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Elliot inhaled deeply as arousal suddenly swamped him. He shoved his pants the rest of the way down his legs, struggling madly when his legs became tangled in his boxers. He nearly cried out in desperation until Tommy reached over and ripped the offending boxers from his legs.

Freed, Elliot swung his legs around, draping one over the back of the seat and setting the other one on the floor as he leaned back against his door and scooted down until he could angle his ass up in the air.

As horny as he was, it didn’t take Elliot more than a few moments to lube his fingers and shove two of them into his ass. He hissed, feeling the deep burn of not stretching himself before adding two fingers at the same time, but he was in a hurry.

As he worked his fingers in and out of his tight hole, Elliot could feel his muscles slowly start to loosen. Soon enough, the pain faded to be replaced by intense pleasure. Elliot added a third finger as quickly as he dared.

He glanced across the car interior to Tommy then sucked in his lower lip, biting down on it to prevent himself from talking when he saw Tommy watching him intensely. The fire of desire he could see burning in Tommy’s eyes almost sent Elliot over the edge for a third time. Elliot quickly reached down and encircled the base of his cock, squeezing until his need to climax faded.

“How far is your house, Tommy?” He gasped as he slowly stroked his hand up his hard length. “I’m getting pretty worked up here knowing you’re watching me and I don’t know how much longer I can hold off. Just knowing that you’re watching me is driving me crazy.”

“Elliot,” Tommy growled, “I said no talking.”

“I can’t help it.” He couldn’t. Elliot bit his lip again as he tried to keep his words locked behind his lips. He wanted to be quiet as Tommy directed, but every time he looked at the man and saw his clenched jaw, Elliot needed. And part of that need came out verbally. “I’m trying, Tommy, I swear.”

Surprisingly, Tommy grinned. “I know you are, pretty baby. Come if you need to come. I have no doubt I can get you hard again.”

“Really? You don’t mind?” Elliot was shocked... and incredibly excited. “I’ve already come twice and you haven’t come at all and that doesn’t seem fair to me. It’s not, Tommy, and I want to be fair so if you would just let me—”

“Less talk, more action, pretty baby. I want to see you fuck yourself.”

Yeah, okay, Elliot could do that. Elliot was already doing that. His fingers, all three of them were pressed deep inside his ass. His hand was wrapped tightly around his cock. Having an orgasm at any moment was a very real possibility.

“You’re going to need another finger, Elliot.” Tommy chuckled. “I’m a lot bigger than what you have in your ass right now.”

Elliot’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head at Tommy’s boasting…well, he hoped it wasn’t boasting. He eagerly thrust another finger into his ass, wincing once again when he shoved all four as deep as he could get them.

Elliot’s head fell back against the door as he began thrusting his fingers into his ass, stroking his cock at the same time. “Oh, please tell me you’re not lying, Tommy, because I really need to feel—”

“Elliot! What did I say?”

“Coming!” Elliot shouted as he stiffened, explosions of pleasure igniting his entire body. He froze with his fingers buried deep in his ass and his hand holding his cock as ropes of pearly white seed shot out all over him.

Elliot didn’t really care that he covered his shirt with cum. He didn’t care that drops landed on the dashboard of Tommy’s fancy car. He didn’t even care when the car suddenly screeched to a stop until he felt the door give way behind him. Elliot yelped and pulled his fingers free just in time to be dragged from the car by large hands wrapped around his torso.

Elliot looked up into Tommy’s face just as he was lifted into the man’s arms and carried toward the house. He swallowed past the sudden pensive lump in his throat when he got a good look at the way Tommy’s jaw was clenched.


Elliot instantly clamped his mouth shut at the hard look in Tommy’s dark silver grey eyes when he looked down. He was suddenly very apprehensive, wondering if he’d done something wrong.

Then Elliot realized he had, and his stomach clenched. He’d come three times like a selfish bastard and Tommy hadn’t even come once. He wouldn’t be surprised if Tommy dumped him on the ground and refused to ever speak to him again. Elliot buried his face against the soft cotton of Tommy’s shirt and prayed the man would give him a chance to prove he wasn’t a complete asshole.

