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But even his mental tug of war was unable to keep his body from making the final decision moments later. Chandler decided he was damned if he did as he was too attracted to her not to make a move. And he was damned if he didn’t for the same exact reason. His hand was heavy with leaden dread, making the appendage carry the weight of an anvil as he let his fist rap against the door frame.

She yelled out a quickly spouted greeting as if she waited for him. But he knew that was impossible and just a fantasy he’d crafted from his personal fantasies. “Hold on!”

But when she came to the door he knew she hadn’t looked through the peephole. It was all in the reaction she made when her jaw dropped and she had to forcibly close her gaped open lips. He was sure that she was going to snap off on him, and that was nothing less than he deserved for showing up at her home unannounced.

“What do you want Mr. Adkins? Is this about me firing—” He raised a hand and shook his head. Chandler didn’t care that she fired the manager of the North Tryon store. And actually he knew what he wanted to say but couldn’t.

You. I came for you.

“It’s not about the Tryon manager. In fact, I have known what he was up to the last two weeks. But I wanted to see if you could do what needed to be done, so I let you have your way in that.” He raked his fingers into his hair and disturbed the carefully combed part on the left side. “I just wanted to see how you were doing. We had a meeting scheduled this afternoon and since you decided not to show up, I came by to see how you were. You took a sick day and if nothing else, I wanted to be sure that you were in fine health.” He knew that wasn’t going to fly, but it was better than the truth. That he came by because he couldn’t stop himself. Just the same as he was unable to keep his mind away from her these last weeks.

“So you’re telling me that the head honcho is so… caring, so concerned about his mid-level managers that he makes house calls?” Her face said that she may have been born at night, but not last night. 

“He can be.” For her, yes. For some other pot-bellied slouch whose only saving grace was the fact that he showed up on time each day? Not so much.

“Yeah,” she paused. “Well, how about I don’t believe that.”

“You don’t have to.” He knew why she took the afternoon off. But she wasn’t the only surprised person in the room. Chandler had never conceived that she would have such an impact on him either. No one before her had. He would have known if he had felt like this before, there was no way he could mistake the punch-drunk burn in his gut.

She hadn’t invited him in yet with her words, but her body said something else. Taylor wanted him. She was a far cry from either of the incarnations that he had met previously. It seemed as if every time he saw her she was someone new, someone slightly different as if each exposure brought more of her complexities to the surface.

Now she wore a robe, it was voluminous and the satin folds were lustrous against her skin and made the color a bit more golden. Her locks were splayed over one shoulder, and he remembered the feel of the cords against his chest as they slept together that night. He knew that whatever was beneath the gown was barely clothed skin and most likely not even a pair of panties covered her.

That thought was all he needed to stake his claim. He ducked his head and as soon as she saw the motion he could feel her acceptance in it. Taylor was in perfect proximity, as her face lifted towards him and he took the consent for what it was. It was a chance to be at one with her again and exorcize his fantasies once and for all. Maybe then he could see another woman and not compare her to Taylor. It might be then he could hear something other than her voice crying his name when he should be occupied with other more important things. Like contracts and mergers.

The taste of her lips had become his obsession that he gratefully obeyed as their tongues meshed into a searing kiss of lust and mingled fire. There was no way that he could let her go again. At least until the burn of her was purged from his flesh for good.

She was the one that got away that was all, or so he tried to tell himself. Although, Chandler knew deep down that he was making excuses.

But that didn’t stop him from making the attempt to slake his thirst for her on her willing flesh. It only took a single step forward to be inside of her home and he used his heel to kick the door closed. A moment later had her back to the nearest wall.

She must have felt the same as she allowed him to draw her into his embrace and she started to divest him of the shirt, one button at a time. His hands roved every which way. At first, he scored his hands over her curves. Then his fingers made contact with the bare V shaped slit of skin exposed by the satin. She was more than he ever imagined and even his nocturnal longings and day time fantasies didn’t match up.

