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The twinkling city soon gave way, and I87 opened out in front of us.  Connor twisted down on the throttle, ordering his Harley to eat up the road.  Such a powerful beast.  There was nothing more I craved between my legs.


The motorcycle too
, I smiled, allowing myself a momentary lapse in concentration.


It was enough though to elicit a burst of pride from Connor.  I felt his chest push out , tightening his brown leather jacket.  And of course, I felt it in his energy.


He was so unbelievably sexy.  Every woman lusted after him, including me.  Especially me.  But there was surely no way he could want me, I feared.  His eye was always drawn to the young, skinny bitches, only too happy to parade around in front of him, hoping he would claim them as his own.


His only interest in me over the years had been as a friend.  When he had his fill of the vacuous little sluts, he would come sniffing around, entertaining himself by tormenting me, seeking the thrill and stimulation of an intellectual equal.  More often than not though, it would be him outmaneuvered in the argument.  Still, he relished the challenge, if not my feminine wiles.  And if it kept him nearby, that was consolation enough.  It had to be.


I sank into the realization, pressing myself firmly against Connor’s back, my breasts flattening against his granite muscles.  I tightened my grip around him, allowing my hands to wander up over his washboard stomach.  My God, he felt good.  The heat of the powerful Harley rumbled endlessly through my pussy.  Combined with the sensation of Connor’s hips against my inner thighs, clad only in cheap leggings, I was  losing my composure.


Hour after hour of that incredible torture, and my panties were soaked.  It was all I could do to keep myself from coming, right there on the back of his motorcycle.  I squeezed his thighs between my knees, and clawed at his sculpted abdominals.  At one point, I even bit down on the leather of his jacket where it bunched near his shoulder. 


I was trembling with arousal.  I felt the tension in his energy too.  But I was too far gone with my own desire to register it properly.  All I wanted to do was reach down and tear his cock from those beautifully tight jeans.


A wave of relief washed over me when we exited the Interstate and began our climb into the Adirondack Mountains.  We were nearly there.  The agonizing throb of Connor’s motorcycle through my aching core would soon be over.  I was a twitching mess.


Winter’s first snowfall dusted the landscape.  Our view across the Adirondack Park from one of the mountain crests revealed scattered patches of white, brightly illuminated by the full moon above.  Sparkling lakes dotted the boreal forest below, some bordered by small groups of cabins, and others not.  New York City was impressive, but this vast territory was home.  The comfort it brought was indescribable. 


Connor felt the same.  There was no mistaking the warmth that radiated from him.


We were soon swallowed up by towering spruces that lined the road, absorbing  the glow from Connor’s headlight.  We wound our way up the ribbon of ash felt, leaning hard into every perilous corner.  I was forced to hold onto him even tighter as we tilted from one side to the next.  But I wasn’t afraid.  I had every confidence in Connor’s abilities to handle his beast.


The Harley’s engine roared, easily giving Connor the extra power he demanded to climb the steep inclines.  Then the throbbing slowed as we dropped into the yawning valleys, the pulsing cadence on my pussy somehow becoming stronger.  It was impossible, until eventually, mercifully, we turned onto an unmarked fire trail.


Connor gently eased us along the unsealed access road.  Fresh tire tracks in the snow led the way, not that it was necessary.  We had been here hundreds of times before.  But this was only my third time for such an occasion.  Every fifteen years on the first full moon after the first snowfall.  I had been too young to remember the first, and too immature to care about the second.  But this time, a great deal was expected of me.


We broke into a small clearing at the base of a rocky outcrop.  About thirty cars were already parked in a neat row at the edge of the tree line.  We were early.  There would still be another hundred or so vehicles to join us.  Connor pulled up next to a Volvo SUV, its metallic blue paintwork glimmering in the moonlight, and killed the engine.


I eased myself off the bike and brushed my hands over my ass, kneading out the knots from the long ride.  As discreetly as I could, I sniffed at myself to make sure there was no odor from the wetness between my legs.  Thankfully, the versipelli seemed to be doing its job. 


I made eye contact with four of the pack who were making their way to a crevasse at the base of the cliff, and exchanged a silent greeting.  Setting off after them, I noticed Connor was still sitting astride his motorcycle.  I shot him a quizzical look.  “Are you coming?”


I just need a minute.
  His words echoed in my head.  The awkward embarrassment emanating from him was palpable.


It took me a second to figure it out.  The realization that Connor was trying to hide his arousal thrilled me.  I couldn’t help but look down at the straining bulge between his legs.  I felt the corners of my mouth curling up with satisfaction.  He was turned on.  By me?


“I’ll see you up there,” I giggled, quickly turning away so he couldn’t read my thoughts.  But I still felt his embarrassment blooming as I strode away. 


I followed the others into the tight crevasse, climbing the roughly hewn steps until I emerged at the edge of the Caldron.  It was a circular plateau, about a hundred feet across, with steep, uneven, rocky walls all around.  The tops of countless spruces and pines encircled the jagged rim, watching over the gathering within.  Those already there congregated in small groups around the perimeter, having already paid their respects to the Alpha and the other pack elders.  The freshly fallen snow in the center remained pristine, almost glowing from the moon and stars above.


The four males in front of me rubbed themselves against the Alpha in turn.  They each dipped their heads submissively, allowing him to rest his chin on top of them, before holding them in a tight embrace.  The respect and affection between them all filled the air.  They repeated the greeting with the Alpha’s mate, the White Queen, an Emeritus Alpha herself.  I stood back, allowing the six of them to reunite in peace, until finally, the four  moved off to take their places at the edge of the circle.


