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I felt Connor’s energy change.  He wasn’t in the moment, instead his thoughts were running away with him.  His eyes glazed over and he tried to mask his feelings from me.  Worse still, I felt him begin to soften in my pussy as I rode him.  He fought against it, but he was caught in a tailspin.


Trying as best I could to ward off the reality of the situation, I desperately wanted to convince myself that the cold of the snow against his skin was distracting him.  But I knew better than that.  Pangs of insecurity immediately struck me.  I feared that he wasn’t attracted to me, that I was too big for him.  I was overcome with fear.  My blood chilled at the thought, and the humiliation swirled inside me. 


But touching my palm to his heart, I felt it, his true energy.  Connor was too powerful a spirit to be sexually dominated.  He wasn’t meant to be submissive.  Connor’s nature was to be in control.  If I was to be with him, I knew in that moment, I had to let him take me.  I had to let him claim me.  I was his, not the other way around.


My eyes welled with tears, not at the realization that I could not take leadership of the Pack, but at Connor trying to give me what he could not.  It was heartbreaking.  He was such an imposing creature, so strong and powerful.  But he was so deeply in love with me. 


Realizing that it was my destiny to influence my mate, not lead him, I slipped myself off him.  The stinging emptiness I felt would soon be refilled, I knew as I kissed Connor gently.  I touched his face and smiled at him, letting him know that I belonged to him.  His eyes twinkled as they brimmed with gratitude.  It wasn’t the arrogance of victory that I might have expected earlier.  I had opened his heart.  I had softened him.


I kissed my way down his perfect torso, nibbling at his nipples and licking at his rock hard abs. His arousal grew as I went, until finally, I wrapped my hands around his semi-erect member.  Without hesitating, I eagerly took him into my mouth and sucked his cock back to full strength.  The taste of my pussy mixed with his pre-cum was intoxicating.  And the way his manhood responded to my tongue flicking the seam at the base of his glands thrilled me to my very core.


This felt right:  me pleasing him.  I took Connor’s cock as far into my mouth as I could, pumping the base of his shaft with my hand.  His mushroom head felt so good in the back of my mouth as I cradled the underside with my tongue.  And the downright nastiness I felt when I swallowed him down into my throat almost made me come.


Brushing my hair out of my eyes, I looked up at him.  He was appraising me intently, and his blue eyes said everything.  I let his cock pop out of my mouth and I squeezed it between my breasts, letting him tit fuck me.  I felt my sexiest at that moment, sliding his engorged cock between my impressive globes.  Connor responded as I had hoped, his lust swelling to the brink, so much so that he feared he would come.  I pinched the base of his shaft to hold him back, and we shared another breathy laugh.


“Not yet, Cowboy,” I giggled.  “You’ve got a lot more work to do.”  I spun around on all fours, presenting myself to him.  Watching over my shoulder, I saw him sit up behind me.  He braced himself with his warm hands on my hips, then making the effort to nurture my self-esteem, he slid his hands up around my waist.  I appreciated the gesture and stuck my ass out even more.


Connor guided his cock to my horny opening, rubbing his spongy head through my wet folds.  I held his gaze as I pushed myself back onto him.  He pulled back with every attempt I made, teasing me.  Controlling me.  Not until I had learned my lesson and stilled, did he thrust forcefully into me, filling my wanton cunt in a spectacular instant. 


I cried out as Connor pounded my pussy from behind.  His heavy cock sloshed and slurped in my sodden hole, his hips slapping frantically against my ass.  He was unhinged, grunting like a wild beast as he pumped into me.  I could barely keep my balance against his onslaught, my fingers digging into the cold earth beneath the snow.


I was his.  And I loved it.


I groaned in ecstasy, bucking back to meet every delicious thrust.  I was overcome with the need to take as much of Connor as I could deep inside me.  I was on fire.  The thick aroma of my musk filled the air.  I sensed it having an effect on Connor.  He knew I was in season, and he desperately wanted to fill me with his seed.


Oh yes!
I screamed in my mind as I grunted incoherently. 
Fill me, Connor!  Oh my God!  We’re going to make a baby.


