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Carter and Quint shared a look that set her on high alert. “Wait. What’s that look mean?”

Rubbing his forefinger beneath his nose, Carter said, “Don’t worry about the bill.”

“What do you mean, don’t worry about it?”

“We had a little extra after our wins, and we don’t need much traveling money. Besides, if we get tight, we can skip the motel and pound on your trailer door.” Quint arched a brow, his smirk too much for her.

She threw herself into his arms. When he tugged her onto his lap and gave her a sound kiss, the first hints of arousal hit her system. But before she could act on it, he set her back in her seat.

Carter leaned down and gently depressed her earlobe with his teeth. “We take care of our own, sweetheart. Don’t ever for a minute believe we’re going to walk away from this. You mean too much to us.”

“We don’t want to change a thing about you,” Quint said.

“Except tie you to our bed with your legs spread wide.” Carter’s whisper sent her stomach tipping.

She skimmed her fingers over both stubbled jaws, her heart fuller than she ever believed possible. “Just don’t get too comfy, boys. I might be subdued for now, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take you for a hard run.”

* * * * *

Quint hooked his rope tightly around his hand. The end didn’t feel right, so he adjusted it a split second before the chute opened. The calf made a break for it. Carter shot out, lasso in the air.

When Quint made his own toss, he heard a whoop that brought a grin to his face. Bella cheering them on from the sidelines.

Carter landed his toss around the cow’s ears and they pulled the animal to a stop.

“Damn, that felt good,” he hollered to Carter, who gave him a crooked smile and a nod.

As they trotted out of the arena to wait for their scores, Quint grinned at the sexiest cowgirl climbing the gate. She balanced on the toes of her boots, waving with both hands.

Passing her, Quint hooked his arm around her neck and yanked her over the gate. She plopped into his lap, and the crowd cheered.

Her soft, sweet weight against his cock sent a thrill through him as much as the fact that Jeb Anderson had looked away from the spectacle.

“He doesn’t look too happy,” Quint said to her.

“He can’t lie about sleeping with me anymore,” she said against his ear. Her warm words teased him into a further state of arousal.

“Hey, share.” Carter grabbed her out of Quint’s arms and she squealed as he settled her on his lap. A louder cheer went up.

“Nice show, guys.” Buck Calhoun gave them a chin-nod of congratulations, and Quint figured he referred to more than their great score on the board. Every single man in the arena was probably wondering how they’d managed to get Bella Roberts in their arms.

Bella pushed away from Carter, shot off his horse, landed and on her feet and was immediately swarmed by reporters and fans. Quint and Carter gave a short interview, but they didn’t hold the attention of the people the way Bella did. Everybody wanted to hear about the health of her horse and how she was feeling about missing so many competitions.

She’d been amazing the past month while Josey Wheels recovered from her surgery. The specialist who’d assessed the horse assured Bella that the animal would make a full recovery. It was only a matter of rest and rehabilitation. In the meantime, Bella had been more than supportive of him and Carter. Their own personal cheering section.

Quint gripped Carter’s shoulder. “It’s time.”

Carter shot a glance toward Bella. Seeing she was still surrounded, he nodded. They led their horses out and passed them off to a trainer who would rub them down and treat them for their good rides.

“Here’s the little beauty. Looking great.” A cute little cowgirl with a spring in her step led another horse toward Quint. Bella’s mare stood with her head proudly tossed back, as strong as the woman who owned her.

“You’re a sight for sure.” Quint rubbed Josey Wheels’ long neck as Carter took the lead. The animal’s leg was bound but with a colorful wrapping and ribbons curled from her tail. Despite her injury, her gait was elegant and sure.

“Think Bella suspects our surprise?” Carter asked him.

“Not a chance.” Quint clicked his tongue, and the mare followed. As soon as they broke back into the public eye with the animal, the crowd went nuts. Bella looked up from signing an autograph. Her cheeks were pink and her hat tipped back enough for them to see the lights dancing in her eyes.

Shock stole over her features.

Then her face crumpled and she ran at them. Josey Wheels pawed the earth and whinnied as Bella reached her and threw her arms around the horse’s neck. Next to him, Carter sniffed loudly, and Quint couldn’t deny the moisture around the edges of his eyes.

She dragged a sobbing breath in and turned to both of them. “You guys…you couldn’t have given me any better gift. Thank you!” She hurled herself at them, and they caught her between them.

