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“How in the hell did you do that?” the man asked. “We’ve never been able to keep Elliot from talking.”

“There’s nothing wrong with Elliot talking. Obviously when he does, he has something on his mind.” Tommy chuckled. “You just have to give him something else to think about.” His humor fled a moment later when the man looked Elliot up and down in a manner that told Tommy he wasn’t going to like the man or what he had to say.

“I’ve kissed Elliot before and I have to tell you, not only wasn’t it that good, but it never kept him quiet. Hell, if any of us knew that all it took was giving him something else to keep him busy, we would have—”

Tommy didn’t let the man finish his statement. He wasn’t about to let him talk about his pretty baby in that manner. Tommy picked Elliot up with one arm and punched the man right in the mouth with the other.

The man flew back and landed on another one of his friends. His mouth dropped open and he started to get up. Tommy stepped toward him and raised his fist again. “Do you really want to get up again? Because I’ll break your jaw the next time.”

“You can’t hit me,” the man said as he fell back against his friend again. “This is assault. I’ll call the police on you.”

“You do that,” Tommy snickered. “The local sheriff’s name is Joe Nash. He’s my brother. He’ll know right where to find me when you try to press charges.” Tommy started to turn to leave when the man spoke again.

“Elliot, are you really going to leave with this redneck piece of shit?” he snapped. “He’s nothing but muscle-bound white trash in a pretty package.”

Tommy set Elliot on the floor. This time he didn’t kiss him. He just nodded at Elliot. “Go ahead, pretty baby, answer the man. The decision is up to you. You can come home with me or you can stay here with your friends.”

Elliot stared between the two of them. He seemed speechless without a kiss being involved for the first time since Tommy had first laid eyes on him. It took all of Tommy’s control not to growl and demand that Elliot choose him.

That’s when it hit Tommy, and so hard he almost staggered under the shock. The reason he was so intrigued by Elliot, the reason he felt an overwhelming need to fuck him, and the reason he wanted to tear the man stopping Elliot from leaving into tiny little pieces.

Elliot Spencer was Tommy’s mate!

Chapter 2

Elliot stared from Tommy, the man of his every wet dream, to Carl, a friend, sort of. Elliot hung out with Carl because he kind of had to. Carl worked for Elliot’s father and was often sent to keep an eye on Elliot. He did, but made Elliot feel like shit while he did it.

Tommy, on the other hand, made Elliot feel like the most special person on the face of the earth. And Tommy called him pretty baby. That decided things for Elliot. He could stay with Carl, who thought he was better than everyone else or he could go home with Tommy and get laid by the sexiest man he’d ever met.

His father was going to be pissed and Elliot knew it, but at least he’d have one night to remember after he left. Elliot stood to his full height, which was admittedly not much, and took a deep breath.

“I’m going home with Tommy.” He pressed his lips together and dug his fingernails into the palms of his hand to keep himself from adding anything else to his sentence. More speech just wasn’t needed, not this time.

Before Elliot could say another word, he was picked up and tossed over Tommy’s shoulder again. He laughed and waved to Carl as they headed out the door. Carl did not look happy. Elliot, on the other hand, was tickled down to his toes.

He was going home with Tommy, the sexiest guy on the planet. Not only that, but Tommy seemed to find him cute. Elliot had no doubt he could do cute, as he told Tommy. He would have preferred that Tommy thought he was sexy, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. Elliot would take what he could get.

Elliot yelped when he was suddenly swung down from Tommy’s shoulder and set down in the front seat of a car. He raised his arms up in the air when Tommy leaned over him and buckled him in.

Just as Tommy started to move back, Elliot leaned in and inhaled deeply, purring. “You smell really good.” Elliot felt like squirming under the sudden intense stare Tommy gave him. “What?” he asked.

“That’s all you have to say?”

Elliot giggled. “No, I could tell you that not only do you smell wonderful but I want to roll in your scent until it covers my body from head to toe. If I could bottle the damn stuff I’m sure I’d make millions because that’s like an orgasm in a bottle and everyone likes the smell of an orgasm. Well, maybe not everyone, but I do, but if I bottled it just for myself I wouldn’t make millions and—”

Elliot heard Tommy’s deep chuckle right before his lips were covered, Tommy’s tongue sliding over his. Elliot liked kissing. He could sit for hours and just make out with someone, if he could find someone willing to kiss him that long.

