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BOOK: Inescapable Eye of the Storm

"Don't stop," Abigail
breathed, lifting her hips against him as he teased her entrance, barely
touching her, yet promising her heaven.  Steamily hot, his shaft gently nudged
her throbbing core as his eyes bore into hers.

Smiling wickedly as heavy rain slashed
angrily against the window, Colin trailed a finger over her high cheekbone.
"The way I see it, we don't need to rush.  We’ve waited a long time to
share these moments," he murmured, bending his head to nuzzle her neck,
his teeth biting gently at her collar bone. "Rushing through them would be
an injustice to both of us. Now, tell me what you like, Abigail. What makes you
hot? What makes you scream?" he asked huskily, capturing a dark nipple
between his lips and pulling lightly with his teeth.

"Aaahhhh." She shivered, the
sinful feel of his lips nearly driving her mad. "What?" she choked
when those evil lips moved to her other breast, the flickering lights barely
registering in her overworked brain.  How could he expect her to offer him
coherent answers when the only thing she could think about was the feel of his
heavy cock so close to piercing her core and delivering her into paradise?

"You heard me," Colin
whispered against her skin, branding her with each word. "What do you
like, Abigail? It's a simple question, Sweetheart," he taunted softly,
gently biting the underside of her breast in warning.  “Do you like it slow and
gentle?  Sweaty and wild…me driving into you so deeply that you feel my cock in
your throat?  Tell me,” he invited.

Simple question, Abigail's jumbled mind
echoed, gasping as his tongue glanced over a swollen nipple again. How was he
even able to continue speaking in complete sentences at this point? Now, with
his heavy cock nestling her swollen folds, promising her sensual abandon? And
how the hell could he not be as frantic for release as she was...even with the
amazing orgasm he'd already left her with?  "I don't think there's much
you could do that I wouldn't like, Colin," she replied truthfully,
tightening her thighs around his hips as she tried to urge him closer.

Lifting his head, Colin stared down at
her with hooded eyes. "You're leaving a lot open here to interpretation, Abigail.
Are you sure you want to do that?"  God, she was beautiful stretched out
beneath him, a human banquet for him to feast upon, her body begging to be
embraced by his. Flushed cheeks, bright eyes...and that gorgeous smile slowly
forming against her lips.  Every nuance of her beauty collided to further
harden his already aroused body.

"I'm sure," Abigail whispered,
staring into those mesmerizing eyes that had managed to hypnotize her countless
times before. "Anything you want is fine with me," she said, touching
his tense jaw. She could feel him vibrating with barely contained need, his
body screaming even though his lips remained quiet. "I won't break, Colin,"
she promised him gently. "I can handle you."  Staring into the
turbulent orbs of his, she wondered at the number Hadley must have done on
him.  He wanted her, but he didn’t trust her.  She could see that now, but it
didn’t matter.

him and no amount of
reminding herself that she was merely a body for him to sate his desire on
would sway what was about to occur between them.

"I hope you're sure about
that," he murmured, his hand sliding up her thigh and over her waist to
cup one firm breast and squeeze gently. "Roll over," he ordered her,
his voice velvety soft, but insistent.

Eyes widening at the gentle yet
intractable command, Abigail swallowed, not so much nervous as intrigued as she
rolled over to her belly without argument when Colin lifted his body from hers. 

Watching Abigail gracefully flip to her
stomach, Colin released the breath he'd been holding, his insecurity that he'd
crossed some unspoken line momentarily paralyzing him.  His fear that that he
had perhaps broken the spell they both seemed to have fallen under was quickly
quieted when her almost instantaneous movement stilled his pounding heartbeat.
Running his fingertips down her slender spine to stop just shy of her ass, he
smiled as she shivered and a soft kitten-like sigh of satisfaction escaped her