I felt Connor’s energy.  His thoughts filled my mind.  Mating with me was everything he wanted.  The warmth of his love joined with mine and washed over us both.  It was too much for Connor, and he gripped my hips painfully tight as he came with an ear-splitting howl.  I felt his warmth splash inside me in hot spurt after spurt.  The sensation of my womb being bathed in his seed pushed me over the edge, and I erupted in a massive orgasm of my own, spasming uncontrollably on his twitching cock. 


Connor kept fucking me in short, grunting thrusts, unable to stop.  I couldn’t hold myself up anymore, and fell down on the side of my face in the freezing snow, while he held my ass up by my hips.  Eventually he stilled.  Then he slipped from my cum-filled snatch.  The cool sting of his sudden absence actually pained me. 


I collapsed onto my side, curling up in the fetal position.  I wept softly, overwhelmed by the torrent of emotion I felt.  Connor spooned up behind me, holding me close.  The heat of his body, and even more so, the warmth of his love for me soothed my wild spirit.  In one incredible moment, he and I were permanently mated.  I was his, forever.


The contentment I felt extended much further than simply our bonding.  The sticky scent of our sex hung heavy in the air.  What was remarkable about it, apart from the smell of his cum mixed with mine, was the absence of the aroma that had plagued me all day.  The scent of my fertility was no longer there.  I wasn’t in season anymore.


I glowed with happiness.


I lay in Connor’s strong arms, gently brushing the hair on his forearms with my fingertips.  His entire body was pressed against mine, his knees tucked in against the back of my thighs.  He held my soft tummy in his enormous hand, and I felt him flush with a warm, protective energy.  He knew we had conceived, and his paternal instincts had already been triggered.


“You need to take its head back to the Caldron,” I murmured after some time.  The sky was already beginning to lighten toward the east.


Connor kissed my shoulder and got up.  I turned over to see him in his wolf form biting into the neck of the White Stag’s lifeless body.  The sound of tearing flesh and crunching bone broke the eerie silence of the night.  Before long, he had the head separated from the body, and was holding it in his jaws by the antlers.


Are you coming?
His voice asked telepathically.


“You go ahead,” I replied drowsily.  “I’ll catch up.”


He was too proud and excited to think anything of it, and began trotting off back toward the Caldron.  I watched him disappear back into the Wendego Pass, smiling at the spring in his step.  When he was gone a few minutes, I looked back at the White Stag’s carcass, it’s pooling blood contrasting heavily against its fur and the snow upon which it laid. 


The White Queen’s words echoed in my head,
Take its heart


I transformed back into a wolf, comforted by the warmth of my black fur.  I sniffed at the massive, lifeless body lying in the snow.  There really was something unworldly about it.  I bit into the flesh between its front legs, ripping away the meat over its ribcage.  Then biting down hard on two of its ribs, I heaved back on them, breaking them away from the others.  I repeated the process, snapping and crunching through the protective bone until the enormous heart of the beast sat exposed. 


When the heart pounded a single beat, I reared back in shock.  It was still pumping.  Albeit extremely slowly, but the heart was still alive.  My own heart thundered at the prospect.  But I trusted the White Queen.  Her wisdom was absolute.


Very gingerly, I leaned forward and closed my jaws around the White Stag’s slowly beating heart.  It was warm in my mouth, and the unfamiliar flavor was unsettling.  Holding my breath, I bit down.  The bursting taste of warm blood made me gag, but I quickly chewed, swallowing it down as fast as I could. 


Almost immediately, I knew something strange was happening.  I staggered away from the White Stag’s body, the weird, warm feeling in my stomach growing more intense.  Then suddenly, I felt like I had been struck by lightning.  I squealed in total agony and collapsed to the ground in a panting heap.  I was racked with wild spasms, until finally, I lost consciousness.


When my eyes opened, they saw with a clarity I had never before known.  I was filled with the knowledge of Lycanthus, its mystical power coursing through my veins.  Every instinct I had felt that night, every suspicion, every realization had been confirmed.


I was the Black Queen.


Howling Passion
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BOOK: Howling Passion (Paranormal Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance)
13.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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