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Moaning as his lips surrounded her
sensitive areola, she stood between his legs, her fingers twining in his short
dark hair as he suckled first one breast, then the other. Every pull of his
lips against her flesh sent a delicious throb pulsing through her wet pussy,
building an ache that was almost painful.  His lips ate at her, growing
hungrier with every passing second.

"So good," he mumbled,
circling his tongue around one rucked nipple before lashing it with his tongue.
Moving his hands to cup the tight globes of her ass, he pulled her closer,
deeply drawing her breast into his mouth with a hard tug of his lips and biting
gently.  The urge to mark her as his clawed desperately at him, and he found
himself pulling on the reins of his control.

"Colin!" Abigail moaned, her
head falling back as he lovingly stroked her with his lips, his hands massaging
her ass. The slight sting of his teeth was a small price to pay for the sheer
bliss she experienced as he worshiped at her breasts.  Dropping her hands to
the waist of her skirt, she pushed the smooth fabric down her legs. Kicking
away the cumbersome material, she stood before him in a bare scrap of wet lace.

Releasing her nipple to look up and down
her petite body, Colin groaned. "I don't know where I want to start,"
he said softly rising to stand in front of her again. "There isn't a part
of you that I don't want to explore," he murmured, staring at her perfect
form, running his fingertips down her belly to the hem of her brief panties.

"Yes," Abigail breathed,
barely registering the sound of rain lashing the windows of the room.  The
Storm in front of her was quite enough to consume her full concentration.

Running his finger over the smooth plump
folds of her pussy through the damp panties she still wore, he smiled wickedly.
"Mmmm, you're shaved," he whispered, pleased. "I love a shaved
pussy," he breathed against her gasping mouth. "So sexy.  Are you going
to let me taste that, too?" he asked her hotly, nibbling her lips.  “Are
you going to let me sample that sweet delicacy, Abigail?” he asked, almost
taunting her.

"Whatever you want," Abigail
confirmed softly, her body trembling as his hands moved again, his fingertips
hooking in the elastic of her panties and sending them plunging toward her feet
with a flick of his wrist.

"So docile…submissive," Colin
whispered, dipping his head to lick her neck. "I like that."

"Do you?" Abigail breathed
against his ear, capturing the shell and nipping it in warning. "Trust me,
I won't be so docile when I have you flat on your back, Colin," she
warned, letting her small hands trail over his muscular chest. "I don't
think you need this anymore, do you?" she asked, flicking the buttons of
his light blue shirt from their loop holes as her eyes connected with his.

Chapter Four

His body responded urgently to her cool
fingertips falteringly releasing the buttons of his shirt. "Definitely
not."  Colin shook his head as he watched her push the garment off his
shoulders. Inhaling sharply as her nails dragged down his chest, he clamped
down on his jaw as those wonderful hands reached his belt next.  Her touch was
eager, almost desperate.  And that shine in her eyes told him one thing.  It
had been a
long time since Abigail Donavan had been well loved. 
That was a situation that he was going to take extreme pleasure in remedying.

"Or this?" she whispered, her
voice like velvet as she undid his belt with fumbling fingers and released the
fly on his slacks with a shaking hand. Shoving the material over his hips, she
gasped as his cock sprung free, bobbing in front of her. "Commando?" she
smirked, lifting shocked eyes to his. "I never would have expected that
from you, Mr. Storm."  No, she’d expected silk boxers or something equally
decadent.  Hard, firm flesh was an unexpected treat.

"I'm full of surprises,
Sweetheart," Colin murmured as he offered her a rare smile, capturing one
of her hands and guiding it to his rock hard length.  Dropping his eyes, he
watched her tiny hand enfold him, pumping him in her hand slowly.  "Fuck,
yes," he growled, his hips bucking into her touch.  While he knew in his
soul that this woman was no innocent, neither did she seem to be experienced
either.  Her eyes were dilated and he could see her pulse throbbing in her
neck.   Meeting her heavy lidded gaze, Colin cupped Abigail's neck, pulling her
slender body toward him. "How many times did that old boyfriend fuck you
that long ago night, Sweetheart?"

