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Joe rolled his eyes. “Tommy, damn it, you can’t keep going around punching whoever you want. This guy has some clout behind him and he’s pressing charges. I can’t look the other way this time.”

Tommy opened his mouth to tell his brother where he could shove his handcuffs when Elliot stepped forward and started speaking.

“Now, just hold on. Carl had it coming. He was being very rude and Tommy was just trying to make him be quiet. I’m sure that Tommy didn’t mean to hurt Carl, but Carl can be a real asshole sometimes and he deserved exactly what he got.”

Tommy grinned when Joe just blinked in surprise.

“And this clout you’re talking about comes from my father. Carl is really just an errand boy for my father, sent to keep an eye on me, but I’m an adult and I don’t need a babysitter.” Elliot made a shooing gesture with his hand. “So, why don’t you just go back and tell Carl that he is out of luck. You’re not arresting Tommy, and Carl is not pressing charges. If Carl doesn’t like that then he can take it up with me because I’m not letting it happen.”

“Who are you?” Joe asked when Elliot seemed to finally run out of steam.

Elliot crossed his arms over his chest and glared up at Joe. “I’m pretty baby.”

Tommy felt like dancing around the room at Elliot’s words. He felt like dancing Elliot around the room. However, that would not do his bad boy reputation any good. Instead, Tommy stepped over to stand behind Elliot, pulling the man back against his body.

He rested his hands on Elliot’s shoulders and carefully stroked his fingers along the little bite marks on Elliot’s neck, purposely drawing Joe’s attention to the claiming mark. “This is Elliot, my pretty baby.”

“Ah, hell!” Joe exclaimed as his eyes widened. Joe shoved the handcuffs back into his pocket then rubbed his hand down his face. His lips pressed together as he stared at Elliot then Tommy then back to Elliot’s neck. “How long have you known?”

“About an hour,” Tommy replied. “But does it matter?”

“No, I suppose not, but you know Dad is going to shit kittens over this, Tommy, right?”

“Why?” Tommy snapped. “He didn’t get upset when you found Nate or when Jim found Donovan. Why should I be any different?”

Tommy knew he didn’t always fall into line like his family wanted. It had caused more than one argument with his father. He knew how he wanted his life to go and that didn’t include following his father’s footsteps. He had his own footsteps to make.

“I’m not saying it’s different exactly, Tommy, but—” Joe paused for a moment as if searching for his words then shook his head a little. “Do you actually know who this guy is? You said you only found him an hour ago and—”

“He’s mine!” Tommy growled.

“Now, Tommy,” Joe said as he held up both hands, “I’m not saying… look, I’m not sure if you understand who you’re dealing with here. His father could cause us a lot of problems. He’s not going to sit back and just let you have his son.”

“After what you went through with Nate, how can you even ask me that?” Tommy asked softly. He thought of any of his family members that Joe would understand the most. What he went through when claiming his mate, Nate, still gave Tommy the chills.

Joe almost lost his mate before he really had him due to a psychotic man they called the Teacher. He’d kidnapped Nate at a very early age and used the man’s unusual abilities to make a profit. When Nate escaped, the Teacher hunted him down. Nate barely escaped with his life. The Teacher wasn’t so lucky.

“Look, Joe. Go home to Nate and think about how you would feel if you weren’t allowed to keep him. Then you can come talk to me. Until then, either arrest me or don’t, but you don’t get to say who I have in my life.”

Tommy pulled Elliot back into the house and slammed the door. He dropped his arms from around Elliot’s shoulders and stalked across the room to the kitchen cabinets, jerking one open and grabbing the bottle there. He started to pour himself a stiff drink when he heard Elliot walk into the kitchen and turned to look at the man.

“Do you want me to leave because I will if that’s what you really want? I don’t want to cause you any problems and I know how my father can be, your brother is right about that. My father won’t like me getting involved with you. He’d much rather me get involved with someone he picked out and when he finds out I was with you, he’s going to get real mad and—”

Elliot was twisting his fingers together and leaning from foot to foot. His eyes darted around the room, settling on Tommy’s face for a moment then back around the room as if Elliot couldn’t quite look at Tommy directly.

