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Published by Bekki Lynn at Amazon

First Independent Publication

Revised Edition

Original version published July 2010 within the Triad Anthology published by eXcessica

Cover Design by Bekki Lynn

All rights reserved

Copyright 2010 Bekki Lynn







Chapter 1



Jackie walked in the front door, sweaty, dirty and ready for a shower. Tossing the mail on the entry table, she pulled her shirt over her head as she crossed the living room. "Shoot! I forgot to put the laundry in the washer," she mumbled. Darn husbandry distraction, she thought with a smile forming. She wiped her brow with the shirt, and she sighed as the coolness of the house caressed her damp skin.

She went through the kitchen to the adjoining laundry room, undoing her jeans to throw on the pile. A sexy ass stopped her in the doorway.
What a nice surprise!
Lenny was home way early and looking good bent over a load of laundry. "Baby, I’m sorry. I remembered a second ago. Go relax, I’ll get it going," she said as she pushed the clinging denim down her legs.

He ignored her though she knew he couldn't be that upset over the close chance he might not have a clean shirt for tomorrow. "You're home early. Everything all right at the office?" Still no response. A grin played with her lips. All right, she liked this game. Silence and being ignored drove her crazy with desire. Like she needed further stimulation, she thought as she added her clothes to the pile he’d started in front of the machine. Jackie glanced around behind her, admiring the firm thigh disappearing under the loose-legged shorts; hot and undeniably delicious. Unable to resist, she reached up under the short leg. Her touch caused him to knock the detergent off the shelf. The lid popped off spilling the blue liquid onto the floor. Mumbling something she couldn’t understand, he grabbed a towel and bent over to clean up the mess.

Not to be detoured, she caressed his ass, asking, "How about a washroom quickie?" Sure she wouldn't be denied, Jackie turned around to move the pile away from the washer and felt him straighten then turn around. She wiggled her ass at him before facing him. He'd turned to put the bottle on the shelf. "Washer on or off?" Personally, she loved the washer on spin when they made love on it. He didn't say anything so she turned the machine on. He tossed clothes in over her head and she, loving their position, reached behind her and grabbed his cock, freeing it from the baggy shorts then brought it to her pussy. He grunted, made protesting noises and pushed on her shoulder. "Yes, baby, resist. It makes me so hot." Pulling his cock closer, he plunged into her. She moaned, "Oh, that's what I want."

She braced her hands on the machine, thrusting with him. "God, I’ve been thinking about you all day." His hands gripped her waist as he pounded her like a man who hadn’t had it this morning. Hanging her head, she welcomed the fire spreading through her like a match to gasoline. She panted. He shuttered, jerked, surprising her by coming so soon. She turned to tell him to keep going and panic struck her. Peanut butter! His breath smelled like he’d eaten a jar. Absurd, he wouldn’t be so stupid. Still, she separated their bodies and whirled on him.

Lenny fanned his hands back and forth, swallowing hard, his breathing labored. The sight of lips laced with the creamy substance confirmed her fear. His glazed blues stared back at her while she registered the tan cord curled up around his face. He never heard a word she'd said with the music blaring in his ears. She yanked the earpieces out, ignoring the fact it wasn’t music he listened to. "Are you nuts! Why on earth would you eat peanut butter?" She pulled him into the kitchen and saw the jar of peanut butter on the counter with a spoon sticking out of it. "What possessed you?" she asked, reaching in the cupboard for an EpiPen. "Your throat has probably swollen shut already."

He took the pen and set it down. Stupefied at his behavior, she stared at him, her heart pounding like a warriors drum. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She watched him fill a glass with water. After downing it, he leaned over breathing hard, drank more then turned around.

"I’m sorry, Jackie. I was hungry and shoveled it in. I tried to let you know. My mouth was stuck, then the spill and…well, it was screw you or lose my dick."

"Randy Wilkerson!" Excited, she ran to husband’s identical twin and hugged him. "Why didn’t you let me know you were here?" Then her face heated up and she pulled away. "Oh, my god! I’m so sorry."

"I’m not, why should you be? I haven’t had pussy in months."

"Look, I’ve been working out back all day. Let me shower then you can tell me why you didn’t let us know you were coming. How long you’ll be home this time…" She forced herself to leave the room with dignity, but it was hard when you were stark naked and your brother-in-law’s semen ran down your thigh.