Kissing Tommy took things to a whole new level. Elliot was a little embarrassed that he’d come in his pants inside the bar, but the longer Tommy kissed him, the closer he came to doing it again. He already teetered on the edge and they hadn’t even left the parking lot yet.

When Tommy finally lifted his head to look down at him, Elliot just blinked, panting heavily. There wasn’t anything to say after getting a kiss like that, there just wasn’t. Well, maybe
please, can I have another?

Tommy chuckled and stood up, closing Elliot’s door. Elliot watched him walk around the car and climb into the driver’s seat. The car rumbled as Tommy started it up. Elliot knew he was supposed to be impressed when Tommy glanced over at him but for the life of him, Elliot had no idea what kind of car it was. As far as he was concerned, it was a car, a red car. He just wanted to know how fast it could get them back to Tommy’s house.

“How fast does this thing go?” Elliot asked. He dug into his pocket and pulled out the condom and bottle of lube he carried. “Because I want to know when I should open this bottle and start getting ready. You promised me you’d be in my ass five minutes after we got to your house and I’m holding you to that promise. And how are your walls? Are they strong cause I have this fantasy of you holding me up against the wall and—”

The car suddenly peeled out of the bar parking lot. Elliot yelped and grabbed the dashboard. Tommy hit the gas and the car sped down the road. Elliot sat back in his seat and looked out the window. He seriously doubted they were doing anything close to the speed limit.

Elliot glanced back at Tommy and watched for his reaction as he popped the top button on his jeans and slowly slid the zipper down. The car suddenly slowed down to a crawl, Tommy’s eyes riveted on Elliot’s sensual movements.

“I can’t wait until we get back to your place,” Elliot said as he pushed his hand inside of his jeans and pulled his cock out of his boxers. There was a small trace of cum from earlier. Elliot wiped some up on his fingers and held his hand out to Tommy. “See what you did to me? One little kiss and a quick feel and I came all over my pants. Can you imagine what I’m going to be like when you actually fuck me? I’m so close now I’m ready to come again and you haven’t even touched me yet.”

Elliot pulled his pants apart, baring his naked cock to Tommy’s smoky eyes. “Just look at me. I’m hard as a rock already.” He wiped a drop of pearly liquid off the head of his cock. “If you get me this aroused just by a kiss, I might pass out if you fuck me.”

The car suddenly pulled to the side of the road and turned off. Before Elliot could question Tommy, the man was out of his seat belt and moving toward Elliot’s side of the car. One hand gripped a handful of Elliot’s hair at the nape of his neck. The other hand wrapped around Elliot’s cock.

Hard lips pressed against Elliot’s, claiming him roughly. Elliot gloried in the out-of-control grip Tommy had on his body. Elliot’s flesh prickled at Tommy’s touch. He felt the blood surge from his fingertips to his toes when Tommy moved from his lips to his neck.

His heart thudded noisily within him when Tommy bit down on the soft flesh of his neck. Elliot cried out loudly as Tommy’s touch brought him to another blistering orgasm. His gaze grew hazy and his head fell back against the seat as he covered Tommy’s hand with his release.

Elliot hovered in a blissful state, the touch of Tommy’s lips on his throat oddly soft and caressing. He wrapped one hand around Tommy’s head, holding him there and reached for the buttons of Tommy’s pants with the other.

Tommy quickly grabbed Elliot’s hand, stopping him. Elliot tilted his head back and stared at Tommy in confusion when the man just smiled at him and shook his head. Didn’t Tommy want him to return the favor? Tommy brought him to orgasm twice. He’d had none.

“I’m not going to come until I’m buried balls deep in your ass, pretty baby,” Tommy said as he pushed Elliot’s hand away. He gave Elliot one more quick kiss, his silver grey eyes sliding to the bite on Elliot’s neck before he scooted back to his side of the car.