“Ssshh, pretty baby,” Tommy said as he leaned over and pressed his fingers against Elliot’s lips. “I’m not afraid of your father and I don’t want you to leave. You’re mine now, remember?”

Elliot blinked. He didn’t say a word, which kind of concerned Tommy as the man usually couldn’t shut up. He just gazed up at Tommy, looking slightly confused and totally stunned. There was even a small wrinkle in his forehead.

“Elliot?” Tommy stepped closer to Elliot and cupped the side of his face. “Is something wrong?”

“Do you mean that?” Elliot’s voice was so low that Tommy needed to lean closer to hear him. “Because I would understand if you just wanted me here for one night. Not many people want me around for long periods of time because I tend to talk too much sometimes and I can understand that because I do talk too much, but I just can’t seem to help myself. I just open my mouth and all of this stuff starts to come out.”

Tommy tilted Elliot’s head back and stared down into the man’s baby blue eyes. He could see the wonder in them, tinged with a bit of hesitancy. He stroked his thumb along the curve of Elliot’s cheekbone and marveled that his mate stood in his arms.

“I meant every word I said, pretty baby. I wouldn’t have said them if I didn’t.” Tommy smiled as he tapped his finger against Elliot’s plush lips. “And it just so happens, I like it when you chatter.”

Elliot’s head reared back a little, his eyebrows shooting up. “Really? It doesn’t bother you because I can stop if it does. It wouldn’t be easy, but I think I’d do just about anything to keep you wanting me. I’d try anyway.”

“I think I’ll always want you,” Tommy said, “no matter what.”

“Now?” Elliot asked as he pressed himself against Tommy. “Do you want me now?”

Tommy grinned at the small hitch he heard in Elliot’s voice. He could feel Elliot’s hard length press against his leg as the man moved from side to side, then up and down, almost as if Elliot was rubbing off on him. Tommy liked that.

“Now is good, pretty baby.”

Tommy wrapped his arms around Elliot’s waist and lifted him onto the counter. He stepped between Elliot’s legs and pushed their mutual hard cocks together. Tommy almost groaned when Elliot shuddered. He loved the responses he got from Elliot. He just needed to touch Elliot and the man was hot and horny. Tommy had never seen anything like it.

When Tommy slanted his mouth over Elliot’s and thrust his tongue inside the man’s mouth, Elliot just seemed to melt against him. Tommy felt Elliot’s arms wrap around his neck, his smaller body press closer. Tommy thought Elliot might climb into his skin if he could.

Tommy slid his hands down Elliot’s sides to the curve of his hips. He hooked the edge of the sweats with his fingers and started slowly working them down Elliot’s body. Getting the man naked was foremost on his mind. Elliot was already on a flat surface, even if it wasn’t the wall he dreamed of. It would still work.

When he couldn’t push the sweat pants down any farther, Tommy wrapped one arm around Elliot’s waist and lifted him up just enough so he could push the sweats down with his other hand. He dropped the sweats on the floor then reached up to push Elliot’s shirt from his shoulders. Tommy wanted the gorgeous man naked from head to toe.

His lips never once broke contact with Elliot’s mouth. He just continued to plunder the soft, plush lips until he heard Elliot whimper. Tommy reluctantly pulled his mouth away from Elliot’s and stared down into his flushed face.

“Are you okay, pretty baby?”

“I need, Tommy, I need bad.” Elliot swallowed so hard Tommy heard it. “But you haven’t come yet and I’ve already come three times and…Tommy, if you’d just fuck me against the wall I know we’d both get off and that would be really great because it feels really good and—and, well, you could even fuck me right here on this counter. I wouldn’t complain, I swear.”

Tommy chuckled and leaned in to take Elliot’s lips again. Elliot groaned and threw himself into the kiss again. Tommy was starting to get the idea that Elliot really liked kissing. He’d have to remember that. Not only did it shut the man up when he was talking too much but it seemed to turn Elliot on with the simple touch of Tommy’s lips on his.

