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– Vice President of Virginia Satan’s Savages MC. Son to Mad Dog and best friend to Techie. Willow’s partner.

– Kindergarten teacher and partner to Steel.

Amelia McNamara
– Steel’s mother and Mad Dog’s former Old Lady.

Mad Dog McNamara
– President of Virginia Satan’s Savages MC, Virginia Original, First 7, and father of Steel.


– Wreaking Havoc member, Virginia Original, First 7, club torturer and Mad Dog’s right-hand man.

– Secretary and technical guru for the club. Best friend of Steel.

– Swedish immigrant and Sergeant at Arms. Also, the one who handles the dismemberment of bodies. Good friend to Steel.

– Virginia patched member. Good friend to Steel.

– President of Aldinga chapter of the Satan’s Savages MC.

– Stand-in Vice President of Aldinga Satan’s Savages MC, and general technically savvy hound.

– Wreaking Havoc member, Aldinga Original. Gator’s go-to guy.


Club Girls





Willow slides up and down on my cock effortlessly, her warmth encasing me as she rides me in the passenger seat of her car. Her soft moans reverb through my mouth as her tongue collides with mine. Thrusting up inside of her as she straddles me, a low throaty groan rumbles up my chest while my cock throbs inside of her. Fucking her still feels fantastic, like the first time every time. My hand grips onto her hair and I tug it forcefully pulling her head back so I can move into her neck and bite it. She continues to ride me as the car creaks and rocks back and forth with our movements. The quiet reverb of our rushed and harsh breaths echo throughout the car as the windows fog up blocking out the cobalt and black night sky.

Her pussy tightens around my cock and I groan in reaction. She arches her back moaning as she brings her delectable mouth back to mine and kisses me frantically. Her soft cries as she grinds down on me are only making my balls tighten and pull up higher. I know I’m not going to last much longer, and she’s right on the edge, so I thrust deeper up into her. She gasps and clenches her fingernails into my biceps. The sting of her nails digging into my flesh only heightens the pleasure as I groan in satisfaction.

“Oh God, Dylan,” she moans into my mouth.

I love it when she calls me by my name. She’s been doing it a lot more since we’ve been on the road.

“Cum for me, Flame,” I demand. Her body trembles as she rides me fast, our bodies moving as one, striving for climax. My cock is throbbing as I bite on her bottom lip. She moans as her pussy clenches tight, her nails dig in harder and her back arches. She clenches all her muscles down as I pump into her and she moans out loud as everything releases. I groan while she slumps into me feeling her climax, but continues to move with me so I can reach mine.

Her mouth leaves my lips and she moves to my neck and bites down hard. I groan as her teeth sink into my flesh. She knows I like it rough, and it only makes my cock harder if that’s even possible.

“Fuck Flame.”

She licks at my neck and teases me, and I clench my eyes shut grabbing her arse and squeezing her cheeks pulling her on and off me at the tempo I need to get off. The grunts coming from my chest are animalistic while she continues to devour my neck. The muscles in her pussy clench and I groan and throw my head back against the headrest in utter pleasure. My balls pull up and a tingle runs straight up my spine. My legs riddle with pins and needles as her mouth moves back to mine, her tongue invading my mouth taking me forcefully. Pulling her up and down on me firmly, my cock throbs as it stiffens. My body flushes red hot and I tense up entirely as I thrust up into her, groaning loudly in her mouth. She tightens her pussy around my aching cock as I spurt my hot cum inside her.

My arse comes back to the seat from the final thrust and I relax my head back against the headrest as Willow kisses me softly while I come down from my high. I’m floating like the whole world is spinning and I’m holding on for the thrilling ride of a lifetime.

Suddenly, a warm wetness is sliding up the side of my face and I open my eyes to see Willow still kissing me, so it’s not her. I pull back and Petunia is licking the sweat from my face. I furrow my brows and shake my head to get her away from me. I just fucked Willow, I do not need our pig in my face right now.

I know we share a car, but this is a moment I’m sharing with Willow here pig!

“Petunia, stop!”

Willow giggles and pulls Petunia away from me and places her on the driver’s seat opposite us with a sigh.

“We need somewhere stable. Even if it’s just a hotel room for the night, Dylan. Living in the car isn’t good for any of us, even Petunia. We’ve been in this thing for two solid weeks. We need to go somewhere, or do something? I mean, we're parked out the back of a servo behind some bushes so we can have sex. We need to find something more permanent.”

“I know babe, I’m workin’ on it.” I exhale and bang my head against the head rest. I’m as frustrated as hell. I know she’s right. I’m just concerned once we stop running that Chops will come after her and, more importantly, find her. We need to go somewhere where there’s protection. I just have to figure out where in the holy fuck that is…


We’re driving aimlessly after fucking in the front passenger seat of Willow’s car. We have nowhere to go, nowhere to turn. I have no fucking clue what the hell I’m doing, or what the fuck I’m going to do. We’ve been up north to the Flinders Ranges and now we’re heading back down toward Adelaide, and for the last couple of days something has been playing on my mind. I think it’s why I turned around and came back this way. My thoughts have been constantly on my mum. I haven’t seen her since she left the clubhouse eight years ago, but right now she’s the only person I can think of to go to.

