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To all the people that help me I am so very thankful. Just to name a few Rachael Duncan, Stephanie Phillips, Missy Borucki, Desirae Shie, Chelsea Camaron, Marisa-Shor, Robin Bateman, Beth Cranford, Shelly Shur, and Tbird London. Also to my friends, family, and my husband thank you for you everyday support.


To the readers that love the story and the characters you are my rock stars!





Chapter One





I can’t believe my little sister is fucking getting married. I take a swig of the beer in front of me, trying to swallow the information she just dropped on me.

In one month, her rich fiancé and family are flying everyone out to some damn beach so she can marry the son of a bitch. I’ve never met the guy so I don’t have anything specific against him, but no one has ever been good enough for my sister.

Then she throws in that she is hoping to book two tickets for me, like I’m gonna bring some damn date.

Yeah, right.

Could you imagine me showing up at some five star resort with one of the club whores draped on my arm? I laugh to myself at what their faces might look like. As much as I don’t want to go, there is no way I won’t be there for her. I have protected Lizzie since she was born and I won’t stop now.

My phone buzzes on the bar, and I look down at it to see a text from my brother.

Jesse: You talk to Lizzie?

Me: Yeah.

Jesse: You coming?

Me: Of course.

Jesse: Just be careful, brother. Our sister has an itch to be matchmaker and she doesn’t seem to be dropping it this time.

Fuck. Lizzie just does not want to hear that I have no interest in a damn relationship. I’m perfectly content filling my bed for a couple hours each night, then sleeping peacefully alone without all the bullshit having a woman brings. You get all the best parts of a relationship, and by the best parts I mean pussy, without having to deal with any of the clingy jealous pain in the ass shit that goes on after.

I decide I need some air and head outside. When I walk out of the bar the cold air hits me and instantly kills the little buzz I had going.

I catch sight of a woman standing about twenty feet from me and I swear she is the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Her light brown hair hangs down her back in long curls, she is wearing jeans that are hugging her ass, and I can’t see her shirt but her shoulders are bare, showing off her tanned skin. She’s so completely focused on her phone that she doesn’t even notice the biker walking up to her.

He’s tall and huge, with a long beard. As he looks at her, I can see the desire on his face. It pisses me off because I was just getting ready to go over there myself. This girl is a catch, not like the usual club girls that hang around this bar hoping for one of us to fall for them and make them an old lady.

“Hey there suga’, you lookin’ real good.” His deep voice sounds and I can see her jump; she had obviously not noticed he was there.

Her head tilts to the side. “I must look like a unicorn then, seeing as I'm not your cousin or a slut. I mean, you backwoods biker types are used to that family shit, right?"

I freeze. This chick has balls.

The biker’s mouth drops open in shock and the cigarette that had been resting in it falls to the floor.

“Can you close the chimney hole now? Some of us don’t wanna die of cancer. Thanks.” She makes a shooing motion with her hands.

Anger flashes across his face. Shit. I walk up behind her knowing I should just mind my own damn business, but choosing not to.

“You got a big mouth, bitch. I’m about to shut it up.” He reaches for her, but she quickly pulls a blade out from her purse, pointing it at him.

“Come near me dickhead and I’ll slice off the piece of shit you call your manhood.” Her voice is harsh but almost has a tone of laughter to it.

I stand behind her, making my presence known. I come here a lot and since Shooter made me VP of the club, I’ve gotten a lot more respect. I cross my arms over my chest. When his eyes meet mine, a moment passes where I think he might challenge me. I’m hoping he doesn’t. I avoid fighting as much as I can; it takes me to a place I don’t easily come back from.

He mumbles a few curses under his breath before stomping away. She turns around, the smile on her face letting me know that she was pleased with herself. It falls when she sees that I had been standing behind her. She must be realizing that I had a hand in the asshat walking away when he did.

“You always butt your way into shit that doesn’t involve you?” Her eyes narrow at me.

Seriously? I just saved this girl from Bubba the biker and she’s giving me shit for it. “You know you could just say thank you.”

