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“Mind on the job at hand, biker boy. What do I need to stick out my hand for?”

I shake my head trying to rid the images of fucking Willow against the wall right now. “Right, sorry, hand out and I’ll show you.”

She smirks and places her hand out in front of her and I turn her palm over so it faces upward. Bringing my other hand over, I put the patch into her hand and take a deep breath as I take my hand away. She closes her hand and brings it down into her line of sight. She looks at the words, and her eyes open wide and starts to shake her head. My stomach twists in on itself as she furrows her brows.

“I don’t understand?” she whispers as Meli chews on her bottom lip and slowly gets up and walks away leaving us alone. I’m grateful for her common sense.

“Aldinga’s VP was killed when the Riot Brothers came in here and shot the place up. They needed someone with experience. They just voted me in as actin’ VP.”

Her eyes grow bigger as she swallows a lump in her throat. She lets out a large breath and stands up in line with me. My heart is racing. I can’t tell by her reaction if she’s utterly shocked or if she’s annoyed.

She looks up at me and shakes her head, suddenly wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me to her for a massive hug. I tense for a second wondering what’s happening, but she’s soon kissing my cheek, and when I pull back she’s smiling. It sends a wave of relief through me instantly.

“Oh my God. Steel, this is so totally unexpected and completely mind blowing. Is this normal? Does this happen?” she asks and I shake my head and chuckle wrapping my arms around her waist.

“No, not normally. I was shocked too, babe. But it’ll be good. This place is different, we can do good things here. I can make a difference with this rank.”

She smiles brightly and my heart kick starts back into gear and pounds at a normal rhythm. “Well then, congratulations Mister Acting Vice President.”

Smiling at her, I lean in kissing her lips briefly. “It’s an honour when a brother has his Old Lady sew his patch on for him. It’s not derogatory or degradin’ sayin’ women should be the one's sewin’, but it’s more of a respect thing. The men can sew on their own patches, but if we have our woman do it, it means she’s the one we want to be with… she’s our true Old Lady. It’s a widely respected tradition for an Old Lady to do.”

She smiles wide and nods her head. “I’d love to sew on your patch, Steel.”

Leaning in her flowery smelling hair wafts through my senses as I press my lips to hers. She opens her mouth and my tongue moves with hers, when suddenly she’s ripped out of my arms and she squeals from the harsh pull on her arm.

“C’mon, I’ll show you where the sewing shit is. Come with me,” Meli says pulling on Willow as she giggles being wrenched away from me.

I clear my throat grabbing Meli’s attention, and she turns and raises her eyebrows and shuffles her head as if to say
‘what the fuck do you want?’
I laugh taking off my cut and handing it to Willow.

“Oh, right, yeah, we’ll need that too,” Meli says and then drags Willow off by her arm through the clubhouse and up to the stairwell. Chuckling as they leave, Willow looks back at me and smiles. I wink at her and she blows me a kiss as I grin at her and her new friend, who was obviously eavesdropping.

I’m glad Willow’s taking to this well, and as I watch her firm arse in those jeans walk up the stairs, my cock aches as I rearrange it in my pants. Deciding I need a drink to remove all thoughts of Flame from my head, I move over to the bar and sit down with my new brothers for a beer.

A buzz rings over the speakers followed by a voice saying there are two bikes and a black cage approaching the compound. My shoulders tense straight away. The security on this place is tight, but my thoughts of what happened here not that long ago are making me fucking fidgety and on edge. Gadget pulls out his portable device and looks at the vision of the gate. I glance over his shoulder along with Gator to see who the visitors are. They pull up, and the sun is glaring so it’s hard to see.

“Who the fuck are you?” Gadget asks pressing a button on his device.

“Name’s Techie. I’m here to see a man about a bike.”

My skin prickles in goosebumps as my heart starts to race. That’s Techie’s voice and I look to the other guy on the bike and he looks a bit like Jigsaw. Grinning widely, I shake my head. “What the fuck?”

