Ignite the Flame: A Satan's Savages MC Novella #2 (8 page)

BOOK: Ignite the Flame: A Satan's Savages MC Novella #2
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“Wanna see our new digs, babe?” Steel asks looking down at me.

I nod and turn back to face Gator. “Thank you. Really, I mean it. Thank you for everything you’re doing for me… for us.”

He nods and smiles. “My pleasure little lady.”

We turn and walk out of the assembly room toward the stairwell, it’s only one flight of stairs and they lead to a long hall. I notice that all the living quarters must be up here. We get to the first door on the left and Steel pushes open the door.



I must admit I’m a little anxious to see our new abode. Considering I’ve just gone from having my own home to moving into a fitted out clubroom with a mob of bikers—well, let’s just say it’s a big change and adjustment. I put Petunia down as we walk in and am shocked at the cleanliness of the room. The sun shines in through a giant open window overlooking the beach in the distance, and to be honest, it
looks like a hotel room in here. The floorboards are polished wood, the wall has a feature colour of a deep chocolate with cream on the other walls. The black bed has the illusion of floating off the floor, the headboard is against the wall and the quilt’s in a dark chocolate colour. The side tables are the same dark chocolate. The wall behind the bed has a recess, and to the left is a black leather recliner chair. A desk lines the opposite wall and behind the bed is a hidden door. Moving through the door, I see a beautiful bathroom. The shower alcove is massive with two shower heads and even a bench seat. There’s a bath lining the opposite wall, and a toilet and basin in the middle. Shaking my head as I stare, Steel’s arms wrap around me from behind and his chin falls to my shoulder. I turn my head to face him and sigh.

“This place is great, Dylan.”

He nods and turns his head kissing my lips gently. “I was pretty sure we were gonna be given something shit, but this is good. I think we’ve lucked out, babe.”

I giggle. “Tell me about it, everyone is nice so far. I’m just waiting for something to happen. For someone to come up to me and say they wanna ram their penis up my arse. That I’m no good for you and I should leave.”

He turns me and wraps his arms around my waist pressing his forehead against mine. “These guys are different, babe. I’m still wary of them. But they’ve faced devastation here, so they’re shaken too. But they’ve taken us in, offered you protection, and given us sanctuary. We need to be thankful for that… and for this place.”

“Yeah, I am thankful. Meli was lovely, and honestly, I’m happy here at the moment.”

He leans in and kisses my lips tenderly. “Good ‘cause I think we’ll be here a while.”

The ringing of a mobile startles me as I jump in Steel’s arms. He smiles and pulls back grabbing his phone from his jean’s pocket. He looks at the screen and smiles. “It’s Techie, I should take it let him know what’s goin’ on.”

Taking his hand, we walk back to the bedroom area as Steel answers his phone. Sitting on the luxurious bed, the mattress dips with its softness and I smile at how comfortable it’s going to be to sleep in this bed tonight.

“Hey, brother.

“Yeah, Prez arranged for Flame and me to come to Aldinga.

“We’re stayin’ here indefinitely.

“I’m patchin’ in.”

I smile up at Steel as he talks to his best friend. I feel weird listening in, but there’s really nowhere else for me to go right now.

“Yeah, I know it’s gonna be weird as fuck not bein’ around you, too. But it’s the only thing I could do. You know Chops…

“Mmm… How’s Prez doin’?”

Steel goes quiet and sighs rubbing the back of his neck and sits down on the bed next to me.

“Yeah, figured as much. Look out for him for me will ya?

“Thanks, brother…”

There’s a pause like he’s listening to Techie talk and he exhales and flops his back onto the bed.

“Yeah, I’m gonna need to get a new one. Obviously, I don’t want to come back just yet, and it’s wrong to be patched in here without a Hog. I’ll just have a buy another one. I fuckin’ love that bike, and I feel like my right arm has been ripped off.”

Pursing my lips, I exhale and rest my hand on his thigh knowing how much he loves his bike. I wish I could somehow get it here for him, but I have no idea of how to do that.

