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said that before,’ she managed, when his tongue retreated from her mouth. ‘Then
you had to call for backup.’

laughed. ‘It won’t be like that tonight, and I definitely don’t anticipate
having to call for backup. You don’t seem to be resisting.’

erection pressed enthusiastically against her lower belly. ‘Neither do you,’
she said, hastily adding, ‘Sir.’

save. Get the condoms out of the backpack,’ he said.

pushed the sheet off and crawled down to the end of the bed, grinning when she
heard him moan at the view.

she came back, he sat up and pulled her into his arms. Everything else went
away as he cradled her there in the dark, kissing her, letting his hands roam
her body, pausing to draw out her pleasure, then moving on to slow her down
again. If you were allowed to do this in heaven, she was pretty sure this was
what sex with an angel would feel like.

Loving. Peaceful. Perfect.


eased her off of him, and sheathed himself. ‘Lie back for me, sweetheart.’

moved over her slowly, with a gracefulness borne of strength, and stroked her
cheek. ‘Nothing acrobatic or kinky this time, Sammy. I just want to show you
how I feel. And if you want to, you can do the same.’

should have been delighted and thrilled by this; instead, she was terrified. So
terrified that when he nudged inside her, she clenched so tight, he stopped.

pushed again, more strongly, and she tensed even more. ‘Wait,’ she hissed
against the discomfort. ‘Please.’ She swallowed. ‘Ocean.
, please

his penis slipped from her, and she moaned in frustration at herself.

held himself above her, his eyes blazing with arousal and concern. He kissed
her forehead, hard. ‘Thank you for saying that when you needed to. Do you
realize that after all we’ve done together, that’s the first time you’ve

nodded. ‘I feel like a failure.’

on earth would you say that? It takes guts to safeword, sweetheart, and I’d
have been damned upset if you’d let me rape you.’

covered her face with her hands. ‘It’s not about the safewording.’

eased off of her, and pulled her hands down. ‘Don’t hide from me. You haven’t
had a problem being honest with me before.’

being honest
. At least, my body is.’

body doesn’t want me inside you.’ His expression darkened. ‘Is this because of
earlier? Was I too rough? I performed a sneaky little exam during foreplay, and
you seemed fine, so – ’

shook her head. ‘No Sir, it’s not my body that’s the problem.’

let’s back up. You seemed fine up until the point where I suggested we bring
feelings into it.’ He looked at her steadily. ‘Have feelings never entered into
it before?’

yes, but given the circumstances, I hope you can understand why I’ve tried very
to have feelings for you, and…’ She looked away.

I would really like you to finish that sentence, I’m not going to force you
to,’ he said. ‘The way I see it, we have three options. One, you finish that
sentence and we have us a conversation. That’s my preferred option. Two, we
drop the conversation – for now – and see if we can’t get your engine started
again. And three, if I’m making you uncomfortable, I leave. So either we talk,
or I let you get away with not talking
for now
, or I give you some space
to process whatever you need to work through, and decide what you’d like to do
– or not do –  about it.’

that… seems to cover it,’ she said.

here,’ he said, pulling her into his embrace. ‘I’m not mad at you, sweetheart.
I just need to know where we stand. If I’m reading you wrong, we could both get
hurt, and that’s the last thing I want to happen.’

have feelings for her too. Personally, professionally, it could be
bad for him if he misread a sub’s feelings, and she owed it to him, and to
herself, to be honest. She took a deep breath, and braced herself.

my whole life is about
. Finding them, crafting them, making them
as clear and honest as possible.’ She smiled ruefully. ‘So, it’s ironic that
when I really need those words, all they do is get tangled up, and get in the

fingers traced a pattern on her bicep. ‘Keep going. I’m listening.’

overanalyze, I worry… All sorts of things get in the way of finding the
words. So, if it’s okay with you, I’d rather show you, and me, how I really

cocked an eyebrow. ‘Now, why didn’t I think of that?’ he grinned.

wriggled down to lie flat on her back, and urged him back on top of her.

you sure about this, sweetheart?’ he said, as she opened her legs for him. ‘You
don’t have to prove anything to me.’ He gave her a look. ‘Or to yourself.’

she said, taking his half-hard penis in her hand, and guiding
it to her entrance.

he breathed.

canted her hips, and he slid a couple of inches inside. Her body tightened
reflexively, and he made a low noise, but didn’t push any further.

hurry,’ he said.

of them moved, and she felt him lengthening, thickening, inside her.

listening,’ he said.

know,’ she smiled. ‘I’m listening to you, too.’

smiled, and kissed her, still not forcing her to take him, though his muscles
were trembling with the effort of holding back.

twitched inside her, and her body grasped him in return. It was
A needy little sound escaped her.
She closed her eyes, and he
nudged forwards, deepening the penetration.

right, there?’ he said, quietly.

nodded and smiled. ‘More than.’

pushed all the way in, claiming her fully, and was still. Her body clenched and
fluttered around him, delighting in his presence within her.

dropped soft kisses along her shoulder and up her neck, until finally he
reached her lips, and she responded eagerly. Whenever a thought or fear rose
up, she reminded herself to trust her instincts. She moaned into his mouth, and
found that she was digging her fingernails into his back.

was bucking up against him more strongly now, and he was responding in kind.
The only sounds in the room were their breathing, the rasp of the cotton sheet
over them, and the wet noise of his penis pulling out of her, then pushing back
in again.

and over.

held him as tight as she could as he gradually brought her to the edge.
Somehow, he was being gentler than any lover she’d ever known. There was no
desperation, no urgency, just a knowing, loving use of her body that brought
waves of indescribable pleasure that seemed to go on and on. He pulsed out his
own orgasm, and kept thrusting.

came again. And again, holding him tight.

listening, sweetheart,’ he said. ‘I can hear you.’

she said.



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