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"I'd say that I'm surprised," Abigail
confided huskily, struggling to catch her breath as she felt her heart skip a
beat.  It was no secret that in spite of all Hadley’s malicious ploys and
machinations, he still loved his ex-wife.  She couldn’t lose sight of that
important factor.   He was not quite touching her, but remained close enough
for her to feel the heat pouring off his body, and she struggled to keep her
hands at her sides. "We work together, Colin."

"We do," Colin agreed, gazing
intently at her as he acknowledged the weakly spoken words and turned them over
in his own mind.  It took him another moment to speak, but when he did, it was
with confidence. "Nevertheless, I think we're both two adults that recognize
the difference between work and play and can abide by the boundaries between
the two.  I suggest that for tonight, we're not Mr. Storm and Ms. Donavan, two individuals
that work together.  I think, instead, that for this evening we should be Colin
and Abigail, two adults that are attracted to each other and choose to use this
time together to get to know each other on a much more intimate level," he
suggested, lifting a hand to trail down her bare flesh, stifling a grin that
threatened to overtake his face when he felt her arm shiver beneath his touch.  "Two
adults like us are entirely capable of keeping each other's minds occupied
while Mother Nature runs its course.   What do you think, Abigail?" he
asked, deliberately using her given name.

Opening her mouth to respond, Abigail
jumped as a heavy branch fell against the window behind her. "God!"
she panicked, her startled eyes wide, turning in place as Colin wrapped his
arms around her from behind, pulling her back against his strong chest. 
Staring dumbly out the window as the wind whistled through the trees lining the
mostly deserted street below, she felt Colin’s warm hands resting just below
her breasts and barely resisted the urge to jump again.

"You're okay, Abigail," he
murmured against her ear. "It was just a tree limb," he soothed, flattening
his palms against her quivering abdomen while the muscles jumped nervously
against his fingertips. "Just relax."

His deep voice hypnotized her as her
body melted against his chest, his warm breath cascading over her neck and
sending a shiver of excitement sizzling down her spine. Tilting her head back
to rest against his neck, Abigail inhaled deeply as she absorbed the feeling of
having Colin's muscular body nestled against hers, his warm hands trailing her
lower belly.

"Better?" he whispered huskily
against her cheek, inhaling the sweet floral scent he always associated with Abigail
Donavan.  Happily amazed to now know that her body fit against his perfectly,
every curve of her conforming to him as though it had been custom made to fit
his, he felt his own body relaxing into the embrace.  It felt oddly natural,
this act of holding her in his arms.

Nodding slowly, Abigail breathed deeply.
"Much better," she said, her voice equally quiet as she felt his body
responding to her nearness, the undeniable evidence of his interest prodding
her buttocks gently, irrefutable proof of his virility.  Even more surprising
was the fact that she found herself pressing closer to him, her ass gently
swaying against groin provocatively.

Tightening his arms around her narrow
waist, Colin somehow pulled her impossibly closer, meshing their still clothed
bodies together. "So, what do you say? Any chance you'd be willing to give
me that opportunity to distract you?" he asked huskily, dipping his head
to rub his lips against the creamy slope of her neck.  He’d dreamed of kissing
that alabaster skin of hers.  It was as soft and smooth as he’d imagined and
warm against his lips.

Her breath hitched as his damp lips
rested against the incredibly sensitive and delicate skin between her collar
bone and neck.  She bit her lip as his tongue laved gently over the vulnerable
spot, and Abigail shivered as she felt her core clench at the contact of
feeling his tongue moving against her neck. "You've been a distraction for
years, Colin.  Wondering what this would feel like if it ever happened between
us… I’ve thought about it probably more than I should have," Abigail
admitted with a slight gasp as his teeth made an erotic pass over her neck and
scraped the throbbing pulse hidden below.

"That goes both ways," Colin
murmured truthfully. "Maybe it's time we acted on it," he proposed,
rolling his hips against her ass and gently biting the delicate flesh of her
neck to emphasis his point.  “Maybe we could get each other out of our
systems,” he suggested.  Hell, he knew he was lying.   One taste of Abigail
would be all it took to addict him to her body.  Even now, his desperation to
have her… to fill her… to possess her was growing, and  it threatened to
shatter him with an intensity that would have terrified him if he’d bothered to
analyze it.

