Inescapable Eye of the Storm (6 page)

BOOK: Inescapable Eye of the Storm

"Abigail?" Colin murmured,
slowing his strokes as he stilled his finger within her.

"Don't you dare stop!" she
gasped, clenching her body around his cock, desperate for release.

Amazed, Colin shook his head.
"You're just full of surprises, Sweetheart," he murmured
appreciatively, rocking his hips harder against him, his heavy sacks slapping
her flesh. "Dark, naughty surprises," he whispered hotly, covering
her body and kissing her neck.

Tightening herself around him, she
pulled a groan from his lips. "I love what you're doing to me," she
whispered urgently against his lips. "You make me wild, Colin," she
mumbled, licking his lower lip as he grunted his pleasure, his neck cording
with the effort it took him to hold back.

"Wild," he agreed, kissing her
deeply as his cock pulsed within her. "I'm close," he ground out,
pulling his finger from her ass to reach around her body, finding her swollen
clit easily. "God, close," he panted, using the pad of
his fingertip to work her toward paradise.

"Mmmm," Abigail hummed against
his lips as her own pinnacle built, the tingling in her clit warning her that
she, too, hovered on the cusp of a powerful orgasm. "Fill me up, Colin,"
she breathed hotly, capturing his lower lip and nipping sharply.

"God, yes," he hissed,
tangling his tongue with hers as he let himself go, his hips rising and falling
frantically, his movements disjointed as he searched for that bone-numbing
orgasm just beyond his grasp. Her body encased his cock tightly as he felt
himself swelling inside her. "Unnnnngggghhhhh!" he groaned deeply,
throwing his head back as he felt himself release the first long jet of his
essence inside her, the force of his orgasm grinding his teeth together.
"Fuck, baby," he hissed, moving his fingers furiously against her
slick bud as his body exploded inside her. "Come with me," he
whispered between kisses, his body still surging against hers, the walls of her
sweet pussy caressing every inch of him.

The eye of her own personal storm was
upon her, and it was as inescapable as anything raging outside. "Ah, ah,
ah," Abigail moaned, her cries low and throaty as her eyes drifted closed
and pleasure surrounded her.

"So beautiful," Colin
whispered, watching her face tighten as her pussy convulsed around him,
wringing a second wave of bliss from him.

"Colin!" she screamed hoarsely
as her arm contracted around his neck and his fingers pinched her stiff bud
gently, rendering her helpless as her body shuddered beneath his.

Collapsing face first into the pillow
below as the waves of satisfaction slowly receded, leaving her body spent and
exhausted, tangled in the damp sheets, she felt his body fall against hers, a
buffer between herself and reality.

"Abigail?" Colin murmured when
he could breathe again, pressing gentle kisses against her exposed cheek where
she lay against the bed. "You okay, Sweetheart?" he asked, tucking
her hair behind her ears with tender fingers.

"Uh huh," Abigail responded
contentedly, her eyes still closed.

Rolling onto his side, Colin smiled when
she immediately scooted to snuggle her back to his chest, her body completely
relaxed. "I think the hurricane is passing," he whispered against her
bare shoulder.

"What hurricane?" Abigail
smiled weakly, turning her head to look at him with soft, satisfied eyes. 

And smiling, Colin bent his head over
hers. "Right answer," he whispered before covering her lips.

Returning his kiss, Abigail grinned.
"As far as distractions go, you might be just what the therapist ordered,
Agent Storm."

"My special brand of therapy hasn't
even begun yet. That was just my introductory lesson," Colin whispered.
"The way I see it, you've got several more sessions to go," he
replied seductively, rolling to cover her body again.

And as Abigail Donavan happily closed
her eyes, she felt the passion between them begin to build again.

She knew the hurricane would pass, but
the storm…it was only just beginning.



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