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So how old are you?”

I am thirty-five years old.”

You’ve been fighting since you were a teenager?”

Yes.” He said it proudly. “I’ve done my duty, and I
continue to do it.”

And how far have you come in your cause since then?”

We have taken over most of this planet.”

freedom you’re fighting for, is it about more than your objections to the Regum
teaching women that sex is only their duty?”

of course it is. They want to control everything we do. They want to tell us
what to think and how to feel about every aspect of our lives. This is about
much more than our sexual freedom. That’s why I oppose what the Tyranns are
doing with the women from your planet.”

looked like he was about to say something else, but then he averted his gaze
for a second. She had the uncomfortable feeling that if he’d told her, she
would have found the idea disturbing. He took her hand and placed it on his
dick. “Do you really want to talk right now?”

laughed softly as she wrapped her hand around it and stroked the shaft gently.
The veiny surface contrasted nicely with the velvety softness, and when he
threw back his head and moaned, she had to fight not to come again.

Baby, that feels so fucking good.”

I like it, too.”

cupped her face. “I need to fuck you.
In the pussy and in the
I need to be inside you

I’ve never had anal sex.” He had a right to know

gaze softened. “Then I shall be very, very careful.” He laid her on her back
and spread her legs, then brushed his hands up and down her thighs, holding her
gaze the entire time. He picked up the bottle of oil and spread some of the
liquid on his cock. She watched, fascinated. There was something so incredibly
sexy about a man touching his own dick.

You’re mine,” he said, sliding his cock into her
pussy. “You’re
forever now.”

cried out in pleasure and pain. He was so big that it did hurt at first, but
within a few seconds the pain was gone, replaced by most exquisite fullness
imaginable. He sat back on his heels as he thrust, slowly, while one hand
teased her clit.

You’re going to come again for me.”

was all it took. Callie moaned loudly as a slow orgasm began, helped by his
expert fingers on her clit and him moving inside her at precisely the exact
rhythm she needed. How did he know? He pushed the length of it into her pussy,
withdrew almost to pulling out, then plunged back in

contractions started deep her in abdomen then spread out until she swore she
could feel them in her fingers and toes. She could hardly breathe when he
finally pulled out and then gently turned her over. Panic rose up, hot and
prickly, when he inserted a warm, wet finger into her asshole.

she even spoke, he caressed her ass cheeks with his other hand. “It’s all
right, baby. I promise. I will go slowly and you will love this as much as
you’ve loved everything I’ve done to you tonight.”

closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations.
The silky
feel of his finger, the scent of the oil, and the unaccustomed fullness inside
her ass.
He was right. It was very pleasant, and she grasped fistfuls of
the bedspread as arousal replaced fear.

he slid two oiled fingers inside, she moaned loudly as each pass of them sent
tiny jolts of electricity straight to her clit. She no longer cared if he was
using some kind of powers on her. He was true to his word that he’d be careful,
and that’s what mattered to her right now. She could trust him.

she heard him put on a condom, and almost giggled at the image of aliens having
condoms. He must have known she was holding back a laugh, because he chuckled
softly. “Did you think just because I cannot impregnate you that I don’t want
my wanker clean?”

did it. She couldn’t stop the laughter this time, which actually helped her
relax a bit when he gently slid that huge cock into her ass. “Just keep
breathing, baby.”

he was all the way in, he slipped a hand underneath her, and two fingers found
her clit. Callie moaned loudly as he teased it while he thrust inside her
asshole. It was the ultimate surrender, and she couldn’t imagine why she’d been
afraid to try this before. The fullness was so intense, but once she grew used
to it, another climax was on the way.

Callie … you feel so damn good, baby. Do you like

Yes. I love it.”

Come again for me. Then I’ll pull out and fuck your

Jesus…” Callie didn’t answer him because she
couldn’t even think now. She was completely at his mercy and loved it. She
didn’t want to be anywhere else. When the orgasm crashed over her it was weak,
but she certainly felt it. True to his word, he withdrew, and she heard him
pull off the condom.

he inserted a lubed finger into her pussy from behind, crooning words she
didn’t understand. Was that his native language? When he pushed his dick into
her pussy again, she cried out in pleasure. He fucked her rough and hard now,
but she loved it. Each thrust massaged her swollen clit, and Callie whimpered
as he slammed into her. She’d never imagined sex could be this incredible and

You’re mine,” he said. “I’m never letting you go.

was fine with her, and right now she couldn’t have protested or fought him even
if she’d wanted to. She was under his spell, and she didn’t care. Nothing else
existed but Jakara and his beautiful body.

he finally came again, he cried out loudly and grunted his way through the damn
longest male orgasm she’d ever experienced. He withdrew, turned her around, and
then pulled her into his arms and held her. Both of them were still breathing
hard, and they were each covered with a fine sheen of sweat. She could barely
hang onto him because she was so weak. Everything hurt, but she had never felt
such peace or satiety.

drifted off to sleep, all thoughts of the past six months fading into the
background as his scent and his muscled body filled her dreams.




stood outside his home in the chilly morning air, thanking Lesha for the
clothes she’d brought over for Callie, and for keeping this a secret. “We keep each
other’s secrets,” she said. That was an understatement.

had lived near Jakara and his
family on Addo, but Lesha could never return to her home planet. Her brother
had stolen money from some of the
for whom he’d
worked, and they’d caught him and killed him, but not before he claimed Lesha
had helped him. There was a price on her head, and she had no way to prove her
innocence now that he was dead.

