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I pounced onto the doomed animal, locking my powerful jaws around its throat.  I wasn’t trying to tear it apart.  I was trying to clamp shut its windpipe.  In its exhausted state, and unable to heave in another breath, it asphyxiated almost instantly. 


Bucking helplessly once or twice, the White Stag of Lycanthus was dead.


Connor and I both held onto the carcass, snorting uncontrollably as we tried to settle ourselves.  I lay down in the snow, exhausted, but still choking the dead animal.  I looked across at Connor, who had collapsed against the White Stag.  Despite his fatigue, he was overflowing with satisfaction.


The White Queen’s piercing howl in the distance announced the end of the hunt.  She somehow knew the White Stag had been felled.  Only then did I release its throat, the unusual taste of its blood lingering in my mouth. 


We did it
, I beamed.


What do you mean, ‘we’?
  Connor’s glowing blue eyes were serious, aggressive. 
This is my kill


I found it.  I killed it
.  I growled back. 


The Alpha’s deep, long, smooth howl echoed through the air.  He was calling the Pack back to the Caldron.  But Connor and I still had a dispute to settle over which one of us would claim the kill.  We were nose to nose, growling and barking at each other, trying to intimidate the other into backing down.  Of course, neither of us would.


You couldn’t have got it without me
, he insisted. 
I’m the one that brought it down


What do you mean, without you?  I had it, by the stream, and those fucking campers.  You scared it off.
  I barked ferociously. 
After you followed me! 
The thought of Connor stalking me up the mountain, getting inside my head, me getting inside his, it was perplexing.


You didn’t have it
.  His aggression was tempered slightly, and I noticed him sniffing between growls. 
You were crouched there like a little bitch, waiting for it to run.  If you can’t control your instincts, what sort of Alpha do you think you’ll be?


A better one than you!
I shot back, too angry to see that he was right. 
Alpha Michael and Elizabeth wanted me to join the hunt because they didn’t want you taking over the Pack!


Connor recoiled.  I could feel that I had wounded him, and the realization immediately filled me with regret.  He didn’t lash out at me, instead he just stood there, lowering his hackles.  He was frozen.  I couldn’t sense any thoughts from him, only a stunned numbness.


I let go of my aggression and paced forward a step to touch my snout to his.  I hated that I had hurt him.  He was right, of course.  I hadn’t taken the initiative by the stream, as he had.  I wondered if I had the strength needed to become the Alpha. 


My nurturing instinct took over, and I nuzzled him, caressing the top of his snout with my chin.  Connor let me dominate him with my nudging.  He sniffed at me again, and I realized that he was distracted by my scent. 
, I smiled to myself.  He was in a contest for the leadership of the Pack, but regardless, he was more concerned with a female in heat.


I loved that I softened his spirit.  The kindness that was in his heart couldn’t help but seep out in my presence.  My influence over him, such a powerful werewolf, filled me with warmth.  I felt myself becoming aroused, and my scent soon thickened in the cool air. 


Connor couldn’t help  but sniff at me.  I sensed his arousal grow.  He wanted me.  I knew it.  And oh my God, I wanted him.  He was so unbelievably sexy, no matter what form he took.


What troubled me however, was that a true Alpha wouldn’t let themselves be taken by another.  I knew from my mother that the White Queen had never taken a mate during her reign as the Alpha.  Only when Alpha Michael had brought down the White Stag himself and taken control of the Pack, had she allowed him to claim her.  If I let Connor take me…


But he was so incredibly gorgeous.  And I was so fucking horny.


I battled my instincts as we nuzzled each other in the snow beneath the full moon.  My desire for Connor was aflame, fuelled by my own fertility.  Betrayed by it.  I could have him, I knew.  I could fulfill every fantasy I had harbored for him  for nearly a decade.  But my responsibility to the Pack clawed at me, choking me.  It was an ache that formed a lump in my throat, bleeding down through my core.


Connor kept his mind clear, denying me the chance to share his thoughts.  What he wanted was obvious though.  He was allowing himself to be driven by his instincts.  As a male, he had that luxury.  If it wasn’t given to him, he would take it.  One way or another, he would get what he wanted.


It would either be me, or the Pack.  Oh God, I feared, it could be both.


My loyalty to the Alpha won out.  I would do whatever it took to ensure the Pack was in safe hands.  I would have to give myself to Connor.  There was no other way.  Fighting him for it would cost us both too dearly.


I don’t have to let him mount me
, I justified to myself, already giddy with the prospect of satiating my burning lust. 


I reared up on my hind legs and transformed into my human form.  The cold immediately chilled my skin, and my nipples hardened.  The slippery wetness between my legs slicked between my thighs.  My heart was pounding, and clouds of breath misted in front of my face.  The anticipation was overwhelming.  I actually began to shudder.


Connor sniffed at my pussy, inching closer.  The anticipation was unbearable.  I wanted him to close that tiny distance more than anything.  I craved it.  He touched his cold, wet nose to my soft mound, sending a hot pulse of electricity charging through my body.  I could sense his elation.  He couldn’t get enough of my musk.  He sniffed again, burying his snout between my legs.  I grabbed his big, velvet ears and squeezed them, wringing them in my hands.


I melted as Connor transformed, suddenly gripping thick locks of his blond hair between my fingers.  He looked up at me with those bright blue eyes, giving me a look I had never seen before.  He was in awe, radiating with unbridled desire.  Turning his attention back to my sex, he caressed the front of my thighs gently with his palms,  His thumbs swinging inward, pulling at my pliable flesh and exposing my pussy.  The sensation of his rough palms on my skin thrilled me.  But more so, I gasped when the chilled air came in contact with my glistening slit.  The tingling sensation was excruciating.


