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God…’ Her vagina clenched hard on the softening toy that filled it.

thermometer was pulled out too quickly for her to enjoy it. Before her brain
and mouth had a chance to connect and object, the water-filled condom in her
vagina was withdrawn.

like you to try to relieve yourself of the one back here,’ he said, gently
jostling the one in her ass.

pushed until her muscles ached and her temper frayed. ‘It’s too big, and the
lube has worn off.’


do you want me to do this?’ She wished she’d asked politely earlier, when
they’d been on the sofa and he’d made her eject the thermometer.

sweetheart,’ he said, softly rubbing her ass, ‘there are some things that I do
for you, and some things that you do for me.’

whole body throbbed with the need for release. After the forced temperature
taking, it wouldn’t take much to make her come, and he knew it. Just a little
she breathed.

Samantha. Eject that big rubber cock. I want to see it slip out of you and fall
between your legs, onto the sheet. Then I’ll think about undoing your

as she was about to start yelling, he pulled her buttocks apart and something
long and thin poked in beside the dildo.

rubbed her ass, low down, where she wasn’t sore from the spanking, and then she
felt an uncomfortable pressure as he slowly forced the toy deeper into her
body. Suddenly it was too deep.

She pushed back, hard.

right, sweetheart. A little more, now.’

pushed again, the only sound in the room his deepening breaths and her soft
noises of effort. Half of it must be protruding from her body by now, the
obscenity of the mental image somehow stimulating her despite the discomfort
and humiliation. The water-filled condom slid out of her body by maddening
increments, until finally she let out a groan, and it thudded heavily onto the
rubber sheet, just as he’d demanded.

was his turn to release a shuddering breath. ‘Well done, Sam. Very well done.’
He rubbed her back, and poked something cool and soft into her anus. She knew
he was checking to make sure he hadn’t hurt her, and didn’t resist. It slid
out, and there was a moment’s silence as he inspected whatever it was he’d just
taken out of her.

harm done,’ he said. He unshackled her right ankle, and then her left. He undid
the straps pinning her thighs and lower back. When he got to the top of the
bed, he picked up the latex pacifier and held it to her lips. Quiescent, she
accepted the long nipple back into her mouth. Then he uncuffed her hands.

groaned, and he examined each wrist as the thick leather cuffs came off.

he pronounced, rubbing her wrist. Then his fingertips pressed gently into the
back of her shoulders. ‘Here too, yes?’


fought these hard,’ he said, moving the cuffs to the nightstand. ‘I’ll put some
arnica on your arms and shoulders, and on your bottom, when we’re done.’

you, Sir.’ She moaned in pleasure and relief as he rubbed her back and shoulder
blades, gently working out the soreness.

a few minutes, he stopped. She gave him a pleading look. ‘Please keep going,
Sir, that felt wonderful.’

smiled. ‘I can keep doing that, or I can go down on you. Which would you


gushed between her legs, and she grinned.

laughed, and reached into the backpack, pulling out a piece of latex that he
rolled over his middle finger. ‘Turn over.’

probably broke some kind of speed record doing so. The pillow under her
buttocks tilted her up, so she could watch as he got comfortable between her
legs. She could only hope not to come instantly.

tried not to let her. His lips were warm and soft as they kissed up the insides
of her thighs, and over her stomach. She ached to take his head in her hands
and force it down
, but appreciated the fact that he was trying to
draw this out as long as he could.

nimble fingers parted her labia, and he buried his face in her sex. His hair
tickled the inside of her thighs.

inhaled deeply. ‘Christ, you smell so sweet.’

then he licked her.

hips jerked up.
she gasped.

legs clamped hard either side of his head, and her feet came up to dig into his
back, holding him in place. If he suffocated, well, it would be a noble death
in a worthy cause. His left hand pushed under her, cupping her buttock,
steadying her as he suckled greedily at her clit.

was a good thing the pacifier muffled some of her noise, as his tongue delved
into her wet sex, lapping at her juices. Need prickled and buzzed under her
skin as he noisily drank her in.

God, Sir,

on, sweetheart, give it to me,’ he said, his face and mouth smeared with her
arousal. He dipped his head back down, captured her clit, and sucked hard as he
slipped his index finger into her vagina.

said. It came out as a strained whisper.

rubber-covered middle finger probed between her cheeks and into her slickened
anus. Her orgasm would be denied no longer. Bliss shot through every nerve. She
let out a cry, thrusting her hips hard up against his mouth, trying to deepen
the penetration. Fingers, lips, teeth and tongue combined to overwhelm her

kept suckling and thrusting, gentling his movements as she rode out the waves
of pleasure. Finally, when she lay limp and spent, he lifted his head and
withdrew his fingers. He eased off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom
for a moment. She heard water running, splashing, and a minute later, he was
back, his face and hair damp, the cot on his finger gone. He reached into the
backpack, and pulled out a bottle of water. He bent down and relieved her of
the pacifier, replacing it with the water bottle. As she drank, he inspected
the pacifier, and saw that the latex nipple now bore deep bite marks.

smiled, and squeezed his knee. ‘Those are your fault, Sir.’

stroked a hand over her sweaty forehead. ‘Damn right, they are. How do you feel

Great… Sore. Thank you, Sir.’