The chemistry between them was undeniable, and he could almost feel her heart beating a cadence that called to him. Her breaths were shallow even as his grew heavy and labored. Just moments later the kiss began to mimic the actions their bodies would take and any patience he had was gone. There was only an iota to begin with, but that didn’t matter to him, not at all on any given day, and especially not in the moment.

All he knew was that he was going to get inside of the woman who had gotten under his skin and nothing would stop him.

His hands fisted into the satin of her robe to drag her half bared chest against his. Their mouths were filled to the brim with foreign tongues and lusty intentions. Chandler was sure that he was going to combust if he allowed it, but he had to keep control of himself otherwise the reunion of bodies wouldn’t last long. She was his kryptonite and even the taste of her lips made him weak.

But the hunger she displayed was enough to make him forget all about his plan to chain her with hot, sweaty sex and make him think about what she would feel like wrapped around his cock. The thought was enough to snap the thin tether that held his lust at bay. All he remembered was pushing her against the wall and her legs twined along his hips.


Chapter Two: Come Into My Parlor

Taylor was sure that she was in heaven. The man that featured heavily in every orgasm she had in the last weeks was before her in the flesh. She knew deep down that he wouldn’t stay away. In fact, she didn’t want him to. She wanted nothing more than the chance to have at him yet again with no holds barred.

Her libido had been at a simmer for so many weeks, days, hours, and minutes that she didn’t give a damn what happened after this moment. The sky could come crashing down, bombs could fall, the world could explode and she would care less. All that mattered was this. The loss of self and all good sense was surreal, but this was the most important of her hungers and she would feed it first over anything else.

He pushed her against the wall, and her legs wrapped unbidden around him. She was naked beneath the robe and the coarse scrape of his trousers against her wet slit kicked the unbearable arousal into overdrive.

She could feel the hard cock he was dying to give her, just as she was dying to take all he would offer her. She knew the morning she walked away that he was the type of man that would have her nose wide open without even trying. He had so much control over her and the world at large that she had been afraid to even give him her name, lest he gain even more ownership over her. The same way that demons were supposedly controlled by the power of one who held their true name.

The same way that naming something gave a sense of understanding the unexplainable.

The look in his eye was one of possession and acquisition. Taylor couldn’t even look at him dead on and she let her lids flutter closed to hold the potency of his gaze at bay. But it didn’t matter that she sealed her vision off as she could still feel the weight of his ogle on her flesh. Her body screamed to take what she needed from him. None of the realities mattered, whether she breathed, where she ate, nor the fact that the man who signed her off on her pay was the same one who would provide her with pleasure. All that she could care about was the way he felt inside her, around her.

She saw him impatiently pluck a short strip of condoms from his pocket. They were the same strip left over from the hotel as one of them was still marked with the proof of purchase sticker used to mark one of the end squares. All three were there and she didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or to ignore the newfound knowledge altogether. It would only serve to make the fact that she thought about their only night often apparent and the last thing she wanted was to feel gauche with him.

But she couldn’t keep the thrill of having Chandler again at bay. Damn if she wasn’t a lucky woman. He was going to be in her bed tonight. And maybe she could sneak a little something in the morning too. But he had to go after that. Contemplating anything beyond pancakes was too premature and this could be nothing more than it was.

Even his gaze was enough to be a lit match tossed onto the gasoline panties she wore for him. Taylor watched as he rolled the condom on top of her cock. Well, she amended the thought, her cock for tonight. After that she was going to let him be a free agent again.

But all of her ruminations were dispelled when he was pressed against her. The thick velvet cap of cock butted against the seam of her pussy and the needy flesh of her sex swelled as if the cunt lips were over ripened fruit dangling from the vine.

She couldn’t get her mind off of the fact that he was here in the flesh, so to speak, and that he was about to fuck her once more.