Fucking in the car with a pig licking my face was the final straw. I need a bed. I need a real meal, and I need a goddamned shower. Most of all, I need to feel like I’m making progress and Willow needs somewhere to rest properly. I should be taking care of her, not having her live out of a fucking car.
No more of this shit!
I’ve got to find us something more permanent and it needs to be soon. But in the meantime, I have to find somewhere where we can shower, eat and rest. And even though it might be as awkward as fuck, I turn the car toward my mother’s house for the first time in eight years.

I know she can’t give us the protection I want for Willow, but it’s a pit stop until I can figure out what the fuck I’m going to do. One thing’s for certain, I’m not telling Willow where we’re going. It will probably freak her the fuck out to know she’ll be meeting my mother.

The dial on the radio clicks on distracting me from my thoughts as I watch Willow twisting and turning it. As soon as it springs to life that fucking song is on again. Willow jumps in her seat with a delighted smile on her face and starts to sing along. Groaning, I reach for the radio and try to change the station while she slaps my hand away.

“No, Adele stays!
Hello from the outsiiide
,” she sings in her beautiful angelic voice. I roll my eyes shaking my head and huff.

“This is bullshit. Bikers don’t listen to pop!”

She smirks. “Well, I’m not a biker, and I do listen to pop. So neh!” She sticks out her tongue and if she weren't so fucking cute, I’d kick her out of the car. But she’s utterly adorable and instead I chuckle like a girl and rest my hand on her knee.

Petunia pops her head through the seats and snorts making me shake my head. “She should probably be belted in or somethin’?”

Willow looks at her and nods. “Yeah true! Maybe we can go to a pet shop and get one of those dog harnesses for her and a lead to go with it. We could take her for walks and things, too?”

Laughing at the imagery, I continue the drive to my mother’s house. It’s quite late and I know she’ll probably be in bed when we arrive. Momentarily, I think about calling first but decide rather to just rock up at her front door and see what happens. That way she can’t turn us away before we even show up.



We pull into Mum’s driveway and my heart is racing. I haven’t seen her in so long. I’m excited and more than a little nervous. I just hope she doesn’t turn us away. Willow swivels facing me and furrows her brows biting her bottom lip.

“Umm… whose house is this?”

I take a deep breath not knowing what to say. “You’ll see. C’mon, let’s go.” I step out of the car and Willow jumps out with Petunia following closely behind, her little trotters clicking on the pavers alongside us.

Strolling along the pathway that leads to Mum’s home a sense of family springs to mind. I’ve missed her. Sure I’ve had Dad beside me, but even though she left us, I’ve still missed having her around. Stepping up to the door, I take a deep breath and Willow grabs my hand.

“Are you okay? You seem… tense?”

I smile and nod just as the door creaks open and a rifle slides through the small gap pointed right at me. The clicking of metal against metal as it’s being loaded echoes through the quiet neighbourhood as Willow tenses next to me and gasps.

“Who the fuck are you? What the fuck do you want? And what are you doing here so late at night?” Mum’s gravelly voice rasps out through the night air and I grin knowing she hasn’t changed
at all.

Chuckling, I push the barrel of the gun out the way. “It’s me, Mum,” I announce. Two visible gasps sound around me, one from next to me and one from behind the door. I glance at Willow and she’s glaring at me as I take in her dishevelled appearance. We haven’t had a shower in a while, and her hair is a mess from the fucking I gave her in the car behind the servo. I probably should have made sure she looked a little more presentable before Mum opened the door. Which is now swinging wide open as the gun falls down to her side.

Her blonde hair sits exactly how I remember it, in a short bob situated just above her shoulders. Her eyes have more wrinkles around them now as they squint looking right at me, glistening with unshed tears. For a woman of forty-six she still looks good to me.

“Dylan?” she asks her voice breaking like she’s unsure of the sight before her eyes.

“Yeah Mum, it’s me.”

She sniffs as a tear rolls down her cheek. Quickly wiping it away, she brings her arms up and clenches her hands in and out gesturing for me to go to her. So I do, letting go of Willow’s hand and moving straight into my mother’s arms. She embraces me tightly as her head comes into my chest. She’s shorter than me now, and I rest my head on top of hers as the warmth and love oozing from me right now is palpable. Being in my mother’s arms again, well I never could have imagined would feel so… damn right!

“Squuueee,” Petunia rushes past me and up to Mum’s leg rubbing and cuddling into her.

She pulls back jumping and gasping as she looks down at the pig. Pulling up her rifle she points it at Petunia and cocks the gun. Willow screams as I grab the gun and pull it away from her.

