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Her back man jerked and filled her with the heat of his cum. His counterpart moaned and followed him. She convulsed between them, her head falling forward into his chest.

They lay breathing hard, clinging to one another.

When the guys softened and fell free of her body, she let them lay to catch their wind while she basked in her fantasy. Having both of them inside her at the same time was better than she'd imagined. She reached out and caressed both of them. Stripping the condom from the resting length, she caressed it then turned to the other cock and began to lick the mixture of them from it, before sucking it into the depths of her mouth. It began to harden. "Oh, baby," she mumbled around it.

Jackie found her body pulled around and a tongue laved through her wetness. She lunged backward, thrusting when his tongue entered her. "Fuck me," she mumbled. Hips rose off the bed, shoving the cock into her throat. "Mmm, yeah, more." Her pussy was deserted, but then her legs were pulled up and he slammed his cock all the way inside her with one movement. "God, yes," she told him, when she lifted from the cock thrusting against her tongue.

"My boys are doing me good," she told him before wrapping her lips around the cock. He thrust, holding her head as she bobbed, bringing him closer to shooting down her throat. She wanted it, needed it while her pussy was pounded endlessly. The awkwardness of trying to give both cocks equal attention had her pressing back against the groin of her lover while she sucked with wild abandonment on Lenny’s length. Fingers skimmed down her belly and into her pussy.

"Oh, damn," she heard behind her. His cock swelled, surprising her, his fingers bit into her hips. He was close to filling her with his cum.

The room filled with grunts as the guys pounded her relentlessly. Cum hit the back of her throat and the orgasm shot through her like a rocket.

"Oh, God, Jac, you feel so good," she heard through the haze. And then her pussy was filled.

Swallowing and panting, she lay across the men. "Damn! How was it for you guys?" She received a swat on the hip. "That bad, huh. Well, guess I'll have to do better."



Chapter Five



Jackie opened her eyes the moment daylight streamed through the window, being the early riser in the family. She looked at the naked bodies in her bed and chuckled. Body parts draped and hung as if exhaustion outweighed comfort. Perfect, it couldn’t have been more perfect if they’d discussed it first. It’d been everything she hoped, better to be honest. She pried an arm off her leg, another off her chest and climbed from the bed to shower before getting out in the garden.

She was picking beans to can and freeze when chatter had her looking over her shoulder. "Morning, lazy-butts!" she called out.

"You’re the farmer."

"You were raised in the country." They stood barefoot, wearing identical black shorts, not that it mattered. She wouldn’t know who she was bantering with if they wore different colors.

"Can we help?"

All right, what were they up to now?
"Sure, you can." She looked around to see what would be safest for her vegetables. "You can pull weeds in the corn rows. You know, the dirt path between those rows of tall green stalks."

"Ha ha."
"I’d put shoes and shirt on, gloves wouldn’t hurt."
They came down the row behind her and picked her up by her underarms, letting her feet dangle.
"Hey, guys! I’ve work to do if you want to eat this winter. Len, don’t you have to work today."

They set her down on the patio sandwiched between them. The one behind her moved the lose strands of the hair and started kissing her neck. "I wouldn’t do that if I were you," she said about the time he started sputtering.

"Damn it tastes like—"
"Bug spray. Part of my gardening attire.
"Ok, fine. How long before you wash it off?" The man in front of her asked.

"When the work is done." She walked over to the ledge near the kitchen window and picked up her gardening cologne. "I’ll be done sooner if you help." They held out their arms, allowing her to spray them down.

She watched them approach the corn, eye it, look at one another then they took opposite ends of the twenty twelve-foot rows she planted. They got down on their hands and knees and started pulling. It was all she could do not laugh her ass off at the site of two grown men crawling around in the corn. They didn’t have to, but she decided to let them punish themselves for a bit. She returned to the beans, listening for grumbles.

"This is going to take a week."
"Yeah, well, you have the softer end."
"No, you do. Let’s switch."
She smirked and watched them trade places, not ready to end their suffering.
"Man, the weeds are cemented in."
"Told you."
"Trade back."



Chapter Six



Jackie rolled her eyes and relented. She stood and went over to the shed where she pulled out two hoes. Walking over to the corn, she stood for a moment eyeing their asses. She whistled and they both looked around at her. "Nice view, sexy, I call a tie at ten." She tapped the tools on the ground. "This is what I use to weed. I’m pretty sure you were brought up to use them, too." They all but ran to her.

Each man grabbed one, kissed her on the mouth and muttered, "Ten and a half," as they walked away.

Laughing, she returned to the beans to finish her last row for the day.

When she reached the end of the row, she realized she hadn’t heard a peep from the guys in a while. She went along the corn until she saw them. They worked fast having done a little over half between them and the work was passable. Satisfied, she hauled the bushel of beans to her outdoor sink, uncovered it and started filling it with water before dumping the beans in to wash them. As it filled, she did what she often did on bean pickin’ day, she stripped out of the clothes and stood under the outdoor shower to wash the sweat, repellant and itch away. The cold water felt wonderful on her heated skin, caused as much from the guys’ near nakedness then sun beating down on her. Without drying, she pulled on a smock top which once belonged to her mother-in-law. It covered her ass and that was all she needed as she washed the beans and picked off the ends. She had two tubs to put them in as she did. One for the ones she snapped for canning, the other for ones she left whole for the freezer.

"Hey, tryin’ to distract us?"
She grinned. "Get back to work."
"I did my half." He stood under the shower with his shorts on. "You always run around naked."

"We’re in the country, no two-legged neighbors," she said, watching the water run down his chest. "You’re distracting me. Why don’t you go in and turn the burner on under the black kettle?"

