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He sucked in a breath. “What a dazzling sight, my fair Juliet.
You’re blushing again? Why would you be shy when everything about you maddens me even more? Now hold this position.”

I put my head down
all the way and gazed backward between my legs, staring at his long, rock-hard shaft.

When it pulsated
like its own entity, an answering hollowness in me ached, one I knew could never be sated without that beautiful cock. I’d never wanted anything like I wanted it inside me.

“Do you crave
what you see?”

“I ache for it
, Cesan!”

“I can tell. Just look at those swollen folds of yours. They drip to entice my straining cock between them. Soon. For now a few more tastes.”

I felt his tongue on me,
me. My orgasm welled up inside, threatening to break and crash over me.... “Yes, yes, yes!”

When he took his tongue away, I groaned with frustration
, almost forgetting to remain as he’d positioned me. “What do you want? I’ll do it!”

“Total submission, Juliet.”
He gave me another lick, this one a flick of his tongue over my clitoris, like the lash of a whip. I jerked, but held my position.

“Such a sensitive little clit.” More lashes followed.

I stifled my cries to trick him into making me come. Almost there—

He withdrew his mouth
, and swatted my ass harder than before. “Sneaky girl. I told you that you would be
before I allowed you to orgasm. That was close.” He gave my ass another slap that made me shudder with want. “If you come without my permission, you’ll be punished. Your orgasms are mine to give and withhold. If you recall, I told you that you’d beg.”

“Then please ... please fuck me
!” My splayed fingers were biting into the folds of my pussy. How much longer before I broke position and started fingering myself in a frenzy?

pread like that, you will say, ‘
Master, will you please deflower my tight, virgin pussy

He couldn’t actually expect me
to say that. Surely this was some kind of language difference—


I moaned as he spanked me, my entire body shaking for more.

Indifferent to my distress, h
e took the head of his cock and rubbed it in circles over my clit.

I screamed in disbelief.

As his wet crown rubbed one leisurely circle after another,
I began to babble, tears stinging my eyes. He wanted submission? “Master, will you p-please deflower my tight, virgin pussy?”



“Why should I give you my cock?” He ran it up and down my slit, briefly tucking it against my entrance.

“Because I’ve”—I couldn’t believe I was about to say this—“Because I’ve been master’s good lit

dark laugh only added to my humiliation; and that burning shame felt ... delicious.

Release your position. Raise yourself up on your arms as well.” I did. “Do you know why I will take your virginity like this, with you on your hands and knees like an animal?”

“No, sir!” I didn’t give a damn as long as he did it.

“Where’s my clever Juliet? No matter, you will know soon.” At that, the bulbous head of his cock penetrated my core.

ain flared. “Cesan, it hurts! It’s too big.”

“Virgin no more,” he grated, continuing to inch in
. “Take the pain for your master. Remember it for the rest of your life.”

As if I could ever forget this night.

His shaft was unyielding, determined to drill me fully. I tried to relax for him. Inch by inch, he claimed my sheath, until he was seated deeply inside me.

“You’ve taken
Master’s cock.” He stroked down my damp spine, making me arch like a cat. “You
my good little whore, aren’t you?”

Approval, praise
, I was delirious for it!

As h
e slowly withdrew, tingles erupted inside me. Then he eased back in. That was bearable, even nice. I could get used to—

e seized my hips, yanking me back on his length while thrusting his hips at the same time.

ain ripped through me. I was on my hands and knees, trapped on his cock. I tried to tuck my hips down, but he slapped my ass.

“That h

“Because I intend it to.” Another harsh thrust.
“Do you know why I’m fucking you like an animal?”


“I’m doing it to defile you, slave. As you
me too.”

I could barely think. “Defile?”
Just the word made me melt. When he shoved himself deep that time, I braced for pain—that never arrived.

“When you were staring at my painting, it was staring at you.”

Confusion... Through my haze, I realized what he meant. “A camera.”

“Oh, yes. I watched your eyes darken, your tits swell.
Your nipples got so hard I still don’t understand how you kept from touching them.” He continued pistoning inside me as he gritted out his words, “I saw the yearning in your expression”—
—“and knew you wanted to be that maiden, controlled by the lusts of someone stronger.”
“Dominated, stripped, and humiliated. As your master, I’m granting your wish. It’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Honestly and thoroughly
? “Yes! I-I wanted to be taken. Controlled!” I shoved back on his cock.

“Very good! But there’s a difference between submission”—
—“and surrender.”

He wasn’t
devil master; he was
devil master.

And I
suspected I was about to learn a lesson.

“Now why am I fucking you like an animal?”

Surrendering to him completely, I cried, “Because I am one!”

He bent down over me. At my ear, he grated, “You’re a bitch in heat with a
greedy pussy. And you make me crazed! You make me want to rut”—
—“at your cunt”—
—“like a beast!” With a growl, he bit my neck.

Controlling me with his
savage bite.

shrieked as I came. My body convulsed. Black spots swarmed my vision. My pussy clenched down on the girth of his shaft.

