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A memory suddenly exploded into view.

Oliver and I were in a room. Maybe a hotel
room and we were staring at each other
awkwardly. Like we weren't sure what to do.

"Have you never been with a girl?"
"I've had girlfriends...but it never got
serious..." he shrugged taking off his shoes.

So I'm not the only inexperienced one. How
would we do this? It was not like in movies were
the couple just kisses then starts undressing all
romantically. This was awkward because both of
us were embarrassed.

"Would you like to take a shower?" Oliver
stood up coming to me.
He nodded. I mimicked him by nodding
briefly. He chuckled.
"We are really weird you know that."

With that, his hands went to my back where
the zipper of my dress was. Slowly he pulled it
down. My dress fell around my ankles leaving me
in only my bra and underwear. Resisting the urge
to cross my arms I looked up at him with a
sheepish smile.

Oliver still held me to his chest as the water
ran over us. Both panting and hot we just stood
there. My very first time ever doing something like
this and I did it with the boy I love. Who I also
know loves me more than life it's self as he told me

"I love you," I whispered pressing my lips
to his again.

"I love you too, Bunny," he whispered so
gently and sweetly. Holding my face, he rubbed his
thumb over my cheeks.

"I don't ever wanna imagine my life without
I pulled back gasping.

"Err...I'd say that was a good memory,"
Marcus muttered from behind me. Logan had
recoiled and was walking backwards quickly.

"Get a room. Like seriously," he called
running away.
I blushed. Oliver chuckled.
"Memory?" he questioned.
"Take me home," I whispered still blushing.
He frowned.

"Our home," I corrected. His eyes lit up.
Pulling his hands back through the fence, he
walked around to the opening and quickly picked
me up bridal style.

"Where a condom!" Someone shouted from
the court.

"We never do!" I yelled back then slapped
my hand over my mouth and buried my face into
Oliver's shoulder.

"Wow," I heard a few people mumble.

"So that's what you remember?" Oliver
smirked as he carried me down the sidewalk back

"Yeah," I told him softly. "Hotel room."
"Our first time," he smiled kissing my head.

"Yours to wasn't it?" I asked still blushing
from my earlier outburst. Tonight had been crazy.
It was like a rollercoaster of emotions. Something
major was about to happen. I just knew it. What it
is I'm not sure but it's going to be huge.

~Don’t You Remember ~

Oliver had kicked everyone out of the
house tonight. They were sent off to stay other
places. I felt guilty about it but for some reason
they all seemed happy about it. How can you be
happy about being kicked out of your own home?

I was sitting on Oliver's bed waiting for him
to come back in.

"I was going to-" he started but I stood up
dropping his robe from around my body. I had
snagged it from his bathroom earlier. His mouth
dropped open. Blushing I hid my face. I knew what
I was doing was not rational and very unlike me
but I needed him.

"Ever?" he breathed unsure. "Are you? Are
you ready for this?"

I nodded still too embarrassed to look up.
He stopped in front of me cupping my face, his
eyes searching mine for some sign of uncertainty.

"I have never been so sure about anything
in my entire life, Oliver."

His mouth captured mine and he lifted me
off the floor only to drop us both down onto the
bed. Pulling back for a moment, he stripped his
shirt off. It was only a second and his lips were
back on mine. He held me tight to him one hand
running through my hair.

"I love you," he breathed pulling back to
look me in the eye.

I brought my hands up caressing them over
his face, my fingers gently tracing his jaw and
throat. Leaning down his lips found mine for a
gentle, but lingering kiss. It was so full of love and
passion it brought tears to my eyes.

"Ever?" he questioned my tears.

"I'm just sad that I only remember a small
amount of our time together. You have no idea
how my body pulls toward you, Oliver. Even
though I don’t know you like I did before my
heartaches for you."

His fingers brushed back my hair from my
face and he placed his lips to my head inhaling the
scent of my hair deeply. His lips made a trail of fire
down to my throat. Sucking gently on my skin just
above my collarbone, I felt my toes curl. The
sensation was far better than the memory had ever
been. My fingers coiled into his thick hair as he
took his lips further down my body.

