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looked up at him, annoyance hard on the heels of frustration at the game he was
playing; the stakes were higher than he knew. She was going to have to hold
out, and he was going to make her pay for it. ‘Please.’ The desperate plea was
out before she could censor herself, but it came out as unintelligible noise.
Drool ran down her cheek.

took some tissues from the backpack, and wiped her face.

to talk?’


didn’t think so.’ He took her hand and brought it to wrap around his straining
erection. ‘Well, no reason both of us should suffer, so let’s have you jerk me

shook her head. If she wasn’t coming, neither was he. She withdrew her hand and
shoved it beneath her.

seized her wrist, and though she fought, he dragged it out from underneath her.
He took a tube of lubricant out of the bag and squeezed a big dollop into her
hand, then folded her fingers into a fist so that her whole hand was coated in the
stuff. He forced her hand open, and brought it back to his swollen cock.
‘Gently, now,’ he warned. His hand closed hers around the hot, thick length,
and she moaned.

did he.

guided her movements; slowly at first, but soon he had their sticky hands
twisting and pumping him far more violently than she would have dared on her
own. The wet sound of lubricant on skin filled the room as he jerked himself to
a furious peak. On impulse, she reached up with her free hand, notched the tip
of her index finger into his slit, and pressed inwards.

gasped, and she smiled inasmuch as the gag allowed, enjoying what little power
he granted her.

eyes followed her finger as she put it into her mouth, alongside the gag.

his face contorted, his penis seemed to momentarily grow even longer and
thicker, and then he was coming, hot spurts spattering her stomach and chest.
She took quick, deep pulls at the fake cock in her mouth, as though he could
somehow feel it and prolong his orgasm. So that she could see his penis
erupting just for her. So that she could watch the agonised pleasure on his
face in delighted fascination, and feel the straining of his powerful body as
he emptied himself onto her.

reached around the back of her head and unbuckled the gag. Her hands flew up to
tear it away. He stopped her.

That’s for me to do,’ he said, and gently pulled the rubber cock from her
mouth. He looked at her carefully. ‘If I were to go down on you, do you think
you could come within forty seconds?’

nodded eagerly. She’d be lucky to make ten seconds.

grinned. ‘I think so too. Shame we won’t be finding out anytime soon.’

let out an exasperated sigh. ‘I can take care of it myself, Sir,’ she said. ‘In
fact, I usually do.’

met her challenging look with his own. ‘You’re in enough trouble. I strongly
advise you not to make it worse.’

cum was still warm on her skin when he moved off of her legs and stood, grabbed
her hands, and helped her up.

up your shorts,’ he said. He grabbed something from the backpack and shoved it
in his pocket. He tucked his sticky, softening cock back into his jeans.

he really wasn’t going to help her out now. Her head spun with the movement and

your bathroom?’ he said.

there, first on the left,’ she said, perhaps a little grumpily. He looked at
her levelly. Oops. She nodded to the hallway, thinking he needed to use it.

go.’ He smiled. ‘If you’ll pardon the pun.’


hand in the small of her back propelled her down the hall. He flicked on the
bathroom light, and graciously didn’t comment on the mess.

see if you can go with me here,’ he said. ‘I know you’re a little out of

was referring to the time she’d refused to go while he watched. But she did
have to go now, and even last time she had eventually managed to do it in front
of him, gifting him with her submission. She steeled herself, pulled her shorts
and panties down, and sat.

he moved in to stand between her legs, the solid presence of him actually a
comfort this time.

there’s something you need to do to help you go,’ he said, ‘you may do it.’

she wrapped her arms around his waist. She could feel his slight surprise, an
almost imperceptible increase in muscular tension.

a terrible, she moment wondered if he would reject her, or be annoyed, but he
moved in closer, slid his hands around her, and cradled her head against his
hard stomach.

stroked her hair and rubbed deep circles at the base of her skull. ‘Let it out,
sweetheart,’ he rumbled softly.

closed her eyes, and relaxed into him. The sound of her obedience filled the
small room. She was a little shocked by how quickly it had happened this time.
When she was finished, she didn’t move, and neither did he.

was perfect,’ he said. ‘I’m very pleased with you.’

an orgasm?’ she said, hopefully.

laughed. ‘Definitely, if you weren’t being punished.’ His hands were gentle on
her shoulders as he guided her to lean back against the cistern. ‘Keep your
legs spread.’

watched as he tore off some toilet paper. Her breath hitched as he reached
between her legs, and patted her dry. Turned on though she was, she wondered
how much time she’d have to spend with him to get used to this kind of
proprietary handling. Obviously it was going to take more than the two sessions
they’d had.

you come.’

took the hand he offered, and stood. Heat rushed to her face as he inspected
the contents of the toilet.

nodded, as though his suspicions were confirmed. ‘You’re dehydrated. I’m
getting deja vu here.’  He tossed the toilet paper in, and flushed. ‘When
will you ever learn to drink more water?’ he said, not unkindly. He bent and
pulled up her panties and shorts.

know.’ No one could accuse her of not owning her faults. She owned them so
well, she might as well have put both a down payment
a mortgage on
some of them. But somehow they seemed to fall away with Master Dan, because she
never had to deny her instincts with him, and if she tried, he wouldn’t let

stood in front of the toilet and raised his eyebrows, expectant. She knew what
he wanted. She popped the buttons on his jeans and reached in to close her
fingers around his warm, soft cock. God. She let out a breath.