.  The Alpha’s voice was deep and smooth in my head as his bright amber eyes met mine.  I immediately felt the warmth of his welcome, and smiled in return. 


Alpha Michael was an enormous man, easily standing six and a half feet tall.  When I rubbed the side of my face against him, I was met by the muscles of his broad chest.  His strong arms enveloped me, and I felt him kiss the top of my head.  He inhaled my scent, and I sensed his energy shift slightly from love and protection to curiosity, with a hint of arousal.


The Alpha gripped my shoulders and pushed me back half a step to look into my eyes. 
Is that old Medicine Man at it again?


, I blushed up at him.


his deep voice chuckled.  The corners of his mouth curled up to match his amusement, the grey whiskers of his beard bristling.
  Fortuitous timing, Lupe.  This promises to be quite the hunt tonight.
  He twisted my shoulders towards the White Queen and released his grip.


“Lupe, it’s so good to see you,” she beamed and swallowed me up in a tight hug.  She was so petite and elegant, the strength and unselfconsciousness of her embrace was surprising.  I bowed my head and respectfully caressed my temple against her high cheekbone.


She held my face in her hands and stared into my eyes.  I could see the amber of mine reflecting in the piercing blue of hers.  Her nose wrinkled and her lips spread into a warm, understanding smile as her voice whispered in my head,
Oh, Lupe.  The versipelli won’t work if you masturbate in it


My cheeks flushed with embarrassment.  She always knew everything that was going on with us, without fail.  But it was always with love and understanding.  We exchanged a knowing giggle, and she pressed her forehead to mine, her long, flaxen hair blowing against my face.


“Will you be joining the hunt tonight, Lupe?” the Alpha interrupted gently.


I looked up at him, keeping hold of the White Queen’s hand.  “Do you really think I should?” 


“There hasn’t been a female participant in the hunt for over a hundred years,” the White Queen frowned.  “I should know.  It was me.”


“Not since Elizabeth,” the Alpha went on, stroking a loose strand of the White Queen’s hair behind her ear.  “has a female been worthy of it.  That is, until you, Lupe.”


“It’s so important that you join the hunt, Lupe.”  The White Queen pressed herself into her mate’s side.  “The younger females of this pack need to see more for themselves than just breeding for these boys.”  She looked around the Caldron at the growing crowd.


I followed her gaze around the circle and caught sight of Connor.  He was talking to a group of young males on the far side.  They were joking and laughing, and beating their chests.  Then I realized, he hadn’t paid his respects to the Alpha.  He had gone straight over to big note himself with his friends first. 


I caught his eye across the snow. 
What the fuck are you doing?  Get over here!


Connor flashed me that arrogant grin of his, then shifted his gaze slightly to meet Alpha Michael’s over my shoulder.  I watched on in horror as he dipped his eyes for half a second, then turned his back on us, continuing on with his friends.  I spun on my heel to face the Alpha, mortified that my friend would behave so disrespectfully to the pack’s leader.  Words, thoughts failed me.


“It’s more than just a positive role model we’re looking for, Lupe,” the Alpha sighed.  “If the White Stag of Lycanthus is to be felled tonight, without you…”  His eyes darted over toward Connor.  “It’ll be him.”


The White Queen’s eyes met mine. 
I don’t need to tell you how hard we’ve worked to unite the Nine Packs.  You know better than anyone, don’t you, Lupe?


I was overcome with sorrow.  The memory of my parents and my brothers came flooding back.  The fatal conflict with the Great Pack of Wisconsin had borne too high a toll on both sides.  None higher than for my own family.


“Leadership is much more than just strength, Lupe,” the Alpha observed wisely.  “It requires a respect that boy does not yet have.”


I stared up at the Alpha, his eyes blazing with intensity. 
Of course I’ll join the hunt, Alpha Michael.


Their energy instantly transformed into intense relief.  They ushered me on with another hug so they could continue to greet the rest of the pack.  I moved around the outside of the circle, taking up a position away from Connor and his gang.  I was so angry with him.  I hated the way he behaved in front of others, always showing off.


If he wasn’t so damn sexy.


“Lupe!” an excited squeal came from my left.  It was Scarlet and Suzie, my closest friends.  We hugged and kissed, and rubbed our faces all over each other.  It was so great to see them.


“Alpha Michael and Elizabeth want me to join the hunt tonight,” I whispered to them amongst the growing crowd.


“Oh my God!  Are you going to do it?”


“You so should!” Scarlet cried, a little too loudly.


“Of course,” I shushed her.  “The Alpha asked me to.”


They both hugged me tightly, giggling with excited anticipation.  We continued chatting, catching up on everything since the last time we had been together.  Others spoke in hushed tones around the edge of the Caldron, waiting for the last of the pack to arrive.  There were over two hundred of us in total, plus the handful of visitors.


The energy in the Caldron shifted as we gradually realized the Alpha and the other pack elders were ready to begin, and we all fell silent.  Alpha Michael took up his position on top of the domed, rocky outcrop, overlooking the base of the Caldron.  The White Queen stood just behind him, to his right.  The other Emeritus Alphas, former pack leaders themselves, settled into  their places on the ledge behind, and very importantly, beneath the current Alpha.  While the visiting Alphas from the other eight packs  assembled in a gallery on the opposite side of the Caldron to observe the ceremony.

BOOK: Howling Passion (Paranormal Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance)
11.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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