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Authors: Lizzie Lynn Lee

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They took a seat.

Veredi continued. “Elyra and I have discussed some important matters. I’m pleased to announce that she has agreed to accept your claim.”

Both Ronen and Callarn brightened with joy. Ronen took my hand and squeezed it. “Beloved.”

Veredi stood up. “Give me your right hands, lads.”

Ronen extended his, followed by Callarn. Veredi produced a dagger from his belt and made a thin cut across Ronen’s palm. He repeated this with Callarn.

“Now yours, Elyra,” he asked me.

I offered my right hand. Veredi sliced my palm. I winced. The blood welled from the cut but it didn’t hurt much. Veredi let Ronen’s blood and Callarn’s drip onto mine.

“Binding of the three, for now and forever. As of this moment, Elyra, daughter of Alai Drorknar is lawfully your mate, Ronen, son of Asghare, and Callarn, son of Madhere. May Goddess bless your union forever.”

The blood stopped dripping from Ronen’s and Callarn’s palms. I watched with fascination as the blood in my palm retreated of its own accord into the gash that Veredi had made, slowly vanished into my flesh. The wound healed before my eyes. Impressive Khimerian magic.

Ronen smiled at me. Callarn winked. My heart fluttered like a butterfly’s wings.

“She’s yours, lads. Take good care of her. I have set the claiming for three days hence.”


My mates brought me to their hut. Callarn was the first to kiss me. And then Ronen. I was lightheaded when he finally gave me a chance to breathe.

Callarn eyed me lustfully. “Since we are bonded, now we can give you the pleasure you’ve always asked for.”

Ronen was busy undressing me. My top and pareo fell on the ground.

“I thought Lord Veredi said the claiming is in three days.”

Ronen kneaded my breasts and played with my nipples. Lust burned me instantaneously. Callarn took one nipple into his mouth and rolled the erect bud with his tongue. I flinched and grew wet.

“You didn’t maul her, did you?” Ronen asked.

Callarn released me. “Nay, her nipple is very sensitive.” He took the other one and sucked it hard. I yowled.

“I guess it is.”

Callarn purred as he withdrew. “Make her sit on your lap.”

Ronen sat on a chair and pulled me into him. My back brushed against his bare chest. He spread my legs open. “Make sure you prepare her well.”

“I don’t understand. Lord Veredi said the claiming is in three days.”

“That’s when we take you at the same time, beloved,” Ronen answered.

“Oh. And now?”

“You need to get accustomed to us.”

? I hoped.

Callarn kneeled and buried his face on my sex. He licked me and tongue-fucked me until I panted. His mouth cupped my entire folds and his tongue slid deep inside me, swirling and twirling. Callarn nipped each of my sex lips before he flicked his tongue on the hood of my clitoris. Bolts of pleasure shot deep into my core.

“Is she ready?” Ronen inquired.

“I think she is.” Callarn examined me. He slipped one finger into my cunt to test my wetness. My juice glistened in his hand.

“Let me see.” Ronen plunged one finger into me and wriggled it around.

I moaned. It felt so sinfully good. I pressed my hand against his so his finger would go a bit deeper. “Let me have it.” Ronen was talented with his hand and fingers.

“Forgive me, beloved.” Ronen removed my hand. “You can’t have your release until Callarn takes you.”

I grumbled my disappointment.

Callarn stood up and disrobed. He took off his boots and shoved down his breeches. His cock bobbed heavily as he pulled them past his ankles. He stroked his own erection. His breathing was heavy. “Are you ready, beloved?”

I nodded feverishly.

“Will you accept me?”

“Yes, please.” I pulled my thighs wider, baring my sex to show that I was more than ready.

Ronen grunted. “Don’t tease. Fuck her already.”

Callarn smirked. He nudged the tip of his cock on my entrance and gave a slight push.

I felt the pressure and a slight sting.

Ronen noticed my discomfort. “Go slow.”

Callarn circled the crown of his cock around my wet entrance and thrust again.

I felt fire.