tease,’ he said. ‘If I get hard, it’ll defeat the purpose.’

nodded, brought his penis out, and aimed it. It twitched, warm and heavy in her
hand, and he exhaled long and hard through his nose. A few seconds later, he was
peeing while she held him. If someone had ever told her that this was something
she could do for a man, and
it, she’d have said they were crazy.
When he was finished, she dabbed him dry, flushed, and tucked him back into his

kissed the top of her head. ‘Thank you.’

spread through her. ‘It was my pleasure, Sir.’

washed their hands, and he stood in the doorway.

off your clothes, and get in the shower. I’ll be in in a minute,’ he said.

raised an eyebrow. ‘Sweet talker.’

need a Dom, kiddo.’ He smiled. ‘At least, for now.’

What did
mean? She looked up into his deep brown eyes, his gaze
gentler and more questioning than she was expecting; maybe even a touch…
anxious. Hope and terror struck her at the same time, with equal force. Could
he have been thinking the same as her? Was he suggesting that they might be
… what they were? Whatever that was?

A huge grin spread across his face, and as she was about to demand what was so
funny she realized that she was grinning too. She nodded. ‘For now.’ But later?
Who knew? Happiness, actual, giddy happiness stirred inside her for the first
time in a
long time. She couldn’t believe this was happening. And
all because she’d dared to expose her deepest, most shameful desires. Life was
strange sometimes.

held her face in his hands. She couldn’t have looked away even if she’d wanted
to. He kissed her forehead.

in the shower.’ His fingers curled into the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up
over her head, and off, and then reached for the clasp on her necklace.

hand flew up. ‘Not that, please. I never take it off.’

paused. ‘All right. Later, you’ll tell me the story behind it.’

looked at him in surprise, pleased that he seemed interested in finding out
more about her.

proceeded to slide his hands into her bra, his warm hands cupping her breasts.

suck them, Sir.’

eased the soft cotton aside and caressed her, teasing and tugging at her
nipples, but he didn’t give her what she wanted. ‘Please,’ she breathed,
pushing herself forward, pressing her breasts into his hands.

think, if I suckled you, you would come,’ he said. ‘And coming is not yet an
option that is available to you.’ His hands dropped down to the top button of
her shorts, popping it open, the rest slowly following. His eyes never left
hers. When he reached the final button, he smiled, and shoved her shorts and
panties down so that she could step out of them.

opened the shower door and set the water going. ‘Get in and wait for me. Do
touch yourself.’


seemed an age before he returned. But suddenly the shower door opened and he stepped
in, gloriously nude. She took a moment to appreciate his body, and especially
the fact that he was here because he wanted to be, not because she had booked
an appointment.

your legs.’

shivered at the command, and obeyed immediately. He reached down and stuffed
two fingers hard up into her vagina, wiggled them until she gasped, and then
pulled them out.

inspected his fingers. ‘So you obeyed me for once.’

nodded. He picked up a big, puffy orange sponge, covered it with shower gel,
and proceeded to clean every inch of her. Then he poured some coconut shampoo
into his palm and went to work on her hair. He didn’t just wash it, oh no. His
strong, practiced fingers stroked and pressed, massaging every ounce of tension
from her body. She closed her eyes, and revelled in it.

nice and relaxed?’ he said, quietly, into her ear.

smiled. ‘Mmm hmm.’

He massaged the back of her neck. ‘Now, I want you to bend over and touch your

eyes flew open.

do it,’ he rumbled, lightly.

heard a cap pop open. The hand on the back of her neck pressed more firmly,
guiding her down until she was, well, not touching her toes, because it had
been a while since her last yoga practice, but she was clearly as far down as
she was going to get.

shower door opened for a second as he reached out to grab something off the
sink, and then it shut again, trapping her in the stall with him.

this is for your own good,’ he said. ‘I expect you to stay right where you are
until I tell you to straighten up.’

in her screamed to straighten up, but she forced herself to obey. ‘Yes, Sir.’

parted her buttocks, and something blunt pressed against her anus. It was big.
big. She shuffled forward.

stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. He rubbed her buttocks, reactivating
the pain from earlier, and she hissed, trying not to cry out.

Sir. Please don’t.’

one more step, and I’ll tan you,
insert this plug. It’s bigger than
you’re used to, and it’s going to be uncomfortable at first, but it’ll get
better, I promise.’

continued to press the huge butt plug past her body’s defences. She panted
through the stretch and burn of it.

no more, I can’t,’ she choked.

stopped pushing, but didn’t withdraw it. ‘You’re almost there, Sammy,’ he said,
far more gently than before. ‘Just try to relax, and then push out for me.’

hand swept over her soapy back, easing her. She did her best to obey, and he
resumed pushing. It got wider and wider. She groaned.

now. Almost there, sweetheart,’ he murmured.

the thing narrowed and slipped the last little bit into her, and she became
aware of just how sticky she was between her legs. He must have been too,
because he brought the showerhead down and washed her off. His strong arm slid
under her chest and slowly brought her upright. He hugged her to him, and
kissed the top of her head.

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