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"Hey, hon." Lenny kissed her on the cheek when he found her in the kitchen. "Where is he?"

"Rec room. What’d you do, run out on your patient?"

He laughed, moving a strand of hair from her mouth. "We were all but done when you called. I’m going to change." Lenny headed back the way he came. "How long till dinner?" he asked.

"You have time for a couple of games." She followed him to their bedroom. "Len, I kind of had sex with him."


"I came in from the garden, and well, I thought you’d come home early. He was bent over the laundry…well, you know me. I demanded and took. His mouth was stuck shut from half the jar of peanut he ate. I didn’t smell it until he breathed on me, then I panicked thinking you’d lost your mind." She knew it all sounded lame, but it came tumbling out.

He ran his hands over her arms, staring into her chocolate eyes, "It’s all right, baby." The corners of his mouth turned up, confusing her.


"Seems to me, I recall being the one mistaken for him one night way back when."

"Yeah, he recalled the time, too. Still, I’m sorry." She took his shirt to put in the laundry while he pulled a t-shirt over his head then replaced his slacks with shorts.

"No problem, unless you didn’t enjoy yourself."

Well, she didn’t have a chance to enjoy herself like she wanted, but her husband’s attitude wasn’t what she expected. He could have acted jealous, upset, something considering her past with his brother. But then...she cautioned herself not to get her hopes up. Lenny's always been on the conservative side when it came to sex which meant when she wanted anal bad enough, dildos were her best friends.

"He’s staying home, if he can get a job here."

"Fantastic. It’ll be great having him around. Won’t it?" He gave her a peck on the nose. "Call us when dinner’s on the table."

Puzzled, Jackie stood there for a few minutes, attempting to work out his attitude and at the same time keep her excitement toned down. Just because he wasn't upset about this didn't mean he was receptive to a threesome. Biting her lip, she went back to the kitchen.



* * * *



The basement carried no sound as she started down the steps. Jackie wondered at the silence and knew with these brothers quiet was every bit as suspicious as with any small child. Half way down, she saw them leaning against the pool table, their backs to her. "All right you two. What are you up to?"

Both heads turned giving her devilish, but sexy smiles. "Nothing," they said in unison.
She groaned. "Behave yourselves and come up to dinner." She didn’t wait for them, but heard them.
"Hey, me first."
"I was here first."

Jackie rolled her eyes, hoping this childish behavior didn’t go on for long. After washing up, they walked around the table twice, switching directions a couple of times before they sat down. She ignored them. Every time Randy came home for a visit, the same silliness went on. It was cute the first couple of times, but now, she knew they did it to get a rise out of her. Not this time. If he was going to be a permanent fixture, she had to set the tone, be the adult.

They fixed their plates and ate in silence until Lenny spoke up. "Randy, the shark-head, won all four games. Lenny has to pay up."

She arched a brow, picking up on the name use. They were in game mode. What would it be this time? Live in the woods without provisions for a week. Maybe have to walk the ten miles into town every day for a month, because one of them lost their keys in the bet. It’s always something dumb. "All right, what was the bet this time?"

Randy grinned at her as he moved her silverware from her reach. "If Randy won, we play a game." He gave her body a slow perusal then winked at Lenny.

"I’m not playing strip poker with you guys. You cheat."
"New game," Lenny told her.
"Today’s Wednesday, you have until Friday night to figure out which one of us is the man you’re married to."






Chapter Three



"You're joking?" Inside, she jumped for joy.

"No," came their response.

They both held up their left hands— no rings or markings on either of their ring fingers. Not really surprising. Lenny often didn’t wear his while fiddling around out in the yard for fear of getting it caught on something. It was tanned like the rest of him.

"We decided since we've always left you out—"
"You should be included in a very special game to celebrate we'll all be roomies."
Jackie tried to not show how excited she was as her mind began to plot. "And the rules?" she asked.
"Anything goes," they said.
"Meaning I can do whatever it takes to determine my answer?"
They nodded and one of them said, "As long as it doesn't cause bodily harm."
She grinned. "May I have my silverware, please? My food is getting cold."
With caution, the one who took them handed the utensils back. That miracle she'd hoped for just fell into her lap.