Still, Elliot heaved a sigh of relief when Tommy pushed his front door open and carried him inside instead of leaving him outside, especially considering he was wearing no pants or boxers. The neighbors would surely love that.

The next few seconds flew by Elliot in a lust-filled haze. Tommy sandwiched Elliot between his body and the wall. Nothing existed outside the two of them, not breathing, not seeing, nothing except the hard lips that pressed against his and the even harder wall Tommy pressed Elliot into.

Elliot groaned in protest when Tommy’s lips moved away from his to skim his jaw line. He really liked kissing Tommy. He groaned again when he felt Tommy start to nibble on his neck.

His head fell back against the wall with a small thud as he tried to give Tommy more access. Every bone in his body felt like it was melting. His skin tingled where Tommy bit into it, sending out a shudder of need inside of Elliot that he was helpless to keep to himself.

“Tommy, please.”

“Wrap your legs around my waist, pretty baby.”

Elliot was all too eager to comply, especially when Tommy lifted him up with hands gripping his ass cheeks. Elliot felt his naked groin smash against the tight denim of Tommy’s jeans. His breath hitched in his throat when he looked up to find Tommy staring down at him, a strange, intense look in his eyes.

“You’re mine now, Elliot, always mine.”

Elliot nodded. He wasn’t sure exactly what he was agreeing to, but if it meant he got his dream and Tommy fucked him against the wall, Elliot would agree to anything. Elliot nodded again just to be sure Tommy understood.

Tommy’s grin was filled with such promise that Elliot almost forgot to breathe until he felt the man reached between them. Elliot inhaled deeply when he heard Tommy unzipping his pants, then held his breathing, anticipating the feel of Tommy’s cock thrusting into him.

Any moment now…

Chapter 3

“Tommy, its Joe.”

Tommy groaned and leaned his head against Elliot’s when he heard his brother’s voice and the harsh knocking at the door. His brother couldn’t have had worse timing. Elliot was primed and ready to go, again, and Tommy literally had his cock in his hand.

“Tommy, I know you’re in there,” the voice said louder. “Your car is in the driveway and the engine is still hot. Open the door.”

Joe sounded very official, not like a brother knocking on the door. Tommy suddenly knew that the punch he’d thrown back at the bar had come back to bite him in the ass. He slowly lowered Elliot’s legs to the floor, grinning happily when he heard Elliot cry out in protest.

“Sorry, pretty baby, but that’s my brother at the door.”

“Let him get his own date.”

Tommy chuckled and leaned down to plant a small kiss on Elliot’s plush lips. “He already has a date, but I doubt that is why he is here. Remember that little push I gave your friend back at the bar? I think my brother is here to arrest me.”

“But…” Elliot’s eyes widened until their baby blue depths dominated his delicate face.

“Not to worry, pretty baby, it wouldn’t be the first time Joe arrested me and I doubt it will be the last.” Tommy tapped his finger on the end of Elliot’s nose. “I’m the bad boy of the family, remember?”

“Tommy!” Joe shouted louder, pounding on the door this time.

“I’m coming!” Tommy shouted back. “Give me a minute.”

Tommy gave Elliot another kiss before letting go of the man. Elliot seemed to wobble for a moment as if he didn’t have his equilibrium then steadied himself with a hand on the wall. Tommy took just a moment to take in how sexy Elliot looked standing there.

He was naked from the waist down, his cock standing out proudly from his body. His chest was bare, the edges of his shirt dangling around him. Everything Tommy looked at screamed pure sex to him and he wanted nothing more than to take the man up against the wall and make his fantasy come true.

But, it was the dazed lust burning in Elliot’s eyes that Tommy found the hardest to turn away from. It was a look Tommy hoped to put on Elliot’s face every day for the rest of their lives.

Still, his brother wouldn’t wait forever. Tommy pointed his finger at Elliot. “You stay right here, pretty baby. I’m going to go get you something to wear and then we’ll deal with my brother. After that—”

“You’ll fuck me against the wall?” Elliot looked so hopeful that Tommy almost told his brother to go away and took Elliot back into his arms.