His hands moved down over my body as
well, leaving me breathing deeply. The palms of
Oliver's hands cupped in breasts, his whole body
was radiating heat.

Oliver suddenly pressed inside of
me filling me up completely. Digging my fingers
into the sheets, I arch into him pressing my chest
flat against his. Raising his head, he kissed my lips
with hunger.

Digging my fingernails into his lower back,
I pulled him tighter to me. I wanted every inch of
him in me. He cradled me to him. I could feel
everything emotional and physical as our body
connected repeatedly.

With each thrust bringing us new to
ecstasy, he was gasping in my ear clinging to me
the same way I clung to him. My fingers were
digging into his skin as he gave a thrust holding it
deep inside of me. My body began trembling and I
let out a cry the same time he did.


I woke curled up against Oliver's chest.
Smiling I stretched out, cringing slightly. Damn
I'm sore, I thought snuggling back against Oliver.
His chest rumbled with laughter.

"I saw that cringe," he told me softly his
voice still thick with sleep. He rolled to his side
facing me. Coiling his arms around me and pulling
me tight to him, he rest his cheek against mine.

"I missed you, baby girl," he whispered.

I felt tears prickle my eyes at his voice. He
had missed me, a lot. I could hear the strain in his

"I'm sorry it took me so long to come to
you. I should have stayed with you all along."
"You're here now," he whispered.

Our cuddling was suddenly interrupted by
people banging in through the door. Oliver grabbed
the blankets tucking them securely around our

"What the hell, Jake!"
Jake stood at the foot of the bed along with
"I'm sorry. I wouldn't have bust in here if it
wasn't and emergency."
Oliver sat up, I followed suit clutching the
blankets tightly around me.
"What's going on?"

"There was a raid at the warehouse. The
police just showed up but luckily after all that has
happened everything had been hidden so they
didn't find anything. But, it seems that while the
police were dropping in on us a few of the Lafina
La Vega members attacked and burnt down Tavin
Jay's house."

"Was he inside?" Oliver questioned
scooting the edge of the bed grabbing his pants off
the floor. Leon and Jake looked away as Oliver
pulled them on.

"Yeah, he was," Leon said frowning.
"Alright I'll be right down. Let me get
Jake and Leon headed out. Oliver turned to
"I got to go."
Leaning over the bed, he gave me a quick

"Be careful," I told him knowing he didn't
need me to. He was more that capable of handling
whatever was going on.

Smiling softly his kissed my forehead.
"I could get used to having you naked in
my bed," he smirked.
Blushing, I looked away with a smile on my

He headed out shutting the door behind
him. Getting up I stretched again trying to loosen
my stiff muscles. Going to Oliver's closet, I pulled
out one of his shirts and threw it on. After
searching the room I found my underwear,
interestingly enough they were hanging from the
ceiling fan. How that happened is beyond me.

Buzzing sounded then. I realized it was my
phone. Picking it up from Oliver's nightstand, I
glared at the screen. Harper. Ignoring the call, I
threw it back down on the nightstand and went to
the bathroom.

Even from in here I could hear my phone
go off again and again. Annoyed I stormed back
out and answered it.

"What do you want, Harper?"
"Where are you?" he questioned in a tone
that I sure as hell didn't like.
"None of your damn business that's where,"
I practically growled into the phone.
"I'm at your apartment. I've been here all
night waiting for you."
I glanced at Oliver's clock it read 4:30 in
the morning. Damn it's still really early.
"Well you can leave. I'm not coming
home," I told him ending the call.

When did he become so controlling? And
why the hell does he think he can be that way? We
we're not together.

My phone went off a few more times then
finally he left a voicemail. I listened to it

"If you don't come to your apartment I'll
assume you're with Oliver and I'll come there, and I
promise Everlyn. You don't want that at all," he
spoke darkly.

The tone in his voice made my hair stand
on end. Should I just go see what he wants? I mean
I could simple call Oliver if there were any
problems. Sighing I made up my mind and started
getting dressed. I wouldn't be surprised if he kicked
down my door. He is so buying me a new one if he

No one was in the house as I headed down
stairs so no one was taking me home. It wasn't
really a long walk but I'm not exactly the right
person to be walking the streets unprotected. It's
Oliver's territory though so It's safe isn't it.