“Yeah, keep it on the down low that we’re here. Obviously, the less that know the harder it is for Chops to find out. I’m trustin’ you brother.” His stern voice even makes me shiver.

“Okay, I’ll chat with you later. Keep the shiny side up.” He laughs and nods his head like he’s listening to one of Techie’s fact sessions. “Yeah, yeah, righto. Later brother.” He hangs up the phone and sits back up looking right at me. He brings his hand up to caress my face. Turning my cheek into his hand, I smile and stare into his ocean blue eyes.

“I fuckin’ love you.”

I giggle and shake my head. “I know, me too.”

“You sure you’re okay bein’ here?”

I nod and lean my forehead against his. “This is exciting and new, and the main thing is I’m doing it with you. As long as you’re by my side, I’ll be fine.”

He smiles and leans in kissing me roughly. His beard tickles my face as the length of it is longer than normal due to being on the road, and for some reason he hasn’t shaved. He leans his body into mine and I smirk knowing where this is headed. My hands run up his biceps and I grip onto him as I pull him over me and fall back on our new bed.

This is a new beginning, in a new club, in a new bedroom, we may as well get to christening it.

His tongue dances with mine as his body presses down against me. Wrapping my legs around his waist, his length grows hard against me. My clit starts to throb as my need to be with him is taking over. His hand skims along my body igniting me at his touch. He makes his way to the bottom of my skirt, and his hand delves upward running his calloused fingers along my thigh. My skin prickles and riddled with goosebumps as he moves off me and to my side. Smiling against his lips as he kisses me vigorously, my breathing grows heavier through my nose. His hand slides up and takes the edge of my knickers, tugging. I shuffle up helping him ease them down. He glides them to my ankles and I kick them off to the floor. His hand moves back in between my legs making me shiver at the contact, as his tongue continues to go rogue with mine. Kissing him is one of the best feelings ever. His hand travelling to where I want him the most is another.

His finger moves in and the warmth of his touch presses down on my clit making me arch my back slightly off the bed at the pleasure that hits instantly. Moaning into his mouth as he circles on my clit working me up, the heat builds inside of me. My hand runs up into the back of his head and into his hair holding his mouth to mine further. A tingle shoots through my insides sending a cold sweat over my sensitive skin.

My hips start to move in motion with his rotation and I pant into his mouth as he works me up. His fingers move down and up inside of me. I moan as he pushes in deeply and I spread my legs further apart making access easier for him. His fingers move in and out at a perfect rhythm bringing me to the height of pleasure that I want to reach. He’s a magician with his hands, and as he kisses me vigorously, his fingers work their power on me.

Heat engulfs my body, starting from the tips of my toes working up to the ends of my hair. It covers my skin in droplets of light perspiration as my body trembles in appreciation. My hips arch and rock against his hand as he thrusts inside of me, in and out, deep and just at the right spot. My back arches off the bed as my head goes foggy and flashes of light burst behind my clenched eyelids.

My hand grips onto his hair as the other clutches onto the quilt, the soft fabric creasing in my tensing fingers. The heat surrounds me as my body tenses all over. My muscles tighten with the impending climax as he pushes in deeper. His kiss intensifies as he thrusts one more time, my body exploding in satisfaction. I moan loudly into his mouth letting out all my ecstasy. My body releases its tension and relaxes against the bed as he pulls his fingers out from inside of me and moves back placing them in his mouth.

He grins wildly and it still freaks me out when he does that, but he chuckles and sits up on the bed.

“Good?” he asks.

Closing my eyes still coming down from the high, I simply nod and relax. “Mm-hmm.”

“Well, you better wake the hell up ‘cause I’m not done with you yet, babe.” He grabs my hands and pulls me up with him.

