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Not Just A One Night Stand

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When Taylor met Chandler, sparks flew. She never imagined that there could be more for them than that single passion filled night. She told herself that their relationship couldn’t go anywhere as she was starting a new life in a new city. But when she finds out he owns the company she works for? She definitely wants nothing to do with him. Or that’s what she tells herself anyway.

Chandler was disgruntled to say the least when Taylor ran off the morning after. There was something about her that called to him day and night. And long after she had pulled her disappearing act. He knew that it couldn’t go anywhere. They lived in different cities, they only had chemistry in common and he wasn’t on the market. He was single and happy with that status. Or that’s what he told himself anyway.

But when they are thrown back together, he decides immediately that he wants to get to know her better. The only roadblock? Her tenacity and refusal to give it chance. Will Chandler be able to get it right with a second chance and a plan?

This is a disclaimer… pretty standard… this book is not about you or anybody you know, any brands listed are their own and are not being advertised. Please don’t give this book to any other persons… it’s not a cold, don’t share the file please… the FBI looks down on that sort of thing… I wrote this work on my own, this is my intellectual property and it is self-edited. And yes, I am the “cover artist” as well. The photo is stock from Hot Damn Designs (btw, thank you for the lovely pic Ms. S) Please do not use any portion of this novel from the cover to the last page without prior permission from the author unless the quote is in reference to a review of the story. So with that being said, all errors are my own and I can’t blame anyone but myself for any and all mistakes. There are numerous erotic elements in this story. So please don’t be offended if you (i.e. the reader) choose to explore any further than this page. If you are under the age of consent wherever you are, please read something else for now and not this book until you are legally able to do so. I am not responsible if you try anything I depict in any of my stories this one included.

With that said, enjoy and happy reading!

Publication Date: February 2013

This story is for the lovely people around me (especially the CaL book club LMAO). There were a few emails that asked for the happily ever after for this couple, so I couldn’t resist letting Chandler and Taylor finish falling in love. I have truly been blessed to meet and greet some wonderful humans in this day and age. They have been a good reminder that when life served me lemons, I could make a pretty tasty beverage with the addition of liquor and sugar…

Viva 2013!!! J



Jennifer Willows


Chapter One: Adults Can Play Hooky Too

When she sat down at the table in a nearby bistro and ordered a meal that she wasn’t able to eat, Taylor knew she had to get her mind right. She had some sick time that she had accrued even before the transition and now seemed like the perfect time to use it. At least she could think of England or something along those lines while the television watched her for a few days. It could only help to attain some distance in the situation. She was in too deep for a man that she had only a handful of stolen hours with almost a month ago.

The only bad part was that as a professional, she couldn’t afford to take the time off. Her situation was precarious. As the new guy in town, she had to make sure she was always up to par. Not to mention the fact that she was a minority in race and gender, and that was too many strikes against her to begin with for her attendance to be spotty. Her concession would be to take the rest of today.

And tomorrow? She would have to show her face, but that didn’t mean she had to be in the office to perform her duties for a few days at least.

But even when she was within her own four walls, there was no peace to be had. She had dreamed of sex with Chandler on the last twenty nights. She dwelled on what another hour or two could have been like. Taylor wondered what the morning wood would have felt like stroking her juicy pussy until she woke up enough to fuck back. The flashbacks of what was, and the fantasies of what could have been plagued her unmercifully. Tormented her, whether she was awake or not.  

But he’s your boss, her conscious kicked back at her and liberally sprinkled over her libido to make the burn of lust manageable once more.

But he fucks so good, her pussy purred and revved her body back to a blistering roar.

Even her conscious couldn’t deny how well he fucked, how total his possession was, nor how badly she wanted to do it again. She knew that she had taken the chicken way out with her half day off, but damned if a grown woman with any sense would have done anything to the contrary. And for sure that was better than the alternative. She couldn’t have imagined what would have happened if she came back, but she doubted it could be good.

Not true, her little, left shoulder devil chimed in, it could have been the best sex yet and bent over the desk of a CEO nonetheless.

Even her personal Jiminy Cricket had nothing to say to that one. But she was lucky that her next few days would be spent on the road as she showed her face in a few stores and met a few managers she hadn’t gotten the chance to speak with personally. Plus, he would probably be gone when she came back to the office on Monday. It made more sense than anything else. In fact, she was happy to delude herself with the thought that he would be half way to China by tomorrow night anyway.

He wasn’t for her, she had to remind herself. Men like him didn’t date women like her. Fuck, maybe, but anything more? Although, even with the knowledge of all that she still flooded her panties wetter than the Great Lakes merely at the sight of Chandler.

She stripped her clothes off and let the garments fall where they may, it was time to have some choco-therapy. A quick search through her freezer unearthed a half-eaten pint of Dove ice cream complete with a partial chocolate shell. She sorely needed every bite now, and if this didn’t work she was about to pull down her bottle of Grey Goose.

