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I whimpered. I was overly stuffed when he took my cunt. I thought he became even thicker and harder by the second in the tightness of my ass. With a grunt, Ronen sheathed himself in balls-deep.

“Goddess, this is heaven. I can do this all night long.”

“I bet you can. You’re going to wreck her.”

“Like you don’t.” Ronen patted my ass. “Do I fill you up good, beloved?”

I took a deep breath. “I’m full.”

Ronen started to pull from my depths in an agonizingly slow motion and just before he was completely out, he thrust forward until his pubic hair gazed my naked ass. The initial pain turned into an earth-shattering pleasure. Each time he withdrew, I mourned the loss and each time he settled to his hilt, my need screamed for more. The brush from his thatch and the way his balls slapped my pussy drowned me into maddening ecstasy.

My moan turned into grunts. “Faster. Oh wait.”

Ronen halted. “What’s the matter?”

I scrambled up from Callarn’s lap, shoving him aside. He looked puzzled for a moment, than he understood. He scooted up. I reached his erection and plunged my mouth on his inviting cock.

He groaned while Ronen started rocking me again. Callarn tasted as if he had been swimming in the sea, salty and creamy. I sucked him hard. Callarn hissed. He threaded his fingers on my tousled hair. He fisted it when I withdrew with a powerful suck.

“Goddess,” he hissed.

I sucked him again as Ronen rammed me fast. I was enslaved by burning need. Ronen filled me with slam after slam of pure savagery as if he were a beast. I sucked Callarn harder, greedily. He seized my face and fucked my mouth, matching my frenzy. I cried wordlessly.

And then it hit me. My body quaked as an unmerciful orgasm struck me. My empty pussy clenched and my anal muscles tightened. I let out a muffled scream. All I could think of was the feeling of pure pleasure, an ecstasy so deep, I thought I’d died. I went to oblivion. A true heaven.

Callarn came in my mouth. I swallowed him, not wanting to waste a precious drop. Ronen slammed into me and jerked, climaxing. Both my men panted. I was still cocooned with the feeling of euphoria when they withdrew. Callarn collapsed on the bed. He pulled me into him. Ronen lay on my side and embraced me. I licked my lips and savored the sensation.

I was loved. Deeply, hard, and true.


“Congratulations!” Ashanie beamed and gave me a bone-crushing hug when I resumed my duty in the cookery in the morning. “How was it?”

I blushed.

“Lord Veredi told me that your claiming is in two days. We must prepare you. Now, we have to put you on reclusion until the claiming day. You will not see Ronen and Callarn until then.”


“Our custom dictates that the bride and grooms should restrain from joining until claiming day.”

“Too late for that.”

Ashanie giggled. “Well, Ronen and Callarn had to take you first because you were still a virgin. No virgin could handle two Khimerian warriors on claiming day.”


“Come.” Ashani herded me into my own hut. She carried a wooden box with her and took out a device.

“Chastity belt?”

“You know what it is?”

“My brother had commanded me to wear it before my wedding day. What is it for?”

“So your husbands won’t be tempted to take you until the claiming day, and it prevents you from pleasuring yourself.”

Ashanie lifted my pareo and fitted the belt on me.

“What is the purpose of all this?”

“To save your energy until claiming day. You also won’t see Ronen and Callarn until then.”

“Now you’re being unreasonable.”

“Unfortunately, you must endure this. From now on until the claiming day, you are to stay in your place. You may go out only to relieve yourself or bathe.”

“And my duty in the cookery?”

“You aren’t doing anything other than pampering yourself until your big day.”

“I don’t like this at all.”

“Oh, cease your pouting, girl. And you aren’t to eat anything but ramentha. It will help you with the claiming.”

“I don’t like this at all.”

“You can endure it.”

“Could I at least see them one more time?”

“Absolutely not.”

I cursed. “This isn’t fair.”



The next three days without seeing Ronen and Callarn were harder than the account I had to endure during my escape from the hunters. Ashanie left me with a basket of ramentha. I avoided it on the first day. When the hunger became unbearable, I half-heartedly grabbed one and took a bite. I couldn’t stop devouring them afterward. Then, I regretted it. Full-blown lust consumed me and all I could think of was my men. I hated the fact that I wasn’t allowed to talk to them. Though I had constant companions during the day, Ashanie and other women. They prepared me for the ceremony. They scrubbed my body with aromatic oils and washed me with floral water. My eyebrows were plucked and all the hair in my body was waxed. On the third day, Ashanie and the women came and took me for a bath in the Lembanyu spring. Afterward, they ushered me to the great hut.

The place was empty. All windows were shut and enchanted candles floated in the air, illuminating the surroundings. The big table where the masters of Emagari used to sit were gone, replaced with a large wooden pole. It had chains and restraints hanging from it.

I started to suspect the claiming ceremony wasn’t a private affair. “Is this where the claiming takes place?” I asked Ashanie.

“Aye. We have to prepare you for this first.”

“Why can’t it be in my own place, or my men’s?”

“Silly girl. Your place can’t hold all the witnesses.”


“Aye. Our lord and elders must witness the joining otherwise it won’t be lawful.”

“I’m not sure about witnesses.”

“It’s our custom. Just think about Ronen and Callarn. Worry about nothing.” Ashanie tugged me to the pole. She undid my chastity belt. The women chained my wrists to the pole.

“Why do I need to be bound?” I was unhappy.

“So you won’t pleasure yourself until the time.” Ashanie took off my clothes, leaving me naked and chained.

“Is this really necessary?” I protested.

The women giggled. One of them took out a bottle of oil from the basket and started lathering me with it.

The door opened and people milled in.

My hope renewed. But I didn’t see Ronen or Callarn. The women finished their job just as Lord Veredi announced the claiming procession was about to take place.

