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onto your left side a little. Pull your right leg up as far as you can.’

dug her knee up into the sofa cushion, and he pulled her stretchy shorts and
panties aside.

tensed. ‘Is this going to hurt?’

will be a little uncomfortable, but I’m going to use lots of lube, and it
should come out easier than it went in. Just try to relax.’ He knelt on the
floor beside her, and she held her breath as he started dabbing the cool gel
all around her anus.

Just adding some lube,’ he said, jostling the plug as he got a grip on it.
‘Now, I want you to push out. Not too hard, just a gentle, steady pressure.

the time the thing came out, exiting her body with a loud sucking noise, she
was panting, red-faced, and sweating.

girl, Sam. I’m very pleased with you. How’s it feeling?’

you could drive a train through there, Sir.’

bet. Keep still for me.’ She watched as he wrapped a piece of gauze around his
gloved finger.

turned so that her butt was facing away from him, protected by the back of the
sofa. ‘Not right now, Sir.’

eyes met hers in a solid clash of wills. ‘I’ll ask you just one time to present
your ass for examination.’

ass needs a rest, Sir.’

ass is going to need a fire extinguisher if you defy me.’


that a ‘no’?’

a ‘not right now’, Sir.’

leaned in closely, until his forehead touched hers. ‘Samantha?’ he whispered.

Sir,’ she whispered back.

don’t get to tell me when I may or may not do something.’ He reached into the
backpack, and pulled out a pair of thick, well-worn leather cuffs.

big hand came down on her left shoulder, bringing it around and down so that she
was back on her stomach. He pulled her left wrist behind her back, and cuffed
it. Then her right.

are you feeling now, Sam?’ he said.

would really like you to fuck me, Sir.’ That was the understatement of the
year. Handcuffs did it every time. The problem was, although
the accepted term for what they did, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would
be like if he
made love
to her. Was what he did with her very different
from what he did with his girlfriends?

smiled. ‘I would like that too. But discipline must be maintained.’

closed her eyes and took a deep breath as he pulled her shorts and panties
aside, and his gauze-wrapped finger pushed into her rectum.



His finger twisted, and withdrew. There was a pause, and then he said, ‘All
clear. We can proceed with your punishment.’ He replaced her clothing, and
pressed a hand between her shoulder blades, pushing her down into the sofa
cushions as he got to his feet. ‘Stay down. I’ll be back in a minute.’

footsteps disappeared down the hall, and she heard him moving furniture around.
He came back. ‘Stand up.’ His hands were on her bound arms, and he helped her
to her feet. His grip on her elbow remained powerful as he escorted her down
the hall and into her bedroom.

sheet and blankets were off her bed. Only a rubber sheet covered the mattress.
A single rubber-covered pillow lay on top of it. An assortment of restraints
were fixed to the bedframe; long ones that stretched across the width of the
bed, and shorter ones with shackles on the ends that were clearly meant for
wrists and ankles.

stalled in the doorway, taking in the sight, and trying to imagine what he had
in mind that would require this kind of restraint.

do you think?’ he said, sounding pleased with himself.

medieval, Sir.’

prefer to think of it as
,’ he said. ‘I’m going to uncuff you
now. Don’t even think about bolting.’

felt his hands on her wrists, and a moment later she was free.

all of your clothing, and lie face down. Put the pillow under your hips in a
comfortable position.’

stripped slowly, for his benefit, and lay down. The rubber sheet felt warm and
softly brushed. He grasped her left wrist, brought her arm forwards, and
shackled her. Then he did the same with the other wrist.

using the padded restraints because I anticipate you pulling at them a lot, and
I won’t allow you to hurt yourself,’ he said. He paused, and added, ‘You may
thank me.’

heart was hammering against the mattress. ‘Thank you, Sir.’

more than welcome,’ he said, pulling a broad strap across her lower back, and
securing it at the side of the bed. Then another one went across the backs of
her thighs.

warm hand closed around her left ankle. He pulled her left leg to the side, and
shackled it. Then he took her right leg, pulled it to the other side, and
buckled her in.

lay face down and spread-eagled on the rubber sheet. He grunted in apparent

good,’ he said. ‘Go ahead and test your restraints.’

pulled and tugged as hard as she could.

she was going nowhere.

mattress dipped as he sat at her side and put a comforting hand on the back of
her neck. ‘You’re very quiet, sweetheart,’ he said.

you really going to hurt me?’ she said.

moved off the bed and onto the floor. He propped his chin on one folded arm,
while his other hand squeezed her shoulder. ‘Sam, I promise that I will never,
ever cause you harm, or hurt you in a way that you don’t want to be hurt. I may
cause you pain or discomfort, but I swear to you that I’ll always stop if you
safeword, or if I decide that you’ve had enough. Your safety comes before


you have to push past the pain to get to the pleasure,’ he said. ‘And that’s what’s
going to happen now, as you take your punishment.’ He stood up. ‘I need to go
get something. I’ll be gone less than a minute. Will you be okay?’


right. You just lie there and think about how your defiance and sassing has brought
you to this,’ he said. His voice was stern, but not without warmth.

went off down the hall, and she heard the fridge open and close, and his
footsteps returning.

her, beyond her range of sight, he briefly turned on her hair dryer. Okay. That
was weird.

your ass feeling?’ he said, pulling on a pair of latex gloves and popping a cap

a little sore.’

bet. Here comes your fire extinguisher and punishment, all in one. This is
going to be difficult for you, but I expect you to remain silent while you take
what I’m giving you. Not least because you don’t want your neighbors breaking
down the door if you start screaming.’

would I scream, Sir?’

going to feel like pain, but it isn’t.’

was afraid to ask, but did. ‘What
it, Sir?’

