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He grunted and bit down on her throat. She
didn’t know if he was aware of the low grunts he made against her flesh, or the
fact he was pushing his dick into her belly, back and forth, harder with every
passing second, but she didn’t want him to stop.

“You know I like hearing you talk dirty,”
Mason said and continued to run his fingers up and down her slit. He rubbed her
clit every time he stroked his fingers up her cleft, teasing her hole on every
down stroke, and leaving her so thoroughly on edge she was ready to beg him to
fuck her … again. He removed his hand, brought it up to his mouth, and spread
the wetness that was on the digits to her lips.
didn’t stop him, and in fact parted her lips and breathed out as lust slammed
into her like a train derailed.

And then he was kissing her, licking her cream
from her, swallowing her sounds, and making the deep noises that told her his
bear was right there.

“I need you. I’m dying here, Mason.”

“Damn, baby.” He groaned deeply and then
latched his mouth onto one of her breasts. The way he sucked her nipple had her
clit throbbing.
just needed a little more
pressure and she’d get off.

The pain and pleasure morphed into one, and
she wasn’t just thinking of begging him, she actually was.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

And with one last drag across the stiff peak
Mason stepped away only long enough to grab her around the waist, turn her so
her back was no longer to the door, and take them to the floor. He was
demanding and frantic in his actions, but he’d made sure his hands on her back
cushioned her fall.

And then he was looming over her, pressing
fully against her once more, and sliding his hands under her to grip her ass
cheeks. He lifted her lower body so her pussy was rubbing along his dick. She
couldn’t stand this, so she reached between them, grabbed his cock, and placed
it at her entrance.

They’d stopped using condoms when she’d gotten
on the pill, and although maybe she should have taken the extra precaution, she
wanted this with him.

It was like a floodgate was opened, and all of
her passion, desire, and need for this Grizzly came bursting through. Never
breaking the kiss, he pressed his dick all the way into her body in one fluid

She broke the kiss, tilting her head back, and
gasping at the feeling of all that cock in her.

His balls slapped against her ass, and the root
of his cock rubbed her clit. Big, long, and thick were all perfect words to
describe how he was built.

baby.” He started pumping in and out of her, and soon the sound of their wet
bodies slapping together, of their moans and harsh panting, was the backdrop
noise around them.

“Mason,” she moaned his name.

“Yeah. That’s it, suck my cock with that
tight, wet pussy of yours.” Their flesh was already becoming slick with their
combined perspiration, and she held onto his shoulders tighter as he became
frantic in his motions. “You feel so good, so tight and hot, like you’ll
squeeze my dick right off, baby.”

“Fuck me harder, let your bear come out,
Mason.” Yeah, she’d said it. She wanted to see his animal right there, taking
her, too.

He ran his teeth along her neck, and a shiver
worked its way through her whole body before taking root in her clit.

“You want the beast to come out?”

She nodded and moaned.

“I’m going to fill you with
, making you soaked with it, have it coming out of your pussy because
there is so much.”

She cried out as the first ripple of her
orgasm traveled through her. He took control of her mouth with his, but this
time it was sloppy and heated, like a man that was losing control. She tugged
at his hair, and loved the dampness at his scalp because he was fucking her so
hard he was sweating. Neither of them could control themselves.

knew she had to be hurting him by digging her nails into his back, but all he
did was grunt against her mouth, tighten his hold on her ass, and fuck her

She pushed at his chest until he broke away,
and then using strength she didn’t know she had she flipped them so he was on
his back and she was straddling him. With her legs on either side of his hips
now, the hard floor digging into her knees,
started riding him fast and hard. She slammed her pussy on his cock, rotated
her hips, and felt her orgasm start to climb to the peak.

Up and down she bounced on him, faster and
harder until her breasts were shaking right in front of his face and her
nipples were hard points at the tips of the mounds. He reached up, cupped the
mounds, and rose up so he could bury his face in her cleavage.

“Ride me, baby.” He moved his hands lower,
around her back, and cupped her ass, spreading her cheeks so the air teased her
anus. When he touched her asshole, everything inside of her tightened.

“Good God, Mason,” she moaned the words out.

He started sucking on her nipples harder, with
a bit of roughness from his teeth and tongue. “Come for me,
Come all over my cock.”

And just like that, as if his demand was the
last thing she needed to go over the edge,
came for Mason.


Mason could do was stare up at
as she rode
his cock and came right in front of him. Her head was thrown back, her long
blonde hair moving from side to side behind her, and small strands pasted to
her forehead from her sweat. She was wild at heart, perfect for him in every
sense, and he was never letting her go.

finger was still on her asshole, that tight little opening of hers that made
him think of plowing the hell out of her back there long and hard, claiming
every part of her. She could be a dirty girl, had a filthy mouth, too, and he
loved the hell out of that.

wanted to come, but he’d wait until her orgasm faded, until she was still
slightly high from the pleasure, and then he’d fill her pussy with his cum,
make her soaked with it.

inner muscles clenched rhythmically around his dick, and he had to grit his
teeth to keep his control.

his arm around her waist and grabbing onto her ass cheek with his other hand,
Mason moved them once more so she was on her back again. Sliding all the way
into her again had Mason groaning and closing his eyes as the ecstasy claimed
him. His balls were drawn up tight, his climax imminent. She’d gotten off, so
he wasn’t going to hold back anymore. He leaned back on his haunches, opened
his eyes, and looked down where their bodies connected.

.” That word left him on a strangled
groan as he saw the way her pussy stretched around his cock. She was all pink
and soaked flesh, and stretched so wide he felt his dick jerk inside of her.
Her eyes widened, and he knew she was close to getting off again. Good, he
wanted her to come when he did.

placed his thumb right on her clit, rubbed the hell out of that little bud, and
couldn’t take his gaze off of her cunt. With
back arched, her breasts thrust out, her nipples hard points, he finally let
go. He leaned forward, bracing his hands on the floor beside her head, and
grunted as he filled her with his seed.

several seconds of him coming, groaning, and thrusting inside of her, he
finally breathed. With his cock softening inside of her, he let out a satisfied

down and kissing her once more, he pulled out of her with a grunt of
disappointment, and stood. Before she could move he had
lifted in his arms and was striding to the bathroom. She was soft where he was
hard, was feminine where he was all male.

read my mind.”
lifted her head from his chest
just as he walked into the bathroom.

he set her down he made quick work of turning on the water before facing her
again and pulling her into his arms. Then he just held her. The room became
steamy, the air humid, and still Mason kept her close.

love you,

leaned back. “I love you, too.” She cupped his cheek, and that soft touch had
something melting inside of him.

smiling,” she said softly.

covered her hand on his cheek with his. “That’s because I’ve never been this
happy in my entire life.”

rose on her toes to kiss him.

leaned down and kissed her forehead. “If I didn’t have you in my life—” He
shook his head, not finishing that sentence. “I’d fucking lose it,

rested her head on his chest, and a second of silence passed between them. “You
never have to worry about that, because I’m not going anywhere.”

held her tighter. “Good.” And then they were moving into the shower. “I’m not
too much for you, too intense?” He gave her a wink, but he was being serious.
He knew he could be hard to handle at times, possessive and controlling, but it
was only because he loved her so much.

it would kind of suck if you weren’t the way you are, Mason.” The water beat
down on her head, soaking her blonde hair and making it slightly darker. “Your
intensity is one thing I love the most about you.”

was a relief, because Mason knew he’d always be like this, especially with her.
She was it for him, the end of the fucking line. He hadn’t known what he was
missing out on until she’d come into his life.


The End




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