"Ahhhh!" She shuddered in his
arms when his tongue soothed the small love bite.  Like a strike of lightening
from above, suddenly she was energized, vibrating with the need to let go… to
be the woman she’d been in her fantasies with him tonight.  It was time to
ignore that cautious, careful woman she’d always been and grab for the brass
ring at least once.   "I think that's a good idea," she whispered as
she felt her panties dampen with need.  Pressing herself back against his
groin, she breathed, "A really good idea."

His smile widened when he heard those
faint words, and Colin kept one arm firmly around her as he reached for the
drape’s tassel.  He pulled it closed slowly, effectively shutting out the
coming weather with a purposeful flick of his wrist. "I don't think we
need to concern ourselves with the storm outside anymore, do you?" he
asked, pressing a trail of kisses over the line of her jaw.  "The one in
here is going to be dangerous enough," his deep voice predicted, an
undercurrent of something deliciously dark in his tone.  He had her now, he
thought wickedly, staring down into her bright eyes.  Tonight he’d finally
claim that luscious body he’d tried so hard to ignore.

"Is it?" Abigail replied, her
voice not quite steady.  Biting her lower lip as his hand lifted to surround
one aching breast, his thumb toying with her plump nipple while his tongue
painted a wicked path down her neck, she barely stifled the needy moan pushing
its way past her lips.  That quickly he had her, needy and desperate to assuage
the desire running rampant through her veins.  There was no escape for her now.

"In the interest of complete
honesty, maybe I should warn you that I haven't fucked another woman since Hadley,
Abigail," Colin's seductive voice warned against her ear as another clap
of thunder rocked the room. Smiling again as he realized Abigail hadn't even
registered the resonating boom, he gently pinched her nipple between his thumb
and forefinger, rolling it erotically. "And the things I've fanaticized
doing with you for the last few years... to you... let's just say I've got an
imagination full of wicked plans. I've been waiting for the chance to sate
these urges...this hunger."

Keeping her eyes trained on his, Abigail
smiled serenely even as her body seemed to explode with passion.  He wasn’t the
only one that had fantasies.  “Then perhaps you should get started, Mr. Storm,”
she invited bravely.

Chapter Three

"Oh, God." Abigail shuddered
with anticipation as one of his strong hands dropped to the soft silk of her
skirt.  His hand toyed with the zipper while his lips gently dropped damp kisses
along the column of her neck.  Sliding the zipper down slowly, he smoothly
dropped his hand along her bared midriff, his fingers teasing the soft skin. 

“You like this, don’t you, Abigail?” he
asked huskily against her ear.  “Do you enjoy feeling my hands teasing your
flesh?  You’re quivering, sweetheart,” he noted silkily, feeling the skin
beneath his fingertips jump.  “Is that excitement or fear?” he asked darkly,
his breath washing against her neck.  

“Maybe a little of both,” she admitted
shakily.  “It’s no secret that you’re rumored to be a very dark man, Colin, in
and out of the boardroom.”  Biting her lip as he found her shrouded femininity,
already moist with need, she shivered.

“Dark, yes,” he agreed as he bit her
earlobe and massaged her pussy through the silky barrier of her panties whilst
his other hand plucked at her ripe breast.  “But not depraved, darling.  Those
were simply the vicious accusations of a very bitter ex-wife.” 

 The splashes of color outside the almost
window could have been a million miles away, her mind suddenly unable to focus
on nothing but the feelings that were overwhelming her taut body.  How the hell
could any woman have been repulsed by this man’s attention?  Hadley must have
been out of her mind to say that his excessive demands in the bedroom had
contributed to the demise of their marriage.