“Yeah, and you could realize that not every woman is some helpless creature waiting for a man to come rescue her. I’ve never been a damsel in distress and you are certainly no Prince Charming.” She walks past me and I have no idea how to respond.

“You always so gracious?” I yell as she is walking away.

She stops about ten feet from me, turning on her heel and walking back to where I stand. “There are only a few things I’d be gracious for right now.” Her eyes trail up and down my body. “One would be a mind blowing orgasm, two would be a fresh start in this shitty ass life. So unless you’re offering one of those, stop wasting my damn time.”

I have never come across a woman who was so outspoken and blunt. It’s fucking hot.

My hand grips her neck roughly as I crash her mouth to mine. I grab her ass with my other hand, pulling her against me so she can feel the hard-on I’m already sporting for her. I grip her hair and jerk her head roughly to the side. I pull away but only enough to be able to whisper in her ear. “If what you want are mind blowing orgasms, you came to the right fucking place. I will have you so wound up before I sink into you that you’ll be begging me for my cock.” I move my hand that’s on her ass around to cup her pussy. She moans as I massage her through the rough material of her jeans.

I release her quickly, gripping her hand and leading her over to my bike. I hand her a helmet and she climbs on. She’s sitting up front like she is gonna drive. “You need to move back, babe.”

She looks at me, arching her eyebrow at me. “Then you wouldn’t know where to take me.”

I put my hands under her arms, lifting her off my bike and pulling her against me again. “Then you can tell me where to take you. I don’t know what kind of pussies you’ve had in the past, but it ain’t me. I drive my bike. You tell me where to go. Then I’ll blow your fucking mind.”

“Deal.” She smiles at me before her hand reaches down and grabs my dick through my jeans.

Sure I’m used to not having to try hard to get laid, but this girl has a fire in her that I’ve never seen before.

Where the hell has this woman been hiding?

We climb on my bike and I pull out of the lot. “Johnson’s Lake,” she whispers in my ear, her tongue darting out and licking a line down my neck. I look back, making sure she pulled the helmet on before I race out of the parking lot. I speed up, needing to be off this bike and deep into her. Her one hand grips my belt as the other skims back and forth over my dick. Teasing me with her long nails, she circles my tip and I push the engine even more.

This woman is the devil wrapped in the sweetest fucking package imaginable.


Chapter Two




Each time I feel the bike speed up I can’t help but smile. His body tenses against mine. He is exactly what I needed.

An escape.

My mind tries to drift back to reality but I refuse to let it; tonight isn’t about real life. It’s not about my future; it’s not about anything but pleasure, excitement, and freedom.


It’s a word so many people take for granted. You walk around each day not even realizing the gift you have to choose your own actions.

As we speed down the highway I feel untouchable. With the wind blowing I feel like I could fly, like a bird free to go wherever I please. I tighten my thighs around him as I release my arms. I raise them above my head; I know it’s dangerous.

I don’t care.

Each of my arms is quickly pulled down to his waist, one by one. I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy, but that’s fine. He can think whatever he wants about me. I just need him to help me forget tonight. After that I’ll never see him again and he will tell stories of the crazy woman he picked up at the bar. Me, I’ll hold onto this night as the last time I was myself.

The bike starts to slow and when I look, I can see the beach. It’s gorgeous during the day, and it’s always been a fantasy of mine to come here at night. I want to be here tonight. I want this to be the place that I lose myself one more time.

The engine cuts off and I climb off the bike, running over to the guardrails separating the sidewalk and beach. I stand on the rail looking over it at the ocean, amazed at how peaceful everything looks.

I can feel him behind me without even looking. He has a presence about him. As much as he reminds me of everything I hate, I want him so damn bad. I turn and sit on the top rail, arching an eyebrow at him. “So, care for a swim?”

His eyes go wide. “Now? It’s not exactly summer. That shit is probably cold.”

I can’t help but smile at him. “Aw, scared of a little shrinkage?” I wink at him before jumping off the rail and standing close to him. “Follow if you dare.” I let my hand skim over his dick once more. My shrinkage comment was just to piss him off because I can tell the man is huge to the point that it’s kind of intimidating.

