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If You Still Want Me (31 page)

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Damn. Brandon was right about this, too. There
are two sides to the story, and I can't figure out the whyfor of

"Sorry," he leans back in the chair but doesn't
move away from my touch. The emotion is gone, though, his mask
securely back in place. "She's your sister, and I respect that. I'm
sorry I've been lying to you. I promise to keep my distance, but
the moment Rob trips up or threatens her and the kids in any way, I
won't hesitate to step in."

"I appreciate that."

He leans forward again, one dark, pierced
eyebrow raised high. "Really?"

"Kyle, you may be a right sneaky bastard, but
yer my friend. I appreciate you lookin' out for Sarah and the kids.
You know I aint got no love for that man, and I aint been able ta'
figure out why she's married to him, neither, 'sides the obvious
that he got her pregnant."

The scowl returns to Kyle's face instantly as I
inadvertently rip that old wound wide open. My hand squeezes his
arm as I share a bit 'a his pain. "Sorry. Guess now I know why you
went so bat-shit crazy freshman year at U.T."

"Yeah," he states dryly through a thin line then
stands. "Well, I just... I wanted to apologize, and... I'm glad
things worked out for you and Victoria... and Austin," he ends with
a smart-ass smirk.

"Thanks," I stand and follow him to the door.
"You'll call if you need anything?"

"I will. See ya tomorrow?"

"Damn, we got that job out in Arlington
tomorrow, don't we?"


"Well, don't stay parked outside 'a Sarah's
house all night."

"No promises," he shrugs then heads out the door
without another word.

I get the uneasy feeling, deep in my gut, that
this is far from settled. No, I think now that it's all out in the
open, it's only a matter 'a time 'fore it explodes an' takes half
us with it. Rob needs help. Sarah needs ta' see the truth that's
right in front 'a her, burnin' so bright even I know how close she
is ta' catchin' fire. Kyle needs ta' stop enabling her an' find his
own way, even it means burying his heart down in a place so dark
his love for my sister sputters into smoke.

I prefer believin' in happy endings, but how
much can a heart take 'fore it forgets how ta' love? 'Fore all it
can feel is spite? 'Fore it turns hard and black, like a rock in
yer chest that continues ta' beat, only 'cause it don't know how
ta' stop...


Vickie warned me 'bout takin' all those
philosophy classes...

But, sometimes, I


Amigo," I smile,
leaning into Austin's chest and tryin' ta' push away my unpleasant

"Kyle looked better as he left."

"Yeah. We worked things out, I think."

"Good." Austin's fingers thread into my hair,
holding me close. "Anger is fleeting, but good friends are forever,

Leaning back, I stare down in
absolute adoration at my best friend. My lover. My love.
Te amo,

Te amo,"
he says back before kissing me in a way so
perfect, all my cares vanish for one beautiful moment. Stepping
slightly away, his grip tightens on my hair and I can see the
command in his eyes. "Why don't we go find Victoria and get
ourselves cleaned up."

Austin. Victoria. Suds, and me. "Hell,

A smack to my ass puts me in motion. We leave
the kitchen and my conversation with Kyle behind for now. I know
I'll have ta' come back to that place eventually and help my sister
and my friend get their lives sorted. For now, though, I'm gonna
let love carry me and hold me between my girl an' my best friend.
For now, I'm gonna be happy, 'cause I think we've all earned

This love. This joy. This peace.


~ The End ~


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BOOK: If You Still Want Me
9.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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