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So I grasped the base of his cock
in my fist and leaned forward to lick the tip. I circled my tongue around the taut crown, darting licks to the flared underside. When he gave a grunt, I did it harder.

Suck it between your lips, then do the same with your tongue. Watch my face. I’m told I’m very expressive when pleasured, so you can take cues on your performance.”

With my gaze on his, I sucked the wet crown between my lips and worked my tongue.
His taste was delectable, and the heat of his veined shaft along my tongue felt

His lids grew heavier, so I bobbed lower, taking him deeper.

I watched his lips part. Emboldened, I tightened my hand around his shaft and forced my lips to meet the edge of my fist, gagging myself.

he said, that one word making my toes curl.

I needed
more from him—another sound, another
. So I took him deeper and deeper, again and again. But he’d fallen silent, his expression unreadable.

He’d said his face was expressive
. Had other women found him so? Why couldn’t
read him too? Was he not being

He commanded me,
“Jack your hand up and down on my cock while you suck it.”

to receive instruction, I did as he ordered. His voice had been rougher, his accent thicker. Those were signs that he was enjoying this, right?

ore moments passed with zero feedback from him, nothing but the continued tastes of his pre-cum—the only sign that I was pleasuring him. I lapped them up greedily.

Finally, h
e lowered his hands to thread his fingers in my hair. I took that as approval, masturbating his shaft while sucking for all I was worth. My jaw was beginning to ache, my lips going numb, but I was desperate for more praise from this man.

My swollen nipples and pussy could be endured, but this silence from him was killing me.

At last, he rasped, “There’s my good girl. Sucking my cock so eagerly.”

moaned around it, shuddering from his words. I felt like weeping with joy to have earned them. I’d never known I was so needy for approval, that I could be such a slut for men.

man. Something told me Nico Cesan was the key—to me.

Along with my other ministrations,
I began licking the underside of his shaft, and that earned a thrust of his hips.

He grated, “My clever little girl is about to earn my come.”

I was in heaven, needing more praise, more, more! I tried to show him with my eyes how much I wanted to satisfy him.

’re a born slave,” he bit out, his accent even thicker, his chest now heaving. “You were born to kneel at my feet!”

At that moment, I’d never agreed with anything more.

“Does my virgin want a belly full of Master’s seed?”

I nodded, prepared to “swallow
,” but only for him, this devil controlling me!

Do you deserve it?” He gripped my face with both his hands. “I know you can take my cock deeper, can’t you, my sweet Juliet?”

Crazed, I
removed my hand and lowered my mouth over him until the crown was firmly lodged against the back of my throat. When he pinned me there, my watering eyes widened. One second passed, two. I couldn’t breathe.

And then his
back bowed, and that bulbous crown shoved deeper until I gagged around it. I was about to yank back, to resist, but then he yelled, “Juliet! Suck it deep. Ah, take my cock into your throat!”

uninhibited pleasure was all it took for me to surrender, going limp, letting him drive the flared crown completely into my throat. He bucked his hips once, twice, bellowing.

I was
lightheaded, growing dizzy, but his reaction sustained me.

Then I felt his cock jerk all along my tongue,
beginning to pump his semen. Steaming torrents flooded inside me. Every pulse of his ejaculation was more praise.

Drink, beauty,” he groaned, shuddering. “That’s it, swallow Master’s leavings....”

Finally, he pulled my head free
of him. I was gasping, tears running. Without warning, he yanked me into his lap, looping his arms around me.

, wh-what—”

He cut me off with a deep
kiss, squeezing me so hard it hurt—but that hurt felt
? He was binding me against him, controlling my body with his. I writhed with bliss, thinking I could come just from his restraining me.

Between kisses, h
e murmured against my lips, “My little
... I’m about to fuck ... your virgin pussy....”

When I moaned, he gave me his tongue, and I sucked on it, whimpering when he drew back
to look down at me.

With his devil’s gaze
alight, he rasped, “You’ll bleed for me, and not for the last time.”



— C H A P T E R  5 —


By the time Cesan had lifted me in his arms and started up a private set of stairs to his room, I was shaking, nearly crying with the need to orgasm. As he’d intended.

“I’m already hard
again,” he informed me. “I’m going to be insatiable for you.”

I feared he wouldn’t be the only one.

His dimly-lit bedroom was a contrast to the stately study and the grandeur of the villa’s exterior. This space was modern, with clean-lined furniture and bold works of art.

The bed was larger than a king, with
a massive head and footboard. One french door was open, leading to an expansive balcony that overlooked a pool. A night breeze streamed through it, along with moonlight.

He set me to my feet
, wasting no time. “Undress me.”

I reached for his sweater.

“Ah-ah. You
new to this, aren’t you? Shoes first.”

Back on my knees
, then. With an impatient sound, I dropped down and unlaced custom shoes that probably cost more than my car. When I’d removed his socks, I scowled at his feet. How could

“You’ll kiss them soon. For now,
finish my clothes.”

I rose,
grasping the hem of his cashmere sweater again. He lifted his arms, making me stretch with my short height.

My nipples rubbed his bare chest, and I hissed in a breath. “Cesan, please?”

