Pearl's Awakening (Devil's Iron MC #3)

BOOK: Pearl's Awakening (Devil's Iron MC #3)
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Pearl’s Awakening

Devil’s Iron MC

Book 3


I would like to give thanks where thanks are due as always. To my wonderful and supportive family and friends who are always there with me to work through any issues or problems I was having with the book, some more than others;) 

Especially to my husband, for giving me the time to write out the thoughts that are in my head.


I would like to give a special shout out to all the help I have had with promoting and getting the word out there about all of my bundles of love. The indie world has been super supportive and helpful every step of the way. It is surprising to me that women I have never met, are on such a level and have been such a support system every step of the way.  It rocks that y’all have been here for me from simple swag questions to formatting questions to help with graphics as well as promoting, and everything in-between...


Thanks for everythin


Copyright © 2016 by GM Scherbert
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the publisher
except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

This novella is intended for reader 18 and older as it contains adult themed sexual situations and inappropriate language.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


Printed in the United States of America

First Printing, 2016

Cover Art: GM Scherbert

Editing & Formatting: Avril Stepowski

Table of Contents


Chapter 1- Pearl

Chapter 2 – Pearl

Chapter 3- Blaze

Chapter 4 – Tank

Chapter 5– Pearl

Chapter 6–Tank

Chapter 7- Blaze

Chapter 8- Pearl

Chapter 9 – Pearl

Chapter 10 – Tank

Chapter 11 –Blaze

Chapter 12- Pearl

Chapter 13 – Tank

Chapter 14- Blaze

Chapter 15 – Pearl

Chapter 16 – Tank

Chapter 17 – Blaze

Chapter 18 – Pearl

Chapter 19 – Tank

Chapter 20 – Pearl

Chapter 21– Tank

Chapter 22 – Pearl

Chapter 23 – Blaze

Chapter 24 – Tank

Chapter 25 – Pearl

Chapter 26 – Tank

Chapter 27 – Pearl

Chapter 28 –

Chapter 29- Tank

Chapter 30 – Pearl

Chapter 31 –

Chapter 32 –Pearl

Chapter 33 –

Chapter 34 –

Chapter 35 – Pearl

Chapter 36 –

Chapter 37 – Pearl

Chapter 38 –

Chapter 39 –

Chapter 40 – Pearl

Chapter 41 –

Chapter 42 – Pearl

Chapter 43 – Tank

Chapter 44 –

Chapter 45 – Pearl





Tank opened my eyes to so many new things. He introduced me to his world and left me to fall victim to it. I might never be able to forgive the man who left me to be raped and beaten. Why can’t I get him the fuck outta my mind, no, my dreams, now that he is back? I promised myself to Markus and I will not go back on my word.

Blaze was the man I choose to be with. He was my old man, my Master, and will be my husband or would be if I hadn’t run, again. Seeing him and Abraham fighting took me back to a time in my life when I promised myself that I would only live for myself and my kids. What I want will never be put on the back burner again to soothe some man.

With the girls to watch over, and this little guy on the way as well, I will never put someone before my and our happiness again. Never.

Chapter 1- Pearl


Walking into the bedroom, I see both of the men who have been on my mind standing on either side of the bed. Neither is wearing a shirt and the ink that is covering their bare chests is sending a jolt of arousal straight to my core. Both have looks of disappointment and hurt on their faces that were caused by my actions.

As I take a step further into the room, I hear a rough growl followed by, “Little One, shut and lock that door behind you, then strip out of your clothes and kneel on the end of the bed before your Sir and your Master. It is time to pay for all of your distrust, lack of faith, and disrespect to us.”

As I raise my eyes to those of the man that I have seen only once in the last four months, I try to talk but am quickly cut off.

“Yes, do as your Sir commands. Head down, no eye contact, and no noise, Pet. You have to answer for your transgressions and give your Master and Sir what they see fit to take. You will do so beginning now.”

Taking a step back, I shut the door and turn the lock making my way back to these men. As I take my first step I raise my arms and the shirt I am wearing is up and off over my head, as I throw it to the floor. With my next step I am reaching behind myself to remove my bra, dropping it on top of the shirt I had just discarded. With the next step I am kicking off my shoes, and I pull the skirt and panties I have on down off my hips. Kicking them aside, I reach the bed and turn on my heel to face the closed door. Slowly getting myself into position, which is harder with the baby filling my belly, I wait for the reprimand and punishment I know are coming.

I sit there for several minutes lost inside of my own head. Starting to think of nothing but the position that I have been asked to wait in and the reprimand I am in store for.

My knees are spread wide, hands resting palms up on my thighs, and my head is down. As I am lost in my thoughts, the men both come around the bed and I can feel them near me. The scents of both of them fill my nose as I take a deep breath in.It’s calming my nerves to know that they are so close, even if they are upset with me.