He came over to her, dripping and put his arms around her. "Since we're distracted, I think we should do something about it."

"Mmm, think so? Well, you tell me which one you are and I might reward you special."
"I don’t know how much more special than it can get after last night." His hand moved down over her clit, massaging it.
She melted into his fingers, swallowing the need to give him her full attention. "What did you like best?" she managed.
"I don’t know. It was all amazing."

She widened her stance and curled her arm around his neck as his fingers probed further. "I have chores to finish before I can play."

"You wash and I’ll play, then."

He pulled her hips back against him and she leaned over the sink still attempting to do the beans, but his cock slipped in so easy she couldn’t recall if she was putting the beans in the right tubs.

"Cheat, cheat, cheat," his brother said, coming up to them. "You had the easy side."
"You traded."
"You tricked me." He stripped, before stepping under the shower.

She watched him run the soap over his chest as she tried to hold on to the sink with wet hands. His cock became rigid. Running her tongue over her lips, she could almost taste him. Fingers rubbed her clit and her head fell as she came with him. She splashed water on her face. "Oh, don’t stop now," she groaned when he pulled out.

"No worries, I’m here to save the daaaaay!" Fresh cold water dripped on her heated flesh as the rigid cock she’d been drooling over entered her.

"Oh yeah, do it hard." He did. His fingers bit into her as he rammed her over and over. Her muscles tightened around him. "Feels so good."

He leaned over her and bit her shoulder with gentle teeth. "Woman, I want to do this all day. Your pussy is like a fitted glove."

His words sent her flying over the edge. He grabbed her as she saw the water coming closer to her face. "You’re so hot, baby," he whispered against her ear.

"Oh, God," she panted when another rush swept through her. She trembled uncontrollably.

"Nice." He nibbled on her ear and she shivered. She grabbed onto the sink, letting her body come down. "Thanks for not letting me drown," she gasped.

"My pleasure."

She moved from him, letting him ease from her. "Let me suck you off then I have to get the beans done." Turning around, she kissed him, long, slow and sensuous, tasting his lips, his tongue, deliberately avoiding finding out which one he was before going to her knees. She ran her tongue up his shaft, around the head back down, up and that was all the foreplay she could muster. She took his length in one movement, sucking as she moved up and down. His fingers held her head while he thrust setting the pace his need required. He swelled and she massaged his balls until the shot of cum rolled down her throat. "Mmmm," she moaned as he fed her a warm morning snack.

She sat back on her heels when he stumbled backwards. "I think I literally blew you away?"

He laughed. "You did. Wowza!"






Chapter Seven



Jackie looked around for the other one. He stood behind her, leaning against the sink with a hard-on tenting his shorts. "As much as I want to help you out, breaks over. I have chores." When he started to pout, she shook her head. "Inside, both of you. One of you best make sure you don’t lose your job, the other best not miss any interviews he has scheduled."

They turned and walked toward the house, their heads hanging. "She never lets us have any fun."
"She’s mean. Let’s run away."
Oh my god! She rolled her eyes and went cool down under the shower before getting back to the beans.



* * * *



Hours had passed, the canning was done, beans were blanched and in the basement freezer, a roast cooked in the oven for dinner and she was tired, but content. The guy’s had disappeared, leaving her to do her thing and Jackie now wondered where they were as she sat out on the front stoop with a glass of lemonade. Most likely they were off concocting some crazy escapade for the evening.

A tired, but satisfied sigh escaped. Leaning against the post, she contemplated the night ahead. Last night was great, but she wanted more than raw play. She wanted to make love to each of them.

With her hand on the post, she pulled herself to her feet. Since she was virtually alone, she may as way take the time to soak in a bath and ease the soreness in her shoulders canning invariably gave her.

She filled the tub, lit sugar cookie candles and turned the light out before slipping down into the water. Lying back with her eyes closed, she allowed herself to bask in the warmth and soft scent of cookies baking.

Next thing Jackie knew, she jerked awake. Her internal clock went off and she pulled the plug and grabbed a towel. It was time to finish dinner, and if the man-boys weren’t around, maybe they’ll show up when they smell food. She hoped so. She hoped they weren’t playing seek and find us, though it could be fun to find one and have some hot one-on-one while the other waited to be found. The jump in her belly certainly indicated another region of her concurred with her thinking.

She dusted a little body powder on her heating body, brushed her hair out then went to dress. The site of the bed made her smile. If her husband didn't mind, and all indicators pointed to his not, she had a proposal for the guys. She buttoned her shorts on her way from the room.

The television was on when she entered the living room. One of the guys had stretched out on the couch with a bag of chips on his chest. His co-hort sat in the recliner. Both appeared to be napping. Shaking her head, she went on into the kitchen, halting a step or two through the door. Her mouth opened and closed as her eyes stung with the threat of tears. She turned to retrace her steps back to the living room, but both of the men stood there with hips cocked and thumbs sticking in their pockets. "What possessed you?"

"You," they said together.

She walked up to them, kissed them on the cheek and hugged them together. "I love you!"

Excited, she approached the table and sniffed the Black-eyed Susans and fingered the soft petals of the chicory. She loved wildflowers and it touched her soul to know they’d gone out and picked them. She gazed around the beautiful table they’d set with her good stoneware. She reached for the bottle of wine, but the label was in a foreign language. Looking over at the men, she set it down. "Let me finish dinner." Moved, she turned toward the stove. She took the roast from the oven in order to add vegetables, but they’d already added them. They had to be up to something. Oh, God! What’d they break…destroy…wreck?

BOOK: Jackie's Boys
4.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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