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These dirty words in his accent seemed to stroke me inside.
“Y-yes, sir.”

“Now show me that
wet pussy of yours. Thighs wide. You’re going to want them wider than my shoulders—trust me. Wider.” He slapped one of my ankles, then the other. “Wider!”

When my ankles were
spread past the width of his broad shoulders, I wanted to cover my face with my hands.

I was relieved when he ordered, “Close your eyes. And keep them closed.”

I squeezed my eyes shut with embarrassment, all but able to feel his gaze on my ... pussy. I was completely vulnerable to him. I thought I heard him pull the chain on a lamp, then I felt the heat from a lightbulb.

Was he examining me? Staring at my most private flesh?

“That’s it,” he grated. “Just lie there, spread to me, while I peruse you like a contract.”

At that moment, I felt very much like his possession, a thing he owned. A slave. So why
was I getting off on this? Not knowing where or when he was going to touch me only heightened my arousal.

And if I was honest with myself, I’d admit that the idea of being his possession was
electrifying my body.

As if he read my mind, he said, “Do you want to be possessed by me? To be my toy? Answer thoroughly and honestly.”

my mind cried. “The idea ... arouses me. But I-I don’t know why.”

“Maybe because you sense how I play with my toys.” He rubbed two fingers over my swollen clitoris, making me choke on a cry.
“Your pussy is so pink and drenched, it sheens like icing on a confection. I could devour it for hours.”

Had I just
heard him licking his lips? At the idea, I had to bite back a moan.

He tugged my labia open, until I could
perceive the heat of his lamp on my inner flesh. “Do you want me to devour you? Do you crave for me to lick your pussy until it quivers and comes?”

Anything to alleviate this ache!
“Yes, sir.”

“Ask me.”

“Will you kiss me there?”

He kissed one of my thighs, sucking it hard, sure to leave a love bite. “Or do you want my mouth on
your pussy
? Licking it? Ask me like the wanton you are.”

“Will you lick
... my pussy?” Just saying the word made a sharp spike of lust surge in me. My pale skin showed my blushes so easily; I must be awash in red.

“Yes, I believe I will.”
I felt his breaths ... right before his tongue.

He probed it directly at my core, then licked
the length of my slit up to my aching clitoris.

I gave a sharp moan
. “Cesan!” When he rolled his tongue back and forth over the swollen nub, I arched my back with delight

“I’ve found myself a honeyed hole
,” he rasped.
He laid his big palm flat over my mons, tugging up until my clitoris was even more exposed. Then he sucked it fully into his mouth.

“Oh, my God!”
My hips shot off the desk, but he pinned me. Another suck, this time with his tongue flicking.

Oh, ohhhh!” I was about to come under this strange man’s lips. “I’m close—”

He pulled back.

“What?” I blinked. “It aches, I ache.”

ails you?” he asked innocently.

-my pussy aches.”

“As I intend

When I
twisted with frustration, I felt the paper beneath me was ... damp? Yes, sticky and wet. From
? I groaned miserably.

Shamed by your lusts?” He ran his finger along my slit. “You’re atop a blotter, Juliet. It
. I’ll see your watermark when I enjoy my coffee in the morning.”

scalded me. “This is only because you drugged me! I’d never be like this otherwise.”

When he chuckled, I raised myself up on my elbows, stunned by the sight of my body. My breasts were heavy and
swaying with my breaths. My nipples were taut, the areolas even more puffy than usual. With my legs spread so wide, I could see my stiffened clitoris swelling up from my mons.

I felt like I was staring at a stranger

s ever, he looked like a devil, his lips curling, his eyes boring into mine. The way he gazed at me made me feel like I was a sacrifice offered up to him—one he’d accepted as his due.

“You took no drugs tonight.”

Confusion roiled. “What are you talking about?”

“I just told you that so you’d relax. The truth is, my little wanton, there was no need. This
”—he waved to indicate my entire body—“is all you.”

I sank back,
putting my hands over my face. It couldn’t be true.

“Now come kneel before me.
It’s time for you to service your master....”


C H A P T E R  4 —


I was kneeling between Cesan’s legs, staring at the bulge in his slacks, with my knees wide apart—as he’d positioned me. Still he remained fully dressed.

“When you suck my cock,
” he said bluntly, “I want you to think about how much your nipples ache.”

They did! I was going crazy—

He reached forward to pinch them. Hard.

“Ow! Don’t...”
My hands shot out to his wrists.

use that word with me!” His tone was thunderous. “Arms down by your sides!”

I dropped them, gritting my teeth
when he rolled my nipples even harder.

He stared me down, forcing me to accept his harsh touch. Daring me to deny him.

I was panting into the pain, beginning to perspire.

“Take it for
Master, and you’ll be rewarded.”

Eventually the pain transformed. T
he shockwaves in my nipples seemed to be going straight to my clitoris, making it throb even more. I gazed up at him in surprise. It was everything I could do not to start stroking myself. Maybe he wanted that?

“You like it when I torment
your pale, pert tits?” He kept rolling the peaks. “Arch your back if my Juliet craves more.”

When m
y back bowed, he hissed,
His gaze was fearsome, his muscles swelling beneath his civilized clothes. So much power. Undeniable power.

