Mia Found (Starting Fires Book 3)

BOOK: Mia Found (Starting Fires Book 3)
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About the Author







THE FOG ON MY car windows made me feel isolated. Heat rolled from the vents and it burned my eyes. Even though the street was alive around me, I was alone. The outside world didn’t exist. It was only me, my thoughts, and a thread of text messages staring back at me.

Marjorie had sent another. Why did I read them? Why did I respond?

Nothing she said could repair the damage to my heart. She’d broken up with me less than 24 hours after Valentine’s Day. Worse, she’d left me so she could date Rick, my brother.

I’m so sorry,
her latest message said.
I just have to follow my heart on this. I thought you of all people would understand.

I didn’t.

She and my brother had met only once. At my home. On my birthday. A month ago.

For once, I didn’t engage her. My night couldn’t handle any more hurt.

Inside the house, my co-worker was having a dinner party. All I had to do was step out onto the driveway and walk to the door. Instead, I strongly considered driving home and forgetting all about it. Would anyone here really miss not having me?

My phone vibrated with another message.
Please. Talk to me about this. I can’t stand you being upset with me.

A hundred and one profane words flew through my mind. If I went home, she’d bait me into answering. I’d cave. My heart and pride wanted to understand this mess, to make sense of it, but my head knew better. There was no sense. I needed to move on and forget about her and Rick. Not wanting the temptation, I left my phone in the car, and walked to the house.

For hours I let myself unwind and for a few blessed moments I felt normal, but it wasn’t without struggle. I actively forced myself to smile, to laugh, to
to people. The effort became tiresome and I wanted to go home.

Before leaving, I made my way towards the bathroom, needing just a moment to clear my head. There was no telling what temptations my phone would hold and I had to be resilient when I saw them.

I tried the knob, but the bathroom was occupied and I gave a weary sigh.

You can use the one upstairs,” Amanda, my co-worker, called. “Just try to be quiet. The baby’s sleeping.”

At the top landing, I went left. An open door was at the end of the hallway and I walked towards it, but as I approached I realized it wasn’t a bathroom. The faint glow of a television screen illuminated the carpet.
Who could be up here?
Curious to know, I peeked in. A girl was sprawled on the couch. Her hair fanned out, creeping down to the floor. From this angle I had a clear shot of her cleavage and quickly averted my eyes.

Oh,” she said, surprised by the intrusion.

Sorry. I’m looking for the bathroom.”

She smiled. It was open. Friendly. Stunning. Her big eyes glistened as she pointed across the hallway. “Just there.”

Thanks,” I said, cursing my awkward wave and tight-lipped smile. I went inside, propping my hands against the sink. Instead of thinking about how much I hated Marjorie and Rick, my eyes drifted to the door, the thin piece of wood separating me from the mystery girl who looked at me with big, beautiful eyes and a radiant smile. Who the hell was she? I’d never seen her before.

After a believable amount of time, I came out and peeked into the room, drawn to her. She was sitting upright with a pillow in her lap and a wide smile decorating her face.

Hey,” she said.


Are you bored? I’m watching a movie but wouldn’t mind some company.”

Uh…” Why was I hesitating? This girl was beautiful and wanted to spend time with me.

Fiona went to bed with the baby,” she clarified, looking uncertain. “I’ve been by myself all night. It’d be nice to talk to someone.”

Before I convinced myself not to, I stepped into the room and joined her on the couch.

I’m Mia,” she said. “I’m helping babysit for Amanda.”

Paul. She and I work together.”

At the Accounting Firm?”

Yeah. So. Uh. So, what do you do?” God, was I this bad at flirting? No wonder Marjorie left me.

She chuckled. “I work at a clothing store.”

I looked over, realizing she was young. Maybe
young. “Are you in college?”

Yep. Graduate next year.”

Too young then.

You have nice eyes,” she said out of nowhere.

So do you,” I said, my face heating. Oh my God. Was I sixteen again? She was so exposed, honesty pouring out of her, and I found myself unequipped to deal with it.

Thank you,” she smiled. “But it doesn’t count if I say it first.”

Well…then your hair’s pretty.”

She laughed—a full, lovely sound. “There you go.”

We fell silent as the movie played. My eyes watched, but I retained nothing. Why was I sitting here with a stranger? Yes, a beautiful stranger, but this was abnormal for me. Maybe all of the mess with Marjorie had a part to play. Mia’s attention, even if it was only friendly flirtation, made me feel desirable and wanted in a way I’d been craving.

Do you have any kids?” she asked.

Me?” I said, confused after being pulled from my thoughts. “No.” Nervously, I pushed my hands down my legs, straightening out my slacks. Something about this situation was disorienting me—the nearness of her, her hair falling down her shoulders in thick waves, her big, brown eyes studying me.

Me either.” She smiled then narrowed her eyes. “Married?” Her bottom lip pursed out as if she was scolding me. It was cute and I grinned.

No,” I said. “Not married. You?”


Her smiled lingered, watching me bashfully. What did she see when she looked at me? Could she sense my heartache? Was she trying to lift my spirits? Or could she honestly be interested? If I’d had my phone, I would have asked for her number. At least that’s what I told myself.

As the movie went on, she squirmed, seeming uncomfortable. Each of her movements brought her closer and closer to me. She hid the ruse well, not appearing purposeful. When her shoulder finally touched mine, she found her comfort and settled.

BOOK: Mia Found (Starting Fires Book 3)
7.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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