“When you ask so sweetly...” He helped me remove the garment.

As I held it in my hands—
the material still warm and scented from his body—I stared at him. His chest was heart-stopping, bare of hair, but thick with muscle. He had a tattoo of an intricate cross over one bulging bicep. I glanced up at his face. He knew how gorgeous he was, knew what this sight was doing to me.

Bastard! I tossed his sweater on
to an elegant divan behind me, then turned to his pants. Earlier in his study, he’d zipped them back up, no doubt to enjoy this undressing even more.

tremulous hands, I undid his belt and fly, drawing down his zipper slowly over his hard cock. I already knew he wore nothing beneath. This was the last layer remaining before I saw him in all his glory. I let his slacks drop. They briefly caught on his jutting shaft before pooling at his ankles.

I thought he’d step out of them, but no such luck. Back on my knees
, I moved his feet, one at a time, trying not to stare at the heavy rod swaying above me.

Once he was naked, I rocked back on my feet.
His skin was bronzed all over. He probably swam without a shred of clothing in that pool. His entire body was packed with muscle, as sculpted as his face. As perfect.

Seeing that cock
in proportion to the rest of him just made me realize exactly how substantial it was. My gaze took in his testicles; they were big too, appearing weighty and full. I wondered if he would let me cup them?

“You like what you see, wanton?
” His lips were curling into a smirk. “Thoroughly and honestly.”

I think you’re perfect.”

With a
wicked smile, he crossed to the bed. Grabbing the cover in a fist, he yanked it free of the bed, his chiseled pecs flexing with power, his cock wagging. “On your knees in the middle of the bed. Facing the headboard.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, though I didn’t want to take my eyes off his body.
I felt like he was a dream, a mirage that would disappear.

When I knelt as instructed, he said, “Just when I
’d thought your breasts would be my downfall, I saw your pink cunt. And now I behold this glorious ass of yours?”

This was s
o much praise—it hit me like a sugar high. I moaned, feeling compelled to be doing something to him,

“Head down.”

Such a vulnerable position, much less when naked. But for him, I slowly leaned forward—

He clamped the back of my neck and forced me down.
“You’re to obey me with haste, unless I order otherwise.”
His hand landed hard on my bottom. When I thrashed away to protect my ass, he pulled me right back into that position. “You will
evade a correction from your master. Do you understand me?”

Something in his tone warned me not to disagree. So I meekly said, “Yes, sir.”

As if to test me, he spanked me again, harder.

I yelped, but remained in place.

“There’s M
aster’s good
,” he rasped as he kneaded my burning flesh.

It hurts!”

“Does it?
” He continued to fondle me. “Answer thoroughly and honestly.”

My heated skin seemed more sensitized
now. I could perceive a cool draft from that open door streaming over my bottom.

It no longer
stung—quite the opposite
Pain had brought pleasure, just as it had with my nipples.

What was happening to me? I wasn’t the type of woman who go
t off on being spanked!
You are now
, some depraved part of me whispered.

When he slapped me again, my ass seemed wired to my pussy
. “It feels ... better and better,” I answered breathlessly, gazing over my shoulder at him. “More sensitive.”

“Everything I’ve done to you feels nice, does it not?”
The devil’s expression was darkly triumphant.


Another slap. “Yes, what?”

“Sir!” I cried. My arousal was now leaking down one thigh, tickling a trail along my skin.

He spanked me again, and instead of evading the blow, I raised my ass for more. Another chuckle. “If a spanking’s what you crave, then I won’t give it to you.” Instead, he spread my folds from behind, bending down to deliver a long lick.

I mewed with pleasure, spreading my knees wider, arching to get to his tongue. “Oh, my God!

He nudged
what felt like his knuckle right at my core. “Arch for my finger if you want it,
.” He was playing with me, but I was beyond caring, would do anything for relief.

I arched for it,
murmuring, “Please,” over and over again.

He ignored me
, dropping his hand. “Now, how shall I deflower you?”

Cesan, please! I need to come.”

“So do I. But sex is like
crime—sacrifice now for a greater score in the future. When I finally do allow you to come, you will be screaming for it. Ravening for it.”

“I’m close to that point already!”

“You are forbidden to orgasm until you’ve gained my explicit permission to do so. That won’t be forthcoming, pun intended, until after I’ve fucked you. So what can you do to coax my cock into you quicker? You’re a bright girl.”

I reached back for his shaft, gliding my palm over it.

But he pulled back. “That’s too obvious. Shall I help you? Cup your ass with both hands.”

Face heating, I did.

“Now reach in and spread your pussy for me. Let me see that untried sheath.”

Would it truly get me closer to an orgasm?

He slapped the back of one thigh. “Acknowledge and obey.”

Little by little he was dismantling me, pushing me out of my comfort zone. But one thing I was learning? Once you crossed a line, the only place to go was toward an even more debased line. This morning I would have balked at calling this man
. Now I was about to call him
as I spread my
for him. “Y-yes sir.” I walked my fingertips over slippery flesh, then tugged it open.

BOOK: His To Take: Night One
5.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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