My body flies off the bed and I let out a squeal followed by a giggle as he lifts me up. We stand at the edge of the bed, my legs a little wobbly from the pleasure just gone. He moves his hand to my shirt and pulls it up over my head. It falls to the floor next to my knickers, and I turn back to him and smirk as I move my hands around my back to undo my bra. He pulls off his shirt and throws it to the floor, kicking off his boots—we’re both suddenly rushing to get undressed. His jeans come off quickly as does my skirt and they too are thrown to the floor leaving us both naked. His glorious length springs free and it still shocks me that a guy’s penis can be so damned big. We’ve stopped using condoms, I had the Depo-Provera injection just before we met, but I’m coming up due to have another one in two weeks. So I’m going to have to sort that out with the doctor they have here. But now is not the time to be thinking about things like that. I race forward and press my naked body against his, moving up and kissing him hard.

He kisses me back as his hands move down to my arse clenching his fingers into my cheeks tightly. I grin against his mouth as I kiss him and he pulls me closer to him. The warmth of his toned, chiselled body against mine is igniting the fire inside of me all over again and I can’t wait to have him inside of me. He pushes me backwards and I walk with him not knowing where we’re going. His grip on my arse tightens and he pulls me up. My legs instinctively wrap around his waist as he pushes my back against the hard wall. Smiling against his mouth, I bite down on his bottom lip and he groans into my mouth.

“Fuck! I love it when you get rough, Flame.” He moves his head to my neck and bites it softly as he grinds his length into my pussy.

I whimper at the friction needing to feel him inside of me. So I bring my hands into his hair and tug on it making him look up at me. He grins and nods leaning in kissing me firmly as he pulls his hips back from mine slightly while still holding me against the wall. He moves his length in line with my opening and he pushes forward slightly just moving his tip in. He’s teasing me the bastard, and I groan in disapproval as he chuckles slightly. I push my hips forward trying to force him in, but he pulls back shaking his head and bites my bottom pouting lip.

“I’m in control, Flame.”

I exhale and relax my tense body as I run my hands through his hair and look him in the eyes furrowing my brows pleading for him to fuck me.

He smiles and leans in kissing me edging in slightly further. The pulse of his thick throbbing length stretches me, and I moan into his mouth shifting forward slightly more and he pulls back again.

“Uh, uh, uh. Who’s in control, Flame?”

I groan and rest my head back on the wall in frustration. “You are.”

“Look at me.” His tone is full of demand as I look forward to see him glaring at me. “Who do you belong to?” He edges a little further inside of me making me moan and bite my bottom lip.


He leans in kissing my nose. “And who loves you?” His smile is evident as I grin at him.

Smiling, I shift forward slightly. He doesn’t pull back this time. “You.”

“That’s right. Never forget it.” He pushes in further nearly all the way but stops looking into my eyes like he’s waiting.

Panting at the feeling of him inside of me, I smile as I know what he wants. Leaning in, I press my lips to his. “I love you, Dylan.” And with that, he groans and thrusts into me entirely. My head falls back against the wall as his mouth connects with my neck. He moves up and in me so deeply I can feel him right up inside of me, further than I have before. It’s intoxicating and as I pant trying to catch myself, he pulls back and thrusts in me again. My hands grip into his shoulders. My nails dig into his skin as his hands clench onto my arse cheeks.

He thrusts deep and hard and we quickly work into a rhythm that’s just right for us. My chest is heaving and filling with undeniable adoration for him. I love that he can be so strong and powerful with me. He makes me feel so good and so adored, just with the way he moves his hips. He works wonders, and I know that even though this life I’ve been thrown into is chaos and madness, it’s my life now. It’s important that he can make me feel so at ease with just the way he loves me.

My hands grip onto his shoulders tightly as I ride him up and down. He pulls me on and off his length, and he throbs inside of me. The feeling of him filling me sends a wave of pleasure right through my core. His beard tickles my skin as his harsh kisses on my neck become more forceful and turn into love bites. His teeth graze my skin sending goosebumps all down my neck and side and a shiver up my spine.

BOOK: Ignite the Flame: A Satan's Savages MC Novella #2
6.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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