That was the moment when I accepted the fact that he knew my body better than I did, than I ever had....

He pinched and pulled my nipples until I was whimpering with need, edging closer to an orgasm. Once I was on the verge, I rocked side to side from one knee to the other, trying to rub my labia together, starved for any contact on my pussy.

But h
e abruptly released my nipples.

I glanced down
at them as even more pleasure bloomed. They were larger than they’d ever been, lewdly swollen. The sight of them like this turned me on, just like the sight of the ravished maiden’s had.

whimpered. “Please, don—” I was about to say, “Don’t stop.” But I wasn’t to use that word. “Just

He gave a harsh laugh.
“Mia piccolo puttana.”

-what does that mean?” He’d wanted me to think about my nipples; I could think of little else. Maybe how badly my clitoris ached. Or how sensitive the entire flesh of my breasts had become.

It means
my little whore
. How I’m going to enjoy teaching you about your sluttish needs.”

I raised my chin.
“I’m not a slut.”

He pinched my chin hard, bringing his face close to mine. “Not yet,” he said. “But deep down you yearn to be

I’d already accepted that he knew my body better than I did. As I gazed up into his spellbinding eyes, I feared he knew my mind better as well.

He released my chin. “Now unzip me and pull out my cock.” I was still trying to shake off my haze of lust, when he snapped, “Acknowledge!”

His tone had my hands flying for his zipper. “Yes, sir,” I said in a shaky voice.
I unzipped his slacks and saw the base of his big penis, but it was trapped in his pants.

“Dig my cock out, Juliet.”

With a swallow, I delved my hand through his fly, grasping the thick root of his shaft. But it was too big to tug the length back through his fly. “Will you help me? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Help you with what?”

I knew what he wanted me to say. “With your ... cock.”

“Very good.” He maneuvered his length much more roughly than I ever would have, freeing it to stand erect before my eyes.
His penis, his
, was larger than in any NSFW pic I’d ever seen. It jutted proudly from a nest of ink black curls.

It was as engorged as the satyrs’, the crown just as glistening. Before my eyes, the veined shaft pulsed, and more moisture appeared atop the slit.

His scent was amazing, earthy, making me want to bury my face at the base and inhale.
What is happening to me?

With a feral smile, he said,
“Lick the slit.”

, I would have thought that was gross. Today, this man had rendered me out of my head with arousal; I was beginning to trust his instructions. If he wanted me to do this, then I’d probably end up liking it.

He didn’t merely
like a devil, he
a devil master, one with dark knowledge about sex—debauched secrets I’d never imagined existed. And the look he gave me at that instant told me he was about to teach me every one....

Gathering my courage, I said, “Yes, sir,” then leaned in.

I ran my tongue across the crown, tasting his salty cream. It was surprisingly good, nothing like what I’d heard other women complain of. But then, it followed that a man who looked this physically magnificent would taste magnificent too.

moisture appeared for me.

,” he ordered. “And look at me when you lap my pre-cum.”

I locked gazes with him while giving another lick, it made me feel slutty—and God help me, I
enjoy that feeling. Did that make me a
? Before he could command me, I’d licked away another bead.

“I think my Juliet is going to make a
n enthusiastic little cocksucker. Would you like to learn how?”

I nodded, then hastily added, “Yes, sir.”

“Sometimes, I will simply fuck your mouth,” he said with a husky tone. “You’ll kneel with your arms behind your back, tonguing the underside of my cock while I fuck your gullet. Essentially, you’ll be a wet, hot receptacle for my come.”

I shivered from his words and deep voice. I shivered to imagine
what he’d described. I felt like I was losing my mind—to him. He was controlling my thoughts, seizing my free will. I didn’t understand the internal pleas that continued to surface.

Keep talking to me
like this
, I mentally begged, rocking on my knees again to soothe my aching pussy.
Keep telling me what a slut I’ll be. Please, please, keep making me behave and talk like one.

“Other times,
” he said, “I’ll command you to exquisitely wring my semen from me with your hands and mouth. Tonight is one of those times.”

I wanted to do this for him, to give him what
ever he desired, but I could barely concentrate on anything other than my nipples and pussy. I was trembling, about to explode.

“Tell me how you feel
, Juliet. Honestly and thoroughly.”

I was getting used to expanding on my answers, feeling less and less embarrassment over my admissions.
“My nipples ache so bad, I just want ... I have the urge to ... rub them against something. I feel like I’m going to die if I don’t come. I want to touch myself—my pussy,” I corrected, “while I, er, suck your cock.”

He shook his head.
“I’ll allow only the latter. You’re not to come yet. I want you in a frenzy when I deflower you tonight.”

Losing my virginity. Such a big step. Yet all I cared about was

“So the sooner I come, the sooner you
may.” He relaxed back in his chair, casually putting his hands behind his head. He looked like he was settling in to watch his favorite TV show. “With that in mind, use your hands and mouth, and earn your keep.”

The only thing I knew about giving a blowjob was what I’d learned from watching online, and from what an older cousin had once told me
: “Make your mouth and hand feel like your you-know-what. Wet, tight, and like one long tunnel.”

BOOK: His To Take: Night One
3.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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