How to Handle Your Emotions (Counseling Through the Bible Series)

BOOK: How to Handle Your Emotions (Counseling Through the Bible Series)
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“The love and wisdom of Jesus Christ shine through in June Hunt’s practical guide to handling your emotions. But make no mistake. This is no mushy “be-warmed-and-filled” collection of fuzzy anecdotes. June grounds her thoughtful analyses of emotional problems and her practical advice on the bedrock of the Bible.
How to Handle Your Emotions
will build your ‘heart muscle’ as it shows you how to draw emotional strength from God’s Word and His Spirit. So get ready for a spiritual workout. You couldn’t ask for a better coach than June Hunt.”

. R

Professor, Pastoral Ministries

Director, M.A./MC

Dallas Theological Seminary

“If you think you need a counseling degree to offer Biblical help and practical hope to those in your world who are struggling with emotional wounds, think again! June has created a masterful tool that everyone with a heart to help can put to good use.”

. R

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

“June Hunt is a woman who leads with her heart—which is why she is such a tender and effective comforter for so many whose hearts are broken. In
How to Handle Your Emotions,
June reminds us that emotional health can be found in the words of the Great Comforter Himself. Thank you, June, for taking us back to where we can all find healing and hope.”


Janet Parshall’s America

“People are increasingly turning to their churches (instead of secular counselors) for help with depression, anxiety, anger, and other emotional challenges. This resource provides a practical biblical avenue for addressing these issues. It is not a collection of simple answers, but rather it honestly confronts the questions raised in these situations. This is an excellent resource for the one enduring these struggles, and for those who would desire to help.”

. M
R. L

Board-certified psychiatrist, Lyles & Crawford Consulting

“If you need a single resource to help family and friends find practical, biblical help for handling anger, depression, fear, grief, rejection, and self-worth, you’ve come to the right place. June’s ability to relate on a warm, sensitive level is both powerful and personal. This is a must-read book to enjoy—and apply!”

. T

President, A Woman of God Ministries



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How to handle your emotions / June Hunt.

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This book is dedicated to my precious, loving mother who now lives in the presence of the Lord…and who will always live tenderly in my heart. Without a doubt, love is the most powerful of all emotions.

I know few people to “be completely humble and gentle… patient, bearing with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2)—but this verse describes her perfectly…her humility of heart and sweet surrender to the Savior.

How I thank God for the way He used her compassionate heart and unconditional love in my life.


What a privilege to come to work each day without feeling pressed down by the load—not because there isn’t always more to do in every 24-hour period than I can possibly accomplish, but because of the joy God has given me just writing what He leads me to write…and because of the dedicated team of coworkers He has provided for the journey. The following individuals make even the toughest tasks seem more manageable…more enjoyable…more intensely interesting. So it is with a heart full of gratitude that I acknowledge:

Angie White,
for holding on to the project administratively and working long hours from start to finish to ensure its excellence;

Jody Capehart, Jill Prohaska and Barbara Spruill
, whose grasp of creative ideas, research, writing, and editing enlivened every page;

Elizabeth Gaston and Jeanne Sloan,
who were willing and capable of doing whatever the task required;

Rita Smith,
for her excellent contributions on nutrition and depression;

Bea Garner and Laura Lyn Benoit,
for poring over every page to eliminate errors and guarantee consistency;

Titus O’Bryant,
who ensured the accuracy of the manuscript’s content and endnotes, going the extra mile to research the research;

Connie Steindorf,
for keying page after page of revisions…and more revisions;

Kay Deakins,
for masterfully juggling the myriad administrative details of my daily workday (and night!) worlds so that I can focus on my challenging tasks;

Steve Miller,
for sharing our passion for excellence and demonstrating patience time and again as we tweaked and toiled to get the manuscript “just right”!

The Lord Jesus Christ,
for His miraculous transformation from a life of emotional upheaval and pain into a life of joy-filled service.

BOOK: How to Handle Your Emotions (Counseling Through the Bible Series)
2.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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