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A rapid knock on the door let me know she
was here.

"Hey babe," she grinned when I opened the
door. The dress she wore was strapless and just
barely covered her bare ass. Her heels were three
inches tall. Damn she looked good even for a

"Oh, what happened to your face?" she

"Doesn't matter," I grunted grabbing the
front of her dress pulling her inside. Ripping the
fabric up I barely kicked the door shut before I
lifted her slamming her to the wall.

"Mmm," she moaned nibbling on my ear. "I
love it when you're rough."

It was Christmas day. Everyone was sitting
around the table as I was making breakfast. I had
refused to allow anyone to help me. I had a lot of
breakfasts and dinners to make up for.

"Hurry up woman, I'm starving, and if I'm
starving I know Logan is dying," Jake told me
tugging on Taylor's hair. She had her head resting
against his shoulder trying to get some more sleep,
but even as exhausted as she looked she still
managed to punch him in the stomach for pulling
her hair.

Jake grunted and sunk into his chair. It was
five in the morning. Why we didn't decide to wake
up later in day when it was a reasonable hour was
beyond me. However, at four everyone in the
house was woken to Angie screaming bloody

Which in turn caused Kimmy to scream
from being woken up suddenly? She never was
good at loud noises. I almost clawed Oliver to
death having woken up thinking the screaming was
me since I was having a nightmare about Jason. All
in all this morning has not been the best so far.

Oliver had told me a few days ago that I
wasn't the only one that had nightmares in this
house. Angie and Taylor didn't have the greatest
pasts either. However, Oliver didn't know why. Jet
and Jake knew but refused to tell anyone. They
said it was their secrets to tell. I would have to sit
down and talk to her later.

"Ever, baby girl," Oliver said coming up
behind me. I blinked a few times coming out of my
"Huh?" I muttered.

He took my hands and moved them.
Looking down I realized I was letting the eggs
burn. He took over finishing breakfast while I sank
down next to Leon and Lauren.

"So you still wanna hang out with us losers.
Normalcy is rare in this household," I grinned at
the blonde currently curled up in Leon's lap her
eyes open but out of focus.

She looked
up briefly, “It's not so bad. It's
kind of exciting," she spoke through a yawn, so
most of her words were a bit jumbled.

"Well okay then," I laughed looking around
the table.

Angie was sitting in Jet's lap her face
hidden in his neck. I caught eyes with Jet as I
looked over. He gave a strained smile.

"You know you are really skinny Ever,"
Lauren muttered from next to me. I glanced over at
her then down at myself.

"Well, that's what happens when you got to
eat hospital food for a month. That crap sucked," I

"You haven't really seen her eat yet," Leon
I scowled at him, "What's that supposed to

"He means you eat like me," Logan
chuckled drumming his fingers on the table

"I do not," I frowned.
Everyone around the table nodded.

"Not at first Hun. Like when you came out
of the hospital you were going through stuff and
not eating but since you moved back in I have been
having to go shopping like twice a week to feed
you and Logan," Kimmy smiled. Her hands
rubbing her growing little belly.

"Well, I'm hungry," I grumbled. I didn't
think I've been eating that much. Have I?
"You wiped out the chocolate cake before I
got any," Logan frowned.

"She took the whole thing up to our bed.
Had to change the sheets. I think I adopted a five
year old," Oliver smirked sitting a plate of eggs in
the middle of the table as well as toast, then bacon.

"I like chocolate. You should know that
chocolate isn't going to last long around me."

"Yeah but you've been eating like
everything in sight," Jake laughed startling Taylor
who had finally fell back asleep.

"Stop moving," she swatted him.
"Breakfast is done, Tater Tot," he told her
shaking her shoulder.
"Asshole," she muttered half-heartedly
sitting up.
"I'll bite you," he smirked. Taylor's cheeks

"Hey, not at the table," Jet told him nudging
Tyler who was sound asleep on the bench by the

Tyler shot straight up looking around.
Seeing the food on the table, he took his seat and
we all settled into eat. It was bit comical. Everyone
was exhausted we had been at the warehouse until
two-thirty playing video games and hanging out
with the other gang. Some of the members even
brought their kids to play.