I willed him to keep going.  I begged him.  I yearned to feel his touch against my most precious place, but he was delighting in teasing me.  And quite frankly, so was I.


He planted tender little kisses against the dark curls at the apex of my thighs, his nose brushing against the softness of my tummy.  I looked down at him between my breasts, cupping the swollen globes and lightly pinching my nipples.  Connor smiled up at me as he kissed my mound, reassuring me of my beauty.  It wasn’t just animal lust that was driving him, I realized.  He really wanted me.


I couldn’t wait any longer, the fire burning too hot inside me.  Roughly grabbing his head, I guided him between my legs.  His hands held my thighs, leaving soft depressions in my skin and allowing his tongue to probe at my plump slit.  He lapped at my pussy, using the flat of his tongue to massage every engorged cell.  The pressure against my clit had me in raptures, and quickly approaching my release.  I moaned, throwing my head back, feverishly clutching at his skull. 


Spurred on, Connor nuzzled my labia apart and shoved his tongue up into my aching hole.  It was everything I had always wanted.  I could sense him getting carried away as he ate me, and I was losing myself in the pleasurable ache of his probing tongue.  He knew exactly how I longed to be filled.  He knew everything, every dirty little secret I kept.  I loved being so open to him.


Move up
, I willed him, directing him to my raging clit. 
Oh yeah, that’s it


He licked hard at my button, driving me wild with every flick.  Grabbing his head, I bucked my hips into him and fucked his face like a woman possessed.  It was so empowering.  I loved the feeling of control it brought me.  I grunted with ecstasy, riding his face to a blissful, explosive orgasm.  It rushed through me, flooding my whole body with immense, tingling warmth. 


Connor licked at my folds, shoving his tongue deep into me as my climax subsided.  I was literally weak at the knees.  He was so proud of himself that he had gotten me off.  I couldn’t help but giggle, acknowledging his achievement.  I stroked his hair and looked down into his eyes.  He wanted more, and so did I.


My head was still spinning from my orgasm, but in the haze, I reasoned that I could still do this.  I could still have Connor without surrendering myself to him. 


I pushed Connor down onto his back in the snow and straddled him.  Grinding my pussy down onto his thick shaft, I felt a wave of pride wash over me.  I was in charge.  I began sliding my slick lips up and down his length, enjoying every tiny texture from his balls to his bulbous head.  Leaning on his chest, I dug into his gorgeous pecs with my nails, leaving angry, red marks in their wake. 


Staring into his pale blue eyes, I suddenly felt self-conscious.  His hands were gripping my wide hips, guiding me up and down his shaft.  I hated him touching me there on my least favorite area.  Connor smiled sweetly, and lifted his hands to my dangling breasts.  It was a relief.  The feeling of his strong palms cupping my tits, circling my nipples with his thumbs, was so amazing.  I loved how he knew just what to do.  Just how to touch me.


“You know?”  I breathed.  “If we do this, it’s forever.  If we mate, we mate for life.”


His eyes twinkled.  Then, with a mischievous grin, he pinched my painfully erect nipples.  He knew.  It was exactly what he wanted.


I flushed with warmth.  The thought of Connor and I mating was overwhelming.  This wasn’t just sex.  We were about to forge a lifelong bond.  We would forever belong to each other.  And he wanted it just as much as me.  He was just so perfect.


I leaned down and kissed him, my breasts flattening against his chest.  His mouth was so wonderfully warm.  The way his lips softened against mine, and the feeling of our tongues swirling around each other completely took my breath away.  I pulled back slightly and opened my eyes to him, brushing my dark curls away from my face.  It made such sense for us to be together. 


We had a bond like no other.  I could sense him from miles away.  We didn’t need to be in direct contact with each other to communicate.  We could get inside each other’s heads.  The feeling was of such completeness.  Every instinct I had drove me on toward this outcome.  It was fate.  It had to be.


“I love you, Lupe,” he smiled.  His eyes were so sincere.  There wasn’t the slightest hint of bravado or arrogance.


Connor wanted me.  He wanted to mate with me.  He wanted to raise a family with me. 


I wanted all that too.  My eyes welled, and I silently shared my feelings with him.  This was going to happen.  I was in love with him.


I lifted myself up, taking the pressure off his shaft, and guided his gorgeous, bulbous head through my dripping folds to my opening.  I could barely get my hand around his width.  Still, I rocked my hips back and forth on his tip, teasing him, and myself.  We shared a knowing giggle.  We were so in tune. 


Then I sank  slowly down  onto him.  His enormous cock filled me so perfectly, so completely.  It was a fullness I had never known before, but somehow always knew.  I sat with it a moment, fully impaled, the tip of Connor’s cock pressing almost uncomfortably into my cervix.


This was really happening.


Connor and I stared into each other’s eyes as we made love.  I rotated my hips, reveling in the warmth of his cock, which contrasted so brilliantly with the stinging cold of the snow against my shins.  Steadying myself on his granite chest, I slid up and down his length, bouncing on top of him.  The swollen knob of his cock rippled against the walls of my soaking pussy.  He bucked up to meet each slapping landing of my ass against his hips.  I was lost in the feeling of him so deep inside me.


BOOK: Howling Passion (Paranormal Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance)
10.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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