Before she finished the piece of pint, she poured a shot of the vodka and swigged the shot back in a single gluttonous gulp. It burned, but a bite of the ice cream and she was ready for another swill of the strong liquor.

Five shots later, she knew that she had overdone it. She was sweaty and everything seemed to converge in to duplicates that every so often merged to make one blurry object. It was nothing to carry the pint into the bathtub to half-ass sponge the drunkenness off.

When she was done long minutes later she could see a little better than before her detox, but the improvement was marginal at best. Taylor shrugged into a satin robe while she was still damp. She knew that she would care about the mess she had made on the fabric come the morning. But for now, the bath oil that her skin was unable to soak up was thirstily eaten by the wraparound with no hesitation.

After she sat on the floor of her living room, she decided to have Indian food tonight. She had a yen for Chicken Tikki Masala and maybe some garlic naan with the cherry sauce. She was able to call in her order at India House for delivery and the man who took her order was actually able to understand her drunken requests for food.

Chandler had just arrived back into Charlotte two days ago. The last three weeks were spent in transit and he bounced his way across half of the world in in less than fourteen days. Since he had been away for so long, he knew set up various consultations with his new acquisitions. Today, he was firmly ensconced in his office and he had a fistful of meetings with the rollover managers he’d acquired in the merger. It wasn’t until he met with Albert Benson that his imagined day of boredom turned into something more. He talked with his old friend for a few minutes before the other man reminded him that it was nearing lunch.

Since he hadn’t had the chance to be outside all day, he jumped on the idea of al fresco dining at a downtown restaurant. He caught the flash of a shapely leg as the elevator closed, but he was content to wait for the next car. However, Benson was not.

“Taylor,” Benson called out as he huffed quickly to the closing car, “hold that…” The doors opened and anything else the man said was lost when he saw just who Taylor was.

It was her, the same woman that stole his manhood with a night of incredible passion that he never imagined he’d find in the first place. The erotic goddess who was so secretive that only now had he learned her name and the best part was she remembered him fondly too. Chandler saw her eyes widen and her hips rock slightly. She shrugged the motion off as if she had found her balance, her sea legs on a maiden voyage. But he saw the truth, knew she remembered all of it. The hair-pulling, back scratching sex that not only left him hungry for more the next day, but he found that no other woman could satisfy the need she left with him in bitter memoriam.

He knew she felt it, felt the pain of separation after that first night, the knowledge that there was no way to re-experience the chemical perfection between them. Her need lived in the gasp that she couldn’t conceal as his hand rode her spine for just a moment. It was in the way her heart began to beat faster as he could see the pulse at her neck throb. Chandler could nearly hear the trains of thought as she went from one tangent to the other in the Grand Central Station within her mind. 

At first he was sure that he was dreaming. He never imagined that he would be face to face with his mystery woman and here of all places. He had dreamed of her for too many nights, in fact he hadn’t slept well in three weeks. He was far from a Lothario but she had ruined him for everyone and everything. There was a lovely lady in London that really wanted to play a game of naked Twister just a handful of days ago. But he turned her down, just like the other women he’d met recently. And it was all of her fault.

But he planned to make her sweat for a little while and when she was half mad from fearful nervousness only then would he pounce. She would love every minute of it too. He would make sure of that.

The entirety of his lunch was spent in a daze that he ill-concealed from his lunch partner with agreeable nods and murmurs. It wasn’t until lunch was over that he knew that he had to get his hands on Taylor. But how was the question. Then he remembered vaguely that he had requested a meeting this morning with her, although he had assumed Taylor was a man, but the meeting was a good enough place to start.

When he arrived back to the office, full of anticipation his scheme was foiled. She was a tricky one and called out sick. But he could plan around that, she couldn’t run forever, and he couldn’t wait until she saw what tricks he could hide up his sleeve too.

All it took was a quick and unethical session with his office PC to get all of the information that he needed. As the CEO he could look into any document, delve for any information and the request would barely be noticed, let alone remarked upon.

Although as he sat in front of her home, he felt nervous in a way that he wasn’t able to describe, just a vague sense of unease. Chandler knew that the moment he knocked on her door, there was no turning back. This was far from a one night fling, or a hasty fit of passion that was quickly spent like gasoline vapors. If he kept on the course that currently directed his footsteps, he was going to cross every ethical and moral boundary that he had when it came to business.

His company was run liberally and there was no directive against dating in the workplace. So long as the job was performed appropriately and there the couple was discreet, no one would blink an eye at it. But he was the captain, so to speak, and he had held himself to another standard. Then again, he already had her once, before he even knew she was one of his employees. She wasn’t under his direct management, and he hoped the thin reasoning would fly later when he was eaten alive from guilt.

BOOK: Not Just A One Night Stand
3.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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