“What the fuck is that thing? It’s the biggest fucking rat I’ve ever seen. Get it the fuck away from me, Dylan,” Mum screams jumping up and down on the spot making me laugh out loud. Willow moves in and picks Petunia up cradling her to her chest and stroking her like she’s glad she’s still alive.

“Mum, calm the fuck down. It’s a teacup pig, not a rat. Don’t worry, I thought the same thing… tried to stab her with Wesley when I first met her.”

Mum looks at me finally standing still and raising an eyebrow. “Wow, you did? And so it is. It’s actually quite cute now that I look at it. Wait? Why do you have a pig, Dylan?” Mum asks and I chuckle.

“Her name’s Petunia. She’s our pet. Well… Willow’s really, but I’ve kind of adopted her since…” I pause and look down on the ground as my chest starts to hurt. Willow rests her hand on my shoulder for comfort.

“Since what darling?” Mum asks.

“Cassius. Mum… he died.”

She winces letting out a sigh. “Well, he would’ve been, what… ten now? He lived a good life. A long life.”

I nod and look at Willow then back to Mum who’s also looking at Willow and then it clicks.


“Fuck! Sorry Mum. This is Willow… Willow this is Mum—”

“Call me Amelia, honey,” Mum cuts in glancing at Willow and smirking. “So… um, no offence, but you don’t look like a club girl?” She stands back to one side and gestures for us to come inside.

I walk through to the lounge room and Willow follows. “No offence taken. I’m not one of those cockmunchers.”

I turn looking at Willow, grinning widely as my mouth falls open. I haven’t heard her talk like that without being coerced into it. My cock twitches while Mum snickers.

“Hmm, I like you. I like her, Dylan. Where did you find her son?” Mum asks shutting the door and placing her rifle on the buffet as she walks past the light and switches it on then sits down. The room brightens with light as the walls shine with photos of me as a kid—not just me, my brothers too. Swallowing hard, I take a deep breath trying to remember them. It’s hard, I was so young when they died.

“Earth to Dylan?”

I look up to Mum and shake my head. “What?”

“Where did you find Willow?” she re-asks her question as I take a seat on the lounge next to Willow, who’s still holding Petunia rather tightly.

“Actually, she was workin’ at a child care centre and I helped her rescue a stray child. The rest is history.”

Willow smiles at me and I smile back at the memory of when we first met.

“That’s cute. So Willow, will the pig shit in my house?”

I chuckle as Willow pulls back a little shocked by my mother’s forwardness. “Umm, she shouldn’t. She is house trained.”

“You’re shitting me?” Mum says and I chuckle again. We’re so alike.

Willow giggles and glances at me. “I shit you not.”

Mum shrugs. “Well, okay then, you can put her down. Let her run around. I’m not sure why you guys are here, but I know it can’t be just for a shits and giggles visit. That doesn’t happen after eight years of not seeing each other. Am I right?”

I exhale running my hand through my hair as Willow places Petunia down to the floor and she wonders off sniffing everything.

“Some shit went down at the club. Willow saw some stuff in the Chop Shop with Chops… shit she shouldn’t have seen.”

Mum nods and clicks her tongue to the roof of her mouth. “Chops is out for blood. He always was a fucking bastard.” Willow lets out an amused huff and I raise my eyebrows in agreement. “How long you been on the run for?”

“Just under two weeks.”

She shakes her head. “You been living out of that tiny car?”

I nod. She purses her lips and crosses her arms over her chest. “And it took you this long to come to me, Dylan. What the fuck?” Her rise in tone and the way she’s leaning forward ensures me that she’s angry.

Huffing, I shake my head. “I don’t know what I’m doin’,” I admit and Willow looks at me her eyebrows raising up together as she swallows hard. That’s the first time she’s heard me admit it.

“Okay, let me help you for now. Willow, please go and have a shower. Sort out your hair and let me feed you both. Stay here a couple of days… a week if you need to. I’ll make some calls, try and sort something out.”

I shrug. “But how can you help us, Mum?”

She rolls her eyes and tuts. “Dylan, I might not be a part of the club anymore, but one never truly leaves a club do they? I have connections, and I have friends. I’m still a McNamara. My name hasn’t changed. I’m still Mad Dog’s Old Lady for all intents and purposes. We never divorced, remember? I just left. There’s a difference.”

“We’ll accept any help we can get, right Dylan?” Willow asks looking at me furrowing her brows and glaring.

“Listen to your Old Lady, Dylan.”

Taking a deep breath, I shrug. “Fine! Just don’t go gettin’ yourself into any trouble. Okay?”

“Me? Never.” She smiles and stands up. “Right Willow, come with me. I’ll show you the bathroom. Dylan, get your bags out the car and I’ll make up your room. Then get you something to eat.”

Willow stands up as my mother grabs her arm and they walk off toward the other room while I head outside to get our stuff.


BOOK: Ignite the Flame: A Satan's Savages MC Novella #2
12.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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