My Libertine (Trio Book 2)

BOOK: My Libertine (Trio Book 2)
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.




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Trio Series Book Two



Joy Blood














Beginning the day being told how big of a disappointment I am always starts the day off right. Oh yes, I do love listening to my mother drag me through the mud at our nice little ‘family’ gatherings for brunch. To top it off the twins and their significant others are here. Jack and his wife Malibu Barbie are here, oh and James and his current girlfriend, Lee’s ex-wife. Nope, I’m not learning the bitch’s name either, neither of them.

Lee quit coming when James started screwing his ex. Fun family, right? Why am I here again? Ah yes. My mom is married to their father, John Smith. Not kidding that is his real name. She constantly guilts me into coming to these weekly Sunday brunches at this stupid want to be country club.

My mom and I have been through a lot, too much. She is the master of manipulation and the only person who can cut me to my knees with one simple sentence. Today is no exception.

“Shana dear.” She says in her best concerned motherly tone. Already she’s getting into her weekly ritual of cutting me down. Today I am wearing a black billowy tank top paired with my black skinny jeans and knee-high black boots. The shirt shows off my tattoo I got a while back with the girls, I'm sure she hates it. My shirt is baggy enough to hide my small yet prominent baby bump. She hasn't yet seen it and I'm sure she won't because she is too far up Barbie’s ass about how beautiful she and Jack’s stupid wedding was. She goes on about how she doesn't understand why I will not change my ways and find a decent man. Rolling my eyes I keep picking at the nasty egg fluff concoction that is placed in front of me.

“You know Shana dear if you would just grow up a little and stop acting like a cheap hooker you could land yourself a good boy like one of your brothers.”

“You want me to marry one of my brothers mom?” I ask in a dumb yet sarcastic tone.

“Of course not.” She huffs in a disgusted tone. “You know what I meant. Honestly John, what am I to do with her?”

“Oh, now sweetheart. If you want I can ask Bill at the Firm if his son is seeing anyone. He is a good boy, just graduated from Yale.” Then what the hell is he doing here? I think to myself. Yale my ass!

“Yale” she croons. “That is impressive. Isn't that impressive Shana?” she says bringing the conversation back to me.

“Oh yes, I must meet this man, bring me to him at once!" I say in a gallant voice while resisting an eye roll.

“Shana you are such a child.” More huffing from the woman. “Honestly, where do you expect your life to go? If you keep down this path…”

“What mom? What will happen if I keep going down this path? What will happen? Enlighten me please because last time I checked my life is pretty great. That is until I have to come here every week.” Gasps and chest clutching break out around the table. Though, looking at my mom and Malibu Barbie, they seem to be the most appalled by my rant.

“Shana you need to control yourself, you are embarrassing me.” She hisses.

“I'm embarrassing you? Seriously mother how do you think I have felt all those years when you were gone. Off with god who knows, leaving me home alone, while you were with your latest conquest.” I get cut off when John stands up.

“That is enough of your mouth young lady! You will not disrespect your mother that way.” Oh, but she can to me? I have had enough.

“Honestly what has gotten into you Shana?” mom asks. Maybe it is because of the hormones or maybe I'm am just plain fed up with her shit I need to let it all out.

“Well, I don't know mom maybe it’s because…” I stand up and smooth down my shirt. “My mom, the one person who is supposed to love me unconditionally, can’t go five minutes without ridiculing me about my life. Or maybe it is just hormones getting the best of me.” She zeros in on my movements.

“What are you saying Shana?” she asks with a perfectly drawn on eyebrow raised.

“I'm pregnant mom. Guess it’s too late for me. I have gone down that path. I'm leaving now.” I back away and start walking out the door ignoring all the staring eyes. Fuck them all.

I get to my car and just sit there in the parking lot, catching my breath. Holy shit did I just do that? I told my mom off. For the first and probably only time. I told the bitch off. Just when I think I am calmed enough to drive away there is a knock on my window. Turning I see my mom standing there with her arms crossed over her chest. Thinking maybe, just maybe, she is here to be a mother I roll down the window. I find I'm wrong in that hope.

“How far along are you? You don't need to go through with this Shana.” Is she serious right now?

“I'm keeping him." I state.

“Him. I see. Do you even know who the father is?”

“Nope, not a clue.” I lie. She makes a disgusted noise. “You know, dad was was happy when I told him,” I say knowing that it would piss her off even more.

“Dad…” she repeats me. “Then you don't need me anymore.” She sounds almost defeated. “Goodbye, Shana. When you come to your senses you know where to find me.” I'm shocked. She turns and I watch her as she walks back inside in her white high heels.









“I thought I fucking told you to get rid of that thing!” Chase yells at me in the parking lot of Starbucks. There are people looking and I'm not quite to my car yet. I'm carrying four coffees and a bag of muffins. My hands are full so to speak.

“Leave me alone please Chase it doesn't concern you.” I walk a little faster pressing the unlock button repeatedly on the key fob.

“It does fucking concern me you bitch. I told you to fucking do something and I expect it done. You had better not say a fucking word to my wife if she finds out you'll wish you would have listened.” His voice had dropped down to a quieter volume but people are still looking our way.

“Threatening me Chase?” I ask after I get to the door and put my things inside. I should have gotten into the car too but I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment.

“I'm promising you bitch, I have a lot to lose if she finds out. Don't fuck with me.” Prick.

“Don't worry, you weren't the only one I was sleeping with” I lie. “There were a couple other guys, the chances of you being the sperm donor are slim to none.” I'm lying through my teeth but if the asshole falls for it the better. He will have nothing to do with my baby’s life and if he thinks that I'm a slut in the process so be it.

“I want a test to be sure then.” Fucker.

“No, absolutely not, just forget about me. I'm sure you can do that. You did it with your wife when you met me.” I know I shouldn't poke the bear but damn I can’t believe this guy. He hauls his hand back ready to hit me but gets pulled back last minute.

“Your daddy must have been a piece of shit to not teach you that a man doesn't raise his voice or a hand to a woman.” The voice sends tingles up my spine, so deep and forceful. He has an accent that sounds like he is from somewhere down south.

“Listen asshole, we are having a private conversation.” Chase tries to say but the man lets out a deep laugh.

“If it were private you wouldn't be in the parking lot of a damn Starbucks.” His voice is so damn sexy I have to check out the rest of him. Looking up I see that he is looking at me with blue eyes that look like sea glass. They are framed with dark eyelashes and he has a small scar under his right eye running along the top of his cheek a little over an inch long. His blond hair is buzzed off close to his scalp like he may have cut it not too long ago.

“I’ll leave, alright man.” Chase finally says then looks over at me. “I want that test done, I won't wait forever.” I don't even get to respond to his harsh tone before blue eyes is smacking him upside the back of the head as if he were scolding a child.

“You don't get to talk to her like that either. Now if the lady wants to talk to you she will, but it sure looks like she doesn't. So you will just have to move on.” Chase tries to say something else but gets interrupted. “No, you are done here, go on boy.” He says causing Chase to fume a little more but doesn't say anything else and walks away. Finally.

BOOK: My Libertine (Trio Book 2)
10.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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