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lover’s amazing fingers thrust in her, then slowly inched out, then repeated. Once
again, Seth’s image filled her mind—his hair, adorably rumpled, falling forward
into his eyes. She longed to smooth the errant strands and tease his curls, then
run her fingers along his sculpted cheeks and strong chin.

more, more,” Haley chanted. The other women set their glasses next to Lola’s as
if she were giving them orders.

gave her more, quickening the pace to a fevered pitch. She could barely think
enough to slosh crème de cacao into the glasses.

so hot,” she moaned. Her nipples beaded, begging for some of the attention
devoted to her lower body.

because you’re way over-pouring the alcohol,” Gina teased.

was. She had no idea which bottle she was tipping from and didn’t care. “It’s
so good this way. I want more. More.”

thumb flicked her clit, not teasing this time but working her toward the climax.
She released her body to him, no longer trying to ensure she’d get what she
needed but believing beyond all doubt that he would maximize her pleasure.

are the best martinis ever,” Lola declared.

yeah.” Haley lifted her glass. “The best.”

was amazing. Incredible. Maybe the time had come to leave the fantasy of Seth in
her past. He embodied the thrill of catching the man just out of reach, but he
couldn’t possibly make her body sing the way this lover did.

only thing marring her experience was her growing terror she’d never feel this
kind of a sexual perfection again. She’d recognize
Haley’s Man
any time
he touched her from now on, so she’d never again be able to offer him the
faceless, nameless experience of his fantasies.

that’s more like it.” Across the room, Charlie fist-pumped the air. The crowd
on TV went wild, while the rest of the guys jumped to their feet.

seconds left in the game, six points to tie it. We can do this, guys,” Bob
yelled, as if the players could hear him and take his advice.

please do this,” Haley begged. She’d imagined the public orgasm would be so
easy—a few sips of martini, a few oh-oh-oh moans.
But her lover wasn’t
building up to a sweet, gentle fizzle of pleasure. He’d stroked and stoked a mind-blowing,
earth-shattering vortex inside her.

hand slid away, leaving her body aching and empty.

we’re not going to end like this,” Haley cried.

straight, we’re not. We stole the ball from the center. We’re going to make a
comeback.” Charlie and Bob chest-bumped.

moist air slid over her clit, followed by a beautiful swipe of her lover’s
Haley’s Man
was back. Her senses went wild.

TV and across the room, the fans had worked themselves into a frenzy. Even Gina
and Lola raised their glasses and cheered.

was beyond cheering. She needed relief. Despite her resolve to leave him in her
past, in her mind Seth kissed her, pleasuring her with his lips and his tongue.
Between her legs, her real lover did exactly that with pitch-perfect precision.

More. Faster,” she cried.

better move fast. Only eleven seconds left,” Lola said, her eyes glued to the

lover’s tongue circled her clit, as his fingers slid inside her again. Her
pleasure spun out of control. She grasped the edge of the counter in a final
desperate effort not to fall gasping on the floor and ruin the perfect finish.

more three-point basket to tie it, five more seconds in the game,” the
announcers on TV hollered.

Haley screamed, the fever within her transcending the shouting in the room and melee
in the stadium across town.

body splintered. She bucked, then convulsed against his hand and mouth. Waves
of pleasure crashed over her, like nothing she’d ever experienced before. “Yes,
yes, this is it. Yes, yes, yes,” she screamed.

in the room shouted and screamed as a player threw a ball across the court. A
buzzer sounded on TV. The ball swished through the basket. “Overtime, baby.”

and Lola jumped up and down, hugging each other, clutching their martini
glasses and spraying chocolate liqueur in every direction.

yes.” Haley sagged against the bar, sated and depleted, her lover’s amazing
fingers still filling her.

turned to her. “You were cheering, girl. I didn’t think you were a basketball

gasped, unable to catch her breath. Her world had been transformed, and it had
nothing to do with basketball. She didn’t even know her transformer’s face or
name. “Not normally, but that was The Best Ever.”

stroked her slowly and completely as if in agreement with her words. He slid
out, leaving her shuddering with the aftershocks of pleasure.

quick, throw some beers over here before overtime starts,” Charlie called from
in front of the TV.

Yeah.” Her numb mind took several moments to process the mundane request. Sex
had always been fun and easy, and she’d expected the same. But this had been
much more from start to finish. Her life was exactly the same. Yet, she felt as
though her entire world had been transformed.

bent over the mini-fridge and pulled out bottles, reaching up to set them on
the counter. Gina and Lola grabbed them from the bar and handed them across the

she’d pulled out enough for everyone, Haley stayed crouched in front of the
fridge, almost afraid to turn around.
Haley’s Man
was behind her, he of
the mind-blowing, once-in-a-lifetime, out-of-this-world orgasm. She could feel
his body heat and hear his ragged breathing that matched her own pounding heart.

she’d fulfilled his faceless, nameless fantasy. But she hadn’t given him
anything special compared to what he’d given her. In fact, he had to have been
downright miserable crouched on the wooden floor between her legs for so long.
Somehow, she had to find a way to make that up to him so she could again and
again experience this magic he’d delivered to her body.

glanced over her shoulder. Steady hazel eyes stared at her through a rumpled
mess of hair that had fallen forward. A sheen of sweat coated his skin.