I made just for you, sweetheart. The next time you feel like smarting off to
me, or disobeying a direct order, I want you to remember this.’

heard the wet sound of lube being applied to something, and then something hard
and unyielding and
freezing cold
nudged at her anus.

no.’ She clenched her muscles against it.

up, sweetheart. This is going in, no matter what.’

closed her eyes and pushed out. Stretched as she was by the plug, the thing
sliding into her now was huge. It was an ice dildo. Her whole body shuddered
through the agonizingly slow insertion.

you dare try to eject this, Samantha. I’ve been very nice and melted the top
layer so that it won’t stick to you.’

groaned. He was right; her body was processing the cold as pain, like an ice
cream headache somewhere extremely personal. He pushed again, more forcefully,
and the freezing cold invader drove deeper. A high, thin wail escaped her, and
she turned her face into the mattress, sucking air through her gritted teeth.
shit, shit!

familiar long, latex nipple pushed at her lips. She accepted it, and he slipped
the bulbous pacifier all the way in. It helped. It always helped. He knew that.
Pain and thanks rolled together in one long groan. She was starting to go
mercifully numb.

can safeword around that, and I’ll still understand you,’ he said.

unbearable stuffing in her ass stopped, and she was just about to embrace the
growing numbness, when she heard him change gloves, and felt him pulling at her

she really began to fight the restraints. There was no way she could get free,
but at least she could show him how much she didn’t want this.

cold, rounded tip fitted against her opening, and slid in very slowly. The other
dildo ensured it was an extremely tight fit. There was no escaping the
overwhelming cold. Sam panted through the shivers and pain. It was almost
enough to make her safeword.

was talking, but she wasn’t listening. She strained against the straps and cuffs,
but couldn’t move her hips at all.

Samantha. Stop fighting it,’ he said. ‘In a minute these ice cocks are going to
melt enough that your experience will become very different. Stop thrashing and
relax into the transition.’

spat out the pacifier. ‘Get someone to stuff you full of ice and see how
feel, Sir!’

sharp crack of his hand on her bare ass was loud enough to make her jerk in her
restraints. She swallowed a scream. Her fists twisted into the sheet. Silently,
she recited an incredibly long list of names she wanted to call him, words she
wanted to say, and pondered the most satisfying way to part him violently from
his dick.

touched her shoulder with one fingertip. ‘When you spoke to me like that, you knew
there would be consequences. Why did you do it? Did you just want the pain? Or
are you still testing me?’

I have the pacifier please, Sir?’

Stop trying to evade me.’

forced herself to really consider her motivation. It was so much easier to skim
over the surface and not have to worry about what she might discover about
herself. ‘I’m not sure, Sir. Maybe a little of both.’

nodded, pleased, and his expression told her that he understood that
self-analysis sometimes came at a price. ‘I think you may be a bit of a
masochist. That’s something we can explore in the future.’

the future? ‘I’m not a very good sub, Sir. Maybe you hadn’t noticed.’

grinned, and ran a comforting hand down the back of her head. ‘You’re doing
extremely well, sweetheart. Embracing submission is a process that takes time
and a hell of a lot of trust. You don’t know me well enough yet to let go
without a fight now and then. That’s okay. We’re taking this journey together.’

fought down a sudden urge to cry, and nodded. ‘I’ll try, Sir.’

planted a kiss on the back of her neck, and rubbed her back. ‘That’s all I

strained involuntarily against the icy tormentors, and was annoyed to find that
he had actually been right; the dildos did feel a little more squishy now, and
were starting to warm up.

wiggled the one in her ass, and she let out a cry that had nothing to do with
pain. So of course he did the same with the one buried deep in her vagina.

God,’ she whispered into the mattress, as he slowly pulled back on the one in
her ass, then slipped it back in as he partially withdrew the one in her sex.

lay helpless, totally restrained, as he fucked her slowly, sensually, with the
ice-filled condoms, which were feeling more interesting by the minute as they
melted and became more pliable, probing into her deepest, most vulnerable

a very short space of time, her straining to pull away from him became a
straining to push back against him.

you feeling better, Samantha?’

could hear the smile in his voice. ‘You could say that, Sir,’ she said,
grinding her hips into the pillow.

curious as to what the temperature is back here. I want you to stay very still
now, while I insert the thermometer. I want you to feel every… inch… as it slides
into you.’

I have a choice, Sir?’

have a choice. You just have to be prepared to accept the
consequences.’ A moment later, his fingertip pulled her anus open, and a slick
glass rod slid up alongside the dildo.

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