Tommy inhaled sharply, pulling quickly away from Elliot when he felt the man’s hand fumble at the opening of his jeans. He arched an eyebrow when Elliot’s face flushed red then leaned back to allow him easier access.

The sound of Tommy’s zipper slowly lowering seemed to fill the room only to be overshadowed by the loud gasp that fell from Elliot’s lips when he got his first real look at Tommy’s hard cock.

“I told you that you would need to be stretched a little more than normal.” Tommy shuddered and jerked when he felt Elliot’s soft hands wrap around his cock and gently caress him. He needed almost as much as Elliot did. “Damn, pretty baby, that feels really good.”

“It’s going to feel even better when you’re balls deep in my ass.”

Tommy couldn’t agree more. He also thought Elliot’s words were some of the best the man had ever spoken. And those words needed to be rewarded for their rightfulness and their simplicity.

Tommy grabbed Elliot’s hips and scooted his butt to the edge of the counter. He reached for his cock, chuckling when he encountered Elliot’s hands still wrapped around him. “You need to give that to me if you want me to use it, pretty baby.”

Tommy wasn’t sure he’d ever been more surprised as he was when Elliot’s lush bottom lip slid out and the man pouted as he released his tight grip. The picture Elliot made was one of the most adorable Tommy ever saw.

“Fine,” Elliot grumbled, “but I don’t have to like it.”

“You can play with it later.”


“Yep, all you want, but right now I want to play with you. Now lie back, pretty baby, and pull your legs up to your chest.” Tommy almost laughed at the eagerness in which Elliot laid back on the countertop. He grabbed Elliot’s legs and pushed them up to his chest then nearly swallowed his tongue at the picture Elliot presented.

“Beautiful,” Tommy whispered as he looked down at the little, puckered, pink hole waiting for him. Elliot was just about perfect. Tommy held Elliot’s leg with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other. He stepped closer, fitting the head of his cock against Elliot’s tight entrance.

Just brushing the head against Elliot’s hot skin was enough to make Tommy’s knees weaken. He started to slowly push in when Elliot winced. Tommy could have slapped himself when he realized he’d forgotten to use lube. He glanced wildly around the room, feeling desperate.

“Where’s the lube, Elliot?”

“With my pants.”

“Where are your pants, pretty baby?”

“In the car.”

“Fuck, are you kidding me?”

“No.” Elliot sounded like he was going to cry.

Tommy closed his eyes for a moment, praying for strength as he gripped the base of his cock tightly with his hand. He wanted to come but he wanted to come inside of Elliot, not all over his stomach, which was a very real possibility considering how close to the edge Tommy was right now.

Okay, there had to be something in the kitchen that would double as lube. Tommy opened his eyes and looked around the kitchen. Not finding anything, he opened the cupboard doors above him.

Tommy heaved an excited sigh and reached into the cupboard for the bottle of olive oil he spotted sitting right behind the container of salt. It would be messy and both he and Elliot would need a shower afterwards but damn, it would work. Besides, they could always bathe together and Tommy knew he had a bottle of lube in the shower.

“This should work, pretty baby,” Tommy said as he unscrewed the top and poured a liberal amount into the palm of his hand. His cock throbbed as he coated it with the oil. Tommy nearly slammed the bottle down on the counter top and reached for Elliot’s legs again.

“You ready, pretty baby?”

“Oh, god, yes, I’ve been ready since I saw you in the bar. I’ve been ready since you first kissed me. I’ve been ready since you first touched me. I’ve been ready forever, Tommy. If I get any more ready I’m going to pass out.”


Tommy lined his cock back up with Elliot’s tight entrance. He bit down on his lower lip when a growl threatened to break free. The sight of his cock pressing against Elliot’s body nearly undid him.

He wondered at the beautiful sight even though he’d seen it only moments before. This was it. This was the moment he would claim his mate. Tommy started to push in, amazed by the way Elliot’s body stretched to fit around him as if they were two halves of the same mold. It was breathtaking. It was exhilarating.

It was someone pounding on his front door!

“Oh, fuck me!” Tommy groaned as he let his head fall forward against the cupboard.

BOOK: Pretty Baby [Wolf Creek Pack 7]
4.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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