“Don’t be a smart arse prick. What do you want?” Gadget asks and I slap his shoulder.

“It’s a couple of my brothers from Virginia.”

“Who’s with you?” Gadget asks through the speaker.

“Jigsaw’s on the other bike, and Crash is in the cage.”

“Any cargo in the cage?” Gadget asks.

“No sir, it’s just my ride home,” Techie says and I furrow my brows wondering what the fuck he’s on about, and then I look closer to see he’s actually riding my Hog.

“Techie, are you on my bike?” I ask and he flicks his head up like he’s confused.

“Steel? Fuck! I wanted you to walk out and be surprised. Well, surprise fucker. I didn’t want you to buy a new one, so I rode your Hog here for you. Crash’ll take me back in the cage and Jigsaw came along for the ride. The Swedish bastard misses you.”

I laugh and look at Gator, who’s smiling.

“Let them in Gadget,” Gator says and Gadget nods pressing the button on his device. The gate starts to open and Techie looks forward and rides my Hog through the gate. I slap Gadget on the back and walk toward the door to go outside to see my baby and my brothers for the first time in over two weeks.
I fucking can’t wait!


Gadget, Gator, and I all advance outside into the compound to welcome my brothers from my former chapter. The excitement inside me is bubbling away on the surface and it’s hard for me not to giggle like a fucking school girl. Not only because my Hog is here, but also my best mates. As I walk out into the compound, Techie is duck walking my Hog in line with the other Hogs in the yard, as Jigsaw pulls in next to him and Crash parks the cage. I shift from foot to foot in excitement as I strut toward Techie. Looking over my Hog, she looks exactly the same as when I left her. I thought Chops might have keyed it or something equally as shit, but there’s nothing, no damage at all. She’s fucking perfect!

Techie moves off my Hog and pulls off his lid as I walk up to him and yank him to me without saying anything, wrapping my arms around him tightly in a man hug. He chuckles and slaps my back a couple of times and shakes his head.

“It’s so good to see you, brother!” I say pulling back holding him at arm’s length.

He shrugs out of my grip, affection isn’t his thing. “It’s good to see you, too. The club isn’t the same without you!”

I slap his shoulder as Gator and Gadget step up to us. Jigsaw marches up to me and pulls me into another man hug and his thick arms squeeze me so strongly I can hardly breathe. I gasp slapping his back and he pulls back looking me in the eyes. “Absence… the heart fonder does not make,” he says letting me go and I smile and nod finally being able to take a breath.

“I’ve missed you too, big guy.”

Crash walks over, his head moving all around as he looks at every inch of the compound. “Dude, this place is awesome!”

I laugh as Gator nods and stands taller puffing out his chest like he’s proud of himself. “Thank you.”

“Hey Steel, where’s Flame?” Techie asks out of nowhere.

Furrowing my brows, I smile. “She’s inside… sewin’ on my actin’ VP patch.”

The guys’ heads all flick to look at me, and their eyes open wide raising their eyebrows.

Nodding my head as Gator chuckles and I exhale. “It was a surprise to me, too.”

“Steel’s the best man for the job. We need him,” Gator advises.

Techie nods and grabs my shoulder with a squeeze. “Well, he’ll do you well. Now take me to Flame, I need to thank her.”

I jolt my head back in confusion. “What? What for?”

Techie smirks. “For calling me while you were in the shower and telling me to bring your bike here. She said you really miss it, and that I should ride it down. That there’s only one person you’d trust riding your Hog and that’s me. Crash really missed you and he’s the cager, so I figured he could bring me back in the truck. No way was I riding bitch on the way back to the clubhouse.”

I chuckle thinking Willow’s a devious little minx, and then glance at Jigsaw. “And Jigsaw?”

“He saw me getting on your bike, figured out what was going on, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was coming no matter what.”

Laughing, I grab Jigsaw’s shoulder and squeeze it. “Thanks, brother.”

He tilts his head to me and smirks. “När som helst.”