"You're already wet for me," Colin
breathed, awed as his fingers kneaded the dampened scrap of fabric covering her
mound.   It was a refreshing change of pace for him.  For years, he'd had
lukewarm vanilla sex with a woman that had never really wanted him...never
really been interested in experiencing the pleasure two bodies colliding could
bring each other.  Mildly satisfying, yes….but nothing like the electric
sensations he felt coursing between himself and the woman he held against him. 
 And fortunately for him, Abigail's response to his touch already ensured that
she'd be a more than willing participant for what he had in mind.  “Lucky for
you, I have an incredible imagination and can think of fifty things to do with
this kind of heat.”

He never thought he'd be grateful for a
hurricane…until today.

"Mmm hmmm," Abigail hummed,
her mouth opening slightly as his fingers ground against the wet material into
her clit, rolling it between his talented fingers. "I think I'm going to
like that imagination," she moaned as she lifted her hips against his hand
and searched for more of that erotic touch.

"Yeah?" he muttered thickly,
sucking her earlobe between his lips as her body rocked against his, her ass
torturously rubbing against his stiff cock.  Damn, her supple body felt as
though it had been created to cradle his.  And those breathy sounds of approval
escaping her lips only served to heighten his pleasure.

"Oh, yeah." Abigail nodded,
barely able to catch her breath as Colin whipped her around to face him. 
Bracing her hands against his muscular chest, she forced herself to meet his
blazing eyes with her own focused gaze.  She was no shy schoolgirl… no naïve
woman.  She was fully aware of who this was and the journey she was about to
embark on with him.

"Be sure, Abigail," Colin
warned, his dark glaze glittering as their gazes collided. "I've been
waiting a long time to lose my throw my fucking inhibitions away
and concentrate on what feels good.  Are you sure you’re ready to be that woman
with me?"

Their eyes held for a long, taut moment
in time before Abigail finally whispered, "I want you...and everything
that goes with having you even if it’s only for a night."

Nodding, Colin's hands tightened around
her hips as he tugged her against his body, bending his head to cover her lips
with his. Relieved when her mouth eagerly parted to receive his tongue, he
groaned as her flavor flooded his mouth. God, she was a perfect blend of mint
and sweetness, he thought as her tongue met his, tangling in a sensual dance.   "Mmmm,"
he hummed against her mouth as she sucked his bottom lip between her own,
laving it with her tongue.  She was surprisingly sexy, and the bold carnality
of her kiss spurred his desire for her to another level.

Her wicked kiss eroded his control, much
like the waves that would be decimating the shoreline soon, and he found his
hands burying in her silky hair, pulling gently to tilt her head as he fought
her for dominance.  He was the one in control here, and she needed to recognize
that simple fact.  Thrusting his tongue inside the wet cavern of her tempting
mouth, her body ground against his wantonly, and he realized that her need might
just match his in every way. Wild and hot, the kiss only intensified the flame
burning between them.

Breathing heavily, he tore his lips away
from hers as the lights flickered in the room and the wind howled beyond the
window. Dropping his eyes to watch her breasts rise and fall rapidly beneath
the thin dress shirt she wore, Colin felt his erection swell inside his
trousers, her body presenting a temptation he was helpless to resist.
"Tell me you have another shirt," he ordered roughly, eyeing the
pearly buttons that trailed down her breasts hungrily.

Feeling his grip on her hips tighten, Abigail
nodded wordlessly as she watched his hands lift and grab the collar of the
simple white silk shirt she wore. Gasping as his hands ripped it open, buttons
flew against them as he bared her chest, and she watched his eyes darken
dangerously as they narrowed on the lacy bra she still wore. Letting the
material fall down her arms, she reached with shaking hands behind her back to
release her bra's clasp, the satiny material falling away with a whisper of

"Jesus," Colin whispered
ardently, lifting his hands to weigh her heavy mounds in his hands, relishing
the feel of the warm, firm globes in his palms. Stroking his thumbs over her
swollen nipples, he met her eyes. "Like fat juicy raspberries just waiting
to be devoured," he murmured appreciatively.   "I wonder if you'll
taste like raspberries, too."   Sliding his hands down to cup her narrow waist,
he took a step backward to sit on the bed, putting her breasts at the level of
his mouth as he tugged her toward him. "Let's see, shall we?" he
said, his voice low and dark as he leaned forward to pull one plump tip between
his lips.

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