Against my neck, he snarled, “Little slut. You’ll pay for that.” Then he licked his bite like a wicked satyr, and I convulsed in a second orgasm.

“You’re wringing my cock like you want Master’s come!”

Before I could think, I’d already moaned, “Please,

Better, Juliet. Now grab your elbows.”

When I did, he used my crossed arms
like a handle to move my body, until I was bent over the edge of the bed, with him standing behind me. He kicked my ankles, forcing my legs wide.

Once I was positioned,
he fucked me even harder, pounding into my sopping pussy, his length coated with my copious orgasms. His heavy balls battered my stiff clit.

his skin slapped against mine, I lay flat, my arms restrained, unable to do anything but take his manic shafting. I loved the dominant grip he had on my arms, the helplessness I felt. I was already hurtling toward my third orgasm, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more of him. It would
be enough.

With a frenzied thrust, he yelled, “I’m going to seed your pussy!” His back bowed sharply, making his cock grind down into me.

I screamed as I came. “Again!”

, I feel you!” he bellowed. “I’m going to drench you with come—take it,
mia puttana

Take it, my whore
, he’d ordered. And I did.

In a series of
teeth-clattering pumps, he began flooding me, jet after jet of his hot semen. I moaned and jerked with each scalding lash of it....

Eventually, h
is thrusts slowed, and he shuddered. With a final grunt, he collapsed over me, his sweat-slicked chest heaving over my back. He trailed kisses across my nape, like a gentle lover might—not like my violent defiler.

Then he seemed to remember himself, raising up and pulling out.
“On your back.”

As my mind fought to comprehend the pleasure he’d
just given me, the dark
of it, I turned over. Now that I wasn’t feverish with the need to come, I couldn’t believe the things I’d done, the words I’d screamed, and the acts I’d begged him do to me.

When I faced him,
his expression was almost tender. He reached forward to stroke my damp hair. “You pleased me this eve. In reward, I’ll contact the Butcher’s men and bribe them to treat your brother well and keep him safe.”

Tears pricked my eyes.
“Thank you!” I launched myself at him, hugging him hard.

He froze, as if he had no idea what to do with this. “Of course, my love. I can be a generous master.
” He drew back from my arms. “Although you will have to pay for orgasming
three times
without my permission.” He rose, treating me to a view of his breath-taking ass.

I wasn’t even surprised when I reacted viscerally to the sight.

He strode to a set of double doors, opening to a closet. The lights automatically came on, illuminating what looked like an Inquisition exhibit.

hips, flogs, canes. Other things I couldn’t even name. Which of those inquisitor’s tools was he planning to use on me? And how did I feel about that?

I didn’t exactly know
—like I needed to tell myself, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”

With a
dismissive flick of his hand, he said, “Avail yourself of the bathroom while I prepare.”

I scuffed into the bathroom, grimacing because I was still
throbbing all over. Surely I couldn’t come again?
Never enough
, my mind whispered.

In the spacious bathroom, I emptied my bladder and washed away the blood
and semen between my legs. He
drenched me

As I rinsed my hands, I gazed into the mirror. My hair was
a wild tangle, whipping over my shoulders. My lips were swollen, my eyes haunted. The pale flesh of my breasts was red and splotchy. My nipples proudly pointed upward—as if daring Cesan to give them more torment.

I trembled from the aftermath of his claiming.
If Nico Cesan was my devil master, I looked like his wanton whore. I
like his whore, still greedy for more pleasure.

I feared he’d not only taken my body and my virginity, but my mind and my will.

Cesan was back in that bedroom, devising some kind of torture, and I was about to willingly return for it. Not just willingly; I would hungrily return to my master.
A cat in heat. An animal.
I turned for the bedroom, knowing I was about to cross another line.

e called from the closet, “On the bed, back against the headboard.”

I silently obeyed, drawing my knees up to my chest.

He returned to sit beside me with two boxes in hand, setting them at my feet. One box was wooden and fine, the other plainly wrapped. “Which would you like, Juliet?”

I quickly pointed to the wooden box.

“Good choice.” He opened it to reveal four bracelets of the finest gold.

They were beautiful! But my heart fell when he clasped the first around my ankle, locking it into place.
“Wh-what are you doing?” They weren’t bracelets; they were manacles. My other ankle was swiftly clasped.

rists.” His tone brooked no disobedience.

“Yes, sir.” I
hesitantly stretched my arms out to him.

Once he’d finished with my wrists, I wondered why he hadn’t brought a collar
as well. But by the way he responded to my manacles, with his cock hardening in hectic pulses, I realized a collar would probably be coming soon.

“Arms over your head.”

I had no choice but to agree. He locked my manacles to chains in the headboard that I’d never seen.

I was being restrained by this man, a man I barely knew. I felt a mix of dread and anticipation. I reminded myself that he knew my body
better than I. He’d proven that he could see into my mind and know my darkest fantasies—before I even could.

BOOK: His To Take: Night One
5.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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