“Move up on the bed girlie, and position the pillows under and around yourself so that you can be comfortable, making sure that our baby is not under any stress before we begin to work you over.” Abraham’s rough voice comes out as his hand reaches out to my right to help me up.

Another hand reaches out on my left as I hear, “Yes, Pet, get up on the bed on all fours and make sure that our babe is comfortable, because you are in for it. If you thought one of us taking our punishment out on you was too much, you will find out quickly that we work so much better together. Of course, better for whom would be the fucking question.”

Helping me up onto my feet,both of these men, my men, cannot stop themselves from running their free hands over the expanse of my belly. It is the first time that Abraham has touched me since he found out about the baby, since he left, since he found out about Markus’ claiming of me. It is also the first time that these men that are in my head, my heart, and own me in every way, have touched me together since that night in the Dungeon all those months back. The electricity that flows where our bare flesh meets is something that I have never felt before, and it both scares and excites me.

Moving towards the bed I notice some toys laid out near the top of the bed. I see a flogger, paddle, cat o’nine tail, and a ball gag, among other things. These men definitely have a plan for what will be happening to me tonight. A shiver goes through my body as I crawl onto the bed and position the pillows under me so that I am on all fours but my baby is still supported.

In front of me, Abraham grabs for the paddle while Markus grabs the cat o’nine tail and they both move towards the end of the bed. I feel a smooth hand run over and between my ass cheeks. Then a forceful thud is heard seconds before the pain in my ass is registered. Abraham falls into a pattern with the paddle and as I start to find peace, the swats are quickly stopped.

That is when I hear the shuffling of feet and I imagine that Markus is stepping up and I know that the cat o’nine will be landing quickly on my ass. I jerk at the first touch of it to my flesh and hiss as the feeling registers. He is relentless as he proceeds to land whack after whack on my tender flesh. As I am again starting to find peace with the punishment I am receiving, it is quickly stopped, just as the paddle was.

I feel the bed dip near the headboard. My eyes come up slightly and I see Markus kneeling in front of me. He is naked and his cock is thick and at the ready in his hand.

“Pet, take me into your mouth. Abraham will continue on with your punishment, so please do be careful with my cock while he is wielding his whip.”

As the word whip rolls off my Master’s tongue,I hear it crack behind me. Taken aback by the noise, I am not quick enough to open my mouth and Master starts to slap his cock against my cheeks. “Open Pet.” As his cock is driven deep inside of my mouth, causing me to gag almost instantly, I feel the first kiss of the whip on my ass. Straining to keep still as the whip continues its assault, the cock in my mouth continues to test my gag reflex at the same time.

Markus rises to his knees and begins to fuck my mouth with abandon, gripping tightly onto the hair at the back of my head to give him some leverage. As the crack of the whip comes to a stop, I feel Abraham’s hands slowly move up my thighs. His fingers run through the slick heat of my pussy just before I feel his cock at my entrance. My eyes lift up to question my Master and he only nods at me as he continues the assault on my mouth, and that is when I feel Abraham’s cock enter me in one slow stroke.

The double-sided assault continues for a while and I catch myself fighting the pleasure that keeps threatening to explode from within me.

I hear growled out from behind me a groan each time my Master slams deep into my throat, “Fuck Markus, keep that up. Each time she gags on your cock her cunt squeezes my cock so tight. Wait until you feel it, it is fucking unbelievable. I cannot wait for us to be fucking her together to see if she takes both of us just as well.”

With a loud pop Markus pulls his cock from my mouth while Abraham pulls himself out of my cunt. I am slowly lifted off the bed and the pillows are pushed aside rapidly. I do not have to wonder for long what the next step in their plan will be.

Abraham lays down on the bed on his back with his cock held tight in his hand while Markus leads me to the edge of the bed. I slowly climb onto the bed and position myself on top of Abraham hovering above him for a few seconds before I impale my cunt on his waiting cock. Starting to move up and down slowly, I feel a warm breath from behind me on my ear.

“Pet, you will need to lean forward some so that your Mastercan seat himself deep in your ass while your Sir is fucking that sweet cunt.”

Leaning forward slightly I feel Abraham’s hands come up to help support my weight. At the same time, I feel cool lube being rubbed around my asshole. Markus slowly slides one, then two fingers in, stretching me out as Abraham continues his attack on my pussy. After pumping in and out of my ass a few times, I feel Markus’ thick cock at my entrance and Abraham stills himself in my pussy when Markus slowly enters me, filling me completely.

A feeling of absolute euphoria erupts within me as soon as both men start to move in perfect tandem. Which is only intensified by hearing both of them in unison order me to “Come.” When the first waves of pleasure hit, which happens within moments of them starting to move, I have the biggest orgasm of my life.

BOOK: Pearl's Awakening (Devil's Iron MC #3)
7.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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