Ronen slid a hand on my mons and circled my clit with his fingers. He kissed the shell of my ear, soothing me. Callarn grabbed my thighs and thrust himself deeply.

I shouted. Tears leaked on my cheek. My head swam. I felt so full that I thought I would burst.

“Patience, beloved, a little bit more,” Callarn coed me.

“There’s more?” I panicked. Suddenly, I needed more air. “I’m full.”

“Halfway there,” Ronen calmed me.

“Half…“ My protest evaporated midway as Callarn gently thrust and pulled. The searing heat burned my cunt. Pain and pleasure mixed into one.

Callarn grunted as he was able to thrust up to his hilt.

“I’m sheathed,” he said. More like an announcement of victory.

I exhaled a relieved breath. But my mind didn’t linger long as soon Callarn started to move in and out slowly. The burning heat turned into a nerve-wracking pleasure. His cock grazed my inner passage, slicked with my own juices, and radiated a wickedly pleasant sensation as he pushed and pulled in my cunt. Soon, the pleasure became addictive and I felt I would go insane if he didn’t keep his cock in there. Khimerian magic: I remembered Ashanie had told me about it and I started to understand what it was.

“How is it, beloved?” Ronen nuzzled my neck.

I couldn’t answer him. The pleasure muddied my mind.

Callarn’s breath became ragged as sweat plastered his temples. His grip dug in my skin and his thrust became frantic. The sound of our mating was lewd. He was usually talkative during our intimate moment but now, he didn’t utter a single word besides panting heavily. His eyes, just as lustful as his ferocious thrusts, never left me.

A powerful climax swept over me. Callarn had to stop. My ring of muscles gripped his shaft and milked him inwardly. After a few seconds, the throes of ecstasy receded but didn’t go away. The manic need for him to fill me and fuck me was so overwhelming.

“More,” I shouted. “And, please, don’t stop.”

Callarn was more than happy to oblige my demand. He slammed into me so hard, Ronen had to keep me from falling to the floor. His thrusts were precise and hard, alternating his gyrating movement with short, hard, rapid strokes.

“I’m coming,” Callarn panted his words, sinking himself three more times before jerking and shuddering.

I felt warm liquid fill inside me and my clenching cunt refused to let him go after he was finished. “Don’t stop, please.”

“Give me a minute to recover.” Callarn smiled.

He withdrew with great difficulty. I felt both empty and that I desperately needed to be pleasured again. I was high in ecstasy and I didn’t want it to end. I groaned. “Why do I still feel like this?”

“That’s because your husbands are not sated yet,” Ronen said.


“Who else?”

He lifted me and carried me to the bed. Ronen disrobed quickly. I immediately rolled on my back to welcome him. Ronen hissed and told me to lean on my side.

“He would like to fill you from behind,” Callarn said. He arranged me in the position Ronen wanted. On all fours with my ass thrusting upward.

Ronen grabbed my ass. His cock brushed my clitoris. I cried in avid need. “Please.”

He didn’t wait long. He plunged into me in one smooth thrust. I heaved. He was much thicker than Callarn, but the juice from my earlier mating made him slick enough to bury himself into the hilt. His girth was lavish; when I tried to accustom myself to his shaft, it made the muscles of my sex contract. Delicious throes of ecstasy rendered me hotter and wetter.

“If you only knew how good you make me feel, beloved.” Ronen rode me. Slowly at first. Then he quickened. He knew just how to move to trigger all my pleasure points. His shaft stroked me in such a way that soon I was dangling on the edge of my climax.

“Oh, Elyra.” His hips moved urgently and his breath labored. He growled, pummeling in short, rapid strokes. He pounded me harder, faster, and deeper. Soon, I could only feel fire.

I cried out, trying to hold on to the last strand of my sanity as a violent orgasm swept me in its tide. Paralyzing ecstasy consumed me fully. Ronen came a second later. His cock juddered inside me, each spasm filling me with his hot seed. I collapsed on the bed. Exhausted. I felt like I had been laboring all day under the hot sun. Drowsiness overcame me. My eyelids were heavy. Slumber lulled me into a dreamland.