“Elyra of Drorknar, are you ready?” Veredi asked.

“Yes, my lord.” He walked around, circling me.

“Send her claimers in.”

Callarn and Ronen entered the great hut. Their gait was steady. Their expressions were solemn.

Lord Veredi spoke again. This time he talked in the Khimerian tongue. I didn’t understand it. My men answered briefly when Veredi questioned them. He then gave a lengthy speech that ended with raucous applause and catcalls.

Callarn came to me and held my face. He kissed me.

“Did you miss us, Elyra?” Ronen asked.

“More than ever. Kiss me, please.”

He laughed and obliged my demand. His kiss was passionate.

The voice of Lord Veredi forced him to break his kiss. The lord was asking Ronen and Callarn something in their own tongue. Both of my men answered in short, rapid sentences.

Veredi spoke again, this time to me in common tongue.

“Elyra of Drorknar?, are you ready for the claiming procession?”

“Yes, my lord,” I answered, almost too eager.

“If you ever have second thoughts, this is the time.”

“No, no, my lord, I do not have any second thoughts.”

“So be it then—complete the procession, the binding of the three. For now and forever, you shall bond, nothing will split the three of you apart.”

Callarn turned to me, tugging my chin up to meet his face. He looked so serious when he asked, “Do you understand what will become of us, Elyra? From this moment on, the three of us will enter the sacred bond that cannot be broken by any force.”

“Forever shall we remain as a union,” added Ronen.

I nodded, my chains clinking against the post. “I want you, both of you. Please.”

Ronen and Callarn pecked a kiss on my cheeks. Lord Veredi undid the chains on my wrists. I exhaled a relieved breath.

“We shall commence,” Veredi said.

Ronen and Callarn disrobed. Callarn placed his hands on my hips and lifted me. I curled my legs on his waist. The audience cheered, but I didn’t pay attention to them. To me, they didn’t exist. At this moment, the world was made for me and my men only.

Callarn sheathed himself in a single stroke. The aphrodisiac ramentha and the oil made me slick enough to accommodate him easily. He held me steady as he fucked me with short rapid strokes. I grunted, involuntarily tightening my muscles to choke his shaft. Callarn growled. “Naughty wench.” He slammed into me hard, taking me faster and rougher.

“More,” I whispered. “Take me hard.”

From behind, Ronen laughed. “You heard her, give our beloved what she wants.”

Callarn grunted, sounding animalistic. The next flood of fucks was more ferocious than ever. My body bounced against Ronen. Callarn took me as if he wanted to brand me with his lust. Pleasure quickly gathered like a thunderstorm. Each of his thrusts invoked unbelievable sensations. My body went rigid.

“Halt there, beloved,” Callarn interrupted my concentration. “Don’t come until Ronen is sheathed.”

I was so close. “Why?”

“Questions, questions,” Ronen chastised. “Soon you will know why.”

I looked over my shoulder and shot him a dark look. “Silence and fuck me.”

People cheered.

“Language.” Callarn tutted.

Ronen grabbed my ass. “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” I breathed out.

His face was near my cheek and I turned and found his lips. I licked his half-open mouth, wanting him to kiss me. But Ronen was too preoccupied with what he was about to do.

“Be still my sweet.” Ronen’s hands ventured on my crevice. A finger caressed my perineum and slowly entered my anus.

Callarn’s cock gave a twitch when I involuntarily stiffened from Ronen’s wicked intrusion. “If you do that one more time, I’ll—“

“Shush. Stop whining,” I said, grinning. Just to irk him some more, I choked his shaft with my cunt until his jugular tensed and corded. Sweat plastered his hair and his breathing labored hard.

Callarn hissed. “Make haste, Ronen. I can’t stand this anymore. She is torturing me.”

Ronen grunted and penetrated me. I threw my head back. The familiar stuffiness ascended upon my ass, stretching me open. He let out a victorious growl when he was able to sheath himself all the way.

For a long moment, I didn’t know what to feel. The pressure was incredible. My men were inside me. Scorching. Throbbing. The complete claiming. I wondered if Ronen and Callarn could feel each other. The passages were only separated by a thick membrane. I felt only pure pleasure. The burning heat was incredibly addicting. Now, I just needed them to move. I needed to come so badly.

“Please,” I whispered.

My voice was drowned by the audience’s cheers. Lord Veredi came over and inspected our joined flesh.

Anarthe del’lkairma ,” Veredi announced. “Finish the process, lads.”

The crowd burst out again.

My men happily obliged. I heaved at Callarn’s first stroke and again when Ronen withdrew and filled me full again. As if there was an unspoken agreement between them, they moved in and out in synch. I couldn’t think of anything else but the blinding pleasure.

My pleas turned into whimpering sobs.

Ronen and Callarn lashed upon me slam after slam of battering fucks. Their cocks felt like virgin fire, incinerating me from the inside out. My body tensed as waves of pleasure swept me into the final rapture.

I came hard. Ronen slammed in and jerked. Callarn thrust and surrendered. My ears rang. My breath was cut from my lungs. The world blackened momentarily. My body shook. My cunt and anus clenched, milking their cocks. I could feel their magic intertwine and bind me. It was a glorious feeling. To channel my mates’ bodies and souls.

I felt lightheaded when it was over. I ignored the audience’s clapping and cheers. Ronen and Callarn withdrew from me. I almost collapsed to the floor but Callarn snatched me.

Lord Veredi announced that the witnessing was over and it was time the newlyweds were given privacy. One by one, people left the hut. The door was closed.

Finally. It was just us. Me and my mates.

Ronen kissed me. And then Callarn. “I love you,” they said together.

“I love you too,” I whispered.

Callarn stroked my short hair lovingly. “Ready to go to your hut?”

BOOK: Kidnapped and Claimed
7.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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