Reaching out a hand, he gathered her
dark silky hair in his hand, the soft strands caressing his palm. Sweeping it
over her shoulder, he dropped a kiss to the center of the nape of her neck.
"You don't know how long I've fantasized about this, Abigail," Colin
murmured deeply, sliding his hands down her sides, her skin silk beneath his
fingertips. "Having you beneath me," he breathed, peppering kisses
down her spine, over her the firm globes of her ass. "Willing.  Hot.
Wet," he growled against her ass as he probed her snug depths with one
long finger, finding her drenched in her own juices and entirely ready to be

"God, Colin," Abigail gasped
against the pillow, lifting her hips to meet the slow pump of his finger.
"Yesssss." She shuddered when he added a second finger, stretching
her, readying her for him, his warm lips pressing gentle kisses to the curve of
her ass. "Please," she begged, wriggling her hips as his teeth
nibbled one of her buttocks, "Don't make me wait.”  She knew she was close
to begging and didn’t care.  There was something about this enigmatic man that
called to her soul, assuring her that he was the man that could complete her
and fill the empty ache within her soul.

Dragging his lips back and forth against
her ass, he chuckled. "Anticipation is half the fun, Sweetheart. And, as I
remember it, I'm supposed to keep you distracted," he reminded her as
thunder rumbled, shaking the bed. Kissing her dewy skin tenderly, he curled a
hand possessively around her butt. "Have I ever told you how much I love
your ass?" he said, his voice low and sexy in the dim room. "So firm
and round," he murmured, caressing her skin. "For six years, I fought
a hard-on every time you bent over to pick something up.  I wonder if I should punish
you for that," he drawled.  “It was a damned inconvenient problem to have
when surrounded with people.”

"Maybe you shouldn't have fought so
hard," Abigail remarked, her voice raspy as his tongue danced against her
flesh. "We could have both been a lot happier if you’d acted on those

Curling his finger inside her, he smiled
as she whimpered. "Smartass." He grinned, pumping deeply into her
with his fingers. "I prefer to think that this was well worth the

She couldn't deny that, especially when
his body was responsible for unparalleled pleasure she'd never experienced
before. Writhing against his hands and lips, she moaned. "You're driving
me crazy," she accused him breathlessly. "Deliberately!"

"How does it feel?" Colin
asked, pinching her ass playfully as he rose behind her, one hand settling
against her hip possessively. "You've been responsible for my own private
hell for years, Abigail. I'm just returning the favor now," he informed
her huskily, pulling her body closer as he pulled his fingers from her taught
body. Guiding his own throbbing length to her core, he hissed as the blunt head
of his cock finally met the pulsing channel that would lead him to heaven.
"I feel like I've waited forever to have you like this," he whispered,
slowly mounting her, bending forward so that his chest covered her back, his
lips against her ear.

Chapter Six

Releasing a startled cry of pleasure as Colin
slowly moved against her, teasing her with his length, Abigail swallowed. He
thought he'd been tortured for years? She felt like she'd been living in
purgatory without hope of reprieve since she’d agreed to come and work for him.
. Each day, waiting for him to see notice her.  Not just as his
colleague or a valued asset to his company, but as a woman that was madly in
love with him. Yes, it had begun as infatuation...a crush, perhaps. But as
she'd grown to know him...the real him...that side of himself that he rarely
showed others, she'd fallen for him. Hard.

He was a study in contradictions.  Scarily
brutal when pushed to his limits, but conversely amazingly tender and
thoughtful when he thought no one watched him.   Almost losing his son during
his divorce from Hadley had stolen a piece of his soul.  His ex-wife’s  betrayal
had left scars that Abigail doubted anyone, let alone herself, could heal.  But
for now, for tonight, she could give him this, a brief respite from the harsh
realities that living life wrought on a person.

Knowing now that his need had echoed her
own, her heart raced, pounding heavily in her chest. His desperation matched
hers. And the new information thrilled her as nothing ever had before in her
life. For these moments at least, he belonged to her. And only to her.   She
didn’t share him with Hadley’s specter or any of the other individuals that
made a thousand demands of him.  She wanted to make each second count  and
savor it. Undulating her hips, she tried to entice him, the desire to feel that
long, hard length inside her a tangible thing in the airless hotel room.