He seemed to have much more patience than she did though and he merely threatened her with his cock, but never made the commitment to fully breach her. Taylor nipped that in the bud immediately. She arched her back against the wall and popped her hips a tad. The duplicate motions allowed the fat folds of her labia to part and perfectly position the mushroomed end of phallus for entry. The fire in him burned hotly as he grunted once before he gave into her demands without any further hesitation. The cock entered her at an angle that seemed serendipitous as the thick shaft rasped over each tender wall of snatch. When he touched bottom, she bit her own lips torturously and keened with every breath.

If he didn’t feel fantastic, nothing in this world could lay claim to the descriptive either. When she was stuffed with everything his body could fill her with, Taylor finally felt peace. She still burned with heat but she finally felt the weight of the last weeks fall away from her shoulders. The anticipation of waiting had worn on her and that was gone too. But with the extra burdens were now replaced with the fire of roaring lust and heat was worse than before.

The first night they were together, she had no idea who he was. She had no idea how good a lay he could be. Now, she had not only the desire from before to contend with, but she had the knowledge of what sex with him was like to boot. She had the knowledge of what her body was capable of when crossed with his.

Their sex against the wall was quick and angry, a symbolic crash of symbols and starbursts of delighted agony. She wanted to run from him, run from his cock. All of him was too much for her to take. Each punt of his hips was angry and fiercely vigorous as her back scraped up then down the drywall. As if he wanted to punish her for her defection over the last twenty-four days. Once he was able to anchor her to his liking she found the spot his cock prodded inside of her screamingly delicious like death by chocolate. 

“Fuck!” She gnawed at his neck, teeth scraped over his skin in succulent bites of the male musk-laden flesh. “Chandler!”

It only took a few searing passes of cock and cunt before she came and Chandler wasn’t far behind her. When he finished the only thing she could think to say was, “Wow…” Followed by, “Now get out.”

His gaze could have frosted a doughnut at first, the lusty glaze over the ocular depths then cleared to confusion and she knew he thought she was joking, but Taylor meant it. That man had to leave her house, and right now before she was sprung enough to offer breakfast.

When she had some time to think about where she was going to go now that she had put all of her eggs in the company basket, then she could make a decision on how she wanted to make the next encounter with him work.

He walked to her bathroom without hesitation and as she noted his comfort level with her home, one eye twitched. “So now you know your way around my house?”

He smirked and dried his hands with one of the towels she had set out for guests.  Although there weren’t plans for many, she didn’t know anyone here. “This is a company owned property, that’s why you got it at such a deal in the first place along with the low interest loan from the bank.”

“I do recall reading that in the fine print.” Damned if she didn’t remember that being part of the draw of the job, having a new construction condo with little fanfare and practically no drama. But in the melee of moving along with a lack of sleep she had conveniently forgotten those not so small details. But she hated the fact that he knew the layout of her home just as well as she did.

But even if he was correct, he still had to go. There was no way she felt like dealing with anything more than she had to, especially when it came to this man. She was at her worst now, mentally she was shaken, physically he rocked her world and spiritually she felt adrift as if disconnected from her own flesh. The tableau before her was one where she had no control. She was tipsy from her drinks, sated with the erotic fuck against her wall, and filthy coated with her own excess sexual secretions.

She only knew one thing for certain, she felt decadent and lavishly fucked beyond recognition. But regardless of what she felt like in her own satiated skin, the man had to go. Taylor knew that she was close being sprung, it had been much too long since her last lover and she had no will when it came to her body. It was a major fault of hers, but at least she could admit to her own shortcomings.

Despite her body’s reluctance to let him leave, her mind was resolute and her helpless reaction to him was all the proof she needed. For Pete’s sake, she thought, she had let him fuck her against her wall and they had barely spoken a handful of words between them before that. If that didn’t show her that she was going to be in over her head, then nothing would. And to boot, he brought condoms with him, as though he knew she would capitulate without any qualms. But if that was where his mind was at, he had assessed her correctly even while she had no idea of what was next.

BOOK: Not Just A One Night Stand
13.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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