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He thrusts into me with a groan and my skin blisters in an insatiable heat. Droplets of sweat trickle down my spine as my body starts to tremble with pleasure. My moans echo through the large room, hitting the walls and reverberating. The sounds of me hearing my own moans turn me on more. Every muscle in my body clenches and constricts as they pull together ready for my impending climax which Steel is bringing out of me so easily.

“Dylan,” I whimper as he thrusts into me again.

“I know babe, cum for me.”

His demand turns my body into a pool of jelly. He makes me weak when he talks like that. His mouth finally connects with mine. Our tongues dancing together as he kisses me strongly making my heart flutter rampantly. My head goes foggy as my body trembles. I’m burning up as he thrusts deeply. Clenching my eyes tight, I see flashes of light and my nails dig into his shoulders as I moan and my body clenches. I’m bursting at the seams and everything is pulling together as he thrusts deeply once more, and it’s like everything inside of me combusts in a gigantic quake rocking me right to my very core. I shake so hard that Steel tightens his grip on my arse to hold me, as I moan loudly into his mouth while my body slumps against his.

He kisses me hard while I try to catch my breath through my nose as I come down from my intense orgasm. He really knows how to rock my world and throw it right off its axis. And I love every second of it! Pulling me away from the wall, I grip onto him tighter so I don’t fall as he spins walking us toward the bed with my chest still heaving from the high. He steps over to the mattress and pulls me away from him. Furrowing my eyebrows, I look at him as our lips part and he smirks placing me down. He turns climbing on the bed and lays on his back. His length stands up tall and strong and waiting for me. Licking my lips, looking at him he chuckles and tilts his head.

“Well, c’mon babe, get your arse over here and ride me.”

I giggle and climb onto the bed over him biting my bottom lip. Moving over his hips, I line his length up with my opening as his hands find their way to my hips and he helps to ease me down onto him. We both moan out at being reconnected and my head falls back in pure satisfaction. His hand moves up to my breast and he pulls on my nipple tweaking it in his fingers. The pressure is hard, but not painful. It makes me moan as his length fills me deeply. His other hand moves to my clit and his finger starts to rotate. I instantly tremble, relishing in the pleasure. His hands are all over me, his length is inside of me, his soul owns my heart. Steel is filling every inch of me, and my heart is beating so fast not just from the fast paced love making, but also from the way I feel about him. Sure coming here was crazy scary, but now that I’m here in bed and with Steel, I feel like everything might turn out okay after all.

He pushes harder on my clit and the heat burns inside of me again. I can’t believe he’s working me up this fast again. My body shakes and my muscles clench as I ride him hard. He groans as I move up and down on him, and I notice he’s starting to stiffen too, so I know he’s close. My head feels foggy and I move my hands down to his chest and dig my nails in, knowing how much he loves that. Clenching my eyes tightly shut, I moan as he thrusts up inside of me while I move down on him. We’re moving in perfect harmony. My skin prickles with goosebumps and trembles as he presses harder on my clit. Arching my back, I pant hard as my breathing hitches. He moans and presses even harder on my clit sending me over the edge. My body tightens and then releases in a smaller, but still satisfying explosion as I climax around him. Moaning, I continue to move as I gasp for air. His hands move to my hips as he moves my body at the pace he needs. He thrusts up inside of me and groans loudly as he pulls me down on him, his body clenching.

“Fuck, Flame,” he groans and then unloads his hot cum inside of me with a long drawn out growl.

He stops moving my hips and so I fall forward—both of us spent—onto his chest. We both pant coming down from the unmistakable high. We really have such an intense physical bond let alone the chemistry we share. I really think we’re meant to be.

His hands wrap around my back as I nuzzle into his neck and kiss his salty skin gently.

“That wasn’t half bad, biker boy,” I murmur trying to tease him.

“Half bad? Geez woman. If that was only half good for you, your expectations are way too high, ‘cause that was fuckin’ awesome for me.”

I giggle into his neck and nod. “I suppose you’re right. It was definitely above average.”