Furrowing my brows, I glance at Techie and he pulls out his tablet and taps away on the screen. He looks up at me. “It means anytime.”

Nodding, I look at Jigsaw and smile. He brings his fingers up to his forehead and gives me a two-fingered salute. Gadget looks at Techie and shakes his head with a huff.

“That’s an outdated version of the iPad mini. You need to update to keep with the times.”

Techie grunts glaring at Gadget and his body stiffens as he stands taller. “It still works perfectly fine. I enhanced the RAM and made modifications to keep it running smoothly.”

Gadget half laughs and shakes his head. “Rookie mistake. You need to keep updating, or be outdated my friend.”

Techie folds his arms over his chest and his jaw tenses. “Sometimes new things have bugs that need weeding out first before you buy them.”

Gadget tilts his head and purses his lips. “True… but if you’re good, then you should be able to fix the bugs yourself.”

Techie huffs and moves forward clenching his fists. Jigsaw places his hand on his chest stopping him from moving closer to Gadget who’s smirking like a douche.

“Okay, let’s go inside and get you guys a beer,” Gator states trying to break the tension.

Techie’s eyes shift to me and I nod slightly. He huffs, and his posture relaxes and his fists unclench. “Yeah, a beer’ll be great.”

I try to hide my smirk at the fact that these two tech-heads aren’t getting along. It’s too funny watching the two nerdiest of guys acting all macho. Turning, I head toward the clubroom. The footsteps behind me ensure that everyone’s following and they soon catch up to my pace. Techie looks up toward the security camera and makes an impressed sound.

He turns to Gadget. “What system do you use?”

“It’s a high definition system with sixteen HD, IR security cameras with blower housing, a hybrid HD CCTV DVR. The varifocal lens can adjust from wide to zoomed in, and can adjust from a lux rating of 1.0 in colour mode and 0.1 in black and white mode.”

Techie purses his lips and nods. “Impressive.”

Gadget smiles and tilts his head. “Not to mention the iOS app is activated through IP, so I can check the footage on any of my
up to date

Techie groans and storms off ahead inside the clubrooms while I chuckle along with Gator and the others.

“Bitch just got owned,” Crash says. We laugh a little harder as Gadget stands taller and walks off inside as if to gloat about how cool his
really are.

As we enter the clubroom Willow spots us and smiles widely as she notices my Virginia brothers. She races over, and I can’t help but notice her tits bouncing slightly as she jogs. My cock jerks in my pants as I take a deep breath trying to stop myself from watching. She stops in front of us and smiles so widely it takes my breath away. Jigsaw stands taller and grabs her hand pulling it up and kissing the back of it.

“Tio, the beauty is fine like a rose. So sweet it crystalizes into tears of the sun.”

She smirks glancing at me and then back to Jigsaw and nods. “Thanks, Jigsaw, you’re looking pretty dashing today yourself.”

I chuckle as he stands taller and grabs his cut straightening it. “My stature is scary not, but a cautious weapon of bloodied stallions.”

Furrowing my brows, I smirk at Willow, who’s also furrowing her brows trying to decipher that one. I grab Jigsaw’s shoulder and squeeze it. “Sure thing, brother.”

Willow shakes her head obviously not being able to work it out either and hands me my cut. I smile as I look down at the new patch and smile.

“Thanks, babe, this means a lot. But you tellin’ Techie to come here with my Hog, well you’re amazin’.” I pull her to me and lean down kissing her hair. She cuddles into me as we walk over to the bar.

“Don’t thank me, thank Gator. He approved my idea.”

Glancing over to Gator, he smirks and shrugs.

“You guy’s arranged all this behind my back?”

“Sure did, can’t have a brother without his Hog,” Gator says slapping my back.

Shaking my head, I smile wide. “Shit! Thanks! I’m kinda speechless right now.”

“Well, that’s a first!” Gator says.

Chuckling, I pull out a stool next to Techie, and Willow pulls out another next to me. Techie looks up to me and grunts. I chuckle knowing he’s annoyed someone is outdoing him in the tech department.