I thought I was dreaming. My body was already seared in pure fire and my sex throbbed in aching need. And that pleasant finger was circling my cunt entrance, lazily roaming upward onto my forbidden channel. The owner of that finger gently tickled my perineum. A sudden, immense pleasure shook me like a maelstrom, waking me fully alert. I quickly opened my eyes. I found myself belly down in Callarn’s lap. My body was being propped with my ass upward where two strong hands kneaded my bottom cheeks and spread them apart.

“Mmm?” I murmured.

“Our wife awakens,” Callarn said. “Do you mind if we continue our exploration, Elyra?”

“My turn, beloved,” Ronen said. “Forgive me if I interrupted your slumber. I can’t wait to claim my prize any longer.” His voice was thick with lust and excitement.

I whimpered. Though I was still sore from the earlier mating, my body complied with the idea wholeheartedly. My juice started to seep and my well-fucked cunt quivered as if protesting from not getting enough attention. I flinched when Ronen blew his hot breath on my exposed sex. His finger ventured to my anus, twirling and eddying into the depths with lazy, salacious swirls. He collected dew from my drenched cunt and smeared it on my nether orifice. He purred like a contented cat, satisfied with the wetness. A finger slid into my anus, urgently, mimicking what he intended to do to me soon. I moaned.

“You didn’t hurt her, did you?” Callarn asked. Concern was in his voice.

“I need to prepare her first,” Ronen said. “Hand me that oil.”

He withdrew his finger and a second later, I felt a drip of oil on my anus. He smoothed the oil and fingered me again. I couldn’t help whimpering with his exploration.

He inserted a second finger, making a scissoring motion. He pushed them to the knuckles, sliding in and out to prepare my passage to accommodate his cock.

“Still too tight,” Ronen said. “She can’t take me this way.”

“Maybe we should make her come first. She’s just awakened.”

“You do that while I prepare her.”

Another hand squeezed my ass cheek. “Would you like my mouth or my fingers, beloved?” Callarn asked.

I considered the option. Both sounded very tempting. I decided to go with the fingers since I was quite enjoying being propped face down. Callarn’s cock pressed against my belly. He was hard. I wanted to do something about it later.

“Fingers,” I said.

“Fingers, then.” Callarn sounded excited as he slipped his hand underneath my thigh and pinched my clitoris. He rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Sparks of pleasure burst out within me. I loved the sensation. He plucked my clitoris and inserted two fingers into my cunt, stroking me.

“Deeper,” I begged.

“Like this?” He buried his fingers to his last knuckles.

“Even deeper, harder.”

“Shall I find your womanly secret as well?”

“Yes, yes, please fuck me.”

“Language.” Ronen chortled.

Callarn hit my sweet spot. “Yes there. Fuck me there,” I yelled. It didn’t take long for me to climax as soon as he rubbed that area. My body shook in violent tremors. My juices wetted Callarn’s hand.

“That didn’t take long.” Ronen sounded amazed.

“I’ve got magic fingers.”

Ronen easily slid his fingers in and out of my anus. “Much better.”

“I will keep her open,” Callarn said. He withdrew his fingers from my cunt. I felt both of my cheeks spread open again and the smooth surface of an engorged cockhead nudged my ass. “Maybe you should lather your shaft with the oil.”

“Nay, that thing makes me wild. I don’t wish to go too hard on her.”

“Maybe with her cream?”

“I like that.”

Ronen rubbed the crown of his cock on my cunt, wetting himself with my juices. He went back to my ass, nudging my virgin nether orifice. I gasped as he slowly entered my sphincter. The rings of muscles that guarded the entrance protested his attempt to penetrate me.

“Don’t refuse me, beloved.”

The familiar jarring heat slowly speared my ass inch by inch. Callarn tried to soothe me by rolling my clit. It helped. The pleasure made me relax as Ronen penetrated me deeper. My empty cunt tingled with need as Callarn quickened his pluck.

“Halfway there, Elyra.” Ronen huffed and thrust all the way in.

BOOK: Kidnapped and Claimed
7.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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