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I got a chill down my spine.  I was tingling with excitement, looking forward to what Alpha Michael had to say.  He looked over us all, and I felt his pride.  He was so very proud of us.  He was the leader of the largest pack of werewolves in North America.  And for all he knew, this would be his last night as the Alpha.


“Welcome, my friends,” he spoke to us in a deep, booming voice.  “Hmm, my family,” he corrected, causing a bristling of positive energy to swirl around the Caldron.  “Too rarely does the Great Pack of New York gather in its entirety.  But I must say, it is such a pleasure when we do.


“As you all know, every fifteen years on this night, the first moon after the snow falls, the White Stag of Lycanthus crosses our territory.  And it is this extraordinary event that determines the leadership of our pack.  Any of you worthy to lead the Great Pack of New York must prove yourselves equal to the task by bringing down the White Stag, and returning its head to the Caldron before the sun rises.


“No easy feat,” the Alpha boomed.  “None has been worthy in the last four hunts.  I have been this pack’s leader for seventy-five years.  Most of you have known no other Alpha.  He snorted a laugh and looked back at the White Queen, and the other three Emeritus Alphas behind her.  “I’m so very tired.”


The pack around the edge of the Caldron all chuckled knowingly.  The White Queen had been the Alpha for thirty years before Alpha Michael, one hundred five years ago.  And the other three old men behind her had each served multiple terms.  The White Stag of Lycanthus was elusive, for sure.


When we've quieted down, Alpha Michael continued, gesturing at the gallery behind the rest of the pack.  “I would also like to welcome the Alphas of the other eight packs:  the Great Pack of Alaska; the Great Pack of British Colombia, the Great Pack of Wisconsin;…”  The energy around the Caldron fell dark at the mention of their name.  Too many of us had lost family and friends  a decade earlier, and for many, the blood was still bitter.


“And the
Pack of Montana;…”  Again the energy shifted, first to confusion, then happiness.


Scarlet touched the back of my hand, bringing her skin into contact with mine. 
Oh my God, Lupe!  They’re a Great Pack now.  They have more than a hundred members
.  We exchanged a smile, and noted the pride radiating from the Montana Alpha behind us.


“The Pack of Washington; the Pack of Michigan; the Pack of Oregon; and the Pack of Kentucky.”  Each of the Alphas nodded appreciatively to Alpha Michael as he mentioned them in turn.


“Over many hard centuries we have managed to forge a lasting peace with each other.  I am so very humbled that you have each honored us with your presence on such an occasion.  The transfer of leadership of our packs is something that affects us all.”


The Alpha’s speech went on, impressing upon us all the monumental importance of maintaining the peace between the Nine Packs.  There were those among us that could not forgive, and there were those of us who just did not care.  I looked over at Connor, and I could tell he wasn’t interested in the words of an outgoing Alpha.  He was eager to make his own mark, whatever that may be.


His wisdom exhausted, the Alpha announced the beginning of the hunt.  “For those who believe themselves worthy to lead the Great Pack of New York, present yourselves.”


I looked over at Connor, and he already had his jacket off and was peeling off his grey t-shirt.  The rest of the idiots in his gang were similarly stripping off, blocking my view of his naked torso.  The four older males I had followed into the Caldron earlier were also disrobing, along with maybe thirty others.  No other females though, I noticed, were preparing to join the hunt.


I felt Scarlet’s fingers on the back of my hand again. 
Lupe, are you going to do it?
  I was filled with dread and self-doubt, and I really didn’t want to do it. 
Lupe, you have to.  The Alpha asked you


I looked Scarlet in the eyes.  She was nervous for me, but she was entirely supportive.  And worst of all, she was right.  There was no disobeying the Alpha.  I looked up at him on his domed outcrop.  Both he and his mate were staring at me, willing me to undress and step forward into the circle.


Then Connor caught my eye to the left.  He was strutting out into the centre of the Caldron, buck naked and way too self-assured.  He was gorgeous though.  His muscular frame was finely chiseled, as if by Michelangelo himself.  And the way his ass moved when he walked, bouncing like a ripe peach.  I just wanted to bite it.  I felt my teeth clenching at the thought.  Scarlet and Suzie giggled beside me, no doubt having the same thoughts themselves.  Every female in the pack was thinking the same thing.


Connor stood in the middle of the clearing, staring up at the Alpha, beaming confidence.  Gradually, the other contenders made their way into the circle to join him.  And I knew, there was no more stalling.  I had to make my move.


I shrugged off my leather jacket and handed it to Scarlet.  Almost instantly, I felt the energy of the Pack lift.  Not since the White Queen herself, over a hundred years ago, had a female stepped inside the circle.  Most of us knew it only as a legend.  And now everyone was thrilled to finally see it for themselves.


You think you’ve got what it takes, big girl?
  Connor’s voice echoed in my head.  I looked up at him, surprised that he’d been able to telepathically communicate with me without touch or eye contact.  But I dismissed it as the magic of the Caldron, and continued removing my boots, trying not to let his taunt get to me. 


Keeping my mind clear, I glared at him impassively as he watched me undress.  I peeled down my leggings first.  I felt his arousal grow, then snorted a laugh when I saw it.  His cock lengthened between his thighs, becoming thicker.  But he was unashamed.


I crossed my arms and pulled my burgundy tank top up over my head.  My confidence was at its strongest at that moment.  I knew how fantastic my tits looked in my black E-cup, and I had my two best friends with me.  I savored the moment, and held Connor’s gaze as his magnificent cock slowly arced up toward me.