An ache grew in Elliot’s throat as he watched Tommy start the car and drive it back onto the road. Tommy treated him like he was something special, something precious. Elliot wanted to do the same for him. He just didn’t know if he could.

In the experience department, Elliot wasn’t a virgin but close enough. He’d been kissed plenty of times but usually only once or twice before his overactive mouth chased the men away. He’d been fucked exactly once, and it hadn’t been that memorable.

Besides the physical act itself, Elliot’s one main memory was the fact that the guy fucking him only wanted to fuck him to get to Elliot’s father. It had been one of those make nice with the son to get to the father type of things. The moment it was over, the man pretty much forgot that Elliot existed. Elliot’s father never let him forget that he’d been used either.

“Tommy, have you ever heard of Spence Corp?” Elliot asked quietly, holding his breath as he waited for Tommy’s response.

“No, should I have?”

“You’ve never invested money before?”

Tommy shook his head. “I bought a house a couple of years back but I went through the bank here in town for my home loan. Does that count?”

Elliot grinned. “Yes, that counts.”

“Spence Corp,” Tommy said, “as in Spencer Corporation? Any relation to Elliot Spencer?”

Damn! Elliot cringed. “My father’s company.”

“Cool, my father is the mayor of Wolf Creek.” Tommy shrugged. “I think local government is kind of a family thing. My brother, Joe, is the local sheriff and my cousin Robby is a deputy.”

“And you didn’t go into the family business because…?” Elliot felt Tommy’s chuckle as if the man was pressed against him. He shivered in response. The man was just too luscious for his own good, or Elliot’s.

“My bad boy reputation didn’t mix well with law enforcement.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Elliot grinned as he looked over the large muscled man sitting next to him. The tribal tattoo around one thick arm and the bald head gave Tommy an air of danger. Add in the tight black cotton shirt, the tight jeans, and the black boots and the man was definitely a bad boy.

Elliot leaned over and licked the dark tribal tattoo on Tommy’s right bicep. He giggled when he felt the car swerve just a bit. “I like bad boys, lover. They are very hot. They know all kinds of nasty things people can do together. Do you like nasty things, Tommy? Regular sex has its place but being pushed up against a wall while a bad boy has his di—”

Elliot’s eyes widened when Tommy growled and slapped a hand over his mouth. He knew he’d been talking dirty and not everyone liked that, but he figured Tommy might if he was a self professed bad boy. Maybe Elliot was wrong.

“The only thing I want to hear come out of your mouth right now, pretty baby,” Tommy said, “is the groans and moans you make while you get yourself ready for me. Is that understood?”

Elliot nodded, excitement filling him at the feral glare Tommy shot in his direction. Tommy wasn’t mad, he was aroused, which was exactly where Elliot wanted him. Well, Elliot wanted the big man between his legs but he knew that was coming soon enough.

“You can hold on to the condom. I’ll hold onto the lube because we’re going to need both if you’re going to fuck me against the wall, and I’m really looking forward to you fucking me against the wall. I don’t think I’ve thought of anything else since you sat me in your lap at the bar.”

Elliot grabbed the condom and bottle of lube he’d dropped on the seat earlier. He held the condom out to Tommy, waiting until the man took it and shoved it in his pocket, then opened the bottle of lube.

He pushed his boxers and pants down to his knees and spread his legs. As he started to scoot down in his seat, a sudden thought entered Elliot’s head. He glanced over at Tommy, curiously.

“Do you want to watch because I know I like to watch? It’s very arousing, don’t you think? I could lean back against the door if you wanted or even turn over onto my hands and knees, whichever you prefer? I’m okay with either and—”


“What?” Elliot blinked at the barely controlled… well, he didn’t think it was rage because he didn’t think Tommy was angry, but…

“Stop talking about it and just do it!” Tommy snapped. Elliot’s eyes widened when he heard Tommy’s knuckles crack around the steering wheel. Maybe Tommy was angry. “You have about three minutes to get yourself ready before we reach my house and I’m not waiting once we get there.”

BOOK: Pretty Baby [Wolf Creek Pack 7]
7.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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