“So how’s Virginia doin’?”

Techie huffs taking a sip of his beer and shakes his head. Dread floods over me as I fear that things are falling apart.

“Mad Dog has taken on FIM as his new protégé.”

Furrowing my brows I tilt my head. “That’s great! It’s good he’s being included. How’s his brother Doug going?”

Techie chuckles and shakes his head. “Guy’s a strange one. Always wanting to know everyone’s business. So Mad Dog put him on the gate as gatekeeper to shut him the hell up. He hates it, feels like he isn’t really part of the club, but in all honesty we’re only keeping him around for the sake of Stealth. That’s FIM’s road name now.”

I smirk and nod. “Great! I told the Prez to call him that. Shame about Doug though, but I always knew he wouldn’t cut it on the inside. So what’s stealth doing with the Prez?”

Techie chuckles. “He’s kind of taken on the adopted son role. Going into club meetings and the Chop Shop. Shit like that.”

Slumping slightly I nod. “How is the old man?”

Techie sighs and shakes his head. “He’s flying off the handle. He’s on edge all the time. Since you left it’s like something in him has broken. He seems dangerous now. I’m a little concerned for the club. I think he’s making bad decisions. I’m not sure, but if it keeps heading in that direction I won’t want to stay there.”

Jigsaw nods as does Crash and my shoulders tense as I exhale while Willow rubs my back.

Gator steps up to us and grabs Techie’s shoulder. “We’re men down, we need numbers. I don’t like poaching, but I know Mad Dog, I know what he’s like. If you guys ever need a place to stay, my door is always open to you brothers.”

I smile at Gator. It’s good of him to offer his place for my brothers too. In a way, I wish they would take up his offer. But that’s for selfish fucking reasons.

“Thanks, we’ll keep that in mind, but for now let’s get drunk and catch up,” Techie says and I smile and nod to Brad to grab us all a drink. He nods and starts to pour us all a round of beer. It makes me think of Doug, and just how atrocious he was at pouring beer. I miss him and FIM. I hope they’re doing okay. But for now, three of my best friends are here, I need to enjoy this while I can.

Bottoms up!



Today was a good day. Steel was promoted to acting VP. Techie, Jigsaw, and Crash came like I asked with Steel’s bike making him extremely happy. And I managed to spend more time quality with Meli. She told me that some of the bikers have kids and that they’d love to bring their children to the club, but no one here is able to watch them. So I put my hand up and offered to start a kind of crèche. I told Steel my idea and he asked Gator if it was doable, and he approved it. So even though I’ve be missing my kids from the centre, I’m going to have club kids to look after so I won’t feel completely useless around here. Steel said he was proud of me for coming up with the idea. He said the bikers will love having their kids around more, and it means they won’t have to leave the club to see them all the time. I’m glad I’m fitting in here and maybe this won’t be so bad after all. It’s hard to say. Some of the guys are a little rough around the edges, but they’re bikers, and I guess I have to expect that. But Gator’s nice, a bit grumpy and tough sometimes, but he’s the president and I’m sure he has a lot on his mind.

But now, right now, I’m lying on my new bed with Steel, cuddled up. It’s fast approaching bed time, and I really should get changed into my pyjamas. Lying in his arms is so comfortable, I don’t want to move. His fingers stroke up and down my arm casually as I snuggle into him.

“I’m so glad the guys came to see you today.”

He squeezes me against him tighter and exhales. “Thank you for calling them. That was fuckin’ sneaky, but also fuckin’ awesome of you. I can’t wait to take her out for a spin.”

I run my hand up under his shirt, his skin ripples against my touch and my fingers warm against his flesh. “I can’t wait to be on the back of it again. Feeling the wind in my hair and holding onto your toned body.” I sit up and look at him with a grin on my face as an idea pops into my mind.

BOOK: Ignite the Flame: A Satan's Savages MC Novella #2
5.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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