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Love Me Always
By Anna Davis
Also by Anna Davis
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The Ashling Chronicles Series

Book One: Tomb of the Dragon
Book Two: The Frost Prince of Annwyn
Book Three: Damned to Heaven
Book Four: The Dragon Realm Ardent
Book Five: Ruler of the Underworld

Dedicated to Noel, I love you with all my heart.
Also to Angie, Taylor, and Lauren three very
talented young ladies.
Reach for the stars and beyond. Hold true to
yourself and never stray from what you believe in.
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This book is a work of fiction. The names,
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writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously

and are not to be construed as real. Any
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Anna Davis is a dedicated author. She
has spent more than half her life writing
and broadening her skills. She loves to
create magical worlds and interesting
adventures. Her heroes have an attitude
all their own.

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“You can love someone with every
fiber of your being...But loving them
that much only makes missing them
that much harder.”
~Lost It All~
~ Oliver ~

"I don't know, Oliver.
It’s been almost a
month and she still doesn’t remember. I mean the
doc said to surround her with stuff to help her
remember so we brought her some of your stuff.
Doc thought your smell might trigger her memory
but it didn't. She just went into one of her fits about
not knowing anything and locked herself in the
bathroom again," Jake sighed running a hand threw
his messy hair.

Jake looked worn out. He had not shaved in
a while. His clothes were a disheveled mess. Over
all he looked about ten years older than he was.
"When is the last time you slept?" I
muttered looking at my best friend across the room.
"I slept last night. Did you hear me?"

"Yeah," I muttered looking out the barred
jail window into the parking lot solemnly. Everlyn
still hadn’t been able to get her memories back. If
only I was by her side to help her. Maybe then, she
would remember.

"You've been staying at the hospital with

"No, not much since she woke up she has
only wanted Kimmy with her. She's freaked out
about everything. The last thing she even
remembers is the night she met you in the
nightclub. The day before the semester started."

I turned to look at Jake then. "So she
remembers me."
Jake shook his head. "She doesn't know you
other than some guy she met in the club. It's really
screwed up, Oliver."
I nodded, sighing.

"Jet will testify next week but I don't know
if it's enough to send Jason to prison. Ever gets out
of the hospital tomorrow but-" Jake dropped his
face into his hands.

Walking over I put my hand on his
shoulder. Lifting his head, he huffed in exhaustion.
Rubbing his eyes didn’t help the dark circles any.
Jake was stressed. I knew that feeling, however
being me meant I couldn’t give into it.

"Go home, Jake. Get some sleep. There is
no sense worrying about what can't be helped."
He looked up at me pulling his eyebrows
"So you just don't care?"
Pursing my lips, I dropped my hand from
his shoulder.

"Of course I care. I'm pissed that I can’t be
with her. However, stressing about it gets me
nowhere. When I get out then I can be there to take
care of her. Until then beating myself up mentally
isn't going to do anything but give me a headache."

Jake held up his hands defensively. "Okay.
Okay. I'm just,” he sighed, “tired."
"Go home and sleep."
Jake stood to leave turning his back on me.
"Jake?" I questioned.
He glanced over his shoulder.
"Take care of her,” I told him.

He stared at me a moment
. This wasn’t
about me being a gang leader and giving him an
order. This was me asking my best friend to look
after something very important to me. I knew he
above anyone else would take care of her.

Jake gave a small nod, "We all love her
Oliver. You're not the only one who is worried.
She's family. We look after our own."

I smiled at that and gave a small laugh.
"You've always had a big heart Jake. I hope that
one day you'll find someone like I found her. You
deserve it."

He stared at me again for a moment.
"Would you shut up? This gooey lovey shit is
scaring me. You're not going to kiss me are you? I
will punch you in the throat."

I chuckled, same old Jake.
"Get lost loser," I told him shoving him out
the door. Jake exited the room shaking his head.

