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Once he’d secured my wrists
, he tugged me down to my back so that my arms straightened across the mattress. “Spread your legs, knees high. Very good.” He reached along the side of the bed and produced a wide leather strap. He wrapped it around my upper thigh, then pulled it tight to some support on the side. My bent leg lay flat, my knee aligned with my waist. Only one binding to go. My heart was now thundering.

“Look at the pulse in your neck. Show me your trust, Juliet. Show me I was right to be generous
to you and your twin.”

My leg shot into position.

. What fun we’ll have with that.” He pressed a tender kiss against my thigh before he restrained it. Once I lay spread-eagle and trapped, he stood back and admired his work. “Not quite complete.”

He opened the other box and pulled out a leather strap with a bright red ball.
A gag. For some reason, this alone almost made me cry. When he strapped it over my head, I thought,
Too much!

As if he sensed I was at my limit,
he didn’t force it between my lips, just left it loose against my forehead.

At the ready. In warning.

Then he returned to the plain box and drew out a tube of lubricant—as well as the largest rubber penis I’d ever seen.

I sucked in a breath. “Cesan, you can’t mean to...”

“Now that you’re a virgin no more, you can enjoy a meaty dildo.” He slathered it with a clear gel. “Believe me,
, you’ll soon thank me for your new friend.”

My eyes widened. “Please, no.”

A muscle ticked in his jaw. “Another word like that, and I’ll gag you.”

I swallowed. “Yes, sir.”

He fisted the dildo, pressing the tip against me. “Now, as I insert this, I want you to replay the things I did to you tonight.” He spread my labia, then nudged the thick phallus into my sore opening.

obeyed his order, replaying his ferocity and the sounds of our skin slapping. I replayed my own abandon as I’d raised my ass for slaps, then screamed that I was an animal.

this, Juliet. Stop fighting.”

As he
slowly wedged that thing into me, my desire began flaring to life again. Before long, my panic was replaced by a sluttish need to be penetrated completely.

“You crave your dildo, no?” He forced it in deeper.

I did, but the thing was huge. Between gritted teeth, I said, “Yes, sir.”

“Then submit to it.”

How could the twinges and stretching be turning me on? It was uncomfortable, but I was taking it
for him
. He wanted it inside me, therefore, it was going inside me. Why fight it?

I felt myself growing wet around it, su
bmitting to it. Soon, my breasts were rising and falling on my shallow breaths, my hips rocking to the rubber cock filling me.

By the time
he’d worked it in to the flared end, I was roiling against my restraints. “Cesan,
, I need to come again.”

“But you didn’t want to be fucked with your new dildo. I had to force it inside you. And now you love it. Are you seeing a pattern?
When will you understand that my will is now yours?” he asked with that mesmerizing gaze. “I have claimed you as mine, my sweet
. ”

The finality of those words made me wonder if he was
ever going to let me go. Maybe Tommy would be freed, but I would remain a captive to this man? I froze. Considering how much control he had over me, he could make me beg to be enslaved forever. The idea sent a thrilling chill through me. “I’m yours, Cesan—for seven nights only.”

He narrowed his gaze ominously, the angriest I’d seen him tonight
. Before I could jerk my head away, he’d maneuvered the gag into place, tightening it.

“Umph!” I yelled
against the ball.

With an unsettling gleam in his eyes, he said,
“Seven days or seven years or seven decades?” He swatted the end of the dildo inside me, sending me soaring. “I haven’t yet decided.”

He picked up a remote
from the side table, and a TV emerged from the foot of the bed. He flipped to his desired program: a hardcore, BDSM porno. “I hope you enjoy this while I’m off to work.” He sighed. “Alas, the streets of Europe don’t keep themselves treacherous all on their own.”

He meant to leave me here with
this thing shoved up my pussy, watching porn by myself?

“If you writhe just right—and for long enough—you might be able to make yourself come. With my permission this time. I’ll be watching you via camera, of course.”

Oh God, now I remembered the camera by the painting. How many were in his home? Was he
our encounters? “Umph! Umph!”

“What?” he said with his black brows raised. “You’re so greedy for orgasms, I’ve set you up for more. Your generous master has fitted a fat dildo in your cunt and provided choice videos. You’ll be able to watch how
slaves honor their masters.”

I yelled his name against the gag.

“Good night,
cara mia
.” When he kissed me affectionately on the nose, I began to wonder if he was insane. “Tomorrow we begin your training in earnest.”

My eyes widened. This wasn’t in earnest?

He read my expression. “This was mere fun to break the ice. Tomorrow, the intensity begins. Tomorrow, I will start showing you what your body can do—and what depths I am capable of.” He stroked my bright pubic hair with a wistful look. “After Master makes a few changes....”



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BOOK: His To Take: Night One
5.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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