He groans and grabs hold of me tightly and rolls us over on the bed so he’s on top of me. I giggle at the sudden movement and change of position.

“Listen here woman! You love the way I fuck, don’t go pretendin’ you don’t.”

I smirk and roll my eyes. “Dylan, that wasn’t fucking, that was making love.”

He scoffs and runs his nose along mine. “Flame, I’m a biker. I will not, nor have I ever, made love. I fuck. I love you… yes. Will I watch clit shit with you? Sometimes… if you’re lucky. Will I buy you flowers? Absolutely. But this fuckin’ fact, I won’t budge on. It may look like we’re making love, it might feel like it, but I still have to call it fuckin’. You got it?”

Smirking, I nod and giggle. “You mean steal me flowers, right?”

He chuckles and nods. “Yeah. But what about you, you

Opening my eyes wide, I smirk again. “Naughty? Using my words now? I’m rubbing off on you Steel. You’ll be making love before you know it.”

He takes a deep breath and looks me in the eyes smiling. “Well, if you wanna call it that, you go ahead. But if you tell my new brothers we make love instead of fuck, I’ll be having some crispy Petunia bacon.”

“You would not!”

“No, I wouldn’t. I like that little fuckin’ pig too much. But please babe, don’t go makin’ me look all soft and shit, even though you make me into this weak as crap man when I’m around you.”

My chest tightens and I bite on my bottom lip. I know it may not seem like it, but that was a really sweet thing for him to say. “Oh baby, thank you. And just so you know, I love that you feel like that. But to me, you’re a tough, strong, and confident biker boy. Believe me there’s nothing weak about you. Don’t worry, I won’t go telling the guys we make love… that can just be between us.”

He smiles and moves a strand of hair behind my ear. “Okay, good. Fuck me! I love you, you know that?”

I nod. “I know. Now let’s try out this new whizzbang bathroom?”

He chuckles and nods pulling out of me and planting a kiss on my nose.



We’ve been settled in at Aldinga for a solid day. I was officially patched in last night at a special ceremony, and after a little party, Willow and I celebrated in our new room. Willow seems to be fitting into our new digs well. It’s good to see her smiling again after what went down two weeks ago. She and Meli have hit it off well, and I’m glad she has someone here to talk to of the female variety. I know how hard it would have been for her to have left the kids from the centre and her home behind. I’m more than aware she has given everything up for me, so in return, I’m willing to give her anything she needs to adjust to this life.

I’m sitting in the clubroom with Jock having a brew when Gator struts in. “Right brothers, emergency church. Steel come on in brother, you’re one of us now.”

Standing up, Jock slaps me on the shoulder and I smile full feeling proud to be a part of a brotherhood again. I missed it. I miss my other brothers and wish I could see Techie, but I know that’s not possible right now. Not until Willow has completely settled in.

My boots feel light as I walk with a renewed spring in my step toward the black doors of the assembly room. We all file in and I take my seat at the end of the table being a newbie to the group as Gator sits at the head and Gadget sits to his left. Jock, his Sergeant At Arms, to his right.

“Church is in session.” Gator bangs his gavel and the men all sink back into the plush leather backed chairs.

“First, welcome new member Steel. It’s good to have you on board, brother.”

Smiling I raise my hand and salute. “Good to be here.”

Sledge slaps my back and the other brothers all nod. It helps to know we’re welcome.

“So after the mess with the Riot Brothers it’s left us damaged. We’re low in numbers and we need to start a recruitment drive, but we’ll get to that later. Right now, we need to discuss more pressing issues. Gadget has stepped in as the interim VP, but no one is really ranked high enough or knows club business well enough to qualify other than Jock, and he doesn’t want the job. Or has that changed?” He looks at Jock and he purses his lips and shakes his head.

“No Prez, I’m too old. My time’s up. We need young blood.” His Scottish brogue rings through. Having over half your men gunned down—taking out most of the higher ranking brothers—takes its toll. This chapter is definitely hurting.

“Well then, in that case, are there any suggestions or nominees? I’m looking for an acting VP. Someone who’ll take on the role and prove themselves worthy in time for the actual position,” Gator states.