The guards took me back to my cell where I
sat on my bed with a sigh. The heavy door slid shut
with a resounding echo reminding me of my fate.
Without Ever testifying I would probably end up in
prison for years, and Jason would go free. He
would no doubt go after Ever again just for the hell
of it. With her not remembering anything, she
would have no idea how dangerous he is.

Even if I did get out and Jason went to
prison with Jet's testimony the fact remains Ever
has no idea who I am.

“What if she never remembers?”
I thought

Clinching my fists and jaw, I set my mind. I
would make her remember, and if I can't I'll make
her fall in love with me all over again. I won't give
up. She wouldn't give up on me. That's not like her
to give up on anyone, she's too stubborn for that. I
have to help her remember or it could be the very
end of us, and I won't let that happen.

Ever ~
"Kimmy?" I called from the bathroom door.
She popped her head in the doorway quickly.
"Can you help me? I'm having issues
getting this shirt over my shoulder," I muttered.

She entered the bathroom. I faced the
mirror as she helped me pull off my dirty shirt.
Once it was off, she threw it into the floor and
reached for a clean one.

Standing there, I stared at the girl in the
mirror. It was hard to believe it was me. I was so
skinny. My collarbones were poking out. I looked
sickly and anorexic, even my skin was paler than

This past month in the hospital had been
hell. Infections and wounds breaking back open
with the slightest movement. But, I was going stir
crazy cramped in this little hospital room with
Kimmy, her boyfriend Alex and the other guys.
Especially Logan, that boy never stopped eating.
Every time I seen him he had some kind of food in
his mouth.

Kimmy told me that they were my friends.
They were like my brothers and I have apparently
known them for months. The problem is I can't
remember ever meeting them in my life.

The day I woke up, I had no idea where I
was or what had happened. Since then Kimmy has
told me a story of a boy named Oliver, which I'm
supposed to be madly in love with. Then some
insane story of a gang war and how I was shot.

It's too much. I mean why I would believe
that! It's insane that so much could have happened
to me and I don't remember it. What hurt the most
was when Kimmy told me my mom had died. I
don't remember that even. Who doesn't remember
their own mother funeral? I mean the woman was a
horrible excuse for a mother but she was still my

Kimmy got my shirt ready to put over my
head. I cringed. Although my wounds had mostly
healed, I had minimal function in my shoulder and
leg. The doctor said that some tissue had been torn
away and that the muscle was weak and needed to
be strengthened. It hurt to even put my clothes on
by myself.

s like my arm is partially asleep and
millions of ants are crawling all over it and when I
move all those angry ants started biting me.

The deep purple craters the bullets left
behind were still visible as well. They would never
go away. I had a constant reminder of something I
don't even remember happening.

"Ever?" Kimmy questioned after she got
my shirt on.
"Are you okay?" she asked looking at me in
the mirror.
I just stared at her. What kind of question
was that?

She laughed. "I mean you have been extra
quiet today and haven't yelled at Logan that much
for getting crumbs on your bed. Even when Jake
threw that stupid squishy ball thing at your head,
you didn't really say anything. Are you
remembering something?"

Turning away from her, I gathered up my
dirty clothes with my good arm, which was finally
out of a cast.

"No, I haven't remembered anything. I wish
you would all stop asking me that."
"Sorry, I'm just worried."
"I get it. Everyone is worried. What if I
never remember?" I asked annoyed.
Kimmy looked hurt.
"I'm sorry Kimmy. I didn't mean to snap at

Dropping my dirty clothes in a bag, I
wrapped my arm around her shoulders and hugged

"I'm just. I don't know. I mean – I feel like
something is missing. I just don't know what."

Squeezing me tight, she refused to let go.
"It's Oliver hunny. That is who you're missing. I
just know when you are with him you will
remember everything. I just know it."

–” I muttered. Oliver, the boy she
keeps telling me about. The one that I'm in love
with, or was supposed to be.