Her stomach quivered at the memory of the first time she met Lenny. She and Randy had been going at it on the pool table when his brother came down looking for him. She'd seen the hunger on his face as he gawked at her breasts and then he’d mumbled something as he went up the stairs. Excited, she'd mentioned it to Randy and suggested they invite him to join them some time. The idea had him shooting his load all too soon.

The threesome never happened so she assumed Lenny didn't go for the idea. What about now? Was it a test? Did he think she wouldn't dare while Randy bet she would? It didn't appear to have bothered him that his brother fucked her earlier. So why not try to take them through it? The worst that would happen is Lenny would stop it before she did something he didn't want.

She finished eating, set her plate in the sink then told them. "You're on. When you’re finished cleaning up the kitchen, come find me." She left them, staring at one another.



* * * *



Jackie looked up when the guys came into the living room. Letting her eyes roam over one, then the other, she grinned. "A wet t-shirt contest? Why wasn’t I invited?" Sauntering across the room, she said, "Guess, I'll be the judge." She ran a finger up their chests, flicked viewable nipples as she began to put her plan in motion. "Mmm, I think this shirt is wetter." Digging her nails into the material, she ripped it open, giving the chest an appreciative look. "Yum!" She looked over at the other twin and winked. "I think this is going to take some real studying, some hands on for me to know absolutely who is who." She pulled the man with the ripped shirt closer and kissed the parted lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He tangled with her until she pulled away. Bringing Randy’s lips to hers, she ran her tongue over them. They both tasted alike–dinner. She lingered before slipping into his mouth to give her husband a moment to grasp where she was going with this. Randy sucked on her tongue, pulling on a nerve deep within her bringing hot need straight down into her clit. She pushed him away before she ruined her own intention. He certainly hadn’t lost his touch, nor had her body forgotten how he commanded it. She eyed Lenny, who watched her with no obvious clue to give away who he was. But, she knew. Looking from his glazed eyes to the matching set of his brother, she took a step back.

Smiling, she rested the tip of her tongue on the roof of her mouth, studying the speechless boys. "I’ll be waiting." Without hurry, she went down the hall to the bedroom, stripped, then stretched out on her stomach. Shame she didn’t have a camera recording their reaction.

With raised eyebrows Jackie watched the doorway, wondering where they were. Had she ruined their plan, and hers? Or, were they in the mist of their infamous rock-paper-scissor game to see who came first. If they tied as they often did, she hoped they’d say to hell with it and both come. "Please, please, please, let both of them come," she prayed as she dropped her chin on the bed.

The lights went out startling her, but then she relaxed. They were coming. The ache in her pussy grew. Her heart pounded in anticipation.

While she didn’t hear them come in, her sense of smell knew when they’d come into the bedroom, naked. She could smell their arousal. She smiled and waited. The bed dipped down near her legs. Her stomach quivered with knowing. "Mmm," she moaned when they traced the sole of her feet with a fingertip.

"Oh, god," she groaned as tingles ran up her legs. Wet tongues washed over the soles of her feet, moved over her heel and trailed up her calves to the back of her knees. Her breathing quickened as they coupled the assault with feather-like touches skimming over her thighs, teasing closer and closer to her pussy. She ached to move so fingers fell in, but whose? Tips of their tongues circled, ran along the curve of her cheeks. She sank into the bed, her body melting like jell-o in the sun. And then they disappeared. Torturous need crawled over her skin. "Don't stop now," she moaned. She flexed her legs. She waited. What…where…when were they going to strike? She twitched, trembling with the unknown. Her breath caught and she jerked.






Chapter Four



Teeth grazed her butt cheeks. Liquid fire surged through her veins. They skirted down, licking along the crease edging her thighs, their breath fanning the curls covering the tunnel aching for attention. Moving her hips downward, Jackie dug her fingers into the edge of the bed. She needed to unleash her fire, their fire. It wasn't in her to be the receiver and not a participant.