His eyes darken and I turn quickly, running toward the water. When I get to the edge I lift my shirt over my head and unclasp my bra. I don’t need to turn to see if he’s followed me because I can hear his sharp intake of breath as my clothes hit the sand. Popping the button on my jeans I slowly slide them down, taking my lace boy shorts with them. I step out of the pants and my combat boots before turning to look at him once more. His eyes are ablaze with a fire. I blow him a quick kiss before kicking water at him, laughing at his shocked expression, and running into the water.

It’s definitely not ideal swimming temperature but I don’t care. I sink under an approaching wave, enjoying the calmness of the empty sea. I yelp in surprise when his arms grip my hips.

“You’re out of your fucking mind.” His deep voice growls in my ear, making the hairs on my neck stand on end.

He spins me to face his dark brown eyes, soaking in every inch of skin he can. I wrap my arms around his neck, jumping a little before putting my legs around his waist.

“Yeah well, being sane is boring.” I kiss him and he grips my ass, pulling me even closer. He is right at my entrance and I’m throbbing at the prospect of having him. “Please tell me you wrapped it up before you came out here. If not, it’s a long walk back to shore.”

His mouth kisses my neck before roughly biting the skin on my collarbone. “I came out here more than ready to sink into your pussy.”

My body shivers. “Now. I want it now.”

His one hand reaches up to tangle in my hair. “You’re real fuckin’ bossy, you know that?”

I reach down between us, grabbing his dick. “Yeah and you talk too much.” I move back a bit before I push him into me.

A strangled groan comes from his mouth. I place my hands on his shoulders, thanking God for the Pilates classes I’ve been taking. I start to lift myself up and down him slowly. Each time letting myself fully sink down onto him. I swear it feels like he might break through me. I can’t help but moan when he is all the way in.

He starts to move me faster, his fingers digging into my ass, sliding me up and down him. His mouth opens, taking one of my nipples into it. He doesn’t let go, so each time I move up and down he’s pulling on it. I can feel myself start to tighten. It’s been so long since I had a man, especially one that knew what he was doing.

When he bites my nipple, I cry out, feeling the orgasm rocking through me. My thighs tighten around him as he continues to drive into me, prolonging the waves. After a couple minutes he tenses, “Fuck.”

I rest my forehead against his, trying to catch my breath. This guy would be fun to keep around, if only that was a possibility.

I untangle my hands from his neck and climb off of him. “You did good.” I pat him on the chest before walking back to the shore. I turn quickly, hoping that I can hide the fact that this encounter has affected me more than I wanted it to. Sure, it was just sex, but being close to him I felt a pull. He sparks my curiosity in a way that is telling me to run far and fast.

When I reach my clothes I pout; this will be difficult. Luckily this beach is deserted at this time of the night. I could barely get these damn pants on when I was at home. I start with my shirt and bra knowing they will be easiest, then throw my hair into a messy bun with the hair tie I always keep around my wrist.

He’s back.

I can sense him.

I feel him looking at me.

I reach for my jeans praying that I don’t look crazy trying to get them on. I’ve done a good job tonight keeping up this persona. It isn’t easy but I finally get my jeans on, and when I turn to face him he’s completely dressed. I can’t help but shake my head; it’s always so much easier for men. His arms are crossed over his chest and his head is tilted to the side as he looks at me.

I laugh. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

“Don’t tempt me.” He steps toward me. His one hand grips my hair as he holds my face close to his. “I want more.” The way he is dominating me would usually make me want to kick him in the balls, but for some reason I find it sexy. I find myself wanting to go home with him, find out what makes him tick.

That can’t happen. “No.”

“See, you might be saying no with your mouth, but every other part of your sinful body is screaming yes.” He pulls me closer to him. He’s right. I want him.

Get ahold of yourself Nikki.

“Sorry, buddy.” I pull away from him. “Thanks for a good time.”

I walk back to the sidewalk, stopping quickly once I see the flashing lights.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” His voice sounds from behind me.

The cops.



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