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Two months later…

Taylor couldn’t avoid it any longer. This was her second missed cycle. She missed the first one just a few days after the meeting, but she chalked that up to stress. And really, Mother Nature had never been a reliable visitor. But after last night? She had to admit that something was very wrong.

Or very right.

It all started as a very simple evening. As usual, she and Chandler rested on her couch and watched a rented movie. But when the scenes turned hot and heavy, he started touching her. It was nothing out of the ordinary until she straddled his lap.

He paid more attention to her breasts than normal. But that may have been due to the way she begged him to suck them. She couldn’t resist, the suckling of nipples felt so exquisite and she wanted more. His cock rubbed at her mound through the crotch of her pajama pants, just enough to tease her into squirming for more tactile sensation.

His lips fastened over the bud of nipple as she screamed aloud and rocked against him. Every wet tug of mouth brought her closer and closer. Until the pressure was too much and she squirted liquid heat in his lap.

Her breasts had never been that sensitive and it was then she knew that she was most likely pregnant. All she had to do was verify it with an at home test.

That same afternoon, she confirmed it with ten different tests. She had three other boxes, but why even waste her time? The other six sticks would only tell her the same thing the prior ones already had.

They had made a baby together that afternoon in his office.

She was right, that day at work was more special than she had ever known. That was the day she had conceived their child. It was the one and only time that they had forgotten to use a rubber.

Taylor waited for Chandler to come home that night and she was half-way terrified, on edge the entire time. She wanted the new life inside of her, even more than she wanted the man who helped create it.

But what if he didn’t?

That was a question that she couldn’t hide from. And believe it she tried.

When he finally walked into the door, he called out. “Honey, I’m home!”

She ran into his arms and hugged him as tightly as she could.

“What is it?” He asked and she knew that he was concerned. Chandler’s forehead furred up into a perplexed mass of wrinkles.

“It’s nothing.” She said and he looked even more confused, if that was even possible.

“We’ve already had this discussion about women and the word nothing. What is it?” He walked with her over to the chaise end of her sofa and sat down.

He tugged her onto his lap.

“How about this, I’ll talk and you listen. Then you can pipe in at any time.”


“Taylor, these last months with you have felt like a dream that I never want to wake up from.” He clasped her hands within his. “Can we agree on that at least?”

She agreed with him, that wasn’t the problem. “Yes Chandler. You have made sure that these months have been wonderful.”

“Well then, why are you so afraid to tell me the truth? Am I an ogre or bully that I would hurt you?” Not that. But she didn’t think he was ready for children at this stage in their relationship. Heck, she knew that she wasn’t ready for a personal mini-me.

But she was going to take the cards as they fell. “I don’t think you would hurt me intentionally, no.”

“Then why haven’t you told me?”

She wasn’t even certain they spoke about the same thing, but she answered him honestly anyway. “Because I’m afraid.”

“Of what?”

“You’ll leave us.”

“Why would I leave you, Taylor? I love you.” That was the first time he’d ever said those exact words to her.

“I…” She inhaled a deep breath and took the plunge. “I love you too, Chandler.” That was her first time speaking the words to him and the admission felt so good, as if the weight of emotion were an anvil that she couldn’t get remove from her chest until she spoke the burden aloud.

“That seems like a good start to me.”

It was. Taylor lost some of the fear that she had carried for most of the day. But the release of nervousness must have been too late as she suddenly felt sick enough to jump from Chandler’s lap.

She made a mad dash into the kitchen when she expelled the contents of her belly into the garbage disposal. Chandler was right behind her, but she didn’t realize that until she noticed her hair was held away from her face and the disgusting contents in the sink basin with his hands.

He poured her a glass of ginger ale with no ice before he carried her back to the chaise.

“Sip that.”

“Thanks, Chandler.”

“Taylor, I’m not the type of man to put the cart before the horse in business. And I certainly will not do that in my personal life either.”