Lightning flashed beyond the window and
another boom of thunder shook the room. Distantly she heard the wind howl, but
those were worries far beyond her scope of concern. More importantly, she could
feel Colin's ragged breath washing over her neck, evidence of his own
excitement in the shadowed room. His heart raced where it pressed against her
chest, every beat thumping against her, letting her know the level of his

She smiled into the pillow when his hand
tightened around her hips.

"Be still," he growled against
her ear, his voice tight as he fought for control.

"Or what?" she taunted,
rocking her hips against his groin again. "What will you do, Colin?"
she asked, her voice seductive as she rubbed her own wet need against him,
trying to coax his body into action. Wriggling her hips from side to side
intentionally to torment him, she mocked, "You wouldn't spank me, would

She never knew what possessed her to
challenge him in that moment.  Later, she’d swear an evil temptress had taken
possession of her body, making her say and do things the normal Abigail Donavan
would never be capable of doing.  It was as though she was intentionally
holding a lightening rod in the eye of the storm, daring Mother Nature to do
her worst.  He gently bit her shoulder as his hand connected with the curve of
her ass, the slap echoing harshly in the room and pulled her mind back to the
present moment.

 "Wouldn't I?" he whispered as
her surprised gasp filled the air.  Elation skittered down his spine when her
lusty moan filled the room.

"Colin, yes," Abigail moaned
as the sting was immediately soothed by the warmth of his palm, the small bit
of love play firing her blood. "Again," she moaned, turning her head
to capture his lips for an erotic kiss.

"God, yes!" Colin groaned as
his palm connected again, making her squirm beneath him as he prodded her tight
depths again, rolling his hips forward to sink into her.

Lifting an arm to curl around his neck
as she balanced on her elbow, Abigail met his shallow thrust with a lift of her
hips, bringing him deeper. "Again," she purred against his lips as
she felt his cock pulse inside her.

Thrusting harder, Colin felt Abigail's
soft walls clutch him, caressing his cock. "Fuck," he bit out against
her mouth as his hand connected with her soft flesh again, earning him a lusty
cry against his mouth. God, she was fire in his hands, threatening to burn him
alive with her intensity. "You're incredible," he breathed when she moved
against him again. In all his fantasies, he'd never pictured this level of
sensuality...the sheer eroticism of their lovemaking put anything he'd ever
dreamed to shame.

"Harder," Abigail demanded
adamantly, sucking his tongue between her lips as his hips pumped faster
against her, his length burying inside her. No man had ever taken her this
deeply, this completely. She could feel him in every cell of her body, filling
her, satisfying her...and she never wanted it to end.

"You want harder, Sweetheart?"
Colin replied darkly, pressing a hard kiss against her lips before pulling back
to grip both hips in his strong hands. "I'll give it to you hard," he
grunted, pulling her back against him as he thrust into her.

"Unngggh!" Abigail moaned, her
hands clawing the sheet as he filled her. Again and again, he pushed into her
body, filling her, then retreating, pushing her toward the edge of sanity
before quickly pulling her back into his unforgiving embrace. Rain pounded the
building, the fat drops hitting the window with a force that had she been
aware, would have scared her. But in those moments, all she could concentrate
on was her lover's body moving within her, delivering such bliss that
everything else became non-existent. "Colin! God, Colin," Abigail
gasped, meeting every tilt of his hips with a lift of her own, matching his
speed and passion with her own.

"Love this sweet ass," Colin
growled as he palmed the firm globes in his hand, watching as his glistening
cock slick with her syrup disappeared into the tight wet cave of her body.
Caressing the puckered opening as he possessed her, he heard her ardent cries
filling his ears. "You like that, sweetheart?" he asked darkly,
barely thrusting a finger inside her as he continued to stroke her depths.

"Mmmm hmmm," she hummed,
panting as his fingertip breached the forbidden place...that place she'd never
allowed any man to explore. Stiffening as his finger went a little deeper, she
inhaled raggedly as she lowered a hand to stroke her own slick bud, heightening
the pleasure already thrumming through her body.

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