Out of his sight, she rushed to the bedroom and shut the door. For a moment, she leaned against it, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. The slow trickle down her thigh reminded her that she never got hers. Running her fingers through Randy's cum, her clit called to her, but she told herself to hold off. Maybe later, she'll get something better. For now, she had a call to make. Picking up the phone on her husband's side of the bed, she called his office. "Mary, is Lenny free?" she asked when his receptionist answered.

"He’s in the middle of a root canal, Jackie. Can I give him a message?"

"Tell him Randy’s home."

"He is?" She didn't miss the excitement in the woman's voice. It caused a twinge of jealousy. Then Mary recovered to tell her, "I'll let him know."

Jackie showered, trying control her running fantasy of having both brothers. Whenever Randy came home, the intensity of it escalated. And now that they’d had one another albeit by accident, she wanted it more than ever.

She returned to the kitchen nervous about what she’d done. More so how he was going play to it. The kitchen was empty, good. Dinner…dinner, what was she going to fix? She looked in the refrigerator. Oh, yeah, pork chops. Would there be enough? She counted five in the package.
It must have been fate that had me buying a package with more than three in it
. Setting it on the counter, she opened the produce drawer to fetch salad fixin's she'd harvested from the garden that morning.

Footsteps came into the room, drawing her eyes over the door. Randy stood with a towel around his waist and rubbing his naturally wavy hair with another. His pecs, the way the damp hair swirled around his nipples, trailing down his washboard to his belly button was like his brother. He was identical to Lenny in too many ways which always posed a problem for her. She’d once made the mistake of thinking she could tell them apart based on appearance. She knew Randy’s body every bit as much as she knew Lenny’s. The only differences between them were on the intimate realm.

"All of my clothes are in the washer. Do you mind if I grab a pair of Lenny’s shorts?"
"Fine. The dresser near the window, bottom drawer. Shirts are in the second drawer."

She watched him walk away and knew he hadn’t missed the throaty desire in her voice. Damn!
Boy, am I ever walking a tightrope.
Returning to the task of putting dinner together, she washed and prepped freshly dug potatoes for baking.









Chapter Two



"Anything I can help with?" Randy asked, coming up alongside her.

Jackie swallowed the thoughts which had been teasing her. "No, I got it under control," she said, wishing it was true.

"How about I set the table?"
"Too early."
He hopped up on the counter. "It was kind of like old times."

"Except it was Len getting lucky while I dated you." Jackie sighed and laid the knife down. Looking up at him, she said, "We weren’t married. I am now."

"For eight years now, I know. I was there, best man. Still doesn’t mean I don’t remember how you don’t take no for an answer. Or how good you feel."

"How long will you be home?" The subject needed changed before he dug too far into dangerous territory. Well, not dangerous-dangerous, but it wasn't a topic for conversation between them when she hasn't talked with her husband about it. Her eyes roamed over his face and lingered over soft, supple lips which had at one time done wonderful things to her body.

"The washers on spin cycle," he said, caressing her lips with his thumb.

She pulled away from him before he suckered her into letting him eat her pussy on top of the machine. "How long?" She asked while she returned to the salad.

"Permanently, I hope. I have a couple of interviews this week."
Oh, god! She creamed herself. "No more traveling around the world reporting breaking news. How come?"
"Bombs were starting to get too close for comfort. It’s time to take the soft route. Getting up there, you know."
"Oh, right. Wait until I tell your brother it’s almost walker time. He’ll kick your ass."
"You called him?"
She nodded. "I let him know you were home."
"Going to tell him?"

"Figured you would." He kissed the top of her head. "Thanks for the release. Is the pool table still in the basement?"

"Nope. It's out back."
"Funny, Jack."
"Stupid question, stupid answer."
He shrugged. "I might as well get in a couple of games before I get my ass kicked."

Randy whistled as he went down the steps on the other side of the room unaware that he'd dropped an unexpected bomb on her. Waves of spasms swarmed over her midsection. Of course he'd live here with them. His parents left the house to both of them. She pulled a glass from the cupboard and filled it half full of water and drank it to help calm herself.

How was she going to handle having both of her guys around twenty-four seven? Her heart beat with a thud against her chest.
Play it by ear, Jackie. He'll be working and you'll just have to set the ground rules so you don't fuck the wrong brother again.
Unless of course, a miracle happens and she gets her fantasy granted. The front door slammed.
Now the right husband was home.
She turned the oven on.

BOOK: Jackie's Boys
7.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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