Chapter 5


tie hung from his shoulder, while his wrinkled white dress shirt was unbuttoned
halfway down his chest. Had he been watching some other guy give her pleasure
this whole time? Oh, please no.

turned completely around, scanning for anyone else lurking under the bar, but
they were alone behind the counter.

had given her that mind-blowing orgasm? How was that possible? What happened to
the guy she’d connected with online, the one whose fetish was to make her come
without knowing who he was?

she whispered, and this time she managed to say his name out loud. She hadn’t
thought he would touch her that way. Not unless she’d thrown her body at him.

gulped. Wearing a skirt with no underwear and standing directly over him probably
counted as throwing herself at him. “Are you the one I set this up with on the
fetish site?”

nodded, his cheeks pink.

I—I don’t know what to say.” The man had just given her the most incredible
sexual experience of her life. She ought to say something profound. Unfortunately,
the orgasm hadn’t just revolutionized her vagina, it had fried her brain too.

agree. Wow.” His lips curved into that lopsided expression she adored.

brushed his hair back from his face, her fingers tingling as she made contact
with his skin.

going to start,” Charlie bellowed. “Where’s Seth? I haven’t seen him since he
brought down the Scotch.”

eyes widened, and his face flushed guiltily.

been such a wonderful, generous lover Haley didn’t want him to have any
regrets. She pulled another beer bottle from the fridge, then smoothed his
shirt. Her hand stuttered over his pounding heart, and she concentrated on straightening
the length of his tie. Then she offered her hand to help him stand.

back here with me getting a beer,” she announced to the group, as the heat from
his hand raced up her arm, leaving her entire body tingling.

When did the bartending tyrant let you back there?” Gina leaned over the edge
of the counter.

the end of the game. You all were a little distracted and probably didn’t
notice.” He winked at Haley, keeping his palm clasped with hers after he was standing.

pinned them both with a suspicious stare.

shifted her bare feet, trying to look like she’d simply been moaning over
martinis and screaming with the basketball game. Now that she’d lived out the
moment, she had no desire to make her orgasm public. Seth had given her the most
intimate, intense sexual experience of her life. Her skin heated, remembering.

first resented her lover for not being Seth. Then as he kept caressing her
until she was cross-eyed and crazy with desire, she’d decided to give up Seth
to make him part of her life. But all along
Haley’s Man
and Seth were
one in the same.

could have them both—if Seth wanted her. He called the shots, as surely as he
had in drawing out her pleasure.

sit on my lap, babe.” Charlie called to Gina.

laughed. “Like you’re actually going sit through the rest of the game. We’ll talk
later,” she promised Haley, as the rest of the women gravitated to the TV. The referee
blew the whistle, starting the three minutes of overtime.

didn’t care about the game. Nerves flooded her as she set the extra beer on the
counter and turned to face Seth. She had no idea where she stood with him, if
he’d have any interest in her now that she’d fulfilled his fantasy.

squeezed his hand. Even though her friends weren’t watching, she wanted more
privacy. “Come outside with me.”

to.” He entwined his fingers with hers as they walked across the back of the
room to the sliding door.

pulled the glass panel along the track, then hesitated. “I’m not wearing

make sure you don’t need them.” His gaze held hers.

coursed through her at the desire blazing from him. Her feelings weren’t entirely
one-sided. She stepped outside, the cement patio cool beneath her bare feet, and
turned to face him. “Are you sure you want me again, even though I’ve seen your
face and know who you are?”

you kidding?” He closed the door, leaving them silhouetted in the dark. “I was
afraid if you knew I was your lover, you’d change your mind.”

my mind?” She’d never heard anything so crazy in her life. “I’d decided not to
go through with the fantasy I’d posted because I wanted you instead. But when I
tried to find
Haley’s Man
to tell him, I couldn’t, so I assumed he’d
backed out. I returned upstairs for you, but you were gone. I thought I’d blown
my only chance with you.” Tears pricked her eyes. She still wasn’t convinced
she hadn’t screwed everything up.

lifted her onto the edge of the picnic table and leaned over until his forehead
brushed hers. “Haley, you have lot more than one chance with me. We can arrange
to do this all over again, and believe me, next time you won’t have any doubt about
who’s pleasuring you.”

and tenderness washed over her. “I don’t want a public orgasm, Seth, or any
other contrived situation. I want to make love with you for real. Take me right
here on this table, so I can see your face and kiss you when you climax.”

now? With our friends only a few feet away?” he asked.

can’t see us, and they won’t come outside until the game’s over.” She reached
for the button on his pants and slid down the zipper.

hard cock strained against his briefs.

want me.” She meant to sound confident, but relief overrode her tone.

brushed his lips over hers. “I’ve always wanted you. I didn’t pick the screen
Haley’s Man
on accident.”

reached into his briefs and curled her fingers around his thick shaft, then
pushed away the garment to stroke him.

gasped against her lips. “I’ve been in love with you forever, Haley.”

don’t believe it.” Except she did. She understood exactly because her heart
felt the same way. Seth had always been the one she wanted. She’d convinced
herself it could only be lust and a crush, but her heart knew better. And so
did his. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

time I swore I would, you had another man in your life.” He shifted his hips
against her hand as she stroked him, desire making his breath choppy. “I took a
job in China to be closer to you. By the time I got there, you’d moved back to
the states. It took me over a year to get transferred back.”

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