She wanted to taste, touch, and feel them deep inside her. Let her pussy claim their bodies. Unleash their uncontrollable need to pound her, to fill her with cum, to drive her over the edge. She wanted them to witness what she does to the other. "Oh," she said with quiet need as they trailed kisses up her back, along her spine, across her shoulders, down her arms, moving faster, their breathing coming out quick. A tongue swirled over her wrist, drawing groans from her, muffled by the comforter. God, Lenny knew how to drive her crazy. A finger massaged her anus. She moaned and rose on her knees, urging Randy to insert them. He knew how much she loved it when he did. Shivers ran through her. It'd been so long since anything but a toy had anal fucked her. His fingers slipped between her folds and into her tunnel. She rocked on them, her body trembling.

"Come here, baby," she managed. Reaching for her husband's cock, she sucked the head, slowly taking him in before drawing off and taking him again. Lenny tangled his fingers in her long dark hair, cooing and groaning. Pulling off, she licked down one side and up the other and shuddered when her g-spot received a tapping. "Mmm," she managed. "Eat it, babe," she said. "Eat my pussy."

The bed moved and a tongue laved through her wetness, circling around his fingers. "Oh, damn," she mumbled when he moved away from her sweet spot. "Oh, god." Fire flamed from her breasts to her pussy when he latched onto her clit, teasing with his tongue. She latched onto the cock she nibbled on and sucked furiously to stave off her wild need to grind her pussy into Randy's face. Salty liquid oozed onto her tongue and she grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed backing her husband down.

"So cruel," he groaned and slid his hand down her back.

She smiled around his cock, imagining the whites of her eyes lit up in the darkness. He probed her anus and inserted a finger. Oh, my god, she'd been so sure who was who. Letting the head of the cock fall from her mouth, she pushed back and forth as another finger slipped in. She whimpered. Fingers which has been fucking her, slipped out and through her crack and in with the two filling her rectum.

Heat slithered over her. "God, don't stop," she whispered. They pumped in and out of her however slightly off kilter, but it only increased the pleasure. She laid her cheek on the bed as visions of two cocks in one hole caused uncontrollable spasms to overtake her. When she calmed, she rose and thrust with them, her breathing raspy and hard. "Feels so good," she told them. Moaning, the rise of her orgasm took her down into the face of the man circling her clit. Before she knew it, her hand loosened around the shaft and he shot all over her hand and shoulder. Breathing heavy, she barely heard the sound of sound of cellophane or snap of a cap before she found herself empty and hovering over the bed before a sheathed shaft penetrated her. Quivering, she didn't let him give her time for adjustment, she backed onto it until his balls hit her swollen pussy. "Oh, oh," she whimpered. "Oh, god…feels so good."

Wildly, she fucked him, loving the freedom anal gave. Her body shuddered and quaked anticipating and wanting to prolong the end. Their bodies slapped one another, communicating without words. His hands caressed her back, his lips moving across her flesh. She was rolled and found herself on her side sandwiched between brothers. Her leg was lifted and his cock went deeper. "Oh sweet heaven," she mumbled. Her tunnel filled with a luscious length and she grabbed onto the strong bicep, searching out his mouth as she felt a fullness she'd never experienced.

Sparklers went off behind her closed eyelids. A hand molded her breast, pinched her nipple. Shivers shimmied through her. "Mmm," she moaned. Reaching behind her, she held his head and brought her mouth to his, biting his upper lip before devouring. Lips moved over her neck, stopped to nip her earlobe. Her lungs filled and emptied on a gurgling groan.

They rocked her, pounding and she could only hang on for the glorious ride. She had the men where she wanted them. Finally!

Hot current spiked in her midsection. "Do it, fill me up," she urged them. They slowed, sped up, grunting. "Come on, give it to me, my lovers," she panted, nearing the edge. "Take me with you," she whispered. The room filled with their pants, grunts as they fought to take themselves over. Her fingers dug into the arm in front of her. "Fill your woman with love," she begged.

BOOK: Jackie's Boys
8.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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