The back of Scarlet’s hand subtly brushed my hip. 
Lupe, you have to keep going.  Everybody’s staring


I broke Connor’s gaze and noticed that the entire Pack was fixated on me.  You could have heard a pin drop.  I snorted a small laugh to myself and unclasped my bra, shrugging out of the straps and letting it fall to the snow at my feet.  The cold air and the excitement tightened my nipples in a heartbeat. 


Connor’s beautiful cock pointed straight up into the air, showing me that sexy, little seam underneath the engorged head.  Surely a pair of naked breasts, even as nice as mine, couldn’t turn him on that much.  But still, the other naked males in the circle were each sporting erections of their own as they watched me.


It was when I pulled down my panties that I realized what all the fuss was about.  The scent from between my legs was unmistakable.  I stepped out of them and looked back at Connor, my own cheeks tingling.  I saw his nostrils flare slightly, and even heard the sniff.  His cock twitched, and a devilish smile spread across his face.


It’ll be okay, Lupe
, Suzie’s fingers on my forearm assured.


There was nothing for it now.  My arousal had broken the banks of the versipelli, and my secret was out.  With my head held high, I strode forward into the circle.


I fell onto my hands as soon as I was inside the circle, transforming into my wolf form before my front paws hit the snow.  Immediately I was overcome with the heightened senses that this powerful body gave me.  My already superhuman sense of smell and hearing increased exponentially.  Even my sight improved, bringing more clarity and light to the darkness.


The other males in the circle with me transformed into wolves.  Most of them were grey.  There were a few browns, a red and two small whites, the White Queen’s grandsons.  I was the only black wolf among them.  Connor’s coat was brown, with flecks of honey blond.  He was the biggest of them all, easily two hundred fifty pounds.  I should know, we were the same size.  Most of the others though struggled to crack the deuce.  And the White Queen’s boys, like her, were almost as small as regular wolves.


But Connor was such an impressive creature.


We stood nose to nose, eyeing each other, waiting to see who would look away first.  We were both grinning at each other, enjoying the challenge. 


But suddenly, my concentration was broken by one of the younger members of his gang, obviously overwhelmed by my scent, trying to mount me.  I felt his dick flicking around my hind legs as he tried to tighten his grip on my back.


I reared up and twisted, loosening his hold on me.  Snarling wildly, I snapped around and locked my jaws around the side of his neck.  He squealed and yelped as I used my weight to drive him into the thin layer of snow.  Growling, I gouged him into the ground and pushed him out toward the edge of the circle.  He squirmed submissively onto his back, pawing helplessly at my shoulders, but I didn’t stop until I had shoved him well past the perimeter. 


The taste of his blood only fuelled my rage.  When I did finally release him, I continued to stand over him, snarling aggressively.  He cowered a moment, before transforming back into human form and holding his throat. 


I left him whimpering in a heap, as did the other pack members.  It was up to the Alpha now, as to what would happen to him.  I had hurt him badly though.  The blood trail travelled a full thirty feet back into the middle of the circle.


I glared at the rest of Connor’s idiot gang and growled at them.  Almost reflexively, their heads lowered and their tails tucked between their legs.  I stalked closer, and they backed away. 


Really?  Get out of the circle, you morons
, I willed. 


All twelve of them obeyed, immediately.  They scurried back to the edge of the Caldron and quickly looked for their clothes.  Another dozen or so of the younger wolves in the center thought better of their decision, bowed their heads to me and left the circle.  The twenty or so that stayed, avoided my gaze and turned their attention to the Alpha.


However, Connor kept his eyes locked on mine, and stood his ground as I approached.  I growled at him, but he just laughed at me, his tail wagging.  As I brushed past him, I felt him rub his chin along my back.  I hated the dominant gesture, but the feeling of his touch drove me wild.  I couldn’t help but let him, and he knew it.


The Alpha too had transformed into an enormous grey wolf, standing proudly atop his dome.  He called the start of the hunt with a long, deep howl.  It sent a shiver through me.  With the others in the circle, I joined his howl.  The sound of my baritone harmonizing with the bass of the males added a depth to the call that had been long missing.


Inside the circle, we all turned nose to nose, wagging our tails.  It was the ritual commencement to the hunt.  On the ridge of the Caldron high above, the White Queen took up a position to the northwest and began howling.  It was high-pitched and vibrating on two notes. 


She had located the White Stag of Lycanthus.


The hunting party set off over the rim of the Caldron, bounding past the White Queen in pursuit of their prey.  I stopped briefly by her side as I followed the others.


, she touched her snout to my cheek. 
Take its heart


I looked into her eyes, but she gave me nothing, except a knowing smile.  I nuzzled her gently and set off after the others. 


As I bounded down the mountain in pursuit of the hunting party, I disappeared in under the thick cover of trees.  The moonlight couldn’t penetrate the boughs, and the first falls of snow had not yet been able to break through to settle on the ground.  I had to follow the others mainly by scent.  Although a few snapped saplings and branches still swaying in the darkness showed which way they had gone.  I raced after them, shooting past the sturdy, dark trunks.


I emerged in a snow covered clearing, running along a wide, fast flowing stream at the base of the valley.  The others had split up.  Connor had crossed the stream and was heading up into the densely wooded mountain on the other side.  The younger males had turned right along the water, travelling downstream.  And the White Queen’s boys and the four grays had gone upstream to the left. 

BOOK: Howling Passion (Paranormal Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance)
7.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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