"I don't know," Abigail
admitted with a nervous shrug, sliding her inquisitive hand over his pulsing
erection as she committed the feel of his shaft to her sensory memory.  She had
a feeling she’d want to remember and relive these moments in the months to
come.   "Two or three, maybe," she whispered as lightening flashed
behind the closed drapes, the storm on the outside far less important than the
one raging inside within the palm of her hand.

Smiling dangerously, Colin shook his
head. "Pathetic. We're going to do much better than that together, Abby,"
he promised with a charming arrogance, claiming her lips again for a ravenous
kiss as he caught her against him and reversed their positions, pushing her
legs back against the bed. "Lie down," he commanded quietly, his eyes
blazing as the skated down the length of her naked body.

Lips tilting upward slightly, Abigail
raised an eyebrow. "Is that an order from my superior?"

Taking a step forward to press against
her, his lips grazed hers as he asked, heavily, "Does it need to be?"

"No," Abigail denied, nipping
his chin, her teeth grazing his dimple. "But it never hurts to know the
score," she noted, turning to kneel on the bed, crawling up its length and
allowing him a perfect view of her ass.  While she might be careful about
presenting a cool professional façade in the office, she was still a woman that
knew where her strengths were.  And she had a killer ass.  Three gym classes a
week filled with squats and lunges had ensured that simple truth. Turning over,
she laid propped against the pillows, her head slightly tilted as her eyes now
challenged him to finish what he’d began. "Now, what?" she asked
dryly as thunder shook the room again.

Reaching down to grip one slim ankle
gently, Colin's eyes glittered as they met hers.  For a moment, he wondered if
she realized that she was provoking a long neglected beast that resided inside
him.  Discarding the thought quickly, he acknowledged to himself that it no
longer mattered to him.  He was starving, and she’d make a more than adequate
meal.   "I told you that I was hungry," he reminded her, tugging her
legs apart as he lifted one knee to the bed.  Kneeling between her legs, his
eyes focused on the shaved pussy displayed before him, all glistening pink
folds that made his tongue water. "Correction,” he chided himself aloud. 
“Make that starving.”

Leaning up, Abigail placed one hand on Colin's
shoulder, stalling him when he would have bent his head to claim her body.
"Maybe I'm hungry, too," she said suggestively, shamelessly eyeing
his massive erection."Don't I deserve a treat, too?  Up until now, I’d say
I’ve been extremely cooperative, wouldn’t you?"  She could play this game
with him, couldn’t she?  She could hold her own with the magnate of the
advertising world…or so she attempted to convince herself while she waited for
his reply.

Lifting his head as her meaning
registered, Colin's heart beat faster. Was she suggesting...

"Maybe I need to be clearer," Abigail
said with a slow smile of her own as she saw the questions flash in his dark
eyes.  "I want to suck your cock, Colin."

Blinking as her soft assertive words
washed over him, making his dick throb painfully, Colin realized just exactly
how different she was from Hadley.   Where he'd had to beg for even the mildest
sexual acts during his marriage, promising her everything from jewels to
vacations, this earthy woman was ready, willing...and even eager to please him. 
For nothing.  Nothing but the promise of his reciprocity.   And that knowledge
thrilled him in a way nothing had in his life. "Far be it from me to
refuse a lady's request," he rasped, rising to stand in front of the bed
before walking with slow, purposeful steps to her side.

Throwing one leg over her body as he
straddled her face, Colin groaned as her ready lips captured his pulsing
member, sucking him quickly into the warm, wet confines of her mouth.
"Fuck, baby!" he growled, catching himself with his  hands against
the ornate headboard of the bed when the pleasure sent his body pitching
forward and surging between her velvety lips.

Her only reply was to flick her tongue
against the head of his shaft, her tongue toying with the small slit and
pulling a shudder from his body as she felt him wage an internal battle not to
thrust deeply into her mouth.  Obviously, it had been awhile since the boss had
enjoyed any carnal delights…which seemed odd, considering he was a virile,
handsome man well capable of finding a willing woman to fill his arms.  But
facts couldn’t be denied.  He was beyond excited, and his salty flavor already
thickly coated her tongue.