She watched as she pulled a small blue box from his jacket pocket. Her heart sped up and her mouth dried up into a pasty, sticky tongue housed in the Sahara.

Her heart beat was rhythm-less and erratically cadenced, but she refused to show it. “Okay, what is this?” She asked him nonchalantly.

He shrugged his shoulders. “It’s your engagement ring. I hope you like it.”

“Your taste is quite good. I don’t think I will have any cause to dislike it.”

But when he popped the box open, she gasped. The ring was simply amazing. It was the Oval diamond engagement ring. Even she knew that was one of the more costly bands. The huge ovoid was ringed with tiny stones and the thin band was paved the same way.

He always had excellent taste and this was no different. She watched as he slid the band onto her finger, the fit was close to perfect and only a tad loose. Although, she would be taking on a bit of weight the next seven months and she would probably be grateful for the extra room then.

“So Taylor, will you do me the honor of being my wife? And love me the rest of our lives?”

“I sure will, Chandler.”

“Now I think there is something you have to tell me.” He was going to make her admit it out loud.

“I can show you better than I can tell you. Wait here.”

She walked into her bathroom and grabbed up the tests she had taken earlier. When she walked out, Chandler looked at her, then down to the bundle in her arms.

“Do you think you may have gone a bit overboard?” He chuckled.

“Yeah, but I had to be sure. Plus, they come in multi-packs.”

There were ten tests in all and he looked at each one with a growing smile. When he looked at the last one with the tiny pink plus sign, he practically beamed at her.

“Taylor, thank you.” He clasped her hands and she could see the tears well up in his eyes. “You don’t understand. For so long, I walked around unaffected by life. I worked, slept and ate. I didn’t have any expectations beyond those of my own comfort. But there was nothing in my life to anticipate either. There was no one for me to come home to. There was no one to love. And I didn’t even know that was what I was missing until you.”

“Really? I would have never imagined that...” He seemed so self-assured, the gait and bearing of a man who knew his place in the world. “But I do have a question.”

“Yes, love?” He asked, eyes closed and the smug grin said he was supremely satisfied with himself. She couldn’t blame him, he was fertile and men loved above all to be capable of siring progeny at will.

Guess they equate that with masculinity.

“How did you know? About the baby I mean?”

“Baby. Hmm… I like that.” He chuckled. “It was elementary my dear. First, you stole my pizza, and you hate pineapples. You have always been a firecracker in bed, but the last few weeks? Your sexual hungers well surpassed mine. Then last night your breasts were extraordinarily sensitive. You’ve never come like that before and that cemented what I already thought. But I have a question too.”

“Yes?” She cocked her head to the right and looked at him in confusion.

Taylor easily saw that whatever he was about to ask still bothered him, despite the fact that they had cleared the air. “Why did you wait so long to tell me?”

She could only admit in that second that she felt abashed as she ducked her head down. “I just realized it today and that was when I got the tests.” Her cheeks bloomed hotly and she couldn’t even look back up.

“So you mean to say that I knew before you did? That’s rich.” He laughed so hard Taylor wanted to box his ears.

He leaned back and unzipped his pants. The fat head of his cock emerged, ready to go. This occasion was too rushed for Taylor to fully undress, but the moment he exposed his flesh to her, she was on board. Despite the fact that she had been sick just moments before, she still wanted him.

Her pants were quickly tossed aside and Chandler seated her on his lap as she rocked against his erection. She was wet enough that he was able to glide in nearly to the root with the first thrust and the second only ensured he made full entry. But she wasn’t at full arousal and that only made the friction even more delicious, made every sensation more tactile. More rough and that was just the way she needed it.

She gyrated her dripping cunt into him over and over again wantonly. This was the second time they had made love without protection and the feel of his naked skin was all the aphrodisiac needed to send her into orbit.

He groaned when she rippled around him with the left over shudders of orgasm and she knew he wasn’t far behind her. But this time when he came, she was ill-prepared for the reaction it would spur within her needy cunt. She felt the first rope splatter her cervix and by the second, he had bathed her womb with wicked baptismal that eked sluggishly from her over-soaked sex flesh.

