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tangled his fingers in her hair and moved his lips and tongue over hers. Callie
groaned deeply as crazy desire swept through her. Her pussy was soaked, and her
clit throbbed. She was going to come and all he’d done was kiss her.

he released her, his eyes were darker than they’d been earlier, and it was
obvious he was trying to control his raging lust. He picked her up as if she
weighed no more than a feather, and dumped her unceremoniously on the bed. As
he shed his clothing, she sat up and stared at him with her mouth open. He
looked human in every way, but the muscles and tats covering his body were
nothing she’d ever seen. He was beyond beautiful.

And his dick … red, swollen, and
already dripping with pre-cum.
She licked her lips, unable to tear her gaze away.

Impressive, isn’t it?”

nodded because her voice seemed to have disappeared.

And wait until it’s inside you.”

What the hell am I doing

late for those thoughts, because he pushed her back on the bed and covered her
body with his, kissing her again like this was the last time he’d ever do it.
She couldn’t move, and even breathing was difficult. He released her mouth and
trailed a line of liquid fire over her collarbones, and then over her breasts.

sat up and grasped her sweater in both hands, tearing it open at the seams with
no more effort than he’d use to rip a piece of paper in half. She gasped, but
not from fear. The arousal racing through her body was out of control. She’d
never felt this way, and she no longer gave a shit if he was doing it with some
kind of powers, or if this came from inside her. She only wanted to run with it
and see where it took them.

tossed the ruined fabric on the floor. “I’ll bring you new clothes in the

didn’t answer. She couldn’t. All she could do was
at his gorgeous face and body, and at the way the muscles in his forearms
strained as he ripped her bra down the middle. He made sexy, guttural noises in
the back of his throat as he grasped her breasts and rolled her nipples between
his thumbs and forefingers.

cried out in pleasure as the gesture sent jolts of electricity straight to her
throbbing clit. She was so close to an orgasm, all she’d have to do is flex her
Kegel muscles and it would happen. But she also wanted to slow down and enjoy
this. He made that impossible when he bent his head to suck and nip at her
breasts. The climax washed over her, forcing a continuous stream of moans and
whimpering from her throat.

I knew it,” he said. “You love this.”

Yes,” she whispered. “It’s incredible.”

I’m going to fuck you all night, in every hole. You
are mine. I’ve claimed you.”

shivered at the conviction in his voice. Fear tried to push its way in, but she
willed it away. He wasn’t going to hurt her. He’d promised her that. He moved
lower and grasped her jeans, ripping them off her as easily as he’d disposed of
the rest of her clothing. Then he moved her panties aside and licked her clit.

cried out loudly and wrapped her fingers in his hair as wave after wave of
intense desire tore through her body. His tongue was hot and thick, and nothing
had ever felt as fucking good on her pussy. It moved it up and down, back and
forth with impossible speed, and each pass sent her closer to another climax.

fingered the lace on her panties. “These are almost too pretty to ruin.” But
then he tore them off her as well. He took off her shoes and socks, and then he
spread her legs and licked up and down her thighs, sending shivers throughout
her body. “You taste like the nectar of the gods. I’ve never had an Earth

words almost forced up a giggle, until he reached into the nightstand drawer
and pulled out a dark bottle. He unstopped it, and the scents of sandalwood and
vanilla wafted across her nose. She watched him put some of the liquid on two
fingers, and then he slid them inside her pussy. She gasped as he moved them in
and out at just the right speed and rhythm. They were long and thick, so it
felt like a dick was in there, and each thrust of them hit the perfect spot.

Oh God…”

That’s right, Callie.” His voice was rough and deep.
“I want to watch you come this time. No sneaking one in on me again.”

had he known?

If you do, I’ll have to punish you.”

swallowed hard and wanted to ask what he’d do to punish her, but she could
hardly think. The climax inched forward, and she couldn’t look away from his
gaze. It mesmerized her. His very presence was intoxicating. She had to have

the orgasm washed over her, Callie clung to his arms and dug her nails in, not
wanting him to stop. She’d never experienced anything like this, and couldn’t
imagine how it could feel better with his cock inside.

That’s it, baby. That’s right. Let it happen. By the
stars, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever had.” He pulled out his fingers
and kissed her again, rough and hard this time. Callie moaned into his open
mouth and wrapped her arms and legs around his body, aching for him to push his
dick into her pussy, but instead he crawled off her and pulled her into a
sitting position.

scooted her to the edge of the bed and held her head, one hand on each side.
“Let’s see what else you can do with that delicious mouth.”




stared at Jakara’s cock. It was truly magnificent, but she had no idea how
she’d be able to give him a blow job without gagging. She tried to move away,
but his hands held her firm.

Open your mouth, Callie. I want you to suck me.”

I don’t like giving blow jobs.” That wasn’t entirely
true, but she’d never had such a huge dick in her mouth before.

do this for me.”

glanced up into his eyes as hot anger rose inside her. “We’re not all porn
stars like you think we are. And forcing a woman to do any sex act is rape, not

I’m not forcing you. You want me. I see it on your
face, and I feel it in your touch.”

couldn’t argue with that, but it would be nice if he at least tried to
understand what she said right now. “Can you read my thoughts?”