As Quint flexed his arms around both of his lovers, he’d never felt so happy with the state of his life. Even if he and Carter’s winning streak went south, they had other reasons for their joy. The risks they’d taken had panned out plus added a bonus or two.

Carter captured Bella in a sound kiss while Quint looped his hand around Carter’s nape and drew him in.




Bella strode back and forth in front of the king-sized hotel bed, examining her handiwork.

“For a woman who says she isn’t great with rope, you’ve done a fine job.” The praise in Carter’s tone made her giggle. Especially since he was a victim of her rope work.

His hands were bound in front of him. Quint was in the same predicament, and of course they could have struggled out of their bonds if they’d wanted. With their strength, she was hardly a match for them. If they’d wanted to, they could have flipped her over and had her trussed like a pig at the county fair within seconds.

Instead, their dark eyes followed her every movement. And their cocks…
Two hard shafts bounced on their abs, the tips glistening with want.

“Lie back.” Her command came from a dry throat. She wet her lips and placed a knee on the bed. Their gazes dropped to the space between her thighs. Her pussy ached for their fingers, tongues and cocks. But she was having too much fun toying with them.

As she met Quint’s gaze, his eyes gleamed with dark promise. “The minute you untie me—”

“You’re in deep trouble,” Carter finished for him.

A quiver started low in her core and traveled upward throughout her whole body. She clamped down the urge to tug the knots free and let them have their way with her, but not yet.

Slowly, she planted her hand on the bed and began to crawl toward them. The bed vibrated from their constrained movements. They were like wild beasts trapped in a cage. The minute she freed them, Lord help her.

Flashing a grin, she made sure each move she made showed off her breasts in her sexiest red bra. She wasn’t disappointed—two gazes latched onto her globes.

“Where’d you get that sexy bra?” Quint’s voice was a shade rougher.

“Had it.” She paused to trail her finger around the lacy cup. Quint’s cock jerked, and her mouth watered. She couldn’t wait to fill her mouth with him and drive him crazy.

“Don’t get attached to it, bro,” Carter practically growled. “I’m going to rip it off her as soon as I have control of my hands.”

She paused and sat back on her heels, perfecting her pout. “Now that’s not nice. I wore this just for you guys. Don’t you like it?”

“Fucking love it.” Quint fought his bindings, but the rope was secure. She grinned. “Dammit, woman, you’re going to get a spanking the minute I’m free.”

Now that’s what I want.

She fluffed her hair out with exaggerated movements. They watched in fascination, and she thrilled at the power they handed her. Knowing they gave her exactly what she wanted—needed—was the biggest aphrodisiac on the planet.

“Hell,” Carter grated out.

“I said lie back on the bed,” she ordered again. When they did, she continued her slow crawl up the mattress. She rested a hand on each man’s shin and slid them over their furred skin. When she gripped their thighs, muscles leaped beneath her fingers. She didn’t waste a second touching the playthings she wanted most.

Curling her fingers around their tight sacs, looking from one man’s face to the other. Quint’s eyebrows were etched downward as if he concentrated on holding onto his control.

Either that or he was plotting ways to torment her. God, she hoped so.

Need teased at her pussy, and juices slipped from her folds and wet her inner thighs.

“Where’s your matching panties?” Quint drawled, his voice tight.

“You ripped them off me back in Jacksonville.” She wasn’t wearing any at all.

“Funny—I don’t remember the bra in Jacksonville,” Carter said.

“Me neither.”

“Because you were pretty absorbed. Remember the anal beads?” She rotated her wrists and wrapped her fingers around both erections. Rewarded with a grunt and a groan for her efforts.

She gave them a soft smile, watching their faces transform with pleasure as she stroked them. The veined lengths were silk-covered steel. She wanted more—so much more.

When she dipped her head and flicked her tongue over the tip of Carter’s straining cock, he brought his bound hands down on her shoulders, holding her. She threw him a naughty look and parted her lips over his cock.

“Jesus,” Quint growled. “I fucking love watching her suck your cock.” He rolled toward Carter and placed gentle bites over his shoulder down to his nipple.

Carter writhed between them for long minutes. Then he gasped, “Enough. I can’t last. His turn.”

She didn’t hesitate to give Quint the same attention. Licking and sucking him until his hips lifted off the bed. Her breasts throbbed for their touch and her pussy was slick. Pushing to her knees, she tortured them for another five minutes by burying her fingers in her pussy and letting them see what they weren’t allowed to touch.