“Damn it, Tommy, I haven’t got all night,” Joe shouted through the door.

“Keep your fucking pantyhose on!”

Tommy turned away from Elliot’s alluring body and hurried to his room. He doubted Elliot would fit into any of his jeans so he grabbed a pair of sweat pants and carried them back out to the man.

As Elliot reluctantly pulled the sweats up his legs, Tommy bemoaned the loss of all the man’s beautiful naked skin. He hoped he could deal with Joe and get back to Elliot before the man changed his mind.

Tommy grimaced as he realized he still had a lot of things to explain to Elliot. He wasn’t sure the man would understand that he had been claimed. The small nibbling bites he had given Elliot on his neck weren’t the usual large mating bite a shifter gave to his mate, but they were enough to create the bond between them.

The only thing left to do was make the man his. Tommy shuddered when he thought of how Elliot’s body would feel wrapped around his cock when his knot extended and took hold inside of the smaller man’s body.

Tommy knew the experience would be mind blowing. He might not have experienced it yet because he hadn’t met his mate until tonight, but he had heard enough stories to know there was nothing on the earth that felt better. He couldn’t wait.

“Are you ready to meet my brother, pretty baby?”

“Do we have to? Can’t you just say hello to him and send him away because I was having a really good time and you seemed to be having a really good time so if the both of us were having a really good time and your brother is here to ruin it, he should just go away.”

Tommy blinked. He wasn’t sure Elliot breathed through that entire sentence, but he loved Elliot’s idea. However, he didn’t think he would get away with just saying hello to Joe. The man was the sheriff after all.

“Come on, pretty baby,” Tommy said as he wrapped an arm around Elliot’s shoulders and led him toward the front door, “let’s go see if we can chase my brother away.”

“Yeah, I’d really like that because you were going to fuck me against the wall. I know you were. I could feel it and that would have been so great, you know?”

Tommy chuckled softly as Elliot nodded and continued talking. The more the man spoke, the more intrigued he became with him. Tommy couldn’t wait to see how his brother dealt with Elliot’s constant chatter.

“And I’m really sorry I came three times and you didn’t get to come even once. That was really selfish of me and I promise it won’t happen again. I’ll make sure that you come too, I promise. Just don’t get upset with me before I can prove it to you, okay? I never break a promise and—”

“Wait, Elliot,” Tommy said as he stopped and grabbed Elliot’s shoulders, turning the man towards him. “I’m not upset with you, pretty baby. I love the fact that you came so many times. It tells me that you enjoyed what we did together.”

“Yeah?” Elliot looked astonished. His eyes widened for a moment before a small grin started to stretch out his mouth. “Because I did enjoy what we’re doing, a lot. You’re really hot, I mean really hot. And—”

“If you feel the need to come when we’re together, then come. Don’t hold back from me.”

“I couldn’t help it, you know. You touch me and I just seem to go up in flames.” Elliot laughed nervously. “Hell, you look at me and I go up in flames. You’re just so gorgeous and I’ve never had someone that looks like you want to be with me, well, unless they want to get to my father but you don’t know my father and—”

“Damn it, Tommy,” Joe shouted from outside, “if you don’t open this fucking door I’m going to break the damn thing down.”

Elliot laughed when Tommy rolled his eyes. The happy little sound made Tommy smile. He planted one last kiss on Elliot’s lips then leaned over to open the door while the man was inhaling. He wanted Elliot to be quiet for just a moment while he dealt with Joe.

“What do you want, Joe?” Tommy asked as he turned to look at his brother, not in the least bit surprised to see Joe standing there in full uniform, a set of handcuffs in his hand. “Can’t you see that I’m busy?”

“I brought you some jewelry.” Joe arched an eyebrow and held up the handcuffs dangling from his fingers.

“Sorry, don’t need any. I was actually planning on staying in for the rest of the evening.”

BOOK: Pretty Baby [Wolf Creek Pack 7]
7.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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