Angie was trying to eat a piece of bacon but
was tired she couldn't find her mouth. We chuckled
as Jet took it out of her hand an fed her. She
grumbled at him but opened her mouth like a baby
bird while he fed her. After our silent sloppy
breakfast, we moved to the living room to open
presents, which there were a lot.

"Ever and Oliver
first. You two have
combined gifts from all of us," Kimmy told us
holding out four boxes.

The first box was a bottle of expensive
wine; the second was matching bathing suits. Jake
grinned at us as I held up the skimpy hot pink
bikini and a matching speedo.

"Really?" Taylor frowned at him. "I thought
you were getting the other. I told you to get the
other one."

"But, this more funny," he pouted.
She rolled her eyes.

"Thanks," Oliver scowled at Jake holding
up the speedo which was entirely too small for

Rolling my eyes, I unwrapped the third gift
that was a little box, pulling open the lid I froze.
"Oh my god, guys!"

"Two tickets to Hawaii for a week,"
Kimmy grinned. "We figured you two need some
time to yourself. You can change the dates and use
it for anytime."

Setting the boxes down I hopped off
Oliver's lap and gave everyone a hug.

"Thank you guys so very much."
"What's in the last one?" Oliver question
tearing the wrapping paper off the large box. I
joined him in his chair again as he pulled the lid

Oliver made a face and looked around the
room. "Really? I would expect this from Jake."
I looked into the box to find all kinds of
"interesting" items.
"Kimmy Lee!" I scowled knowing instantly
who did it.

"How did you know?" Alex roared with
laughter. Oliver lifted a pair of hand cuffs out of
the box.

"These might be ni-"
I wacked him upside the head my face
getting hot all the way to my ears.
"Utter another word Oliver James Wolfe
and you'll be in the floor," I warned.
Jake laughed, "Now who wears the pants in
the relationship."

Kimmy was looking at me innocently as I
glared at her. I should have known she'd get me
something like this. POP! I gasp jumping out of the

Oliver was grinning ear to ear with a whip
in his hand. My left butt cheek stung. Narrowing
my eyes, I charged at him grabbing the whip. We
fought over it as the whole room filled with
laughter. It really got entertaining when Oliver's
chair flipped over and we were trapped underneath

While we were out of view of the others
Oliver brushed against me.
"Oliver James Wolfe! You keep your hands
to yourself!"

"Oh dear, maybe you shouldn't have got
that for them Kimmy. No telling what they're about
to do now," Angie snickered.

Oh god let me die now. Oliver shoved up
off the ground pushing the chair back.
"Just wait until we get to Hawaii," he

A new round of laughter started and I did
the only thing that seemed logical. I crawled back
under the chair out of sight.

“You people are going to be the death of
"Oh look," Kimmy cooed holding up a blue
dress with ruffles.
"That's cute," Lauren smiled glancing up
from another rack.

We had been in the mall for an hour now
shopping for baby clothes. The boys had all given
us their credit cards and sent us on our way. They
were dealing with gang stuff.

Oliver told me it would be best if I got them
away from the warehouse. I knew about the
possibility that Harper and his father were behind
the gang attacks but none of the others did.

Oliver had asked the boys to not say
anything. He knew they didn't like lying to the girls
but it was to keep them safe. I argued that I had
kept things from him and that did no good but
whatever Oliver thought best. Although I knew the
girls knew something was up, they just didn't say

"Hey this goes with it!" Angie bounced up
next to Kimmy with a pair of boots. I had to admit
the outfit would be adorable.

"But, what if it's a boy?" I asked looking
through the racks of clothes.

"I don't think it is. I just feel it's a little girl.
She's a kicker though that's for sure," Kimmy

"How many weeks is it now?" Lauren
asked holding out a lavender dress to Kimmy.
Taylor and Angie were over by the baby shoes and
other accessories.