Jakara was hardly a model citizen, so his word proclaiming Lesha’s innocence
would mean nothing to the Regum looking for her. He kept her secret, and she
cleaned his modest home and helped him with delicate matters when needed. Such
as procuring female clothing for an Earthling he had decided to hide.

Do you have enough food for two?”

Yes,” he said.
“More than enough.

No one will question my buying extra food, but I will need certain
things strictly for women that I cannot be seen buying. She is only twenty-five
Earth years old.”

“Of course.
I’ll take care of that later today
for you.”

And I’ll tell her about you so if you come to the
house when I’m not here she won’t be afraid.”

leaned close and lowered her voice even though no one was around for miles.
“Take extra care, Jakara. There are bad rumors on Sera about this planet. The
Regum knows about the facility being built, and has begun asking too many
questions. They know it’s not an aircraft hanger or a warehouse.”

I have nothing to do with that.” Jakara wanted no
part of what a large group of Tyranns were constructing, although he did agree
in principle with the reason behind it. It would bring in money, and it was a
way to prevent the Earth women from being used and hurt by multiple groups of

That won’t matter to them, and you know it. They
have lumped all of you together, and in their mind you will be held as
accountable as the men who planned it and are building it.”

Thank you for the warning.” There was no point in
arguing this issue with Lesha. She only had his best interests at heart, and
would protect him with her life if necessary. That was far more than he could
say for Logan, or any of his acquaintances. Jakara hadn’t had time to make
friends during the past seventeen years. He’d been too busy fighting to stay
alive and earn his place among his people.

Lesha left, he went inside and made food for himself and Callie. He had no idea
what she liked to eat in the morning, so he made what he usually did, and hoped
it would satisfy her appetite. He knew she drank coffee because the drone
reports had included her recent grocery purchases, so he made it strong, hoping
that was the way she normally drank it.

walked into the kitchen, smiling. “What do I smell? It’s heavenly.”

Coffee, eggs, ham, and what you would probably call

Wow. Thank you.”

We have to eat.”

glanced around. “Um, I need to use the…”

pointed. “The bathroom is through that door, and I’ve put clothing in there for
you to wear.”

Thank you. Do I have time to take a shower?”

A quick one, unless you want cold

watched her sprint for the bathroom door, his heart pounding.
What the hell have I done here?
But as soon as the thought formed, he knew he
wouldn’t have made a different choice even if he’d stopped to think with his
head instead of his cock. The compulsion to protect her and keep her
for his own
had been too strong.

didn’t understand it, and he might never figure out what it was about her that
had prompted him to take such a risk, but Jakara knew one thing. He’d been far
too lonely for too long, and Callie was exactly the kind of woman he’d always
dreamed of having for his own. She was the epitome of all his fantasies as a
young man, and those dreams hadn’t changed as he’d matured.

dreamed of finding a woman who would enjoy his company
his bed. He’d had his share of women merely for sex, and it
left him cold and unsatisfied. If his fellow soldiers felt the same way, Jakara
had never heard them voice it aloud. And it didn’t matter to him if his views
were considered odd or dangerous. They were his views, and he could no more
suppress his desires than he could kill the need for food and water in his own

she emerged, she twirled in a circle. “What do you think?”

shook his head. “You’re killing me. How am I supposed to eat when you parade
your body in front of me like that?”

I mean the clothes. Do they look all right on me?”
She fingered the sheath. “Is this real silk?”

Yes, it is. And they look perfect on you. Lesha
guessed your size correctly.” He motioned her over. “Come and eat something. If
you’re as hungry as I am, we’re both ready to fall over.”

took a seat across from him.

She takes care of my home and procures certain items
for me that I can’t be seen buying. She is an old family friend. If she comes
to the door while I’m gone, it’s okay to let her inside the house. She will
protect us both and keep us safe and hidden here.”

stopped in the act of bringing her coffee cup toward her mouth. “When you’re

I have a mission to fulfill. I have to fly as often
as I always did, or I would not be able to explain why I had not done so. But I
will never be gone longer than a twenty-four hour period at the most.”

sipped her coffee, but the light had gone out of her eyes. “I didn’t realize
I’d be alone so long.”

You are safe here.”

But what do I do with myself while you’re gone? What
are your expectations of me?”

took the cup from her and placed it on the table. “You’re not here as my
servant, Callie. Lesha will take care of the home. You may do whatever you wish
while I’m gone, as long as you stay indoors. You cannot be seen. Not by anyone
except Lesha.”

BOOK: Kidnapped by a Warrior
12.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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