got onto the bed and leaned back against the headboard. He held out his arms,
and gestured for her to move up so that she could lie against his chest. He was
still fully clothed.

did as directed, sighing contentedly as she sank back into his strong, warm


you liked it when the Doms held you down and I forced penetration, didn’t you?’

shiver ran up her neck, and his arms tightened around her. ‘Yes.’

you have rape fantasies?’

stiffened, and he allowed her to pull away and turn to face him. ‘
I’ve met rape victims, and heard more than enough about their experiences to
harbor any rose-colored illusions about what that’s like, and the devastation
it can cause.’

nodded. ‘But you do like force to be applied sometimes, don’t you?’ His gaze
was measured. ‘There have been a number of occasions when you’ve knowingly
pushed to the point where I’ve had to call for backup to restrain you while you
were penetrated, or while I performed a procedure.’

flooded her face. ‘Yes. So long as I
it, yes, I find that extremely

finger traced smooth, graceful patterns on her bare back. ‘So do I,’ he said.
‘But let’s be clear; I do
find it hot to have sex with someone who’s
genuinely afraid, or who doesn’t want to fuck me every bit as much as I want to
fuck them.’

met his gaze, and matched the rawness of his words. ‘I want to fuck you, Sir,
and I want you to fuck me. I love your mouth, but I want your cock too.’ She
looked down to his crotch, where his erection was practically burning a hole
through his jeans. ‘This is one of those times when I want you to force me. Do
whatever you have to do.’

in his expression shifted, and his eyes darkened. ‘Are you sure?’


you know what, Sam?’ he said. ‘You’re so much better at opening up to me, now.
Before our first session, or even our second, I don’t think you’d have spoken
to me like this.’

smiled, blushing. ‘Probably not, Sir. They’re not the easiest things to talk

know.’ He smiled, and stroked a hand down her arm and shoulder, finally
capturing her hand. ‘Shall we make it a little more interesting?’

had a bad feeling about this. ‘Interesting… how?’

cocked his head, and leaned back. ‘You can resist all you want, and for every
time I attempt to penetrate you and fail, you get a reward.’

eyes dropped to his ripped biceps and powerful body. ‘It’s not exactly a fair
fight, Sir.’

appeared unconcerned. ‘No. But it took four men to hold you down the last time
you decided to be truly uncooperative at the moment of penetration, so I’d say
you’re not entirely defenceless.’

if you do manage to get in there, what’s
reward?’ she said.

grinned. ‘That
my reward, sweetheart. I’ll fuck you for my own pleasure,
and I won’t be dainty about it. If you happen to come too, well then, lucky

couldn’t tell if he was joking.

stood up, and began unbuttoning his shirt, his movements graceful and
unhurried. The fabric parted, revealing the hard planes of his chest, and
broad, powerful shoulders. The shirt came off. Sam let out a breath. He

large, capable hands went to his jeans, opening them even more slowly, his gaze
burning into her as he pushed them down over his hips and thighs, and finally
off, so that he stood before her, tall, dark, and fully erect.

looked her fill, she figured he owed her that, and there was no way she could
look at a body that beautiful… And try not to think about her own.


rich, sonorous voice sent chills through her.

want you.’ He took a box of condoms out of the backpack, and retrieved a foil
packet. ‘And I’m going to have you. You can tell me ‘no’, all you want, but
unless you safeword, I’ll have you however I choose. Is that understood?’

She nodded.

began walking towards her, his eyes dark, predatory, and absolutely focused on
her. He grinned.

grinned back, and ran.

caught up with her in the hallway. Before she knew it, he had her up against
the wall, his hips pinning hers, his cock pressing hard into her belly. He
cupped her face in his hands, and claimed her with his mouth.

passion took her aback more than anything. He held her still as he dominated
her with his kiss, his hands strong against her, as though straining to hold
himself back. Her hands roamed freely over the warm, firm contours of his body,
feeling the strength in him. He gently ground his cock against her. She
groaned, wanting him inside, refusing to give in.

leaned down and took her right leg behind the knee, bringing it up to allow him
access. When he took himself in hand to roll the condom on, she pushed him off
balance and ran to the living room.

my God, the curtains!’ She ran over to the far side of the room and used the
gauzy lengths of linen to hide her nakedness as she shut out the world. Right
now, there was only him, and her.

her, he was laughing. ‘The neighbors aren’t the ones you need to worry about
right now, sweetheart.’ His hands on her shoulders guided her down to bend over
the kitchen table. A moment later, the bulbous head of his latex-covered penis
nudged between her thighs.

twisted and wriggled free, but he caught her quickly, the quality of his
strength different now. He wasn’t playing, and there were no more chances to
get away. A moment later, he had her bent over the back of the wide,
well-padded sofa. He grabbed her wrists and brought them up behind her, holding
them there, his hips and thighs pinning her against the sofa. She struggled,
but there was nothing she could do.

was it.

my big, wet penis.’

his harsh tone, a small part of her was able to appreciate his choice of words,
which recalled their first time. Then he was kicking her legs apart and holding
her down with the kind of force that held the potential for violence, but she
trusted him not to go there. This was a quality of roughness she hadn’t felt
from him before. What disconcerted her even more, though, was how incredibly
turned on she was. Her thighs were sticky with arousal as she throbbed and
ached for him.

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