"Twelve weeks, my doctor said it'll will
probably be about two to three more weeks before
we can find out the sex."
"Why aren't you waiting until then?" I
Looking back at her, she was glowing with
happiness looking through the clothes.
"I'm getting a head start, that and I like
looking at clothes."
"When is the wedding?" Taylor asked
leaning on a clothing rack near me.
"After the baby comes. I want to be able to
fit into a wedding dress."
"We better be your brides maids," I warned
knowing we already were.
"I have been meaning to talk to you guys
about that," Kimmy said nerveously.
"You know I love you guys all the same
"Of course. What's up?" Angie questioned.

"Well, I kind of want Ever as my maid of
honor. She's been my best friend since

"Hey, no need to explain we already knew
she was going to be," Taylor reassured.

Angie and Lauren nodded. Wiping a tear
from my eye, I hugged Kimmy. She squeezed me

I cringed, “Kimmy, I have a bloody tattoo
on my shoulder.”

“Sorry hunny forgot Oliver made you get
that last night. Did it hurt?” she asked turning me
around to move my shirt and look.

However, she couldn’t see anything I had it
bandaged up with plastic of all things.
“It feels like someone touching a lit
cigarette to your back and holding there.”
“That sounds horrible,” Lauren frowned.
“I get mine tonight,” Angie frowned, “I’m
sure it won’t hurt that bad, but everyone is
different. I have a high pain tolerance.”
“So do I,” I joked.
“I’ll say,” Angie laughed, “Shot nine times
and still standing.”
Then there was suddenly a crash.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" Lauren exclaimed.

Turning around we seen she had knocked
over a whole clothing rack and it started a chain
reaction knocking over others.

"Lauren, my lord girl!" Kimmy yelled.
"I'm sorry!"
"Crap run. We're so going to have to clean
this up!" Angie yelled.
The five of us took off out of the store
before the workers could stop us.
Once we were down the walkway of the
mall, we stopped laughing so hard.
"You knock over everything!" I laughed.
"I have two left feet," Lauren chuckled
"We have got to wrap you in bubble wrap,"
Angie shook her head.
"Why are you so quiet today?" I asked
She shrugged. This made me frown.
"Did something happen with you and

She shook her head, "Not really...I just...I
just am worried about stuff. I know you know
what's going on Ever," she frowned staring at me.

I shifted uncomfortably as the four of them
eyed me intensely.
"You do know, don't you?" Kimmy spoke
looking away.
"Oliver told me not to say anything," I
muttered feeling guilty.
"Well you know you're going to spill right,"
Kimmy told me with a stern look.
Sighing, I caved, "Taylor knows a small
amount," I started.
Taylor pulled her eyebrows together, "I
Sitting down in the food court all eyes were
on me.
"When I got my memory back you heard
about Harper punching me in the head."
"What?" Kimmy snarled, "Dammit Ever I

"I know! I know you warned me, Kimmy,"
I threw my hands up. “I wasn't exactly in my right

"Go on," Taylor encouraged.

"Ok, Harper isn't just some douche bag. He
is Harper Jackson, son of Weasley Jackson the
leader of the gang in Nework. He also is the one
who trained Oliver his fighting skills. He basically
raised Oliver."
"Well, that's fucking fantastic."

"What? You almost got hooked up with the
"You have been around the boys way too
much," I muttered shaking my head.

I told the rest of what I knew of Harper and
what was going on. Oliver suspecting the attacks
are being rigged my Weasley, and about how
Harper looked the night he had hit me. The pain he
had when he spoke of his father.

"I don't feel a bit sorry for the asshole,"
Kimmy shook her head.

"Well I do. You didn't see the look. You
don't know what it's like to feel that helpless," I
told her quietly.

Shaking my head, I tried not to let any tears
"I'm going to the bathroom," I told them
standing up.

"I'll come with you," Taylor told me
standing up, "We know what happened last time
you went off alone."

Rolling my eyes, we headed off to the
bathroom leaving the others to get us food.
"Is Oliver worried? I mean do you think
that this Weasley guy is going to try anything?"

"I'm not sure. I mean he seems somewhat
worried but he's good at hiding it. I can pick up on
it though."

Taylor nodded and we rounded the corner
to the bathrooms. It happened in the blink of an
eye. A fist came out of nowhere dropping Taylor to
the ground. Before I could scream, a hand clamped
over my mouth and jerked me backwards.

BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
2.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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