Not the words, but I can sense your emotions. I can
detect the scent a woman gives off when she wants sex. I see the lust in your
eyes. Now open your mouth and take me inside it. I will have you in every way
tonight. You are

And if I refuse?”

look of incredulity passed over his face, and then his eyes filled with humor.
He let go of her face and sat next to her. Then he grabbed her around the waist
and bent her over one knee. Before she could process what he’d just done, he
delivered five stinging blows to each ass cheek in quick succession.

cried out in pain, and tried to twist away from his hands, but he was far too
strong. The amount of desire coursing through her body shocked her. It was as
if he’d flipped a switch, and suddenly images of him paddling her ass until it
turned red and puffy assaulted her mind. Her pussy contracted in tiny spasms,
and she hoped he didn’t interpret it as another stolen orgasm. How the hell
he known she’d come earlier?

the heels of that thought
the realization that if
this was what he meant as punishment for that transgression, she’d make herself
come again in a heartbeat. Nothing had ever excited her this much, and she
wanted more.

Are you through asking me ridiculous questions?”

released her, and then he placed a pillow against the headboard and moved her
so she was sitting with her back to it. He knelt in front of her, holding her
head with his hands once again. “Now open your mouth, or next time I’ll give
you double the swats, and I won’t go easy on you.”

should be angry. She should feel violated and used, but she felt none of those
things. She was so turned-on it was ridiculous. Where the hell had this come
from? She wanted him to take her, rough and hard.

opened her mouth, and he slid most of his dick into it. She relaxed her throat
muscles and wrapped her lips around his shaft.

That’s it, baby. That feels so fucking good. I knew
it would. I won’t hurt you. Just relax.”

was true to his word. She had no idea how he’d done it, but the more he pushed
inside her mouth, the less she was afraid she’d gag. And once she realized she
wasn’t going to, she enjoyed it. He tasted salty and musky, but it wasn’t
unpleasant. His scent was all mixed up with the sandalwood and vanilla smell
from the oil, and the combination proved to be an aphrodisiac.

harder he fucked her mouth, the more she wanted him to do it. His moans turned
into grunts and loud groans as he increased his speed. “Callie … oh, Callie …
that mouth … it’s incredible. I’m close to coming, baby. I’m almost there…”

braced herself for the taste of cum, but once he started he pulled out, let go
of her head, and splashed it all over her breasts. She moaned because no one
had ever done that, and she found it so damn sexy she nearly came again.

I’ve marked you, Callie. Now you are truly mine.
They can’t take you away from me.”

had no idea what that meant or why he’d said it, but it certainly seemed to
fire him up. No sooner did he finish than he pulled her into his arms and
kissed her again, tongue and all. He brushed his hands up and down her legs,
her hips, and over her ass cheeks, giving each one a couple of half-hearted
smacks again.

Your ass was made for spanking. I might do it again
later just for fun.”

I liked it.” She wanted to clamp a hand over her
mouth as soon as the words were out.

gazed at her with doubt in his eyes. “Do not mock me. Not now. Not after what
we’ve shared.”

took his hands. His body was so warm.
Much warmer than she
thought it should be, even now.
Was that part of his different DNA make
up? “I’m not mocking you. I really did like it. It stung, but it also aroused

I’m glad you did, but now I’ll have to find some
other way to punish you.”

expression turned almost tender, and it tugged at her heart. What would this
experience be like if he were a human man she’d met, and the invasion had never
happened? Nostalgia washed over her, bringing with it the memory of him telling
her that her parents and sisters were dead. She bit her lip to try to stop the
tears, but they came anyway.

brushed them away. “Do not cry. I will not cause you undue pain. Your
punishment, even when warranted, will be fair and will not cause you permanent

No, that’s not it. I was thinking of my family. I’ll
never see them again.”

I cannot change that.”

Do you have family?”

I did.” His voice was hard now. “They are dead.”

I’m so sorry.”

War is brutal. People die.”

Yes, they do. But that doesn’t make it any easier to

stared at her for a long time, and her heart went out to him. He was so
, and obviously trying hard not to be emotional, but
she could sense it wanting to come out underneath that rough and tough

pulled her close again and just held her, which was so relaxing that she pushed
away the unhappy thoughts for now and instead absorbed his warmth and his
scent. His cock was rock hard again, but she wanted more this time than him
simply pushing it inside her.

moved to straddle him, which wasn’t easy because his thighs were quite large.
He scooted back against the pillow where she’d been sitting a moment ago, and
then it was more comfortable to sit on his thighs. She traced several tats on
his torso with one finger. “What are these symbols? What do they mean?”

They represent battles we’ve fought. Each one
depicts a struggle won in our cause.”

had to be at least a dozen of them on his body. “How long have you been
fighting for your freedom?”

Seventeen and a half years.”

Wow. Forgive me, but how old are you? I mean in
years? Do you measure time in years?”

actually smiled, and the gesture lit up his face so much that her heart gave
another small tug. He really was beautiful. “Yes, we measure time the same way
you do, although we refer to each hour by what you call military time. But our
planets revolve around our sun as your Earth does, and our year is close to
yours in terms of time.”

BOOK: Kidnapped by a Warrior
2.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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