Gadget looks up and glances right at me, his eyes open wide and a grin plasters over his face. Furrowing my brows, I wonder why the fuck he’s looking at me like that, but I don’t have to wonder for long. “Steel. I nominate Steel,” Gadget says.

I sit up so fast I almost fall off the seat as it wobbles on its legs.

“What?” My voice is a higher pitch than I would have liked.

The rest of the room look at me while I shake my head.

“That's a very good idea,” Sledge agrees and my entire body flushes in a cold sweat.

“But I’ve been here all of two minutes.”

“You’ve been a VP. You know what it takes more than anyone else here, Steel. You’ll get to know the lads, and they’ll respect you no matter what. My vote is aye. Steel for acting VP,” Jock states.

Sitting in a stunned shock the room echoes in a resounding “aye” from everyone, and I’m utterly shocked I’ve been voted into this position.

“I don’t know if I can accept, brothers. This seems too soon.”

Gator laughs and shakes his head. “Well, if you want to stay here it’s as my acting VP or a prospect.”

I chuckle and furrow my brows at him and purse my lips. “Okay… This is a real honour, brothers. Thanks for thinkin’ so highly of me and trustin’ me with this. I won’t let you down.”

Gator nods and smiles at me. “I know you won’t.”

I smirk as Gadget stands up smiling and walks down toward me. Standing up, I take a deep breath, my heart hammering in my chest as I march down to the front of the table. As I reach the seat to the left of Gator, I look down at the other men just to make sure this is really what they want.

“Sit the fuck down Steel, you goose!” Sledge calls out making everyone laugh. I chuckle while pulling back the VP seat and sit down on the plush leather. It’s comfortable, and I think I’m going to like being Gator’s acting second-in-charge. It’ll be different to Virginia, but I’m looking forward to being part of this chapter and seeing what direction they’re heading in.

Gator looks at me and shifts his weight on his side shoving his hand into his jean’s pocket. I furrow my brows as he pulls something out and rests his closed fist on the table.

“I hereby declare Steel McNamara the acting Vice President of the Satan’s Savages Aldinga chapter.” He turns over his fist, opening it to reveal the white rectangle with V. President sewn onto it. A smile crosses my face that this is happening all over again.

“Welcome to the table, brother,” Gator says handing me the patch.

I take it and nod. The brothers in the room erupt into a fit of cheering as the wood of the table moans from them banging on it in celebration. I can’t help but smile as they all welcome me so warmly.

“Church is adjourned. Let’s drink.” Gator bangs his gavel and we all stand up.
Turning toward Gator as the other men walk out, I shake my head and chuckle.

“Did you know that was goin’ down?”

He laughs and shakes his head. “No, but I’m fucking glad it played out this way, brother. I’ve known you a long time, Steel. I trust you more than I trust some of my brothers here and I’m with them twenty-four-seven. You’re the right man to be by my side, now that Smooth has checked out. He was a great VP and my close friend. But I know you’ll do the job just as well and you’ll prove your worth.”

Sighing, I think of Smooth and how great a guy he was. It’s fucking shit he got in between a bullet and the Riot Brothers.

“Thanks, this means a lot to me. You have no idea.”

He wraps his arm around my shoulders and yanks me to his side. “I think
don’t know how fucking much this means to
and my club, brother. You came in right when we needed you.”

I nod. “I think we needed each other Gator.”

He smirks and slaps my shoulder letting go of me. “Fuck! I think we better get out of here before we end up making out or something with all this lovey-dovey bullshit floating in the air. Let’s drink and find us some pussy.”

“There’s only one woman I’m makin’ out with, and only one pussy I’m after these days. And you… don’t think I haven’t seen you makin’ googly eyes at Meli.”

“Fuck off prick! She’s a club whore—”

“Ah-huh, sometimes club whores make the best old ladies… just sayin’.”

He winces and huffs shaking his head. “No more talk of old ladies. Beer… now!”

I laugh and start walking toward the door with him in toe. “Just remember back to when you were warnin’ me off about Willow?”