Chandler had noticed a major change in Taylor the last few weeks. She could flip in the blink of an eye. One minute she was joyful and the next, she would bite his head off. At first, he was worried that she didn’t want him anymore. That she was bored with him.

Then he started noticing other things. Her appetite had changed and he watched her eat things she never had requested before. Like Hawaiian pizza. He loved the pineapples and ham combo, but when they ordered together, she only wanted mushrooms and onions on her half.

But one weekend, she ate his part of the pizza and left him halfway hungry. There was no way he wanted to eat mushrooms or onions and had to settle for a huge bowl of cereal instead after she fell asleep.

Then he noticed how quick she was to get fully aroused. Not that it was a problem, but she was much quicker on the trigger than she was before. And she was so much more sensitive to sensations. He could make her come with very little work.

It was then he realized that they had made love every night for nearly two months straight without interruption. All women had some form of a cycle, but hers hadn’t interrupted their sex life.

He waited and waited for her to say something, and the longer she withheld the information, the more concerned he became.

What if she didn’t want his baby?

Chandler took matters into his own hands. He requested a jeweler come to his office and he chose a ring that would befit the mother of his children. As he perused the diamonds on display, he hoped that she was willing to take this particular plunge with him.

He was a little later than normal when he got to Taylor’s house. But that was because he had to make a choice for engagement ring, then he needed to pay and have the jeweler bring back the actual diamond with resized band. The ones in the display the jeweler brought over were costume for insurance purposes. 

But when he found out that she didn’t know about the baby, he couldn’t restrain his mirth. 

He didn’t want to wait until the baby was born to make Taylor his wife, and she didn’t want to get married with a big belly. His compromise was to get married immediately.

“There’s no way that this will work.” She complained.

“It will have to.”

He was able to calm her disagreements with the promise that they could have a large ceremony on their first wedding anniversary. But they would have a smaller ceremony within the month to legitimize their marriage. His child would be taken care of no matter what happened, and he wanted the legal right to take ensure the health of the woman he loved while she carried their precious cargo.

Their first wedding was a small one, only twenty people in attendance. Both of their parents, their best friends, and a few select others.


Epilogue: I Love You So Much Right Now

Five months and one week later…

“Just once more! Push Taylor!” She groaned and he blotted the sweat from her forehead with a cloth already damp with perspiration.

She screamed and clutched his fingers so tightly that the bones rubbed together. “I hate you Chandler!”

“I know baby, I love you too.” He was so glad that he didn’t have to do this part in the baby production process. He didn’t know if he would be strong enough to take the pain his wife adeptly handled. The labor seemed so long, even though the doctors said that ten hours was perfectly normal.

But his wife was never as beautiful as she was in this moment. Even with sticky skin and bloated fingers, she was the most amazing woman he had ever known in his life.

That was until he met his daughter for the first time. Then Taylor had to share that slot with their offspring.

The newcomer was named Ander Everette Adkins and he fell in love at first sight. Despite the fact that Taylor cradled the baby within her womb for months, the child looked just like him. Her eyes were a sparkling hazel, and only the heavy tan of the wrinkled flesh proclaimed her to be her mother’s daughter. 


Jennifer Willows is the pen name of a romance author who prefers the Multicultural and BDSM genres. She is a newbie single and a pro at being a mother of two. She still fixes other people’s mistakes by day, but she makes plenty of time to write at night. No website yet, but just be on the lookout it will be coming
(okay, she really has no idea, but she’s working on it). Also she wants to give a reminder: Don’t forget that reviews are an authors’ best friend and please feel free to speak your mind or tag her books as needed. If anyone would like to hit her up for a chat, complaint, or questions feel free to email or Facebook at
or tweet her @wildinthewillow

BOOK: Not Just A One Night Stand
6.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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