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BOOK: Lucas: The Hunter Brothers Series

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author’s imagination, any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead,
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book contains sexual scenes and is recommended for readers over 18.

With thanks
to my wonderful husband and family & my army of beta readers who made The
Hunter Brothers Series possible.


Roman. Charlie. Tyler.

Welcome to the extraordinary world of
The Hunter Brothers.

by blood, sizzling genetics and a fierce determination to protect one another;
when their lives are thrust into a spiral of uncertainty, the Hunter brothers
find themselves hunted. As their enemies close in, boundaries are crossed and
loyalties tested as they are forced to fight for the things that determine
their very existence.

by one, the women in their lives discover that loving a Hunter is the most exquisite
type of torture; a limitless bliss with a dangerous dark side. Destinies
collide with desire and fates converge, drawing them into an intriguing tale of
sex, power, lies and loss, obsession, death and love.

the dangerous rogue to the demanding Dom; the playboy charmer to the charismatic
rock star, they will stop at nothing to protect the two things they value the and family.

Life with a Hunter is always one hell
of a ride.

Equally Alpha.



Book One:

‘Lucas flashed into my life like a glorious thunderbolt, electrifying my
senses with those cobalt blue eyes; then just like lightning he was gone.’

Evangelista has had it tough. Pregnant at sixteen, she’s fought hard to protect
the little boy she loves. Life never dealt her a break, until now. But when her
thunderbolt lands as a permanent fixture, seriously sinful and impossible to
ignore, he threatens every aspect of the life she’s strived so hard to build.
When you’re fighting for a chance, there aren’t many rules. Jess only has two;

She will
never sleep with her boss.

She will
never risk it all.

Hunter is a man used to getting what he wants. A master of the boardroom and
the bedroom, he’s respected, magnetic and powerful, and that’s the way he likes
it. Dark and dominant, serious and brooding, he lives for control. But when a
beautiful waitress crashes into his life, he knows he needs to win her. What he
doesn’t need is a woman who blindsides him at every turn, forcing his ordered
world into absolute chaos.

doesn’t pick up waitresses and he doesn’t f**k employees.

come with a cast iron contract.

Some rules were made to be broken. Some
feelings are just too powerful to ignore.

Lucas: Book #1 The Hunter Brothers Series


Book One



I sat on my bed across the hallway, waiting for
what would come next. If I was betting on it, here’s how it would go down;




In that order.

“Please, please, please,
Sis.” That was begging covered.

asked Mrs Jones and she’ll have Dexter. It’s Saturday tomorrow so he hasn’t got
school. I’ve been turning this guy down for three months now. There’s a trick
to this and it’s a very fine line. I know I’m getting close to him giving up
altogether and he is just perfect,” Chas shouted as I rolled my eyes.

was always the same. They were all perfect. Chas wasn’t like most people. She
didn’t see someone and think ‘nice eyes’, ‘nice arse’ or ‘nice personality’, ‘I’ll
go on a date and give it a shot’. She had a list, a very long one. It was
probably just as well because Chas got hit on a lot.

perfect guy had to have it all, and from the effort that she’d put in already I
guessed this one did. She didn’t waste time and three months was a pretty hefty

should see him, Jess. CEO at thirty, gorgeous, sexy, loaded, absolute playboy
and totally unobtainable,” she said, still on the edge of begging but I could
tell she was firing herself up for the insults.

not that unobtainable, he’s taking you out,” I shouted back, rolling my eyes.

but you know what I mean. Seriously, Brad Johnson does not have to try for a

This was a surprise, even by her high standards and I couldn’t contain my shock.

Brad Johnson?”
I asked, betraying the fact that I was seriously impressed. He was probably
just about the ultimate prize for Chas, even
heard of him. I wasn’t giving in yet though.

hope you’re not thinking of sleeping with him,” I shouted, knowing that
Chastity usually lived up to her name. I was surprised she’d ever had sex at
all with the hoops she made men jump through, but there were a few who’d got
through the net.

took it as a victory. “You’ll do it?” she squealed.

didn’t say that, Chas. All I want is a good book and a nice bath. I’ve been
working all week and I’m shattered.”

were born middle aged, do you know that? This will be a fun gig, it’s a record
company party and you know what they’re like,” she laughed. I did. Lots of
alcohol, even more drugs and the outfit would be ludicrous. The insult hadn’t
gone unnoticed either.

wasn’t wrong. I was twenty one years old and a visit to Playbarn was the
highlight of my weekend. I owed her though and I knew it. Worse still, she knew
I knew it. The reason I’d been working all week was because she’d secured me a
job that I was overpaid and under qualified for. I don’t know quite how she’d
done it, but I was certain what it wouldn’t be. I guessed she would remind me
of that very fact in the next ten seconds.

have you forgotten why you get to do a cushy little nine to five?” she asked as
I poked my head around her door. I couldn’t take it anymore; the girl was
making my ears bleed.