He winces and jolts back folding his arms over his chest. “Yeah, about that… sorry brother.”

I laugh. “No, don’t worry about it. We had our fallin’ out over the club, but I think she’s gonna fit in here. If I stayed at Virginia, we might not have made it. But here, I think Willow will stick this out. She’s changin’ already. She fuckin’ shoplifted on the way here.”

He chuckles. “Really? That little innocent redheaded firecracker stole shit?” I nod and he smirks and shakes his head. “Fuck me, I like her even more right now. She’ll get along just fine. Meli’s taken her under her wing. I’m sure they’ll be good friends.”

Nodding, we walk out of the assembly room and into the clubhouse to the sounds of Luminate’s
‘New Beginnings’
playing over the stereo. I pause slightly in the doorway as I listen to the words talking about making a fresh start with the one you love, and through the death of an old life, the grace of a second birth is possible. That’s what’s happening right now, I’m being reborn into this new club and so is Willow. The life she left behind was a good one, but she’ll start a new life here with me and we’ll break free through this new life together.

“You coming, cock?” Gator calls out turning back looking at me as I’m paused in the doorway of the assembly room.

Breaking from my thoughts, I nod. “Yeah, brother.” Stepping into the clubroom, I look over to see Willow with Meli and the Russian twins. “Actually, I’ll catch you in a bit. There’s somethin’ I gotta do.” I show him my patch and then glance at Willow.

He nods and tilts his head toward her. “Go get it sewed on, brother.”

Turning I walk toward the women and Willow looks up at me and smiles. It makes my chest ache. I love it when that happens. The other girls giggle as I approach and I smirk knowing they’re all checking me out.

“Afternoon ladies.”

“Hi Steel,” Meli says nudging Willow in the shoulder making her giggle. I’m not sure what their inside joke is, but I’m glad Willow is having a good time.

“Hey, darlin’. Now Miss Willow, could you please put your hand out for me?”

“Are you going to shove your big fat cock in it, mister biker man?” One of the twins says in her Russian accent.

Willow gasps as Meli laughs hysterically and I chuckle. “I just might. Wait till she puts her hand out and you may get a show, ladies. I know little old Asian ladies love lookin’ at my cock,” I tease reminding Willow of the time I opened the door to receive our Chinese takeaway order.

Willow bursts out laughing as the other girls all furrow their brows and purse their lips in confusion not understanding our inside joke.

“I no get it?” the other twin says.

“Da, me either. You like Asian porn, mister biker man?” she asks and I crack up laughing.

“Not particularly, no. Hey, who is who?” I ask and they smile.

“One of us, Irina.”

“The other, Marina. You work it out.”

I glance at Willow, who’s trying to hide her smirk. She points to the one on the right and mouths ‘Irina.’ I smile and look back at the girls as they grin cheekily.

“I guess you’re Irina, you look like an Irina. And you’re Marina ‘cause you kinda look like a turtle, which is a marine animal, so it fits I think.”

“A turtle! Okhu`el?” Marina stands up and storms off to the other side of the room.

I chuckle as her sister giggles and shakes her head. “Oh dear. You, my friend, made an enemy of my sister, but a friend in me.”

Smiling I nod. “What did she say?”

She smirks. “It’s ah… how you say? Ah,
you fucking crazy

I burst out laughing as Meli and Willow giggle alongside each other, and Irina stands up and pats my shoulder. “I like you. You have a strong jaw. I would like to see your cock in Willow’s hand.” She winks and as she walks off, her hand skims across my chest.

My heart starts to race hoping Willow doesn’t get jealous about that. I turn looking at her and she’s trying hard to keep her laugh in as she shakes her head.

“Geez, and I thought Lunar was sexual. Those Azarov twins are off the charts. The things they were talking about Steel. Well, let’s just say, I’m sure I’m going to be learning a thing or two.”

I raise my eyebrow and take a step closer as my cock twitches in my pants. “Oh really? Like what?”

BOOK: Ignite the Flame: A Satan's Savages MC Novella #2
12.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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