"God, Abigail," he breathed
raggedly as her soft tongue slid against the sensitive vein running along the underside
of his cock, tracing it with a wicked leisure that made his fists ball around
the wooden posts of the bed. Dropping his head to watch his engorged flesh
disappear into the warm cavern of her mouth, his only coherent thought was that
he needed her to feel a tenth of the desperation he did.

Thank God he was in a position to make
that happen. Shifting slightly, he reached behind him and parted the pouty
folds of her mound.  His searching fingers easily found her pleasure point and
it only took a few strokes of his fingertip against her slick pink bud for her
musky scent to fill his nostrils and fuel his desire.  Adjusting his position
with a lightening quick move, he bent between her parted legs as he filled her
mouth and took his first sip of her syrupy nectar.

Moaning around him, Abigail's hips
jerked in response to the touch of his tongue against her most intimate flesh,
earning her another long, wet kiss against her swollen folds. Oh, sweet God,
she thought wildly as his tongue circled her clit, lazily flicking his tongue
over it, he was going to drive her over the edge if she didn't act fast and
throw him off balance. Sliding a hand over a muscular cheek of his ass, she
sucked him deeply between her lips as her fingertip found his puckered entrance,
making a shallow foray into the warm opening.

Releasing his cock as his hot tongue
stabbed the heart of her, she gasped, the warm invasion creating a maelstrom of
sensation within her. "Colin," she panted, struggling for breath as
he used his tongue to fuck her with deep, even plunges of his tongue.
"Mmmmm, yeah," she moaned when his tongue moved back to her clit,
massaging it gently with long loving strokes.  He was a man well acquainted
with a woman’s body, finding all the hidden erogenous zones.

Biting her lip, she slowly slid one
finger past the tight ring of muscles in his anus.  She needed to distract him
before she dissolved underneath his lips.  Feeling him gasp against her pussy
at her gentle invasion, she smiled. "Do you like that?" she asked
hoarsely, her tongue darting out to lick one of his heavy sacs.  Swirling her
finger inside him as she pulled one of his balls between her lips and sucked
gently, she heard his rough grunt of approval.

Shocked by her boldness, Colin stilled. 
The sensation of her finger inside him wasn’t altogether unpleasurable.  In
fact, it made his dick harden painfully.   "Abigail," he breathed as
her small finger crooked inside him, skimming his prostate.   "Shit! Abigail,"
he groaned, rolling his hips to press his tip against her parted lips.  “Suck
my cock, baby,” he demanded gruffly.

"I'm going to take that as a
yes," she purred, taking his length back into her mouth and sucking gently
as she stroked inside him again.

"Oh, fuck," Colin gasped as
incredible sensations he'd never experienced before flowed through him and
caused his back to arch.  The urge to fuck that dirty mouth of hers with long
hard strokes intensified.  She was a siren, and he was happy to reap the
rewards.   Dropping his head, he pulled her clit between his lips and suckled,
relishing the muffled sounds escaping her lips as he fucked her mouth with
shallow thrusts of his hips as he ate at her pussy.

Squirming underneath his heavy body, Abigail
tried to find a rhythm, but his talented mouth coaxed her nearer the edge, his
tongue relentless as it flicked her clit. Stroking her finger over that magical
bundle of nerves inside him, she cried out when he growled against her pussy,
gently nipping her swollen bud in warning. "Colin!" she screamed as
the vibrations from his mouth sent her hurtling toward paradise.

Chapter Five

Feeling her cream against his lips, Colin
lapped greedily at her essence, groaning as she sucked one of his balls into
her mouth and brushed over his prostate again with her wicked finger.
"Fuck, yes," he hissed against the inside of her thigh, his back
bowing as acute pleasure assaulted him.

Breathing heavily, he quickly pulled
away from her lips before her sweet mouth could render him insane and reversed
his position. Now face to face with her, he slammed his mouth over hers,
savoring the taste of himself on her tongue as he introduced her to her own.
Torridly, he thrust his tongue into her mouth, relieved when she returned the
kiss eagerly.  There was nothing tender about their kiss.  It was wet and
sloppy…two people intent on milking as much pleasure from each other as humanly
possible.   "So hot, Abigail," he muttered against her lips. "So
fucking sexy," he growled, moving to suck gently on her neck as her legs
lifted to wrap around his waist, opening herself to him.

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