Chas, you never let me forget.” She knew I’d give in and I eyeballed her
through the mirror as she straightened her glossy brown hair.

what am I wearing then?” Part of me was afraid to ask and as she pulled an itsy
bitsy coat hanger from her wardrobe and held it up in front of me, I wished I

have got to be kidding me, I can’t wear that,” I gasped, wondering if there was
even enough material to cover my damn nipples.

“Why not?
got the figure for it. That’s the beauty of having a kid at sixteen, everything
just pings right back into place.” She was laughing as she patted my stomach, knowing
from the look on my face that she’d gone too far but she didn’t seem overly
concerned about it.

“Don’t pout, no one tip’s a miserable waitress,
Jess,” she said as I just stared at the skimpy black hot pants and silver
bikini top. I didn’t imagine for one minute that anyone would be looking at my
face if I was wearing

get real, it’s obscene,” I snapped, snatching it from her and holding it
against myself.

a theme night. They’re showcasing a new band called Heat; hence the hot pants,”
she said as though that made it OK.

genius idea was that? It’s December. It’s freezing cold and I’ll be purple. A
purple pouty waitress,” I huffed as she burst out laughing.

a horrible visual. Go and stand in the bath and I’ll spray tan you, you need to
be there at eight.”

The only thing worse than covering my sister’s job on a Friday night at the end
of a long week; spray tan. I’d have to spend all night on Sunday scrubbing it
off. It went with the territory for Chas and it suited her, but for reasons
unknown it just made me smell of slightly rotten vegetables.

me pack a night bag for Dexter and give him a kiss and a cuddle first. Once
you’ve finished creosoting me I’ll have to stand spread eagle for an hour until
the damn stuff dries. If he cuddles me then, he’ll wake up like an Oompa Lumpa
and I’ll be patchy,” I sighed.

no one wants an orange kid, or a patchy, purple, pouty waitress,” she laughed
as I made my way into Dexter’s bedroom where he was playing knights and

got to work tonight, Dex. I promised Chas that I’d cover her shift, so Mrs Jones
is going to let you sleep there.” I smiled as he ran to hug me, but not before
clattering my arm with a plastic sword that hurt a lot more than I suspected it

bruised, patchy, purple, pouty waitress....This just got better and better.

packed his favourite pyjamas, a Disney classic and Ted, his unoriginally named
bear and brushed his teeth before he went. No doubt he’d watch a film with Mrs Jones
until late, gorge on chocolate and his teeth would be the last thing on his
mind. She used to have him a lot more when Chas and I were both working for
Elite entertainment. It was getting a bit much for her, but with my new day job
she hadn’t had him at all for the last two months and I knew she’d be looking
forward to it. From the look on his face, so was Dexter. She was the nearest
thing he had to a grandparent and she spoilt him like crazy.

Mummy a kiss and I’ll take you next door,” Chas said, grabbing his night bag
while I picked him up.

love you, Mummy,” he cooed in his cute little voice as I covered him in kisses.

“I love you too. I’ll see you in the morning.
Be a good boy for Mrs Jones won’t you?” I smiled, putting him down as Chas
grasped his hand and led him towards the door, turning to shout to me.

naked, I’m going to make you fabulous,” she laughed as I heard Dexter gasp.

