your hard, big
body down on mine.” They continued kissing for a second. “I want you thrusting
that big dick of yours into me, stretching me, making me come—” He cut off her
words with a kiss and deep, guttural groan. “I want you inside of me, Mason.”
She swore she felt his cock jerk behind his pants. “And I need you just as
naked as I am.”

In the next few seconds Mason was moving a
step back from her and all but tearing off his clothes. He went for the button
and fly of his jeans, and once he had his pants off she took in the sight of
him in nothing at all. His body was so toned, so ripped and defined that she
couldn’t even feel her heart beating at the moment.

His dark hair was disheveled from when he took
off his shirt, and his blue eyes were half-lidded from his arousal. All
could do was stare at the hard outlines of his
muscles, at the way his shoulders were so broad, and how his pecs were defined,
and at the tattoos that covered him. Everything about him called to her in a
very primitive, female way.

He took a step closer to her, and she lowered
her gaze to his erection. Mason was big everywhere, and although they’d had sex
plenty of times, she felt her pussy clench at the thought of having that big
dick stuffed inside of her.

He lowered his gaze to her breasts. “Your tits
are a work of fucking art,
.” He was close
enough that when he reached out and gripped the back of her neck, pulling her
closer, he didn’t have to lean in to kiss her. But that soft, slow kiss started
to become frantic, hard, and almost violent in nature.

Mason grabbed her breasts, molding his palms
around the mounds until she was squirming against him. The thick, long length
of his cock moved against her belly, and the feeling of the tip slickened with
his pre-cum, covered her skin. His hands on her breast were almost painful as
he squeezed and relaxed his hold. With his mouth on her throat, his tongue
moving along her pulse point, and his canines pricking her skin, she knew she’d
come pretty damn fast.

He slid his hands down her sides, moved one of
them to cup her ass, and had the other one right over her pussy. A gasp left
her when he speared his fingers through her soaked folds, spread her labia
apart slightly, and made this gruff noise as if he were barely holding on.

“Fuck, you’re so wet for me, aren’t you,
baby?” he murmured against her throat as he continued to move his fingers up
and down her pussy.

“You know I am. Can’t you feel how slick I am
for you?”

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