“Dammit, darlin’, if you don’t untie me…” Quint’s oath sent brand new shivers racing over her heated flesh.

Considering his demand took a split second. She removed her fingers from her sex and traced the wetness over his lips. While he sucked at her digits, she used her other hand to pick at his knotted wrists.

The minute he sprang free, she knew she was in trouble. He threw her down in one violent move, tossing his muscled thigh over her middle to pin her while he freed his partner.

When Carter descended on her, she almost regretted taking things so far. The rough way he trapped her hands and the harder way he kissed her were primal. His lips blazed a path over hers, his tongue fucking her mouth deep. With his flavors in her head, her body came alive.

Quint nudged her legs apart and looked up at her from between them. “You’re going to wish you hadn’t taken so long to untie us.” Swooping his head, he captured her clit between his lips.

She cried out as he sucked gently, pulling it into his mouth, and then moving downward to suck her folds. When he sank his tongue into her soaking entry, she bucked upward.

Carter yanked her bra down her shoulders so her breasts bounced free. Need spiraled as he pinched her nipples, lightly at first and with increasing pressure until she couldn’t stay quiet.

“That’s it, love. Moan for us.” He bit into one nipple.

“You’re going to…pay for this.”

“Oh little vixen, we count on it every day of our lives.” Quint dived back into eating her pussy, waving his head back and forth to get every inch of her. The heat of his lips and tongue…she couldn’t get enough.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Oh now she’s the one begging,” Carter said, moving to her other nipple to deliver the same lush licks.

“I’m not…begging.”

Quint’s eyes sparked as he stared at her from his place in her pussy buffet. She dug her heels into the mattress to put his lips where she wanted them most.

And found herself flipped over, her chest crushed against Carter’s sculpted one. Gasping, she took instant advantage. Kissing him deeply while Quint prepared her to accept his cock in her backside.

Oil dribbling over her ass seam ignited her further. Carter tugged her lower lip between his teeth, moaning in a way that she knew Quint was playing with him too. Then Carter pressed his rubber-covered cock at her entrance. Holding his gaze, she slid down over his shaft.

The minute Carter was buried balls-deep, Quint fed his cock into her tight hole. Her breath came in uneven bursts. Her body latched onto both men until Carter’s eyes rolled back in his head and Quint said, “Fucking tight.”

Two long heartbeats passed before Carter opened his eyes. He and Quint exchanged a look over her shoulder. Love welled inside her, overflowing for both of the men sharing her body. How it had happened, she had no idea, but she wasn’t about to let go now.

Helpless against the ecstasy they were forcing on her, she gave herself up to them. In their hands, she was more than cared for.

The minute their movements grew more uncontrolled and their rhythm shifted, that sweet, dark heat inside her spread like wildfire. She came in waves, holding onto them with her inner muscles as they got fulfillment too.

Collapsing atop Carter, she reveled in the damp weight of Quint against her spine. He brushed her hair away from her ear to get at his special spot while Carter pressed soft pecks along her hairline.

Long seconds ticked by. Quint rolled off and tugged her free of Carter’s cock. Both men got up to deal with their condoms while she lay there like a dead person. But when they locked her in their arms and shared a kiss of their own, she watched with pure happiness radiating from her depths.

“Guess we’d better hit a mall if we want any more of these sexy bits.” Carter dangled her ruined bra from one fingertip.

“Damn right you will. I have a desire for a pair of those over-the-knee leather boots.”

“Hell, she’s going to kill us. Better pick up a defibrillator while we’re at it.” Quint pinched her bottom. She giggled and buried her face against his chest. His soft chest hair was fragrant with their lovemaking.

“I can shop for my own ‘sexy bits,’” she said, a note of fake irritation in her voice.

“Oh we know, sweetheart.” Carter stroked his knuckles along her ribs, raising a shiver. “But we aren’t letting you get away from us.”

“I’m not running. Well…not far.” She bit Quint’s pec. He brought the flat of his hand down on her buttock. The
made her squeal, but Carter’s chuckle as he flipped her onto her back and pinned her made the sting so much better.

“We wouldn’t want you any way but smart and sassy, darlin’. Now Carter, get the rope.”






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BOOK: Lipstick 'n Lead
12.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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