Chas, you said
” he giggled as
she raised her eyebrows.

know, naughty me,” she laughed as they went next door and I stripped off,
greasing my eyebrows and my hairline and getting ready for Chas’s imminent
assault with the spray machine.

be good to go in twenty minutes or so,” she said as I stood in the bath with my
arms and legs spread, butt naked and sporting what used to be a white shower
cap until she’d splattered it with the vile orange liquid. I was certainly
looking a lot less sexy than I hoped I would by eight o’ clock tonight.

tell me about Brad Johnson,” I shouted across the hall as she got ready for her
hot date.

been running into him at loads of our events recently and he’s asked to take me
home so many times that I’ve become a bit of a challenge to him now. I think
I’ve confused him, Jess. The thing I’ve learnt about men is that even the smart
ones are pretty stupid,” she laughed.

do you mean?”
I loved Chas’s strange
theories on men. Mostly they were ridiculous, but now and again she’d uncover a
gem that was so profound you’d momentarily think she was Einstein or an eminent
gender psychologist at the very least. This one I had to hear.

he’s a gorgeous sought after bachelor and I first met him at a club opening.
Nice club, but even so, you know how they can be. That outfit was so small it made
your hot pants look like a kaftan! I was in charge of the girls that night, run
off my feet, when Brad Johnson called me over and propositioned me - something
along the lines of ‘do you want to come and blow me off in the toilet?’”

couldn’t suppress my horrified astonishment. “What an arsehole, he really said
that?” I screeched.

“OK, not that crass, but that’s what he meant.
He was actually shocked when I laughed in his face and told him not to let the
hooker outfit fool him. I told him my name was Chastity and never had a woman
been named so appropriately and that he’d never have me, certainly not in
public restroom.”

the classic challenge; dress like a hooker then act like a prude, now I get it.
That will confuse a guy every time,” I laughed sarcastically but she either
didn’t hear or didn’t care.

did, especially a man with an ego that big. I wasn’t sure from the look on his
face that he’d ever been turned down before. Honestly, I don’t know where they
get off. It was obvious I was working,” she shouted and I rolled my eyes. I’d
never been able to understand what she saw in men like that.

we left it at that but he was watching me all night, except for the times he
was in the bathroom. At the next event he tried again. That time I was in
classic Armani so he suggested taking me home, which was a step up for him.
This same game’s gone on for three months and recently he’s been practically
drooling. I almost felt sorry for him at one point. Anyway, he tracked me down
at work this week, brought me flowers and asked me out properly.” I could hear
the smile in her voice.

you insulted him yet, Chas?” This was her speciality, an invaluable skill that
made her a fantastic cocktail waitress. Chas could do offensive with such grace
and poise that it sometimes took a while for people to realise she’d actually
just insulted them. Men loved it. It was a strange phenomenon.

loads,” she laughed. “That’s the key to men like that – you have to make them
work for it.” I wouldn’t know.

where’s he taking you?” I asked as she popped into the bathroom to show me her
outfit, twirling around the floor as the shimmering pink fabric twisted at her
Her nude heels clicked loudly against
the beige ceramic tiles and her green eyes were twinkling excitedly. She looked
absolutely radiant.

some posh restaurant that Time Out is raving about. I can’t remember the name. We’re
meeting at Number One Chelsea. What do you think?” she smiled as I nodded my
head, slightly embarrassed to be still standing spread eagle in my naked glory.

a lucky guy, you look stunning.” It was true. She was classically beautiful, striking
as opposed to my ‘cute’ and floating around the bathroom, posing and preening
before stopping in front of me and trying to stifle her grin.

poked my arm and then my leg, inspecting her finger. “You’re done. You can shut
your legs now. It must be five years since they’ve been open that wide and they
were in stirrups then,” she laughed as I swatted her with the shower cap,

“I know, maybe if I’m really lucky at that record
company party tonight, some arrogant conceited bastard who thinks he’s God’s
gift will allow me to blow him off in the men’s room,” I replied tartly as she
threw me a particularly nasty, steely eyed glare.

got my eye on the prize, Jessica Evangelista, and there is nothing wrong with
that,” she snapped, waltzing off to her date with Brad Johnson.

thank Patrick for the ridiculous hot pants then,” I shouted after her as she
poked her head back around the door frame.

were my idea,” she laughed, ducking as I threw the shower cap, missing her
entirely and splattering a few remnants of liquid tan across the woodwork. ‘Why
did that not surprise me?’ I thought, making my way to my room and doing my
best to transform myself into a glamorous rock chick waitress.

hauled my tangerine coloured arse out of the taxi and followed the rest of the
army of almost naked waiting staff in their leopard skin heels, tight black hot
pants and silver bikini tops into a side room for a pre party pep talk. ‘Keep
the glasses full, no scheduled breaks, take one when necessary, tips were our
own, no sexual contact, blah, blah blah......’

was the official line, but we all knew there were only two rules. Smile and do
not drop your tray. I knew from painful experience that the second was a lot
harder than it looked, for me anyway.

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