Tavin's house was in the territory, a
nagging voice told me as I headed down the
sidewalk toward the college. My phone buzzed
again. Harper, this is really getting annoying.

"I'm on my fucking way," I yelled at him.
"Hurry up," he snarled hanging up.
Fifteen minutes later, I arrived at my
apartment to find a very pissed off Harper.
"Where have you been?" Harper demanded.
"I told you none of your damn business.
What do you want Harper?"

Walking around him, I opened my
apartment door. He was close on me heels
following me inside. As soon as the door shut, I
instantly regretted coming.

Grabbing my shoulders, he shoved me into
the wall.
"You were with him weren't you? Oliver?"
"Yes I was."

Shoving Harper backwards, he barely
moved. Gritting his teeth, he jerked his hand
through his hair.

"Let me get something straight right now.
You do not own me and I will see whomever I
want. We are not dating and we never will."

In a heartbeat, I was on the floor. My head
was reeling and my cheek stung. Gingerly I
touched the throbbing flesh. His hand still held up
from slapping me.

I couldn't imagine ever being hit that hard
from and open handed slap. My eyes watered.

"No, let me get something straight with you
Everlyn Fox," he told me kneeling down to my eye

"No one rejects me."
"Look at you," he snarled. "You slept with
him didn't you!"

I lunged forward attacking Harper,
punching him in the mouth. He jerked backward
but I wasn’t done. Launching forward I tried
tackling his to the ground. I knew I could get him
on the ground I might have an upper hand.

Gritting his teeth again, he stood up
grabbing my throat and slamming me into the wall.
I gasp for breath. Lifting me up off the ground, I
was hovering above the floor. How could anyone
be so strong? He squeezed tight; I was on the verge
of blacking out.

"I thought you were different, but I was an
idiot. Maybe it was lust for wanting something
Oliver had. But, now. Now I'm just taking you
straight to my father. No more stupid games. He
can decide how to play Oliver now. I'm so fucking
done with this shit."

Right when I thought I would pass out my
apartment door burst open and Harper was tackled
to the ground. Collapsing to the floor, I coughed
gulping down as much oxygen as possible.

Oliver and Harper were rolling around my
apartment destroying everything. I had never seen
Oliver fight like this in my life. I didn't have many
memories of him but somehow I knew that this was
so much different. The two of them flipped over
the back of the couch landing back in front of me
again. They pulled apart long enough for me to
scramble to my feet and get a hold on Oliver.

"Stop, please stop," I pleaded with him.
Glancing back at Harper he had paused but was
still in a fighting stance. Oliver wrapped his arm
around me waist.

"I'm not going back to jail because of you
Harper. Get out now," Oliver ordered.
"No, I'm not leaving without her."
Oliver narrowed his eyes. "Why? What do
you need with her?"
"I..." Harper suddenly looked like a
frightened child. The look passed quickly.
"You're father," Oliver guessed.
"Of course my father," Harper snapped
glancing at me.
"Give him my best wishes," Oliver replied
sarcastically. "But, you are not taking her."
"You left me to die, Oliver!" Harper
screamed suddenly. I shrank back.
“You can’t expect me to just give up and go
back to him empty handed!”

"I gave you a choice to come with me,
Harper," Oliver shook his head. "You made your
choice. Now you live with it."

"That's really fucking funny," Harper
snarled, "You think I had a choice? You think I
could have just left! Do you really think he would
have let me?"

For a moment, I felt sympathy for Harper.
The look in his eyes was of pure despair.

"It was torture, Oliver. Pure torture when
you left. He pushed everything he had into me and
he was relentless. You were and still are his pride
and joy. You are the son he wishes I was," Harper
looked like he was on the verge of tears.

"Oliver?" I whispered. I was confused as to
what was going on but I knew one thing Harper
was suffering. I knew that look. I knew that feeling
of being so helpless to what is going on around
you. Not knowing who to trust.

BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
13.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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