Maybe Kimmy was right. If I am so in love
with this boy maybe when I'm with him then my
body will-. I don't know. Maybe it's like a magnetic

That sounds so stupid. This isn't a movie.
This is real life. When I see him, butterflies aren't
going to magically appear nor will music start to
play as I slow motion run into his arms and we kiss
then my memory all comes back. It's stupid even to
let a thought like that pass through my head.

"Alright," I pulled back and opened the
bathroom door.
"Can we get out of here? I'm sick of being
trapped in this room with them."

As I said that Leon tackled Logan onto the
hospital bed and got him in a headlock. I tried to be
annoyed but I couldn't. The sight made me want to

Frowning, I just stood there. Maybe I
should try to make new memories with them? I
mean if I never get back my old ones why shouldn't
I try to make new ones?

However, the nagging voices in the back of
my head kept whispering, but you don't know
them. Sighing I stepped out into the room. Maybe I
could at least try?

Finally, after what felt like years I stepped
out of the hospital doors into fresh air. Inhaling
deeply I just shut my eyes feeling the sun warm my
skin. I had never missed it so much in my life.

"Ever? You okay?" Kimmy questioned
linking her arm in mine.
"Yeah, just missed the sun."

She nodded and pulled me along. I could
hear all the guys behind us pushing and shoving at
each other. I glanced over my shoulder just in time
to see Alex dive over Jet's head landing in his lap.
Jet grunted and tried to shove him off.

"Get the hell off fat ass. You're going to
break my wheel chair!"
One good shove and Alex was sprawled in
the middle of the parking lot.
"Alex!" Kimmy snapped. Alex's head shot
straight up.
"That's enough, help Jet in the suburban and
knock it off."
"Whhippshh," Leon imitated a whip sound
and in turn got knocked upside the head.
"Do they act like hyper-active children all
the time?" I asked Kimmy quietly.

"They have been watching over you
sweetie. They usually use up all that energy
fighting in the ring but none of them have went to a
tournament since you went into the hospital. You're
not the only one who was going stir crazy," she
smiled knowingly.

I gave her a look and climbed into the front
seat of the suburban.

They loaded Jet in the back. I had heard the
story of how Jet got paralyzed and that I was there
when it happened and even saved his life.

He looked up at me once he was settled and
gave a soft smile. It was a sad smile though. I knew
it well everyone had been giving me that smile they
felt sorry for me. It made me annoyed all the time
but not this time. Jet's look was different and it
made me want to hug him.

Blushing I looked away. I knew Jet and
Tyler were Kimmy's brothers I vaguely remember
them from my childhood but for some reason I felt
I had known him my whole life. Like we were best
friends, I felt that way with all the guys even if
they annoyed me sometimes.

Did that mean that I was slowly
remembering? It's not really a memory, more a
feeling. Does that count?

When I finally pulled myself out of my
thoughts and looked out the window, I realized we
were already on the road.

"Where are we going?" I asked as we
headed down near the beach and not to my

"Home. Jake is already there he's sleeping,"
Leon muttered keeping his eyes on the road as he
"But? I live in apartments. Like on other-"

"No, no, we mean our home where you
have been living."

I didn't know what to say. Looking back at
Kimmy, she was cuddled up with Alex. My
stomach curled up unpleasantly. Why did I feel so
nervous going to their house?

Leon pulled us into the driveway and the
feeling intensified. Slowly I stepped out of the
vehicle with everyone else and followed like a lost
puppy. What else am I supposed to do? How else
am I supposed to gain back my memory if I don't
try to go places I once been?

The front door looked ominous as I stepped
into the house and through to the living room
where I came to a stop. While everyone else went
about sitting down or wondering off, I just stood
there staring at the floor.

In the middle of the living room carpet, a
perfectly circular stain glared up at me. Someone
had clearly taken bleach water and scrubbed the tan
carpet, but no amount of scrubbing could take the
blood out. It was soaked to deep.

It was as if a sledgehammer hit me in the
chest. My heart skipped a beat and almost dropped
me to my knees.

"Ever?" Kimmy frowned glancing over her
shoulder at me.
BOOK: Love Me Always (I Hate You...I Think)
2.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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